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McKinley Carter Brochure

  1. 1. protecting and enhancing your financial well-being
  2. 2. | introduction 2 independent We understand that money is not the most important thing in life, but we believe that effectively managing your total financial situation will help you take better care of the things that are.
  3. 3. We help you take great care of your money by assisting in managing your total financial situation. This allows you to take the best possible care of what’s most important in recognition & accomplishments | life – you, your family, and the causes you care about. At McKinley Carter Wealth Services, understanding what is important to you allows us to design and implement comprehensive wealth management strategies tailored specifically to your situation. Through analysis, education, and guidance, we are able to serve as your advocate and apply the rigorous fiduciary standards of care needed to protect your financial interests. 3 recognition & accomplishments McKinley Carter is in the top 10% of all independent registered investment advisors in the country, according to industry data collected by Moss Adams, and has been recognized by: • Wealth Manager Magazine: “Top Wealth Managers” • Medical Economics Magazine: “150 Best Financial Advisors for Doctors” • Investment News: “Top 50 fee-only emerging registered investment advisors” • Pittsburgh Magazine: “Best Wealth Managers in the Pittsburgh Area” • Financial Advisor Magazine: One of the nation’s “Leading RIA Firms” • Inc. Magazine: One of the “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” • Financial Advisor Magazine: One of the nation’s “Fastest Growing Firms” Further information as to how these rankings were determined can be found on page 11.
  4. 4. McKinley Carter designs and implements | comprehensive financial strategies comprehensive financial strategies customized to advance your personal goals and ambitions. McKinley Carter’s staff not only has the financial expertise to provide specialized services directly to you, but can also coordinate the actions of the other people involved in taking care of your total financial situation. Our clients require educated, experienced, and highly credentialed staff to handle 4 their financial needs. Our team includes individuals with some of the most respected designations and credentials in the industry as well as experience in all major financial sectors. Our team’s financial services credentials include: • Certified Financial Planner • Chartered Financial Analyst • Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor • Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist • Certified Public Accountant • Juris Doctor Our team’s financial sector experience includes: • Banking • Business leadership • Finance and accounting • Financial planning and education • Insurance • Investment management • Law • Mortgage banking • Retirement plan design and administration • Tax • Trust administration
  5. 5. comprehensive financial strategies | 5 comprehensive McKinley Carter helps individuals and their families take great care of their finances – as well as the businesses, organizations, and communities they care deeply about.
  6. 6. | wealth management services wealth management services 6 At McKinley Carter, wealth management means helping you make sure that you are doing all you can to manage your financial life in a way that advances your personal goals and ambitions. This requires the expertise to listen, learn, coordinate, and inspire the actions needed to build the strongest possible financial future for you, your family, and the causes you care deeply about. InveSTMenT STRATeGy Our first priority is to ensure that all of your investments, whether managed by McKinley Carter or not, are part of a comprehensive investment strategy that complements the other aspects of your financial life. Designed to minimize volatility while producing the growth needed to achieve your personal goals, our strategic approach to investments is grounded in rigorous, periodic assessments. These assessments explore your entire financial situation and employ the sophisticated, yet flexible, investment tactics needed to advance both your short and long-term objectives. ReTIReMenT PLAnnInG At McKinley Carter, we help clients assess how much of their lifestyle they may maintain at different points in the future from their savings alone. These periodic assessments help you understand what you need to do to be “on track” for a secure retirement, and enable you to make informed and confident decisions about the various life choices that can significantly impact your financial future.
  7. 7. wealth management services | eSTATe PLAnnInG & TRuST SeRvICeS One of the reasons our clients are compelled to build and protect their wealth is to help future generations realize their personal aspirations. We help clients specify their 7 intergenerational goals and coordinate the people needed to handle complex estate- related matters. We also facilitate communications between and within families in order to prudently manage family assets in a manner that strengthens family harmony over the long-term. BAnKInG & DeBT SeRvICeS McKinley Carter advisors can help secure the banking services you need, whether this involves borrowing money, accessing cash when you need it, or handling administrative matters such as paying bills and preparing tax returns. For clients who already have loans, we evaluate ways to reduce interest and administrative costs, while helping determine what costs and benefits can be realized by pre-payment. RISK MAnAGeMenT Most people need to consider the potential adverse impact of death, disability, liability, and taxes on their accumulated financial holdings. Whether insuring against lost income or long-term care expenses, facilitating smooth business transitions, avoiding paying unnecessary taxes, or reducing the risk of property and casualty losses, we can help you design the strategies to manage risk in today’s increasingly complex and litigious world.
  8. 8. | wealth management services proactive 8 CAReeR & BuSIneSS COnSuLTInG The most important asset for many of our clients is their career, which often involves owning a business. McKinley Carter can help you assess which aspects of your career or business may benefit from more attention, and evaluate how market forces might impact your ability to make money in the future. Also, we help evaluate how best to invest your time, energy, and resources to balance work and personal priorities. We also help business owners design and administer employee benefit plans to reduce taxes and help their employees save for retirement.
  9. 9. institutional investment & consulting services | We provide institutional investment and consulting services to small businesses, endowments, and non-profits to help them design more effective retirement plans and manage their strategic financial concerns. institutional investment & consulting services 9 ReTIReMenT PLAn SeRvICeS We provide a dedicated team and a comprehensive range of services to meet your business’ retirement plan needs. We know plan design, vendor selection, and investment monitoring can be confusing. Some plans might appear to be inexpensive on the surface, but closer examination can reveal complicated and sometimes misleading fee structures that may not be in your best interest. The experienced retirement plan team at McKinley Carter brings value through objective advice, and seeks the lowest total plan costs possible. We can help you identify your fiduciary responsibilities, analyze and reduce plan expenses, and optimize investment options for your employees. Together, we will build a qualified fiduciary advisor relationship that develops management training and provides employee education tools for administering the plans provided by your organization. FInAnCIAL eDuCATIOn As an employer, you often struggle to find talented individuals. Once you’ve built your workforce, retaining employees is paramount to your continued success, and offering financial education can be a valuable benefit. Many employees expect personal financial guidance from their employers as they receive their plan information. We know navigating the potential investment options can be confusing, and our workplace education team can help by designing and delivering a relevant program to ensure investment objectives are met.
  10. 10. | institutional investment & consulting services 10 experienced InSTITuTIOnAL InveSTMenT MAnAGeMenT By developing and customizing a clearly defined program, we can assist your finance committee or trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. Our approach involves a straightforward, four-step process: 1. Identify your organization’s investment goals 2. Develop a comprehensive asset allocation strategy 3. Recommend appropriate investment managers 4. Monitor, evaluate, and report your portfolio’s overall performance Most importantly, we provide an unbiased approach that may not be available through a direct relationship with any single money manager, bank, or trust department, helping your organization sustain its mission and ensure financial independence.
  11. 11. We believe that conducting our business with the highest ethical standards – honesty, integrity, and professionalism – is the foundation for lifelong relationships with our clients. independent, proactive, objective | We accomplish these standards by being: independent: As an independent advisor, we have the autonomy to help you find the best possible financial services and products to care for your wealth. proactive: Our reviews and continuous communication are focused on helping you and others take the actions needed to protect and enhance your financial well-being. objective: Our fees are fully disclosed and discussed in advance. Legally obligated to put your interests first, we are not biased by commissions or other transaction-based 11 forms of compensation. Wealth Manager Magazine: Rankings based on growth in company. Must not charge commissions, or have registered 2008, average three-year growth, AuM per staff, and AuM representative employees at the firm. per client. Pittsburgh Magazine: Listings based on survey responses Medical Economics Magazine: Ratings based on research ranking wealth managers for customer service, integrity, by Medical economics Magazine. The criteria used include: knowledge/expertise, communication, value for fee charged, knowledge and experience, geographic location, fee meeting of financial objectives, post-sale-service, quality arrangements, minimum portfolio requirements, and federal of recommendations and overall satisfaction. each wealth disciplinary history. The rating does not necessarily reflect manager was reviewed for disciplinary reports. The resulting any individual client’s actual experience. list represents those wealth managers in the Pittsburgh area that scored highest in client satisfaction. Investment News: Rankings based on between $100 and $500 million in discretionary AuM, greater than 30% growth Financial Advisor Magazine: Rankings based on discretionary in discretionary AuM, greater than 50% of their business and nondiscretionary AuM reported on form ADv. must serve the retail marketplace. Must provide financial planning services, portfolio management for individuals, Inc. Magazine: Rankings based on four full calendar and conduct due diligence on third party advisers. Must not years of sales, being u.S.-based, privately held, for be doing business as a broker/dealer, bank or insurance profit, and independent.
  12. 12. toll free 866.306.2400– McKinley Carter is an SeC-registered investment advisor. For information pertaining to McKinley Carter’s fees and services, please contact McKinley Carter for a copy of our disclosure statement as set forth on our Form ADv. For information pertaining to our registration status, refer to the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure web site (