Community: The Real Power Of Social Media


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The real power of social media lies in the building of a community that stands behind a clearly articluated vision and shares a common set of values.

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  • This doesn’t mean your top executives need to be social media superstars.
    But they do need to understand and support it’s place in your organization.
  • Corporate vision and values MUST be explicitly stated and held up to public scrutiny.
    Everyone must believe in the vision. Everyone must share the values. Everyone must be held accountable.
  • Fill a need.
    Harness great power. No matter your size.
    MFFO example.
  • The need will be met by someone else.
    You will become less and less relevant.
  • Community: The Real Power Of Social Media

    1. 1. COMMUNITY The Real Power Of Social Media J e f f Tu r n e r, Z e e k I n t e r a c t i v e , @ r e s p r e s
    2. 2. you must create A CULTURE that is supportive to a social media environment
    3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA must align with your vision & your values
    4. 4. ENGAGEMENT? community goes well beyond engagement
    5. 5. THE PATH
    6. 6. BEHAVIOR Your SM community must operate on a specific behavioral platform
    7. 7. WITHOUT? mediocrity at best failure at worst
    8. 8. OPPORTUNITY why should you consider building a social media community?
    9. 9. DATA MINING listening with intent
    10. 10. DRAWBACKS what are the drawbacks of NOT building a social media community?
    11. 11. BUILDING 10 steps to building a sustainable social media community
    12. 12. STRATEGY at best. If you can’t, you must at a minimum develop concrete goals • measurable • assigned to specific people • accountability
    13. 13. TECHNOLOGY determine which tools and platforms best address your goals & capabilities • most widely used? • potentially effective? • best and worst uses?
    14. 14. TECHNOLOGY Example: UserVoice
    15. 15. WHAT’S THE COST? determine the time/financial commitments required to make your community viable
    16. 16. SKILL SETS determine the skill sets required to execute your strategies & tactics
    17. 17. PLANNING make the process inclusive
    18. 18. WRITE IT DOWN make sure the people involved in executing your plan know exactly what their duties are and to whom they will be accountable
    19. 19. CREATE A BUZZ
    20. 20. EXECUTE do it, daily
    21. 21. MONITOR RESULTS use the right tools • • •
    22. 22. DON’T STOP re-evaluate your tactics, make appropriate changes and keep going
    23. 23. COMMUNITY The Real Power Of Social Media J e f f Tu r n e r, Z e e k I n t e r a c t i v e , @ r e s p r e s
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