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  • 1. THE 13 STARS IN TOP 100 TEAM OF IIT-JEE 2011 FROM RESO-CLASSROOM PROGRAMMES REPRESENTING STRENGTH OF SINCERE EFFORTSAll these students are now at IIT-Bombay (Computer Science Engineering) except Gaurav Ahuja who is at IIT-Delhi (Computer Science Engineering) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) AIR (GEN) ASTHA ANMOL VIVEK MEHUL ARCHIT SHUBHAM NISHEETH MRIDUL DIVYAM GAURAV NEERAJ S.S. KAUSHIK GAURAV AGARWAL* GARG* AGARWAL GOYAL* GUPTA MEHTA LAHOTI GARG* BANSAL POONIWALA YADAV AHUJAReso Roll No. : 833069 Reso Roll No : 832229 Reso Roll No.: 917367 Reso Roll No.: 832414 Reso Roll No.: Reso Roll No.: 912161 Reso Roll No.: 903807 Reso Roll No.: 832206 Reso Roll No.: Reso Roll No.: 900978 Reso Roll No.: 905427 Reso Roll No.: 900425 Reso Roll No.: 901110 Study Centre: Jaipur Study Centre: Kota Study Centre: Kota Study Centre: Kota 923350 Study Centre: Kota Study Centre: Kota Study Centre: Kota 912162 Study Centre: Mumbai Study Centre: KOTA Study Centre: Mumbai Study Centre: Kota Study Centre: Kota Study Centre: Kota The All India Ranks of the Reso-students (GEN-Category) are in the sequence as they appear in the photograph. (*Also PCCP student.)
  • 2. N THIS ISSUE July - September 2011Quotes 6 Chemistry Digest 22RKV Sirs Message 7 Commendable selections of Girl Students 23IIT SNIPPETS 9 VICTORY 2011 24Cover Story- Dr. Kiran Majumdar Shaw, CMD, Biocon Group 10 PARENTS PAGE 27"Ensuring inclusive growth for all Indians requires the adoption of Talent Hunt 29an innovative, metrics-driven approach in areas such asagricultural productivity, healthcare, education, clean energy, Indian Institute of Technology - Madras 32science and technology and tribal upliftment. Instead of taking Alumnus of IIT-Madras at Resonance 32hesitant steps in the direction of inclusive growth, we must take Power to the people 34meaningful actions. " Reso-Seed 36Be a pioneer! 13 Entrepreneurial Journey 37The infy creators final lessons on sustainability Think To Win 38and longevity to fresh - hands 14 Career Link [Architecture] 39How Reso Reaper the best 16 Spot Light 41Amazing Mathematics 17 Know Mania 42Winners From Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes 18 Eureka 43Winners From Pre-Foundation Career Care Programmes 20 Khul Ja Sim-Sim 45Olympiad Prowess 21 Snap Shots 47
  • 3. igher disposable incomes coupled with improved affordability & availability is turning masses in to big consumers even in the rural areas. On a recent visit to the hinterlands in the south, Nitin Paranjpe, CEO of Hindustan Unilever (HUL), was surprised to spot a packet of Comfort fabric conditioner in a home in one of the hamlets. Fearing that the consumer may have mistaken fabric conditioner for hair conditioner, the head of Indias largest consumer products company set out to make discreet enquiries. The lady of the household assured HUL marketers that her purchase was no accident - she revealed that she loved the fragrance and softness of fabric after rinsing it with the conditioner. Such consumer behavior opened Hindustan Unilevers eyes to the kind of choices the countries consumers are making. Biocon founder, Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is well aware of the growth the country is witnessing. She believes that development can still be on a faster track if proper attention is paid on nutritious food, quality education affordable health care and sustainable employment. S. Parthasarathy, an alumnus of IIT- Madras is living his role of a guiding star to the IT sector. He has pioneered in offering information technology solution in form of a perfect fit for small and medium businesses, providing the entrepreneur better visibility in to the business & helping him in making decisions to stay on top of his business. N.R. Narayan Murthy, the famous son of a school teacher, built and led countrys second largest software export company, Infosys for 33 years & earned it the pride of being the most respected company of the country, recently recalled his journey at Infosys which he started with his six friends in 1983. His life story should be a confidence booster to every average person that he or she can make at least a small difference in this world. Murthy, an M.Tech from IIT-Kanpur, with his $ 6 billion IT enterprise has given India strong wings. Harish Hande, a pass out from IIT- Kharagpur is a renewable energy entrepreneur with extensive grassroots experience in meeting the energy requirements of rural households. His experience includes a large number of health, education and water related projects; over 500 small rural and urban health clinics, over 1000 rural and semi-urban schools and over 1500 irrigation and drinking water systems. There is no stopping for those who aspire high. A 17-year-old schoolboy from Noida has achieved a rare double, after being the youngest Indian to scale Mount Everest; he has ascended its neighboring peak Mt Lhotse. Arjun Vajpayee, a class 12 student of Ryan International school in Noida, reached atop the 8,516 metre Mt Lhotse, worlds fourth highest peak on 21 May 2011. Arjun became the youngest Indian to climb the worlds highest summit, the 8,848 metre high Mt Everest, at the age of 16. Remember, Progress is often equal to difference between mind and mindset.Disclaimer: This issue of ANUNAAD contains advertisements as a service to students. The contents of the advertisements rest solely on the discretion of the advertiser. Resonance is not responsible for the contents published in the advertisements. ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 05
  • 4. Its Better To Light A CandleThen Curse The Darkness. -a Chinese ProverbThe Journey of A Thousand Miles Do not follow the ideas of others, but learnBegins With A Single Step. to listen to the voice within yourself. - Lao Tzu (a mystic philosopher of ancient China) -Zen Master Dogen (a great reformer of Buddhism)Dont Ask God For An Easier Life!Ask To Be A Stronger Person. -unknown
  • 5. T houghts that arise in us manifest themselves into actions. The quality of thought is ordered by the nature of our inner “belief” and “faith”. This faith is turned team in Asian Physics Olympiad and getting amongst 35 students in the third round in International Physics Olympiad in 2011. The new step taken by Resonance in 2007 of forming separate batches for the students of Hindi Medium has stirred up stunning results with 278 selections (Classroom: 267 | Distance Learning: 11) into a conviction, a bond forever which is in IIT-JEE 2011, with AIR 638 (GEN) achieved by Rajendra Singh.bound to see triumph in every endeavor of teacher and student of As a mark of good corporate social responsibility, the sincerity andResonance. The manifestation of this conviction is visible in the dedication of Resonance in the two-year classroom training ofphenomenal results of our students in IIT-JEE 2011 & AIEEE 2011. Jawahar Navodaya Vidalya, Bundi students for IIT-JEE for zero fee,It happened after a long period of 25 years that residents of Kota has paid off and a total of 15 students out of 45 have got selected inhold the success flag with two ranks out of TOP-5 General IIT-JEE, 2011. Out of these students, Nirmal Gandhi has achieved theCategory Ranks in IIT-JEE. Shubham Mehta (AIR-02) & Nisheeth Highest Rank in general category with AIR 1077.Lahoti (AIR-05), students of two-year classroom contact Resonances success in IIT-JEE 2011 is followed by good results inprogramme at Resonance, own this pride of success. AIEEE 2011. Out of the total 9283 selected students, 6488 studentsThe year 2011 has been annus mirabilis for Resonance as with are from Classroom Contact Programme & 2795 students are from1813 quality selections in IIT-JEE 2011, we have achieved the BEST Distance Learning Programme and Resonances students haveRANKS through classroom programmes from any coaching secured 4 AIRs (10, 16, 39, 40) in TOP-40 Ranks. Divyam Bansal &institute in West, East, North & Central India. Apart from 837 Shubham Mehta scored All India Ranks 10 & 16 which are the bestselections through Kota Study Centre, there have been a good ranks in AIEEE 2011 from any institute in Kota. I firmly believe thatnumber of selections from various Study Centres of Resonance. AIEEE and AIPMT in coming years will provide a stronger base toThese include 837 selections from Kota Study Centre, 101 from Resonance. The selection of 6488 students from the classroomMumbai, 68 from Delhi, 59 from Jaipur, 41 from Nagpur, 40 from programmes in AIEEE 2011 will assure all IIT-JEE aspirants aboutBhopal, 40 from Lucknow, 05 from Kolkata, 02 from Udaipur & 01 their success in various competitive examinations also.from Bengaluru. All these students have been from Regular There has been an increase in MQMR (Cutoff marks) in IIT-JEE 2011Classroom Contact Programmes. Of 1813 total selected students, as compared to the previous year. The Minimum Qualifying Marks1194 are from the Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme and Required (MQMR) for General Category rose this year to 229 from619 are from Distance Learning Programme. Resonance holds last years 190. The analysis of JEE question paper shows that the13.33% Selections out of Total Selections from India (1813 out of questions were not new to Resonance students. Still, it is good to13602) in IIT-JEE 2011. List of illustrious students enclose 17 All remember a few things like a students must implement time-India Ranks in TOP-100, 13 Ranks (2, 5, 14, 23, 26, 31, 35, 36, 57, 66, management skills that they learn during the course of their training87, 90, 95) are from Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes and at Resonance, while solving the question paper. Besides this, they04 (11, 18, 24, 88) are from Distance Learning Programmes. must work consistently at improving quantitative skills. The use ofStarted in 2006, Resonances PCCP Division has churned out good calculator inhibits calculation ability, and is a strict no-no forresults as four of our students in TOP-100: Mridul Garg (AIR-23), students.Mehul Goyal (AIR-26), Anmol Garg (AIR-66) & Astha Agarwal The fresh arrival of aspirants is here with their utmost trust in the(AIR-90), have been students of regular classroom coaching at academic services at Resonance, and I welcome them whole-Resonance, since class VII. They began their preparation at PCCP heartedly. Our VIJETA course students, after completing one year,Division. are heading towards their goal. The aspirants in the VISHWAASThe Ignited (I) Batch of Resonance has yielded results as expected course are advised to learn from their predecessors who haveand top merits have been achieved by students from this batch. achieved success with the relentless efforts in just one year. ThoseThe formation of the Ignited Batch has proved to be a fruitful who have joined in VIKAAS and VIPUL in two year foundationconcept. In this batch, 20 best performers are selected from course will need to best utilize their time to learn the concepts deeplydifferent courses of class XI and are specially guided for top ranks. and carry out continual practice. The number of successful girlShubham Mehta and Nisheeth Lahoti have got selected in five- students in IIT-JEE in the recent years has been on the increase. I feelmember team to represent India at the 42nd International Physics very happy that among the successful girls to join IIT in 2011, everyOlympiad (IPhO-2011) to be held from 10th to 18th July in 9th girl is from Resonance. I would like to advise the repeaterBangkok, Thailand. The five-member Indian team will compete in students of VIJAY that they should feel assured of their capabilitiesthe Final Stage of IPhO 2011 where nationally selected teams from and leave no stone unturned to benefit from the learning of the83 countries are expected to participate. previous year.Commendable selections of girl students registered 161 girl I and my whole Resonance Team assure the students that we willselections from Resonance (Classroom: 109 | Distance learning: remain firmly committed to help students meet their career goals52) in IIT-JEE 2011, vis a vis 1491 total girl selections in IIT-JEE and objectives.2011. Astha Agarwal, a student of Yearlong ClassroomProgrammes at Jaipur Study Center acquired AIR 90. Astha hasoutshined in various other competitive exams which include a RK VermaSilver Medal in International Junior Science Olympiad held in M.D., Academic Head & Physics FacultyBaku, Azerbaijan in 2009, securing a place in the top 6 member B.Tech., 1994 (IIT-Madras) ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 07
  • 6. uq"; ds eu esa tks fopkj tUe ysrs Fkk] ifj.kkeksa dh n`f"V ls bl o"kZ Hkh lkFkZd jgkA jst+ksusUl ls dqy 278 ¼267% fu;fer gSa mudh vfHkO;fDr deZ ds d{kk dk;ZØeA 11% nwjLFk fk{kk dk;ZØe½ fgUnh ek/;e ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk p;u gqvk gS] ek/;e ls gh laHko gSA n`<+ jktsUnz flag us vf[ky Hkkjrh; Lrj ij 638oha jSad ¼lkekU; oxZ½ izkIr dhA fup; ,oa deZ dh ifjf.kfr dk lq[kn ,vkbZbZbZbZ 2011 esa Hkh laLFkku ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa us bl o"kZ cgqr vPNk iznkZu fd;k gSA mnkgj.k vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2011 ,oa ,vkbZbZbZbZ 2011 esa dqy 9283 fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk p;u gqvk gS] bu p;fur fo|kfFkZ;ksa esa ls ,vkbZbZbZbZ 2011 ds ijh{kk ifj.kkeksa esa 6488 fu;fer Dykl:e ikB~;Øeksa ,oa 2795 fofHkUu nwjLFk fk{kk dk;ZØeksa ls gSa ,oa jst+ksusUl ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks bl o"kZ feyh laLFkku ds dqy 4 ¼10] 16] 39] 40½ fo|kfFkZ;ksa us kh"kZ 40 esa viuk LFkku cuk;k gSA lQyrk ds :Ik esa ns[kus dks feykA ,vkbZbZbZbZ 2011 esa jst+ksusUl ds 2 fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks 2 jkT;ksa dh LVsV jSad esa kh"kZ LFkkufoxr 25 o"kksZa esa igyh ckj dksVk fuoklh nks fo|kFkhZ vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2011 esa vf[ky izkIr gqvk gSA eq>s iwjk fookl gS fd ,vkbZbZbZbZ ,oa ,vkbZih,eVh foHkkx vkus okys o"kksZaHkkjrh; Lrj ij lkekU; oxZ esa kh"kZ 5 esa 2 LFkku izkIr djus esa lQy gks ik, gSaA esa jst+ksusUl ds etcwr vk/kkj LrEHk ds :Ik esa LFkkfir gksaxsA jst+ksusUl ds fu;fer d{kkjst+ksusUl ds f}&o"khZ; fu;fer d{kk dk;ZØe ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa] kqHke esgrk ¼,vkbZvkj 2½ dk;ZØe ls 6488 fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk ,vkbZbZbZbZ 2011 esa p;u vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ dh rS;kjh,oa fuf"kr ykgksVh ¼,vkbZvkj 5½ dks ;g xkSjoiw.kZ miyfC/k gkfly gqbZA fu;fer d{kk dj jgs lHkh vH;kfFkZ;ksa dks muds ifjJe dk Qy vU; lHkh izfr;ksxh ifj{kkvksa esadk;ZØe ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds :Ik esa bl o"kZ jst+ksusUl dks izkIr gq, ijh{kk ifj.kke iwoZ] lQyrk ds izfr vkoLr djrk gSAifpe] mÙkj ,oa e/; Hkkjr fLFkr fdlh Hkh vU; fk{k.k laLFkku ls csgrj jgs gSaAfiNys o"kZ ds VkWi 100 esa 4 ds eqdkcys bl o"kZ jst+ksusUl ds 13 fo|kfFkZ;ksa us VkWi 100 esa vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2011 esa lQy fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds U;wure izkIrkadksa esa fiNys o"kZ dh rqyukLFkku izkIr fd;kA dksVk lfgr lHkh fk{k.k dsUnzksa ls csgrj ifj.kke izkIr gq, gSa( buesa esa o`f) gqbZ gSA bl o"kZ lkekU; oxZ ds fy, U;wure izkIrkad fiNys o"kZ ds 190 ls c<+djdksVk ls 837] eqEcbZ ls 101] nsgyh ls 68] t;iqj ls 59] ukxiqj ls 41] Hkksiky ls 40] 229 jgkA vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ ds izui=ksa dk foys"k.k nkkZrk gS fd tsbZbZ 2011 ds izuy[kuÅ ls 40] dksydkrk ls 5] mn;iqj ls 2 ,oa csaxyw: ls 1 fo|kFkhZ dk p;u gqvk jst+ksusUl ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds fy, u, ugha FksA dqN ubZ ckrsa fo|kfFkZ;ksa }kjk lh[kus ds fy,gSA bl izdkj jst+ksusUl ds fofHkUu ikB~;Øeksa ls 1813 fo|kFkhZ lQy gq, gSaA bu vko;d gSaA mUgsa izu i=ksa dks kh?kzrk ls gy djus dk vH;kl djuk pkfg,] ftllsp;fur fo|kfFkZ;ksa esa ls 1194 fu;fer Dykl:e ikB~;Øeksa ,oa 619 fofHkUu nwjLFk isij dks fu/kkZfjr le; vof/k esa gy fd;k tk ldsA blds vykok viuh x.kukRedfk{kk dk;ZØeksa ds fo|kFkhZ gSaA kh"kZ 100 esa dqy 17 fo|kfFkZ;ksa us viuk LFkku cuk;k dqkkxzrk dks c<+kuk pkfg,A ?kj ij izsfDVl djrs le; dsydqysVj dk iz;ksx djus dhftuesa 13 fo|kFkhZ ¼2] 5] 14] 23] 26] 31] 35] 36] 57] 66] 87] 90] 95½ fu;fer Dykl:e vknr ugha Mkysa vkSj lkjh x.kuk,sa Lo;a gh djsaAdk;ZØeksa ,oa 4 fo|kFkhZ ¼11] 18] 24] 88½ fofHkUu nwjLFk fk{kk dk;ZØeksa ls gSaA u;s vkus okys fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk] ftUgksaus vius liuksa dks lkdkj djus ds fy, jst+ksusUl esajst+ksusUl }kjk o"kZ 2006 esa izkjEHk fd, x;s izh Qkm.Msku dsfj;j ds;j ¼ihlhlhih½ fookl O;Dr dj mls pquk] eSa mudk ân; ls Lokxr djrk gw¡A gekjs *fotsrk* dkslZ dsfMoht+u us cgqr gh vPNk dk;Z fd;k gSA bl o"kZ laLFkku ds 4 fo|kfFkZ;ksa% e`nqy xxZ fo|kFkhZ viuh rS;kjh dk ,d o"kZ iw.kZ dj y{; dh vksj vxzlj gSaA *fookl* dkslZ dks¼,vkbZvkj 23½] esgqy xks;y ¼,vkbZvkj 26½] vueksy xxZ ¼,vkbZvkj 66½ ,oa vkLFkk pquus okys fo|kfFkZ;ksa ls vis{kk gS fd os vius iwoZorhZ fo|kfFkZ;ksa ls lh[ksaxs] tksvxzoky ¼,vkbZvkj 90½ gekjs izh Qkm.Msku dsfj;j ds;j ¼ihlhlhih½ fMoht+u ds vkbZvkbZVh dh viuh eafty dks vius ,d o"kZ ds dfBu ifjJe ds QyLo:Ik 2011 esafu;fer d{kk dk;ZØe ds fo|kFkhZ ds :Ik esa d{kk 8oha ls jst+ksusUl ls tqM+s gq, gSaA gkafly dj pqds gSaA Qkm.Msku dkslZ & *fodkl* ,oa *foiqy* ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks vkus okys nks o"kksZa esa rF;ksa dks le>us o Lo;a ds v/;;u ds fy, feys le; dk Ik;kZIr ykHkjst+ksusUl ds *bXukbZVsM ¼I½* cSp ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa ls visf{kr ifj.kke ,oa kh"kZ ojh;rk,sa bl mBkuk gSA foxr o"kksZa esa vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ esa lQy Nk=kvksa dh la[;k esa fujarj o`f)o"kZ izkIr gqbZ gSaA *bXukbZVsM* cSp dh ifjdYiuk ,d lkFkZd fopkj fl) gqvk gSA bl gksrh jgh gSA eq>s [kqkh gS fd vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2011 esa lQy gj 9oha Nk=k jst+ksusUlcSp esa laLFkku ds d{kk 11 ds ikB~;Øeksa esa 20 Js"Bre fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk p;u dj mUgsa ls p;fur gqbZ gSA fjihVj cSp *fot;* ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks esjk lq>ko gS fd os viuhvkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ gsrq foks"k ekxZnkZu fn;k tkrk gSA {kerk ds ckjs esa vkoLr gksa ,oa iwoZ esa fd, x;s ifjJe dk ykHk mBkus ds fy, bl o"kZjst+ksusUl ds kqHke esgrk ,oa fuf"kr ykgksVh dk Hkkjr ls 5 lnL;h; Vhe esa bUVjuskuy rRij jgsaAfQft+Dl vksfyfEi;kM ds fy, Hkh p;u gqvk gS bldk vk;kstu 10 ls 18 tqykbZ 2011 lkekftd ftEesnkjh dh viuh Hkwfedk dk fuokZg djrs gq, jst+ksusUl us dksVk ls 35ds chp cSUdkd] FkkbZys.M esa gksxkA ,slk jst+ksusUl ,oa dksVk ls igyh ckj gqvk gS fd 5 fdyksehVj nwj cw¡nh fLFkr tokgj uoksn; fo|ky; ¼ts,uoh½ lhrkiqjk es ,IVhV~;wMesa ls 2 fo|kfFkZ;ksa dk p;u vkbZih,pvks dh jk"Vªh; Vhe ds fy, gqvk gSA VsLV }kjk p;fur 44 fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks 2 o"kZ rd fo|ky; ifjlj esa gh vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZjst+ksusUl dh Nk=kvksa dk iznkZu Hkh bl o"kZ kkunkj jgkA dqy 161 Nk=kvksa ¼109% dh rS;kjh dk fu%kqYd izfk{k.k fn;kA ftlds fy, jst+ksusUl ds fk{kdx.k dksVk ls cw¡nhfu;fer d{kk dk;ZØeA 52% nwjLFk fk{kk dk;ZØe½ us bl o"kZ lQyrk izkIr dh gSA rd fu;fer :Ik ls bu fo|kfFk;ksa dks fofk"V fk{k.k dk ykHk nsrs jgsA 44 esa ls 15vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2011 esa vf[ky Hkkjrh; Lrj ij lQy jgh 1491 Nk=kvksa dh la[;k fo|kFkhZ vkbZvkbZVh&tsbZbZ 2011 dh ijh{kk esa lQy gq,A eSa bu lHkh fo|kfFkZ;ksa dksdh rqyuk esa jst+ksusUl dh miyfC/k ljkguh; gSA jst+ksusUl ds t;iqj fk{k.k dsUnz dh mudh lQyrk ij c/kkbZ nsuk pkgw¡xkAfu;fer Dykl:e ikB~;Øe dh Nk=k vkLFkk vxzoky us vf[ky Hkkjrh; Lrj ij 90ok¡ jst+ksusUl dh l{ke Vhe dh rjQ ls eSa fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks fookl fnykuk pkgw¡xk fdLFkku lkekU; oxZ eas izkIr fd;kA blls iwoZ] vkLFkk vxzoky vU; ifj{kkvksa esa viuh jst+ksusUl ds lHkh lnL; mfpr ekxZnkZu }kjk mUgsa lQyrk dh eafty rd igq¡pk,saxsAkS{kf.kd {kerk fl) dj pqdh gSa] buesa o"kZ 2009 esa ckdw] vtjcstku esa vk;ksftr gq,bUVjuskuy twfu;j lkbZal vksfyfEi;kM esa jtr ind izkIr djuk] ,fk;u fQft+Dl kqHkdkeukvksa lfgrAvksfyfEi;kM esa kh"kZ 6 lnL;ksa esa LFkku izkIr djuk ,oa o"kZ 2011 esa bUVjuskuyfQft+Dl vksfyfEi;kM dk rhljk pj.k mÙkh.kZ dj 35 fo|kfFkZ;ksa esa LFkku cukuk jgkA vkj-ds-oekZ ,e-Mh-] ,sdsMfed gSM ,oa fQft+Dl QSdYVhjstksUksUl us o"kZ 2007 esa fgUnh ek/;e ds fo/kkfFkZ;ksa dh lqfo/kk ds fy, tks dne mBk;k ch-Vsd- 1994 ¼vkbZvkbZVh&enzkl½ ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 08
  • 7. IIT-Bombay - a big draw Nano fabrication at IIT Elementary test on for JEE toppers English proficiencyF or students who made it to the top in the IIT-Joint Entrance Exam, Computer Science seemsto be in vogue, and IIT-Bombay is their firstchoice. Shubham Mehta, who stood second With its centre for nano fabrication, IIT Delhi is focusing that are beneficial to the society. I t has been our experience that some JEE entrants have such a severe paucity in English, that their on developing new nano-devices academic performance suffers inordinately in the first semester and this affects their Tin the exam, has decided to opt for confidence detrimentally during theirComputer Science in IIT, Bombay. “The o develop the aspects of subsequent academic career at the institute.corporate exposure, besides a wide array of nanotechnology, the All JEE entrants to IIT Bombay in 2011,opportunities in the financial capital of the government had started setting therefore, undergo an elementary test oncountry, will give us lot of advantages,” said up nano-science units in the country. IIT- English proficiency at the start of thean elated Shubham. Delhi is one such centre where a nano semester. Students who score less than 20%There are many like him who are giving a science unit was started around five years in this test and who further have a total scoremiss to established centres like ago. in Physics, Chemistry and Maths of lessIIT- Kharagpur, Kanpur and Delhi. Figures VR Mehta, professor of Physics at IIT than or equal to 150 are put in a semesteralso suggest that over the years the long intensive programme in English, Delhi, says, “The implications of nanoplacements of IIT-B have surpassed other Physics, Chemistry, Maths immediately. technology can be found incampuses. Students registering for the courses in this telecommunications, computing, Programme are evaluated only with Passed“IIT-Bombay offers the most successful aerospace, solar energy, and /Not Passed (PP/NP) grades.incubation centre for entrepreneurship,” environment. Around five years ago, aadded Shubham Mehta. During the second semester, such students nano-science unit was started in our will undergo those courses that they wouldFigures suggest that in 2010, 69 students in institute. Now we have recently started a have registered for in the first semester, hadtop 100 of IIT-JEE went to Mumbai for nanofabrication centre around six months there been no intensive programme. Theyengineering. In 2009, 62 students in top 100 back to foster and expand all aspects of would not be allowed to simultaneouslywent to IIT-B. nanotechnology, which have the potential register for advanced courses in Physics,The trends also suggest that students who to benefit the country. At the nano- Chemistry or Mathematics until they passhave been selected in competitions like fabrication centre, we will be looking at these courses.NTSE, and Physics, Maths and Chemistry four to five areas of technology such asOlympiads have performed better in IITs. fuel cells, nano-sensors, biological sensors MQMR and Cut-off marksTop rankers like Shubham Mehta (AIR-02), etc. Our effort is to make all this possible at of IIT-JEE 2011Nisheeth Lahoti (AIR 05), Tanmya Vittal a low cost so that it is beneficial to all. ” Merit Extended Category(AIR-10), and Astha Agarwal (AIR 90) had Subject wise Nanoscience & technology is a minor area, List Merit Listwon many competitions at national & cut-off which any student, irrespective of the cut-off cut-offinternational level. degree one is pursuing at IIT, can choose C P M marks marks*For example, Shubham Mehta and Nisheeth as a special subject. Since nanotechnology GE 20 20 34 229 203Lahoti are representing India in 42nd is primarily a combination of Physics, OBC 18 18 31 207 183International Physics Olympiad scheduled Chemistry, Biology, it is not taught as a SC 10 10 17 119 114for July 2011 at Bangkok. Astha Agarwal specific course. ST 10 10 17 115 102had won many competitions in Class X, XIand XII and has proven herself well at A student, therefore, can opt for PD 10 10 17 115 102International Junior Science Olympiads and Nanoscience & Technology along with a * Candidates who have secured an aggregate(IJSO) & Asian Physics Olympiads in 2009. degree course and complete this special more than the mentioned EML cutoffs andThe latest trend, which may create a debate, subject in a period of four years. interested in admission to Institutions which Nanoscience & Technology requires nine will admit students using the JEE EML, shouldis that students start preparing for IITs while courses, which a student needs to study contact those Institutions directly as per theirin Class VIII and IX. Data says success rate of advertisements. The EML ranks will not besuch students who started preparing before and clear. However, the degree awarded displayed on the websiteClass X doubles. No doubt, Shubham Mehta to students will mention that one has a good decision to join the coaching cleared this minor area. There is no addedclasses when he was in Class VIII. fee for this.Courtesy - Times of India ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 09
  • 8. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw DNA OF A HEALTHY SMILE “Success is about pursuing a vision with a sense of purpose and a spirit of challenge. There are no short cuts to success and there is no substitute for hard work. I also believe success is about doing things in a differentiated way - dare to be different so that you stand out. Biocons byline is The difference lies in our DNA and we all believe in it. We dont imitate other companies but have charted our own business destiny.” INDIAN biotechnology has a many firsts to its credit, the company has She moved to Australia in 1974 and enrolled P o s t e r G i r l , i t i s created a strong presence in the global in what is now the University of Ballarat, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, a voluble market - Europe and Gulf Cooperation outside Melbourne, to study malting and58-year-old who o w n s B i o c o n , t h e Council (GCC) in western Asia through brewing. She graduated in 1975 as the topcountrys biggest biotechnology company. subsidiaries AxiCorp, Germany and student and became Indias first femaleIndias Fermentation Queen or One of the NeoBiocon in Abu Dhabi respectively. It brew-master.most prominent faces of Bangalore and has also set up offices in Brazil, Abu Dhabi “Going to Australia was quite aIndia are the other prominent titles that and Malaysia. transformational phase of my life. Id led aconferences and magazine covers have very protected and charmed life in India, and suddenly I had to fend for myself," sheproclaimed for months and for years. A Tale of great Turnaround said.Indias fourth-richest woman with a net Unlike many high-tech entrepreneurs,worth of $900 million!- thats how Forbes When she returned home, breweries who plunge into business with little more wouldnt hire her because they feared shemagazine described Kiran Mazumdar Shaw than a doctorate and a dream, Kiran could not handle the odd shifts and male-in its September edition of 2010. Mazumdar Shaw had been plugging away dominated workers unions. She soon foundBiocon, founded by Dr Kiran Mazumdar for two decades with a masters degree in that opportunities for brew mistresses inShaw, boasts of world-class research brewing. After graduating from Bangalore India were few, but that the uses ofoutsourcing capabilities, US FDA- University with a zoology degree, she told fermentation are many. Passing up a chancecompliant bio-manufacturing facilities and her father that she wanted to pursue a to brew beer in Britain, she formed a jointa self-financed R&D pipeline. Employing career in applied sciences but he suggested venture in 1978 with an Irish companymore than 5300 people, it is regarded as the making beer. I said, "My God, why I would called Biocon to manufacture enzymes forseventh largest employer among the top 100 want to do brewing?” He said, "Dont look packaged fruit biotechnology companies. Having down on brewing. Look at it as a science.” ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 10
  • 9. Kiran Mazumdar ShawShe incorporated Biocon India on Tending PhilanthropyNovember 29, 1978, in her garage in In 2004, Dr. Majumdar Shaw started the Biocon Foundation to conduct health,Bangalore with a capital of ` 10,000 and used education, sanitation, and environment programs for the benefit of the economicallya rented, 3,000-square-foot shed nearby as weaker sections of society. The Foundations micro-health insurance program has anher factory. Her first employee was a car enrolment of 70,000 rural members.mechanic. “It was like a kitchen-sink Its 7 ARY clinics are located where healthcare facilities are poor and offer clinical care,operation,” she said. “I had a real problem generic medicines and basic tests for those who cannot afford them. Each of the clinicsgetting people to work for me because I was serves a population of 50,000 people living within a radius of 10 km. All the clinicsa woman.” organize regular general health checks in remote villages by bringing in physicians andThe next year, Biocon started exporting doctors from network hospitals. Each year, the Foundation touches more than 300,000enzymes to the U.S. and Europe, according lives through its holistic healthcare approach. The Foundation also provides mobileto its website. Mazumdar-Shaw then medical services, and conducts preventive health education programmes and freerealized that the same processes that make health-care camps. She helped establish a 1,400-bed cancer care center at the Narayanaenzymes for beer - growing microbes in Health City campus at Boommasandra, Bangalore, along with Dr. Devi Shetty oflarge vats under precise temperatures and Narayana Hrudayalaya in 2007. Called the Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre (MSCC), itpressures - could be applied to making is one of the largest cancer hospitals of its kind, spread as it is over an area of five lakhmedicines. Insulin, a hormone, can be made square feet. It specializes in head and neck cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer.synthetically in a similar process.“I could actually leverage all that I had done Changes to lead by and live by strategy translated into technologyfor enzymes and start applying it to Deep engagement with her environment is becoming the first differentiator. Thenbiopharmaceuticals,” she said. Zen for her. The city she lives in, industryfollowed the development of technologyMazumdar-Shaw saw an opportunity in platform to build this business, which at a for which she is the forerunner, companyIndia after learning that most insulin there broad level was fermentation. The company she has built and then reinvented she iswas made by foreign companies. “That all chose microbial fermentation, pichia hands-on everywhere. Dr Kiransort-of rung a lot of alarm bells in my mind." fermentation and cell culture as platform Mazumdar Shaw, CMD of Biocon, is raringI said, "Hey, this is the space I should be in. differentiators. “When one follows a to go some more distance to be the changeAnd the rest is history!" technology-driven strategy, it is important she wants to see.Today the brewing enzyme business to identify and plug the gaps. When we Strategic transformationMazumdar Shaw started has grown into realized that biomanufacturing is going to In the last 10 years, she led theBiocon, Indias largest biotech company and be an all-pervasive strategy for us, we transformation of Biocon from an enzymeAsias biggest producer of insulin. Biocon is decided to add mammalian cell culture. maker to a bio pharmaceutical companypoised to ramp up competition in the $14 And thats where partnership with Cubas from the front. “The strategy to pursue thisbillion global insulin market, which is Center for Molecular Immunology came transform ation path has been that of adominated by Novo Nordisk, in,” she says.Sanofi-Aventis, and Eli Lilly. Demand for Next on line was the product strategy.insulin is expected to increase 20 percent a Biocon went though painstaking detailsyear through 2015 as the number of again to zero down on the products to builddiabetics tops 285 million globally, and develop from API to statins to finishedaccording to market researcher products to the disease area leading it toRNCOS. diabetes, which today still is the single“In Indias biggest drug supply deal so largest unmet medical need in India. “Wefar, Biocon and Pfizer (PFE) in October went on to combine our insulin strategyagreed that the Bangalore-based with the pichia fermentation platform,”company will produce insulin for the she adds. The Cuban opportunity alsoU.S. drug giant, which abandoned that allowed Biocon to focus on the autoimmunebusiness more than three years ago after diseases. For Dr Mazumdar Shaw, all thesetaking a $2.8 billion charge on its Exubera developments came together to formulateinhalable insulin. Biocon will supply four into an important mission - the mission ofgeneric insulin products to be sold initially delivering affordable innovation. And thatin emerging markets, including India and essentially sums up what Biocon is onto, and clear-cut differentiationBrazil.” at every level. For Biocon, this is a driving factor in every decision that is ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 11
  • 10. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw ck;ksVsd ls [kqyk fodkl vkSj LokLF; dk ekxZ!taken in the company. competence, reliability into a system that fdj.k etwenkj kkW dk uke nsk fonsk esa ,d Hkkjrh; efgykChange is her inspiration allows scale-up, and consequently gives O;olk;h] VsDuksØsV] vUos"kd vkSj cSaxykSj fLFkr tSo izkS|ksfxdh laLFkku &ck;ksdkWu dh laLFkkid ds :i esa tkukShe is an inspirational figure for millions of the competitive edge in the global multi- igpkuk tkrk gSAyoung Indians who want to emulate her as location market place, is something she 23 ekpZ 1953 dks Hkkjr ds cSaxykSj kgj esa tUeh] fdj.kone of the most well known entrepreneurs believes will be easier to execute along with etwenkj kkW us fcki dkWVu xYlZ gkbZ Ldwy ls viuh Ldwyhof the country. But who inspires her? a partner like Pfizer, which has world class fk{kk iwjh dhA cSaxykSj foofo|ky; ¼1973½ ls mUgksaus“I am inspired by a large number of people systems in place. So, while the deal is a ch,llh twykWth vkWulZ ds lkFk Lukrd dh fMxzh izkIr djuswho have brought about change despite marketing deal, the learnings from Pfizer ds ipkr ekWfYaVx vkSj czwbax ij cSysjSV dkWyst esycksuZ ;wfuoflZVh] ¼1975½ ls LUkkrd Lrj dh i<+kbZ dh ,oa 1978 esaobstacles, and have done amazing things will have a far-reaching positive impact on ck;ksdkWu dh LFkkiuk dh rFkk e/kqesg] dSalj ,oa izfrjks/kkRedirrespective of how big and small these are. Biocon. chekfj;ksa ij kks/k dsafnªr ,d ,dhÑr tSfod nok daiuh dsN R Narayana Murthy (Infosys), who has Ten years ago, when Biocon rebranded :i esa fodflr fd;kA vius dk;ksZa ds fy, mUgas Hkkjrcreated the burgeoning Indian software itself as a biotechnology company, there ljdkj }kjk izfrf"Br in~eJh ¼1989½ ,oa in~e Hkw"k.k ¼2005½industry, Dr Devi Shetty (Narayana were many skeptics. Now, 10 years later, lfgr dbZ iqjLdkj iznku fd, x;sA dqN le; iwoZ Vkbe there is grudging admiration for the if=dk ds nqfu;k ds 100 lcls izHkkokkyh yksxkas dh lwph esaHrudayalaya), who has created the budk uke kkfey fd;k x;kA mUgsa nqfu;k dh 100 lclsaffordable hospital model, Dr Bala Manian tenacity displayed by Biocon under her kfäkkyh efgykvksa dh QksClZ dh lwph vkSj Qkbusafk;y(ReaMetrix), well into sixties, came back leadership. For, despite ups and down, VkbEl ds dkjksckj esa kh"kZ 50 efgykvksa dh lwph esa Hkh kkfeyfrom the US to set up a very innovative Biocon stuck to the vision outlined by her; fd;k x;k gSAcompany in India, Dr P Babu who helped me delivered a number of products in diabetes mUgksaus 1978 esa izkjfEHkd iawth ds lkFk tks fd yxHkx 10]000build Biocon, Dr R A Mashelkar (former DG and oncology sector, became a leader in the :i;s Fkh] cSaxykSj ds fdjk;s ds edku ds xSjkt+ esa ck;ksdkWu chosen field, built up an integrated kq:vkr dh FkhA izkjEHk esa] mUgsa viuh de mez] u, O;kikjof CSIR) who has been instrumental in ekWMy ds dkj.k dbZ fooluh;rk lacaf/kr pqukSfr;kas dkcreating the patent regime in India. I take platform with manufacturing, research lkeuk djuk iM+kA dksbZ Hkh cSad mUgsa _.k ugha nsuk pkgrkinspiration from all quarters. In terms of and services, and of course, setting the Fkk] blfy, muds lkeus dsoy /ku tqVkus dh gh leL;k ughapersonality type, daring risk-takers who stage for other companies to follow with a Fkh] cfYd vius u, dke esa fuiq.k yksxksa dh fu;qfä djuk Hkhbring about a change inspire me most,” blockbuster IPO in 2005. What has FkkA os mnklhu xSj&<kapkxr {ks= esa ck;ksVsd O;olk; dksDr Mazumdar-Shaw says candidly. happened in the last decade is just the [kM+k djus dh dksfkk esa tqVh jgha vkSj n`<+ ladYi ds lkFk izkS|ksfxdh ls tqM+h reke pqukSfr;ksa n`<+rk ls lkeuk djrh jgha beginning. The best days of Biocon will ,oa ck;ksdkWu dks izxfr dh ubZ Åpkb;ksa ij igqapkus dk dkeChallenges on the horizon come in the next decade, when its insulin fd;kA muds vuqlkj & *^ lQy cuus ds fy, mís;ijd ,oaDr Mazumdar Shaw is the first one to products and a few more, will be available pqukSfr;ksa dk lkeuk djus dh {kerk ls gh vius liuksa dks iwjkacknowledge that the challenges are many. in markets around the world. fd;k tk ldrk gSA lQyrk dks çkIr djus dk dksbZ vklku jkLrk ughsa gS vkSj u gh esgur dk dksbZ fodYiA esjk ekuuk gSGetting to understand innovation and drug Today, the biotechnology sector is no more fd vyx rjhds ls dke djuk Hkh lQyrk dk ea= gSA etcwrhdevelopment is a challenge, and then taking been hovering over the fringes of the ls [kM+s gksus ds fy, O;fDr esa dqN vyx djus dh fgEer gksuhsome of Biocons products global. Managing Indian industry. It has been shoved to the pkfg,A**the scaling-up is a challenge and keeping forefront swiftly. 2004 esa mUgksaus lekt ds detksj oxZ dks Qk;nk igaqpkus dsthe momentum going is itself a challenge. It rains awards on her fy, LokLF;] fk{kk] LoPNrk vkSj i;kZoj.k laEcf/kr dk;ZØeAttracting good people and keeping them as Innumerable awards and recognitions lapkfyr djus ds fy, ck;ksdkWu QkmaMsku kq: fd;kA QkmaMsku ds LokLF; chek dk;ZØe ds vUrxZr 70]000 xzkeh.kengaged and passionate as she is, is a have been bestowed upon her on National lnL;ksa dk ukekadu dj mUgksaus nsk ds lkeus ,d felky iskchallenge. and Inter-nation level including a Padma dhA lkr ,vkjokbZ Dyhfud ,Sls LFkkuksa ij LFkkfir fd, x;sThe proverbial “next level” challenge of Bhushan in 2005 and a Padma Shri 1989. gSa tgk¡ LokLF; dh ewyHkwr lqfo/kk,a csgn [kjkc gSaA lkeF;Zghuscale She also received an honorary Doctorate of yksxksa dks fpfdRlh; ns[kHkky] tsusfjd nok,a vkSj jksx ijh{k.kBiocon has arrived at a stage where it is Science in 2004, from her alma mater, dh lqfo/kk,sa miyC/k djokbZ tkrh gSaA izR;sd Dyhfud 10 Ballarat University, in recognition of her fdyksehVj ds Hkhrj jgusokyh 50]000 yksxksa dh vkcknh dscounted among the Top 20 pure biotech fy, dk;Z djrk gSA lHkh Dyhfud fu;fer :i ls usVodZcompanies in the world, in terms of size, contributions to biotechnology, apart vLirkyksa }kjk fpfdRldksa vkSj MkWDVjksa dks nwjnjkt ds xkaoksaproduct portfolio and employees. With a from being awarded honorary doctorates esa ys tkdj yksxksa ds lkekU; LokLF; dh tkap djrs gSaA izR;sdvision of putting a Biocon product in every from University of Abertay, Dundee, UK o"kZ] lkeqnkf;d LokLF; dh ns[kHkky ds fy, QkmaMskumarket, globally, she has already moved to (2007), University of Glasgow, UK (2008) 300]000 yksxksa dks fpfdR;dh; lsok,sa iznku djrk gSA mUgksaustackle it with a future ready business model. and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 2007 esa MkW-nsoh ksêh ds ukjk;.k n`n;ky; ds lkFk feydj UK (2008). cSaxykSj ds cwEelanªk ds ukjk;.k gsYFk flVh ifjlj esa 1]400The recent Pfizer-Biocon deal is a step in this k¸;kvksa okys etwenkj kkW dSalj lsaVj dh LFkkiuk dhA 2004direction. So is the $160 million investment The award she values the most is the one esa tSo izkS|ksfxdh esa muds ;ksxnku dks ns[kdj muds ekr`to set up manufacturing and research named after the great engineer and laLFkku cSysjSV ;qfuoflZVh us mUgsa foKku dh ekun MkWDVjsVfacilities in Malaysia. Integrating the islands visionary Sir M Vishweshwariah, the MV mikf/k ls lEEkkfur fd;kA RK Sharmaof excellence that demonstrate efficiency, Memorial Award. SW&PR ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 12
  • 11. Be a Pioneer! Angel Network (IAN). He is also chairman and CEO of Nu Street Technologies, a cloudware applications start-up Computer Pioneer. He passed out of IIT-Madras during the days when manufacturing was king in India, and joined Tata Motors shop floor and hated it. He wanted to do something he enjoyed. After doing MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, he could have joined any top company, but really liked this new IT start-up called Wipro. “I was sold out on the dream they painted and worked with them for five years. I saw the company grow rapidly and thought to myself: "If they can do it, so can I." Hence, he set up a third-party computer maintenance company in the late 80s and became pioneer in this segment. “Personal computers were just making their appearance and we soon became synonymous with computer servicing. If someone wanted computer maintenance, they came to us.” Winning Globally Soon he realised that the international market was where real business was and software was going to be the business Dr. Srinivasan Parthasarathy of the future. He exitedA s an entrepreneur, Computer Garage and S r i n i v a s a n used the money to co- "When you are an entrepreneur, you do not have a found Aztec Software. Parthasarathy knewthat he did not want to be a boss, which can be a problem, as there is no one to The plan was to build ame-too, but a pioneer in stretch you. K. B. Chandrasekhar, founder of cutting-edge productcomputer servicing. In Exodus Communication, who was an early company. “After two1980s, when the IT industry years of working on this investor in Aztec soft, played the role of a boss. Hewas taking its baby breaths idea and trying to raise would constantly challenge me. When we were money to fund the& yawns and personalcomputers were just doing a business of $50,000 a month, he told me company, we realized wedebuting in the Indian why not $1 million. I worked like a mad man and did not know how tomarket, serial entrepreneur made $ 1 million a month. I think this is the role an make this idea into aand angel investor S successful business. So we angel investor should play. He should be able toParthasarathy founded took stock and used ourComputer Garage, a push the entrepreneur to do even better than he expertise to turn Azteccomputer services thinks he can. Now, I try to do this as an investor. " soft into an OPD and made it a We were realistic andnational brand. willing to change our idea. We wanted to win on a global scale. WeIn 1995, he co-founded Aztec Software, which went on to become did phenomenally well and we were the leaders in our segmenta reputed outsourced product development (OPD) company, worldwide. "If someone wanted to outsource their productand was acquired by IT services major Mindtree in 2008. Today, development, they came to us. As an entrepreneur I knew I did notParthasarathy is an angel investor and is a member of the Indian want to be a me-too." ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 13
  • 12. The infy creators final lessons to fresh-hands Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy Born August 20, 1946 Shidlaghatta, Kolar, Karnataka, India The founder of Infosys Technologies Limited.I nfosys, the Indian technology company Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director Engineering (B.E.) from University of that has symbolized the countrys S. Gopalakrishan (Kris) will become co- Mysore in 1967 and his Master of economic rebirth is heading for its chairman; and co-founder and COO S.D. Technology (M.Tech.) from Indian Institutebiggest transition in three decades. Shibulal, will take over from Kris. of Technology (IIT), Kanpur in 1969.N R Narayana Murthy, the man who built a He founded Infosys in 1981 along with sixglobal technology services giant out of software professionals and is the ChairmanIndia, due for retirement in August, is of the Board and Chief Mentor Officer ofleaving behind a painstakingly-crafted Infosys. The article shares his thoughts onlegacy and values which are hard to leaving the company he co-founded, theoverlook. new leadership team and the challengesInfosys founder N R Narayana Murthy ahead. Murthy says that he believes thatafter stepping down as the companys the single biggest achievement of Infosyschairman, will don a new role at the is that it has been a beacon of hope forcountrys second-largest software young entrepreneurs.exporter as chairman emeritus. ThoughInfosys has now increased theretirement age of the chairman from 65 The journey at Infosysto 70, it will not apply to any of the Terming the Infosys journey as an integralfounders; Murthy says that would be part of his life, Murthy said that most of hisputting the individual above the institution. colleagues tell him that "Infosys is anHe will, however, continue to be associated inseparable part of me and I am anwith Infosys as chairman emeritus. The IT inseparable part of Infosys." “I workedczar, known for quick and fast decisions, Both will step down from executive roles Saturdays, Sundays, every day 16 hours;wants a bigger canvas to paint on. when they turn 60 in a few years, making just Infosys. When I was away from homeOn April 30, Infosys announced Murthys way for a new generation of leaders. for as many as 330 days in a year, it was hardsuccessor, K.V. Kamath, currently an Mr. Narayana Murthy is undoubtedly one for my children to believe in myindependent director on Infosyss board and of the most famous persons from commitment to the family.” "I have been thethe man credited with having moulded Karnataka. He is known not just for Number One actor in every major decisionIndias largest private sector bank - ICICI building the biggest IT Empire in India but taken in the company. I have rejoiced inBank - into a financial powerhouse. Kamath also for his simplicity. He was born on every significant milestone of the company.will be the first non-founder at Infosys to August 20, 1946 in Karnataka, India. He I have commiserated in every false step thathold this position. obtained his Bachelor of Electrical this company has taken," he asserted. ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 14
  • 13. The challenges aheadOne, we have to become more multicultural. always a set of new leaders who will hammered out a kind of missionSecond, we have to raise our brand to such a embrace the values, take on the strategy of statement. This was not, he says, tolevel that the CIO of a Fortune 500 the company and hopefully improve upon be the best, the biggest or the mostcorporation must be anxious to get a bid it. profitable, but to “earn the respect of all ourfrom Infosys for a billion-dollar project. Of Indias big three IT firms, Infosys is the stakeholders”. Do the right thing and do theThird, we have to retain our margins while only genuinely entrepreneurial start-up. job well, says Mr Murthy, and the restgrowing at a healthy pace. Fourth, the talent The biggest, Tata Consultancy Services, is a would follow.situation in India is becoming graver and subsidiary of Indias largest conglomerate.graver. Therefore, all of us - the industry, the Wipro is a second-generation firm that Performance is the promicegovernment and the company- have to work moved on from hardware. Mr Murthy As a matter of principle, we would givetogether to correct this. McKinsey has said founded Infosys with six friends. He recalls topline and bottomline guidance and thatthat there is a US $300 billion opportunity a long meeting in the bedroom of his we are to be held accountable for redeemingthat we can get to as an industry [IT] by 2020 apartment in Mumbai, where they the promise that we make to ouror so. But [we can achieve this] only if we shareholders. So what I bother about ishandle this problem; otherwise we will miss whether we have performed according toout. These [challenges] are for both Infosys the guidelines that we have given. Weand the entire [Indian IT] industry. cannot go by what others from outside say that we should have achieved. Whats behind His advice to young people in India the leadership changes at Infosys? who want to become entrepreneursWhen you are in business for a long time, Any opportunity that will allow me to speakyou go through good times and bad times. to youngsters about how they can make thisWhen you go through bad times, you learn a better country, a country that the wholeto control costs, satisfy customers better, world can be proud of, how they can makesatisfy employees better and become more sure that the poorest child has access to thetransparent. Therefore, you build character basic needs- thats what I would be veryin the company. If longevity is the best happy doing. They have to follow what wasindex to measure a company, a basic so well conveyed by Shahrukh Khan [Hindirequirement is the ability of the film actor] and his team of hockey players incorporation to generate new and new [the Hindi film] Chak De India- aboutleaders. Thats the synopsis that we at meritocracy, discipline, teamwork,Infosys follow in creating business, in subordinating ones ego in favor of theabsorbing global best practices at Infosys. It community or the team. I think if ourdoes not matter who the leader is or when youngsters did all of that, we would be ahe or she leaves the company. There will be wonderful country. need to change constantly and is best connects on the one hand, and world- KV Kamath suited to take on the new challenge. class board governance on the other hand, I ndependent director of Infosys and The hope must be that Mr Kamath, who the board felt why not have an non-executive chairman of ICICI built ICICI, Indias largest private bank, extraordinary individual like K.V. Bank, KV Kamath, becomes the will be able to knock heads together. He is Kamath who will handle board Chairman of Infosys. Current chief well qualified, a burly but eloquent governance, succession planning and executive S Kris Gopalakrishnan character with a strong vision about the other board-related issues, and why not becomes vice-chairman and SD Shibulal, role of technology in society. That may strengthen the companys need for one of the founders and present COO, reassure investors, who have sound customer, employee and investor connect becomes the CEO. reasons to seek an infusion of new blood. by having Kris as co-chairman, having Charged with the responsibility of Going with the philosophy that whenever this primary responsibility. Kris is a steering Infosys through one of its Infosys brings about a change it tries and visionary who has managed the company toughest times, KV Kamath will need to bring in improvements, and given the fact well even during the financial tsunami. draw on his experience in the banking that the firm has to strengthen both its He listens to everybody before taking a sector. Kamath knows that organisations customer, employee and investor decision. ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 15
  • 14. Tips From Reso Reaper Navin Kumar Reso Roll No.: 700603 Batch: PA-1 Course: VIJETA -P IIT-JEE (AIR): 3091, Year: 2007 Study Centre: Kota Home Town: Vaishali, Bihar Category: GEN Branch: Aerospace Engineering sometimes frustrating, but most of the tried to solve the problems in “Think to win” times challenging and inspiring to me page, without wasting time, for which I got during the preparation of JEE. Apart from prizes three times in a row. It was very that, I learnt time-management, and to inspiring. Other than that, there was news believe in myself. Resonance made me about IITs. Now what happens when you tough and sincere, which I feel are the keys prepare for JEE, each article, big or small, to unlock success in life. about IITs invokes you to get into the bigS Who is your favorite teacher at Resonance? place, at least this happened in my case. The hare with us something about Well, to account for my views about success stories of the alumnus of Resonance your family background: I come teachers at Resonance, I admire all who (Reso Reaper) also motivated in preparation from a middle class family. My have taught me, as all possess some unique of JEE.father is a businessman, and mother is a qualities. But if you ask who was my Any memorable event/incident at Resonancehome-maker. My parents always wanted favorite, my answer would definitely be that you wish to share with us: The days of myme to achieve something great. I feel proud AGL Sir. JEE preparation at Resonance are very dearthat I fulfilled their dreams. Your words about RKV SIR: During my days to me, for each day had somethingWhom you wish to give credit of your success? at Resonance, I used to remain scared of memorable related to it. I would like to shareWhen you take a big leap of success, it is not RKV Sir. I think his toughness made him two among them. It was orientation class ofonly you who made this possible. There are one of the best teachers in Resonance. His Resonance, held at IL Auditorium. Themany people, named and unnamed, who way of teaching, which often comprised moment I entered the auditorium, there washave contributed to the success. I would like some reading assignments from text books, song playing Lakshya. I was listening to thatto give credit to my Mother and Father, who is what I think, has helped me a lot and song for the first time, and that eventuallydid everything for my study, and never let helps me even today. You feel good when filled me with enthusiasm and sense or feel that a problem exists. Apart you solve the problems of sheets & DPPs. The six hours long orientation lecturefrom that, the credit goes to Resonance, for But to read the book was something I, and passed without a break, from which abeing such an amazing place to prepare for most of my friends, found very boring. But sentence by RKV Sir remained embedded inIIT-JEE; to the faculty at Resonance, without when you come to IITs, you understand my mind throughout my two years ofwhose brilliant teaching methodology and why such things are important. Apart from preparation at Kota. It was, “Today is yourenthusiastic motivation, it would have these, the time-to-time motivation given by first lecture, here at IL auditorium. I wouldnever been possible. Last, but not the least, RKV Sir was just awesome. I also admire like to meet you after two years, here.”the credit goes to God, who helped me with him for his wonderful singing, and missmy luck to get into IIT. Accomplishment: I have been associated in those days when Sir used to fill me withWhat is required to get into IIT? the management and organizing team of the enthusiasm with his wonderful songs, cultural and technical festivals of theYou need to believe in yourself to get into among which the dearest was Ruk Jaana college. Also, I am currently involved in thesuch a big place. The day I joined Resonance, Nahi. Give some tips to increase efficiency while designing of Formula-1 car, which will beI started believing that I would be one ofthose, getting felicitated at Victory 2009, the studying. competing in the FSAE racing, which is anfelicitation function. Regular study, focus Paying attention to words of faculty international students formula car designtowards goal, utmost dedication, honesty to members in classroom completes half of competition, to be held in Germany in 2012.oneself, confidence (but not over the studies. Writing during studying Your message for Resonance students: Studyconfidence), are some of the things I think something adds to completeness and regularly; keep in touch with the chaptersare really required to get into IITs. Besides efficiency of learning, rather than just covered way back; enjoy a little, for thisthese, a proper guidance, and strong reading the text. I also believe that regular relaxes you and boosts your preparation;emotional support are important to crack studies pay you more than the end - time and accomplish your dream of gettingsuch a big dream. studies. selected in IITs. There are infinite numbersWhat changes did you find in you after joining Did ANUNAAD at any stage help you of people who are there, wishing youResonance? motivate for the sustained efforts for IIT-JEE? success, whose happiness would be onI experienced competition for the first time I was very fond of Anunaad. As soon as the seventh sky when they would see youin my life when I joined Resonance. This was latest issue was released, I grabbed one and cracking the big exam. ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 16
  • 15. # ≅ = ∴ θ ≤ - / * ΣMATHEMATICS + ⇓ Safdar Seraj HOD - Math (Patna Centre) ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 17
  • 16. Winners From Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes (YCCPs) VIKAAS-A (Target IIT-JEE 2013) The All Resonance Rank (ARR) is based on PT-1 (05 June 2011) at Kota, Jaipur, Bhopal, Lucknow, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna. Rank-1 Rank-2 Rank-3 Rank-4 Rank-4 Shudhatma Jain Palak Jain Aishwary Gagrani Ishit Murdia Parth Shah Batch: KTJAIA Batch: UDAJAIA1 Batch: KTJAIA Batch: UDAJAIA1 Batch: JPJAA1 SC: Kota SC: Udaipur SC: Kota SC: Udaipur SC: Jaipur Central CUMM: 93.08 CUMM: 92.89 CUMM: 90.36 CUMM: 90 CUMM: 90 Rank- Name (Batch) Study Center- CUMM %6- Vipul Bachani (KTJAIA), 88.39 59- Ashutosh Ranka (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 73.33 111- Supriya Ghosh Mumbai Govandi, 66.227- Garvit Jain (KTJAIA), 87.16 59- Ajinkya Parab Mumbai Borivali, 73.33 113- Omkar Kocharekar (KTJAA1), 66.138- Sudhir Kumar (KTJAIA), 87.15 61- Prakhar Joshi (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 73.11 114- Sourabh Maheswari Jaipur Central, 669- Danny Boby Mumbai Govandi, 87.11 62- Yajuvendra Singh (KTJAIA), 73.1 115- Kushal Jain Delhi East, 65.7810- Shubham Mittal (KTJAIA), 86.71 63- Aashutosh Tiwari (KTJAIA), 72.81 115- Rishabh Khawad (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 65.7811- Bhanu Chaturvedi (KTJAIA), 85.15 64- Ashish Anand (KTJAA1), 72.74 115- Kinjal Chavda Mumbai Govandi, 65.7812- Raj Maheshwari (KTJAIA), 84.99 65- Chetanya Nagar (KTJAIA), 72.47 115- Shikhar Bhatia4 Mumbai Govandi, 65.7813- Sheel Nidhan (KTJAIA), 84.69 66- Hardik Seth (UDAJAA1) Udaipur, 72.22 119- Dhaval Mohandas Mumbai Govandi, 65.5614- Akshay Sinha (KTJAIA), 83.93 67- Malvika Singh (KTJAA1), 72 120- Soumya Nigotia (KTJAIA), 65.5115- Ayush Agarwal (KTJAIA), 83.51 68- Shivani Mittal (KTJAIA), 71.98 121- Love Mehta (UDAJAIA1) Udaipur, 65.3316- Deepak Goyadi (KTJAIA), 83.37 69- Saurabh Sharma (KTJAA1), 71.84 121- Tuhin Dan Mumbai Thane, 65.3317- Rishabh Raj (KTJAIA), 83.16 70- Rachit Jain (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 71.78 121- Hitesh Mahendra Tarani Mumbai Thane, 65.3318- Sidharth Tiwari (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 82.89 70- Ankur Agrawal (UDAJAIA1) Udaipur, 71.78 121- Shivam Munshi Delhi East, 65.3319- Sarthak Vijay (KTJAIA), 82.48 72- Ashish (KTJAIA), 71.61 125- Tanmay Garg Ahmedabad, 65.1120- Rituj Jain (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 81.33 73- Akash Waghela (KTJAA1), 71.57 126- Nishant Sankhe (KTJAA1), 64.9821- Deepam Jain (KTJAIA), 81.22 74- Ashish Ranjan (KTJAA1), 71.33 127- Harsh Kumar Shah (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 64.8921- Sanchit Dayal (KTJAIA), 81.22 74- Rohit Taparia Mumbai Dadar, 71.33 127- Madhav Mantri (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 64.8923- Sakshi Babel (UDAJAIA1) Udaipur, 81.11 76- Prarabdha Soni (KTJAIA), 71.32 129- Chayan Chhajed (KTJAA1), 64.8824- Iqra Altaf (KTJAIA), 80.51 77- Barkha Taori Nagpur, 71.11 130- Ashutosh Kumar (KTJAA1), 64.8225- Anirudh Sharma (UDAJAIA1) Udaipur, 80.22 78- Abhinav Gupta (KTJAIA), 70.98 131- Abhilash Mishra (KTJAA1), 64.7525- Avilash Mukherjee Mumbai Dadar, 80.22 79- Ritika Sharma (KTJAIA), 70.89 132- Sakshi Yadav (JPJAA2) Jaipur Central, 64.4427- Saksham Gupta (KTJAIA), 79.99 80- Tanuj Sharma (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 70.67 133- Bhavna Nagpal (DLSJAW1) Delhi South, 64.2228- Neel Kasat (KTJAIA), 79.92 80- W Vikas Rao (BPJAA2) Bhopal, 70.67 134- Himanshu Patange (KTJAA1), 64.0629- Aditya Ganesh Mumbai Nerul, 79.78 82- Varun Thumbe Mumbai Panvel, 70.22 135- Rushabh Yapuram Mumbai Dadar, 6429- Subhanshu Srivastava Mumbai Govandi, 79.78 83- Hardik Goyal (KTJAA1), 69.88 135- Prashant Godara (JPJAC1) Jaipur Central, 6431- Pratik S Mumbai Govandi, 79.33 84- Laksh Gupta (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 69.33 137- Dhruv Chaturvedi (KTJAA1), 63.9732- Deepanker Mishra (KTJAIA), 78.95 84- Mudit Dangi (UDAJAA1) Udaipur, 69.33 137- Ananya Manna (KTJAA1), 63.9733- Ishu Choudhary (KTJAIA), 78.93 84- Shivam Soni (KTJAA1), 69.33 139- Arpit Agrawal (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 63.7834- Yash Mittal (KTJAIA), 78.47 84- Arpit Kar Lucknow Hazaratganj, 69.33 139- Sachin Garg (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 63.7835- Anadi Gupta (KTJAIA), 78.2 88- Aditya Agrawal (KTJAA1), 69.25 139- Vipul Kumar (PTJAA1) Patna, 63.7836- Sonali Kumari (KTJAIA), 78.13 89- Jain Rohit Hemant (KTJAA1), 69.12 142- Mayuresh Kumar (KTJAA1), 63.6637- Rishab Gupta Mumbai Nerul, 78 90- Ram Krishna (KTJAIA), 68.99 143- Sachin Garg (KTJAA1), 63.5438- Shreyans Mittal (KTJAIA), 77.81 91- Manish Kumar Sharma JNV Bundi, 68.96 144- Shreyas Kumar (KTJAA1), 63.3739- Rishabh Ravi Gupta Mumbai Govandi, 77.78 92- Harsh Vardhan Sah Delhi East, 68.89 145- Arshita Yadav (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 63.3340- Divuansh Mehta (UDAJAIA1) Udaipur, 77.11 93- Shubham Goyal JNV Bundi, 68.75 145- Akshay Kumar (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 63.3341- Shubham Barai Nagpur, 76.44 94- Ankita Singh (PTJAA1) Patna, 68.67 147- Saurabh Pandey (KTJAA1), 63.2242- Ayush Shringi (KTJAIA), 76.32 95- Anshul Jain (KTJAAH1), 68.59 148- Raunak Shrivastava (BPJAA1) Bhopal, 63.1143- Abhilash Singh Mumbai Thane, 76 96- Surya Rajaraman Iyer Mumbai Govandi, 68.44 148- Siddhant Sharan Delhi East, 63.1144- Archit Chaudhary (KTJAIA), 75.76 97- Jitendra Khokhar (KTJAAH1), 68.38 150- Moksh Duseja (KTJAA1), 62.9745- Vasu Parikh (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 75.56 98- Prakarsh Chauhan (KTJAA1), 68.33 151- Yashwant Shekhawat (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central,45- Sachin S Upadhyay Mumbai Nerul, 75.56 99- Arpit Gupta (KTJAA1), 67.79 62.8947- Akshay Nagpure Nagpur, 75.33 100- Shubham Bothra (KTJAA1), 67.71 151- Prachi Batra Delhi NorthWest, 62.8948- Abhishek Prasad Mumbai Govandi, 75.11 101- Aman Krishna Mumbai Govandi, 67.56 153- Ritesh Kumar (KTJAA1), 62.8249- Arpit Goyal (KTJAIA), 74.91 102- Shubham Malani (KTJAA1), 67.49 154- Sagar Singhal (JPJAA2) Jaipur Central, 62.6750- Kaushal Jha (KTJAA1), 74.72 103- Vikash Kumar (KTJAA1), 67.06 154- Raghav Sarda (JPJAA2) Jaipur Central, 62.6751- Renu Chavan (KTJAIA), 74.68 104- Anurag Gautam (KTJAIA), 67.05 154- Hansika Gupta Mumbai Govandi, 62.6752- Tanmay Mothe Mumbai Govandi, 74.67 105- Aishwary Agrawal (KTJAIA), 66.98 157- Devika Mandge Mumbai Dadar, 62.4453- Nishant Gupta (KTJAIA), 74.61 106- Sarwar Hussain (UDAJAIA1) Udaipur, 66.89 157- Yogita Kuchankar Nagpur, 62.4454- Naman Sogani (KTJAIA), 74.25 106- Prerna Bugalia (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 66.89 157- Purnima Ranjith Mumbai Govandi, 62.4455- Vedant Pareek (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 74 108- Ali Hyder (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 66.67 157- Karan Mittal Delhi NorthWest, 62.4455- Umang Mehta Mumbai Andheri, 74 109- Upadhi Vijay (KTJAIA), 66.63 161- Amit Kumar Sahu (KTJAA1), 62.457- Devgeet Ahmedabad, 73.78 110- Apurv Hajare Nagpur, 66.44 162- Kriti Agrawal (KTJAA1), 62.358- Ankit Saran (KTJAIA), 73.4 111- Ronit Malhotra (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 66.22 163- Ved P. Kulkarni Mumbai Borivali, 62.22 ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 18
  • 17. Winners From Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes (YCCPs)164- Anil Vishnoi JNV Bundi, 62.08 173- Abhinav Jain Delhi East, 61.33 182- Jatin Mayekar Mumbai Dadar, 60.67165- Nirmal Kumar (KTJAA1), 62.07 173- T. Nihar Mumbai Govandi, 61.33 185- Shreyansh Vijayvergiya (KTJAA1), 60.57166- Shubham Kumar (KTJAIA), 61.9 176- Naman Raj Baid (KTJAAH1), 61.32 186- Atulit Kumar (KTJAA1), 60.45167- Dhruv Kumar (KTJAA1), 61.79 177- Avinash Chambhare Nagpur, 61.11 187- Shraddha Manchekar Mumbai Dadar, 60.44168- Aparna Jayarajan Mumbai Govandi, 61.78 178- Rishi Kumar (KTJAA1), 61.09 188- Aman Anurag (KTJAA1), 60.37169- Akshay Suthar (KTJAA1), 61.69 179- Swapnil Gupta (KTJAA1), 60.93 189- Anusha Goel (KTJAA1), 60.22170- Chhavi Shrivastava (BPJAA1) Bhopal, 61.56 180- Sebin Binoy Mumbai Govandi, 60.89 190- Kavish Kumar Yadav JNV Bundi, 60.21170- Grace George Sam (BPJAA2) Bhopal, 61.56 181- Rajat Gupta (KTJAA1), 60.86 191- Anuj Chandra (KTJAA1), 60.16170- Vinit Dedhiya Mumbai Dadar, 61.56 182- Varun Singh (JPJAA1) Jaipur Central, 60.67 192- Arshita Gupta Mumbai Dadar, 60173- Arihant Jain (JPJAA2) Jaipur Central, 61.33 182- Aman Chaudhari (JPJAA2) Jaipur Central, 60.67VISHWAAS-F (Target IIT-JEE 2012) The All Resonance Rank (ARR) is based on PT-2 (19 June 2011) at Kota, Jaipur, Bhopal, Lucknow, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna. Rank-1 Rank-2 Rank-3 Rank-4 Rank-5 Deependra Patel Hemant Yadav Kunal Gupta Pratiksha C Manish Jonwal Batch: KTJFF1 Batch: (KTJFFH1) Batch: KTJFF1 Batch: KTJFF1 Batch: KTJFFH1 SC: Kota SC: Kota SC: Kota SC: Kota SC: Kota CUMM: 74.54 CUMM: 64.68 CUMM: 63.92 CUMM: 63.14 CUMM: 60.60VIJETA-P (Target IIT-JEE 2012) The All Resonance Rank (ARR) is based on PT-2 (19 June 2011) at Kota, Jaipur, Bhopal, Lucknow, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna. Rank-1 Rank-2 Rank-3 Rank-4 Rank-5Nimit Kumar Singh Vikas Garg Siddharth Patel Harshit Agarwal Himanshu Goyal Batch: JPJPP1 Batch: KTJPIP Batch: KTJPIP Batch: KTJPIP Barch: KTJPIP SC: Jaipur Central SC: Kota SC: Kota SC: Kota SC: Kota CUMM: 82.43 CUMM: 81.7 CUMM: 80.2 CUMM: 79.91 CUMM: 79.75 Rank- Name (Batch) Study Center- CUMM %6- Rohit Kumar Gupta (KTJPIP), 79.64 30- Vishal Sharma (KTJPIP), 69.4 54- Sumit Joshi (UDAJPIP1) Udaipur, 62.487- Tushar Marda (KTJPIP), 79.61 31- Himanshi Sharma (KTJPIP), 68.57 55- Pallav Vajpayee (KTJPPA1), 62.448- Shubham Jain (KTJPIP), 76.45 32- Apurva Gupta (BPJPIP) Bhopal, 68.53 56- Tapan Vaishnav (KTJNVP)- JNV Bundi, 62.349- Vaibhav Kewlani (KTJPIP), 76.23 33- Durgesh Hathiyani (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 68.42 57- Shubham Singhal (MBGOJPPSRP1) Mumbai-10- Vikas Meena (KTJPIP), 75.28 34- Ayush Gupta Nagpur, 68.32 Govandi, 62.211- Tanushree Gupta (KTJPIP), 75.02 35- Shubham Patel (KTJPIP), 68.02 58- Manish Kumar (KTJPPA1), 62.1312- Pankaj Goyal (KTJPIP), 74.98 36- Jitendra Singh Shekhawat (KTJPIP), 67.55 59- Nishant Sunil Chafle (MBGOJPPSRP1) Mumbai-13- Himangi Saraogi (MBGOJPPSRP1) Mumbai- 37- Apurva Jindal (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 66.85 Govandi, 62.11 Govandi, 74.75 38- Vinayak Goyal (KTJPIP), 66.5 60- Soumyo Biswas (KTJPPA1), 62.0314- Parshant Chawla (KTJPIP), 74.59 39- Mohit Jangid (KTJPPA1), 66.23 61- Sweta Rani (KTJPPB1), 61.8815- Krishan Mittal (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 74.06 40- Mohit Saluja (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 65.19 62- Prabhakar Pal (DLEJPW) Delhi- East, 61.8316- Rajat Jain (KTJPIP), 73.53 41- Aditya Garg (KTJPPA1), 65.16 63- Shiddharth Talesra (KTJPPA1), 61.6417- Vaibhav Garg (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 73.16 42- Anukriti Chaudhari (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 65.11 64- Siddhant Rajagopalan (MBDDJPPRUIA) Mumbai-18- Astuti Sharma (KTJPIP), 73.02 43- Udit Agrawal (UDAJPIP1) Udaipur, 64.97 Dadar, 61.4719- Rohit Pruthi (DLNWJPW2) Delhi- North-West, 44- Deepanshu Pathak (DLNWJP1) Delhi- North- 65- Abhishek Modi (KTJPPA1), 61.42 72.93 West, 64.94 65- Abhinav Garg (BPJPIP) Bhopal, 61.4220- Ankit Kumar Sinha (KTJPIP), 72.9 45- Lokesh Kumar Deswal (KTJPPA1), 64.32 67- Sumit Anil Agrawal Nagpur, 61.1921- Saurabh Raj (KTJPIP), 72.44 46- Surabhi (KTJPPA1), 63.29 68- Vikas Goyal (KTJPPA1), 61.1822- Kushagra Gupta (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 71.77 47- Preetam Suthar (UDAJPIP1) Udaipur, 63.27 69- Satyam Kumar (KTJPPA1), 60.9123- Avikalp Kumar Gupta (KTJPIP), 70.82 48- Ravi Kumar (KTJPPA1), 63.12 70- Shubham Goyal (KTJPPA1), 60.8324- Bhanu Pratap Singh Tanwar (KTJPIP), 70.36 49- Kartik R. Tidke Nagpur, 63.08 71- Digesh Gupta (KTJPPA1), 60.725- Shubham Kumar (KTJPIP), 70.17 50- Ankur Kaushik (JPJPP1) Jaipur Central, 62.68 72- Sajal Srivastava (KTJPPA1), 60.5126- Chetan Gupta (KTJPIP), 69.6 51- Mukul Anand (KTJPPA1), 62.56 73- Juhi Acharya (UDAJPIP1) Udaipur, 60.4727- Shivam Verma (KTJPIP), 69.49 52- Satyaki Upadhyay (MBNEJPPN1) Mumbai- 74- Arpit Garg (KTJPPA1), 60.2128- Ashutosh Mittal (KTJPIP), 69.46 Nerul, 62.5229- Purvi Gupta (KTJPIP), 69.41 53- Anomitra Banerjee (KTJPIP), 62.49 ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 19
  • 18. From VINOD (Class: VII) The All Centre Rank (ACR) is based on PT-1 Rank- 1 Rank- 2 Rank- 3 Rank- 4 Rank- 5Chavi Harkawat Ronak Jain Garvit Gupta Garvil Singhal Saurav PalCUMM%: 86.11 CUMM%: 85.83 CUMM%: 81.94 CUMM%: 80.56 CUMM%: 77.22 [UWE-1] [UWE-1] [UWE-1] [UWE-1] [SWE] SC: Udaipur SC: Udaipur SC: Udaipur SC: Udaipur SC: Kota - Station VIMAL (Class: VIII) The All Centre Rank (ACR) is based on PT-1 Rank - 1 Rank - 2 Rank - 3 Rank - 4 Rank - 5 Rank - 5 Rank - 5 Aashish Singh Chitraksh Sadayat Akshat Mittal Anchal Singh Saksham Srivastava Abhishek Das Mansi Agrawal CUMM%: 94.72 CUMM%: 91.67 CUMM%: 89.72 CUMM%: 89.17 CUMM%: 88.89 CUMM%: 88.89 CUMM%: 88.89 [ZE-1] [JDZ] [UZE-1] [ZE-1] [RZE] [RZE] [UZE-1]SC: Kota - Talwandi SC: Jodhpur SC: Udaipur SC: Kota - Talwandi SC: Kota - Rawatbhata SC: Kota - Rawatbhata SC: Udaipur VINAY (Class: IX) The All Centre Rank (ACR) is based on PT-1 Rank- 1 Rank- 2 Rank- 3 Rank- 4 Rank- 4 Pratibha Motwani Shivanshu Purohit Prachi Jain Sahil Mantri Garv Gupta CUMM%: 90.00 CUMM%: 88.89 CUMM%: 87.50 CUMM%: 86.11 CUMM%: 86.11 [YE-1] [JDY] [YE-1] [UYE-1] [UYE-1]SC: Kota - Talwandi SC: Jodhpur SC: Kota - Talwandi SC: Udaipur SC: Udaipur VIGYAAN (Class: X) The All Centre Rank (ACR) is based on PT-1 Rank - 1 Rank - 2 Rank - 3 Rank - 4 Rank - 5 Kushal Babel Deepak Vinchurkar Kshitij Choudhary Parth Sharma Aabhas Mathur CUMM%: 94.44 CUMM%: 93.06 CUMM%: 92.22 CUMM%: 91.67 CUMM%: 90.28 [UXE-1] [XE-1] [XE-1] [SXE-1] [XE-1] SC: Udaipur SC: Kota - Talwandi SC: Kota - Talwandi SC: Kota - Station SC: Kota - Talwandi ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 20
  • 19. Reso PCCP Initiative (For VII, VIII, IX & X) Lympiads ProwessHomi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (IMO).is the nodal centre of the country for From the Olympiad year beginningOlympiad programmes in mathematics and August 2008, a new integrated Nationalsciences including astronomy. The Steering Committee for science andprogrammes aim at promoting excellence in astronomy Olympiads has beenscience and mathematics among pre- overseeing the entire activity in theseuniversity students. subjects. The subjects includes Physics,The Mathematics Olympiad is conducted Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, andunder the aegis of the National Board of Junior Science. The OlympiadHigher Mathematics (NBHM). Following programmes in Physics, Chemistry,are the stages for the aspirants of Biology, Astronomy (junior and seniorMathematics: Regional Mathematical level) and Junior Science are a five stageOlympiad (RMO ), Indian National process for each subject separately. TheMathematical Olympiad Examination first stage for each subject is organized by(INMO), International Mathematical the Indian Association of Physics TeachersOlympiad Training Camp (IMOTC), Pre- (IAPT). All the remaining stages aredeparture Training Camp for IMO, organized by Homi Bhabha Centre forInternational Mathematical Olympiad Science Education (HBCSE). Vijay Radhelal Reso-PCCP Faculty - Physics Priyanka Mehta Reso-PCCP Faculty - Chemistry Ashish Chawla Reso-PCCP Faculty - Maths ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 21
  • 20. An organic compound of molecular formula C11H13OCl can be represented by two isomeric forms & . Both & decolorizeBr2 /H2O solution and also give some product on catalytic hydrogenation using one mole of H2. & both on vigorous oxidationgive same acid which on decarboxylation gives 2 - chloroethoxy benzene and on reduction with Ni/Al (Alloy)/ NaOH gives3 - ethoxy-benzoic acid. can be represented by two isomeric forms but not . OC2H5 CH = CH - CH3 CH2 - CH = CH2Q. 1 The structure of will be- (a) (b) (c) (d) None of these CH =CH - CH3 OCH2- CH2- Cl Cl ClQ. 2 Acid will be OC2H5 (a) 2-chloro - 3 -ethoxybenzoic acid (b) 3 - chloro - 2 -ethoxybenzoic acid (c) 3 - chloro - 4 - ethoxybenzoic acid (d) 5 - chloro -3- ethoxybenzoic acidQ. 3 Decarboxylation means (a) Removal of CO32- (b) Removal of -COOH group (c) Removal of CO (d) None of theseAns: The overall reactions can be represented as- C11H13OCl two isomers Isomer Decolorize Br2 / H2O of H2 / Ni COOH D ⇓ Ni- Al (Alloy)/NaOH [O] same acid OC2H5 (reduction) NaOH (Cao)Since on reduction gives 3- ethoxybenzoic acid & on (Decarboxylation) OC2H5decarboxylation gives 2- chloroethoxybenzene thus will Clbe either - Since can be represented by two isomeric forms hence in COOH - C3H5 will be - CH = CH -CH3. Thus in - C3H5 will be - CH2 - CH = CH2. COOH CH = CH - CH3 CH2 - CH = CH2 Cl or OC2H5 OC2H5 Cl OC2H5 OC2H5 2 - chloro - 3 ethoxy 4- chloro - 3- ethoxy Cl Cl benzoic - acid benzoic acid Both and decolorize Br2 / H2O solution because of presence of double bond in side chain. Now whole reaction can beas is obtained on oxidation of & and also it is known that represented as -any alkyl benzene (where C -atom of attached to benzene C 3H 5ring is having H- atom) on vigorous oxidation gives benzoic C3H5 OC2H5 or Clacid thus OC2H5 or may be - R R Cl CH2 - CH2 - CH3 Cl CH = CH - CH3 OC2H5 or OC2H5 ⇓ ß ßKÐ_ ß OC2H5 Cl COOH Clby considering structure we can find out molecular formula Ni-Al (Alloy)/ NaOH CH2 - CH = CH2 COOH OC2H5for on comparing to molecular formula of as - [o] R OC2H5 OC2H5 NaOH (CaO) Cl Cl OC2H5 OC2H5 = C11H13OCl Cl Cl⇒ R = C11H13OCl-C8H8OCl = C3H5 C3H5Thus or will be- OC2H5 Girijesh Dubey Cl Sr. Faculty - Chemistry ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 22
  • 21. Commendable Selections of Girl Studentsin IIT-JEE 2011 from Resonance registering 161 Girl Selections in IIT-JEE 2011 s stha A Agarwal, a student of Two-Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme (YCCP) at Jaipur Study Centre acquired AIR 90 (GEN). Here is a summary of a brief interaction with her. I Astha Agarwal am overjoyed with my rank in IIT-JEE 2011 and AIR-90 (GEN) | Reso Roll No.: 833069 would like to give the credit of my success to my Study Centre: Jaipur family and Resonance. I joined Resonance in class X and started preparing for various competitive exams. GROWTH The yearlong classroom contact programme trained me SELECTIONS OF GIRL STUDENTS IN IIT-JEE for IIT-JEE 2011. 178 This programme is simply the best. The environment at 161 Resonance is friendly and supportive. The sincere efforts Total selections of Girl students (Since 2002): 710 of my mentors helped me in achieving my goal. My Yearlong Classroom Programmes: 479 decision to join Resonance turned out to be a boon for me. Distance Learning Programme: 231 No doubt, the nicely planned study material was also equally important. The PTs and CTs further cleared Number of selected students from Resoannce many misconceptions and helped me identify my strong and weak topics. The level & pattern of these tests were like the actual IIT-JEE paper. The guidance & motivation here helped me qualify for the prestigious Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana 132 (KVPY) fellowship besides a silver medal at 81 International Junior Science Olympiad, 2009 at Baku, 62 Azerbaijan and an Honorable Mention in Asian Physics Olympiad, 2010 at Israel. I could also manage my School studies and got 93.8% in boards along with 98% in PCM. I would like to make it very clear that no other institute 28 26 has contributed to my success. I am grateful to all my 20 teachers at Resonance for their support. I strongly 14 recommend my juniors to join Resonance and do well in 8 2010 2011 all the exams they take up. 2008 2009 2006 2007 Astha Agarwal 2004 2005 IIT-JEE 2002 2003 Year of AIR-90, IIT-JEE 2011
  • 22. PARENTS PAGE in Mr ha Ja r Nish. Anil La Shob othe eeth h Mrs. hams M s Fa oti ther Nish dent ) Shub e AIR: eth Lah o-Stu 1 (Res -JEE 201 ta IT 5 (GE oti (R N) in eso-S Meh I IIT-J tuden ham N) in Shub : 2 (GE EE 2 t 011 ) AIR Mrs. ain Se zad J her Nish ema Ma Mr. A ms Fat AIR HARE F AITH eeth h ha s Moeshwari Shub ther Mr. Azad Jain Mr. Anil LahotiHere is a summary of a brief interaction with Parents of Shubham Mehta, a student of Two-Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme (YCCP) at Resonance. Here is a summary of a brief interaction with Parents of Nisheeth Lahoti, a student of Two-Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme (YCCP) at Resonance.I have done B.Tech. in Civil Engineering and posted as Block department officer, Taleda, Kota. My early childhood was spent at Bareily Uttar Pradesh. MyFather was a Junior Engineer in Production department of him into a winner. It gave him an opportunity to compete with brilliant minds. Joining here, he learnt the art of time management & smart work. My son was not so brilliant before joining Resonance. His results fructified with extensive W e came to know about Resonance through advertisements in News papers and hoardings in Kota City as well as from parents of other students. Our family is a small one and Nisheeth is our only child. IITs are Indias best institutes for technological studies. These are institutes of repute and have good infrastructure and facilities. The chosen brilliant minds go forSynthetic And Chemicals Limited at Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh consistent efforts and excellent mentorship at every step. I As usual we were exposed to many choices regarding engineering studies in these institutes.and my mother was a home maker. My sister is a lecturer in was sure my son will be in the top 10. The day my son got 2nd coaching institutes for IIT-JEE. Resonances Admission During the course of the entire journey of this crucialMaharani College and elder daughter, Dr. Pooja Mehta is a rank in IIT-JEE 2011, I was very happy with his achievements. Brochure that lists success figures through various preparation, we had our share of good and bad incidentsRadio diagnost at PGIMER. My younger daughter is doing I felt that he got famous overnight. Resonance felicitation graphs along with the detailed information impressed us and we took all those in our stride and kept positiveCivil Engineering at NIT, Raipur. function (VICTORY 2011) is the most memorable day for me and put Resonance in a positive frame of sincerity and attitude. But the Felicitation Ceremony (VICTORY) isIITs are known to produce successful leaders in every and my son. It brought such a great sense of happiness & pride trustworthiness. permanently etched in our hearts. It was gloriouslychosen field, and are good options to start with career in to receive such an elite treatment and to watch him being Our initial interactions with RKV Sir convinced us of the wonderful to see each and every students being felicitatedengineering fields. They help the students to globalize their felicitated among thousands of parents, students & utmost dedication and strength of the entire system at with honour and respect. It truly takes highly demandingpotential, elevate their personality and transform into a distinguished guests. Resonance and we believed that the student success is the and painful hard work and lot of perseverance to touchhard working, committed treasure. They also give scope to He wants to get admission in IIT-Bombay. Further, he aspires sole priority here. that threshold of recognized as one of the topmost performers. Be it a to pursue post-graduation studies from the Massachusetts The academic and overall environment at Resonance is As for Nisheeth, these accomplishments viz. NTSE, KVPY,small venture or Research and development organization Institute of Technology. He is one among the selected five- truly qualitative. Teachers are quite knowledgeable and 5th rank in JEE are quite a good number of achievementswith an IITian behind it, is proved to be a huge success in member team to represent India at the 42nd International are immensely supportive. They gave challenging for us. But there are bigger achievements along the wayterms of the results produced in a very less time. Physics Olympiad (IPhO-2011) to be held from 10th to 18th problems to our son Nisheeth which kept him motivated ahead that would sum up the definition of bright,Resonance is one of the good coaching classes for IIT-JEE July in Bangkok, Thailand. The IPhO is a unique event to keep of working hard in the pursuit of his goals. By the rewarding and wholesome life with a great sense of wellpreparation. The highly competitive environment, designed to discover, to encourage and challenge grace of God, our son has got brains and he utilizes it well being.guidance from expert faculty members ensures dedication exceptionally gifted young students in Physics from all over to learn various subjects.and encourages the students work hard. Our first the world. I hail from rural area from village Kuraj, districtinteraction with Resonance was through a camp Akhil Rajsamand in Rajasthan. My father is a retired teacherBhartiya Pratibha Utthan Abhiyan (ABPUA), which was and mother is a homemaker. We would like to say to the parents of prospectiveorganized at Modi Dental College, Kota by Resonance in the Talk freely with your ward, so that they can share My wife, Seema Maheshwari comes from Udaipur, students “Dont pressurize your child. Tell him tomonth of April 2009. Shubham, my son, was one of the everything with you & keep on motivating them to Rajasthan. Her father has retired from State Legal enjoy his learning without stress of getting ranks andparticipants in this camp at the end of which he decided to invest good efforts consistently and persistently, for Services. Both of us are Science graduates and positions. Tell him to understand the topic rather thanjoin Resonance for IIT-JEE preparation. receiving rich dividends and rewarding returns for the government employees. My wife pursued further cramming it. Just tell him to be regular in studies. lifetime.” Have faith in the Institute and its teachers. Keep inShubham is blessed with a tremendous ability to memorize. studies and earned a graduation degree in Law. She isAfter joining Resonance, the studious and competitive working in Rajasthan Legal Services and I am touch with the faculty. And you shall win!”environment that was provided at the institute transformed Superintendent of Customs & Central Excise.
  • 23. TALENT HUNT PHYSICS FORCE J.K. Pandey(For Solutions of Q. 3 & 4, please refer page Khul-Ja-Sim-Sim) Sr. Reso Faculty Physics ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 29
  • 24. TALENT HUNTFree Radical: CHEMISTRY CATALYST S.K.Sinha Sr. Reso Faculty Chemistry ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 30
  • 25. TALENT HUNT MATHS EXPONENT Safdar Seraj(For Solution, please refer page Khul-Ja-Sim-Sim) HOD - Math (Patna Centre) ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 31
  • 26. IIT-MADRAS Reso-Students (58) who opted the Alumnus of following branches at IIT-M in 2010 M001 - AEROSPACE ENGINEERING: 2 | M004 - IIT-Madras BIOTECHNOLOGY: 3 | M007 - CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: 8 | M009 - CIVIL ENGINEERING: 6INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MADRAS (IIT-M) |M010 - COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING: 2 |I CHENNAI, TAMILNADU M011 - ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: 1| M017 - ndian Institute of Technology ENGINEERING PHYSICS: 1 | M022 - METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING: 4 | M024 - Madras, is one among the foremost MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: 2 | M030 - NAVAL institutes of national importance in ARCHITECTURE AND OCEAN ENGINEERING: 3 | M049 -higher technological education, basic and PHYSICS: 1 | M064 - BIOTECHNOLOGY: 1 | M067 -applied research. In 1956, the German CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: 2 | M071 - CIVILGovernment offered technical assistance for ENGINEERING WITH M TECH IN APPLIED MECHANICSestablishing an institute of higher education IN ANY OF THE LISTED SPECIALIZATION: 1 | M072 -in engineering in India. The first Indo- CIVIL ENGINEERING WITH M TECH IN INFRASTRUCTURAL CIVIL ENGINEERING: 1 | M075 -German agreement in Bonn, West Germany COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING: 1 | M080 -for the establishment of the Indian Institute ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WITH M TECH INof Technology at Madras was signed in 1959. COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING: 3 | M083 - Mr. AYUSH GOYAL (AGL SIR)The Institute was formally inaugurated in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WITH M TECH IN B.Tech., Chemical Engineering1959 by Prof. Humayun Kabir, Union MICROELECTRONICS AND VLSI DESIGN: 1 | M086 - (IIT-MADRAS, 2003)Minister for Scientific Research and Cultural ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WITH M TECH IN POWER SYSTEMS AND POWER ELECTRONICS: 1 | M090 - M.S. Purdue University, USAAffairs. The IIT system has seven Institutes ENGINEERING DESIGN WITH M TECH IN AUTOMOTIVE Head of the Department (HOD):of Technology located at Kharagpur (estb. ENGINEERING: 3 | M091 - ENGINEERING DESIGN WITH Department of Mathematics1951), Mumbai (estb. 1958), Chennai (estb. M TECH IN BIOMEDICAL DESIGN: 2 | M099 -1959), Kanpur (estb. 1959), Delhi (estb. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING WITH M TECH IN ENERGY Please tell us something about your early1961), Guwahati (estb. 1994) and Roorkee TECHNOLOGY: 2 | M100 - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING childhood and family background.(estb. 1847, joined IITs in 2001). WITH M TECH IN INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING: 3 | M101 - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING WITH M TECH IN I am a resident of Kota and did schoolingIIT Madras is a residential institute with from St. Pauls School. We are a big family, PRODUCT DESIGN: 1 | M105 - METALLURGICAL ANDnearly 460 faculty, 4500 students and 1250 MATERIALS ENGINEERING: 2 blessed with four elder sisters, all studied atadministrative & supporting staff and is a Sophia. I have a 2 years old son Priyansh, anself-contained campus located in a beautiful Names of Reso Students ardent fan of Dhoni! My father worked at JKwooded land of about 250 hectares. It has who joined IIT-M in the year 2010 Synthetics till 1998 when it closed down andestablished itself as a premier centre for thereafter he moved to UP to engage himselfteaching, research and industrial VISHAL T VIJAY | KAUTUK KUSHANSH | GAURAV MUNSHI: PA1 | MUKUL JHA | PALLAVI CHAKRAVORTY in business till 2004 when he returned backconsultancy in the country. to Kota. This was a difficult time for our | ANKIT NAMA | PATOLIYA SMIT: PB1 | LALITThe Institute has fifteen academic GANGWAR: RJ2 | SAURABH KUMAR: R2 | ARPIT family, but in 1999 I graduated from mydepartments and a few advanced research VYAS: G Batch | NITESH KUMAR | ROHAN RAJENDRA school and got selected in IIT-JEE which wascentres in various disciplines of engineering LONDHE: RJ1 | DHRUV GULATI | K GOPAKUMAR | a much needed heal to us. Then I moved toand pure sciences, with nearly 100 MUKESH KELA: RJ1 | HAREESH P B | SARATH M | U.S. and studied for three years at Purduelaboratories organised in a unique pattern of NAVEEN KUMAR MEENA: RH3 | ANSHUL SINGH | SAIKRISHNA B | SMIT SAMIR MEHTA | RANJIT K. University, since then I have been withfunctioning. A faculty of international Resonance. NAIR: IP | CHARAN KUMAR R | STEPHEN IPErepute, a brilliant student community, VARGHESE | S HAMSINI | ALBIN ANTO JOSE | RAHULexcellent technical & supporting staff and an LANCELOT DCUNHA: R1 | RAKESH KUMAR: R6 | What inspired you for Indian Institutes ofeffective administration have all SAISH G KAPADI | ABHIJEET MESHRAM | AMAN JAIN Technology (IITs)?contributed to the pre-eminent status of IIT | NAVNEET JAIN: RJ1 | GAUTAM VENUGOPALAN | While I was studying in 7th std., five to sixMadras. The campus is located in the city of CHETAN DINESH SHENOY: PA1 | ANAY C. BADAVNE | NAMIT CHAUDHARY | SIDDHESH: PA2 | RAVI students from St. Pauls got selected in JEE. ItChennai, previously known as Madras. SHANKAR | PANKAJ KUMAR | MISS KARUNA was a pride moment for a school to have 6Chennai is the state capital of Tamilnadu, a AGARWAL: IP | FAIZAN ABBAS ALI | SHUBHAM IITians. A function was organized and oursouthern state in India. AGRAWAL | MOHAMMED AJMAL | VISHAL RAJ: PA4 school Father felicitated the students in frontAddress: | RAVI KIRAN B | SRISHTI JAIN | RAVI KUMAR: R8 | of us. This made a long lasting impressionIndian Institute of Technology, Madras PREM KUMAR DHARMANI | ANAND PARIKH | DEO on me about the prestige of IIT and I decidedI.I.T. Post Office KUMAR: RJ1 | MANJUNATH | KARTIHIK R PILLAI: RJ1 | SHEKHAR PAWAR | NITIN VERMA: PB1 | ARPAN to be an IITian to earn the same felicitationChennai - 600 036, India VENUGOPAL | VAIBHAV SHUKLA | AJAY SUDHIR from our school Father. This childhoodFax : +91 (44) 2257 0509 PISAT thought laid the foundation of my goal as a ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 32
  • 27. Adds Brilliance to Academic Ambience At Resonancestudent. with most of IITs. I remember vividly, it there are many. But teaching at Kota calls forWhat qualities one must possess to get into was my second day at IIT-M and I was an added responsibility as many studentsIITs? taken to surprise when the cycle mechanic are out- stationed, and a teacher is theirI have always believed that the foremost at IIT-M spoke in English! However social as well as academic mentor. Aquality is hardwork and commitment Madras is not all that happening city as teachers prime duty is to impart qualitytowards studies. One has to be very firm Delhi or Mumbai. The campus is very education with discipline. A student learnstowards daily schedule, and it is regularity green and one can find deer roaming like not just domain knowledge from his teacherthat drives success. Secondly, discipline in cats and dogs, thanks to the proximity of but also closely observes teachers day today-to-day activities helps in maintaining Guindy National Park. day schedule and gets greatly inspired fromefficiency. To execute all the above, follow his attitude and commitment towards work.what the academic mentors (teachers) guide How has your teaching experience beenyou. with the students preparing for IIT-JEE at Resonance? Your motto of life/ideologies /values, you live withPlease share your experiences at IIT I have always loved to work at Resonance. I strongly believe in honesty andMadras and throw some light on your best Here, the entire team is very student-moments pertaining to studies there. welfare oriented and we feel extremely transparency in dealings. I hate hypocritesThere were two-three best instances at good and motivated to keep working to and love hard working people. One shouldIIT Madras which I remember always. The top five successful tips I would like to give to students be honest and committed toThe first one was when I gave my first for their entire journey of IIT-JEE preparation at whatever one does and try topublic presentation ever. It was on Resonance deliver ones 100%. Never try toBhagvad Gita, a tough topic to • Attend all classes very regularly and attentively. evade hard work and find shortprepare, but I prepared it very hard • Completion of work in time is a must. cuts. • Be disciplined in your schedule; always give some timeand delivered it to perfection and it at home to study whatever was taught on that day.won me second award in my batch. I Anything else that you feel worth Reserve some time for revision daily and dont takewas delighted with it as firstly I had revision for granted. sharing with all studentsnever spoken in public and secondly it • Adopt healthy habits, eat good food, have regular and Everybody knows that not allwas in English. proper sleep of seven hours. students can get selected in JEE orThe second instance was when I was • Whenever you feel dejected and de-motivated or in low NITs, neither your selection inthe only candidate selected for spirits, think of the happiness that you can earn for your these exams is the end of the life. family with a great result. Parents are students bestsummer internship program for Life is larger than what typically at motivation source and they should keep theirUnilever from among approximately this age we think. Ones duty is at photograph right in front of them, this will always help150 odd students after interview and you to be on your toes and will deviate you from wrongwhichever phase of life we are at,group discussion. Lastly, towards the path. we should work with fullend of the degree, our HOD Chemical commitment and honesty towardsEngineering Department appreciated give better education to thousands of kids it. Result is dependent on various factorsmy sincerity for my summer training and who have entrusted us this responsibility. I like your ability, hard work and luck.also for my B.Tech Project. These are some have taught all kind of students frommoments with fond remembrances. We should always aim at working in such a various states and its always good to be manner that our family and we are always among such a rich cultural mix. contented that we have placed our bestHow is the academic and overallenvironment at IIT Madras different from possible efforts. I wish you all good luck in What made you enter the field ofother IITs? teaching? What is the responsibility of a your preparation for competitive exams andWell, each IIT has its unique culture and so teacher according to you? hope to deliver our best in your success.does IIT-M. IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Madras are When I was in US, I learnt that parents canknown more for their academics. IIT Madras never be issued permanent visa, this “No amount of tricks works unless you do”.students are more inclined towards prompted me to come back to India. This “Many a times silence is unheard in this noisypursuing higher studies abroad. IIT-M folks gave me an opportunity to pursue a career world”.have more exposure with the international of my choice - teaching. Since I have been astudents. Due to language barriers, English student of RK sir, Resonance was the “Those who dont work hard and yet getting good results are just harnessing their reserves”.has become the most accepted mode of natural choice.communication, but perhaps not the case Regarding responsibilities of a teacher, ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 33
  • 28. Let there be light POWER TO THE PEOPLETechnology and development: provide new ways to generate income. His energy requirements of rural households.A growing number of initiatives are promoting firm has devised a solar-powered sewing He was born in Bangalore, Karnataka andbottom-up ways to deliver energy to poorC machine, for example. Last year Mr Hande raised in Rourkela, Orissa, India. After onsidering the poor as started an incubation lab in rural completing his basic schooling in Orissa, he consumers often result in Karnataka, in southern India, to bring went to IIT Kharagpur for his unsustainable products and together local customers and engineering undergraduate studies in Energyservices that focus on creating wants and interns from MIT, Stanford and Imperial Engineering. He then went to the U.S. to dodesires among the poor and then fulfilling College, London. The lab is currently his Masters and later Ph.D. in Energythem. A more sustainable approach is to piloting a hybrid banana dryer that runs on Engineering at the University ofunderstand their basic needs and then biomass during wet spells and sunlight on Massachusetts Lowell.address those needs by creating suitable dry days to make packets of dried banana Since his graduate student days, Harishproducts and services. This requires a deep so that farmers no longer have to rely on firmly believed in the potential of solarunderstanding of the context in which the selling their crop immediately. energy for improving productivity of ruralpoor lead their lives and identifying the key SELCO India, founded in 1995 by H. households. Two critical success factors ofenablers that would make them realize their Harish Hande, is a Bangalore-based social SELCOs business model have been itspotential and improve their income. enterprise that makes solar lighting ability to customize its products to addressHarish Hande, managing director of SELCO technology accessible to the economically specific needs of the poor and to arrangeSolar, a social enterprise in India that impoverished people of India. Harish finance for its customers. Until date, SELCOpromotes the adoption of new energy Hande is an engineer and a renewable has sold solar lighting to 120,000 ruraltechnologies, says the important thing is not energy entrepreneur with extensive homes and several other institutions such asso much to deliver energy to the poor, but to grassroots experience in meeting the clinics, seminaries and schools in the Indian ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 34
  • 29. state of Karnataka. Employing about 170 Hande also is on the board of manypeople, SELCO services these households national and international organisations.from 25 service centers scattered all across He advises aspiring social entrepreneurs orrural Karnataka. Although SELCO has been people on starting-up social businesses,able to establish a sustainable business especially in India,model that realizes Harishs vision of “Dont start with money. When your back Harish Hande, Managing Director of Selco Solarbringing low-cost energy solution to the is to the w o r l d , you caneconomically impoverished, its innov AROUND 1.5 billion people, orchallenge today is to create greater more than a fifth of the worldsimpact by scaling its business as well as population, have no access tocreating an organization that electricity, and a billion moresustains its success beyond the have only an unreliable andtenure of its founding members. intermittent supply. Of theHarish Hande has won the Ashden people without electricity, 85%Award for Sustainable Energy live in rural areas or on the2005 and Tech Museum fringes of cities. ExtendingAward 2005. Harish has also energy grids into these areas isreceived the worlds leading green expensive: the United Nationsenergy award from Prince Charles estimates that an average of $35in 2005. In 2007 SELCO INDIA billion-40 billion a year needswon the Outstanding Achievement to be invested until 2030 so everyoneAward from Ashden Awards. The on the planet can cook, heat andaward was presented by Al Gore, ate light their premises, and haveformer Vice President of the United . Get the manag ement team energ y for productive uses such asStates of America. Harish Hande was first, then the money. Get four or five schooling. On current trends, however,named the Social Entrepreneur of the Year people to OWN the business plan. SELCO the number of “energy poor” people will2007 by the Schwab Foundation for Social raised money only after three years of barely budge, and 16% of the worldsEntrepreneurship and the Nand & Jeet formation. population will still have no electricity byKhemka Foundation. He was also the We wouldnt have had the same 2030, according to the Internationalfeatured attendee and speaker at the Clinton innovation if we had the money right from Energy Agency.Global Initiative 2007. the beginning. “In building SELCO, we But why wait for top-down solutions?In 2008, Harish Hande was chosen by overcame many challenges & failures." There is no need to wait for politicians orBusiness Today as one of the 21 young One of the biggest barriers is human utilities to act. Local, bottom-up systemsleaders for Indias 21st century. In mid 2008, resources. We need people who can think may be more sustainable and produceIndia Today named him one of the 50 holistically. The education system in India fewer carbon emissions than centralizedpioneers of change in India. right now is very modular. Most of our schemes. The developing world has anHis experience includes a large number of middle-management has come out of luck. opportunity to leapfrog the centralizedhealth, education and water related projects: Social entrepreneurs need a lot of patience model, just as it leapfrogged fixed-lineover 500 small rural and urban health eventually, the right people will come to telecoms and went straight to mobileclinics, over 1000 rural and semi-urban you. Entrepreneurs should look into rural phones. Fortunately, lots of people areschools and dormitories, and over 1500 India there is a lot of talent. They just need doing just that.irrigation and drinking water systems. Dr. the opportunity. ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 35
  • 30. cut to enter IITs. How is the environment of IIT in which During your study at Kota, did the you have studied? environment of Kota city contributed to Its all together a different world. I must say, your success? those four years were the best days of my life Definitely, the dense study environment with the presence of so many bright and and the presence of most brilliant minds at smart people around. Kota help one to remain focused on his/her goal. Details of your interested fields, What changes did you find in you after accomplishments and achievements joining Resonance? Interested fields: I have an interest in I started feeling more & more confident technology and businesses related to it. I towards the attainment of my goals, and would like to learn about new technologiesT also started enjoying my studies. and their impact on our lives. here are no escalators to success. Its a Your favorite teacher at Resonance hard and long route, and every single Accomplishments: Its just a milestone Mr. R.K. Verma (RKV Sir) has always been effort that misses the mark crossed and theres a long roadis an important lesson on the path success. If one has the courage of Year 2002 A n y m e m o r a b l ehis convictions, if he simply Roll No. 2268 event/incident at Resonancebelieves at all stages that giving up Name Mukul Tripathi that you wish to share with ussimply just not exist as an option, Fathers Name Dinesh Tripathihe will have abundance of capacity Most memorable moment is Course Vijayand resource within him. Mukul listening to RKV Sirs song Ruk Batch R-2Tripathi believed that nothing can IIT IT-BHU, Varanasi Jana Nahi tu Kahin Haar achieved without hard work and Rank 2931 (Gen) Your message for Resonancestrong belief in ones potential tosucceed. Branch At IIT Material Science & Metallurical Engineering students: Believe in yourself Study Centre KotaYour family background: My and always remain focused. Home Town Kota, Rajasthanfather is a Deputy Chief Give some tips to increaseEngineer at Shriram Fertilizer my favorite teacher at Resonance. The best efficiency while studying.and Chemicals Limited, Kota. My mother is thing I like about him is his dedication and Planning and proper time managementa home maker and my younger brother hard work. He used to sing a very beautiful must be adhered to for efficient as a software engineer at Mphasis, song, Ruk Jana Nahi Tu Kahin Haar KeBangalore. Your future plans? and this song actually defines hisWhat inspired you for Indian Institute of philosophy about life. Thank you Sir, for all I want to get into the role of CorporateTechnology (IITs)? those beautiful and inspiring moments. Strategy.Undoubtedly, IITs are the best among all Whom you wish to give the credit for your Mukul Tripathi stood well in the pointed test oftechnology institutes in India. success? perseverance, commitment to do what it takes,What is required to get into IIT? I owe my success to my mentors, my and the ability to move over and around toThe utmost requirements are focus, parents, well wishers, my friends, and the launch himself for the attainment of his dreamdedication and hard work. There is no short company where I work education. ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 36
  • 31. MOTIVATIONAL STORIES OF THE PEOPLE WHOENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY HOBBY TURNED INTO BUSINESS PASSION IS THE GENESIS OF LANDMARK The eco-friendly fad, Ulhasnagar-based Hemu Ramaiah, CEO, Landmark. At 19, she entrepreneur and an analyst with a private said, “At 20, I will start working. Before 30, I will company, Kamlesh Hotchandani, 31, found his start my own business. After that, I wont take recipe for success in selling eco-friendly risks. Before 50, I will retire.” bamboo furniture and cane products, as a part- Who wouldve thought this focus would end up time business. The Green in a Rs. 225 crore-turnoverThe eco-friendly route to success Banking On Books Gold furniture and products company as she turned 50. The are sourced from tribals of Assam and have business she started in over 5,200 square feet of aroused interest of quite a few furniture dealers in basement, rented out at four bucks per sq ft, has Mumbai, Pune and Thane. Hotchandani feels that spawned stores all over the country and selling eco-friendly products is one way of giving recently completed 20 years with a kind of back to Nature what we have received from it. success that lives up to its name: Landmark. “I Hotchandani got hooked to the idea two years always knew I wanted to work in a book shop or ago, inspired by the pathbreaking success of something to do with books and interacting Prashant Lingams Bamboo House India. He with people,” says Hemu Ramaiah, CEO, travelled to Assam and lived with the tribal Landmark. people for almost a month, understanding the She learnt more about literature hanging out at business and establishing contacts. He studied the Taj Book Shop than from her course in Stella all aspects of how these bamboo and cane Maris College. "I started working the day I products are made, the time each item takes, the finished college in 1978. I was 20.” sources of the raw material and the costs In the next 10 years, she started more concept involved. book-stores in other hotels. But there was a Equipped with this knowledge, he came back to complete disconnect between “the guy ordering Ulhasnagar and started Green Gold in October for the distributor (the merchandiser) and what 2009. He also set up a website the customer wanted.” The generation back to showcase the then was very well-read and wanted more. bamboo furniture and other items. Clients can Hemu got her NRI-brother Nataraj Ramaiah to browse the website and place their orders. He has invest for retail. She then settled for a basement almost 200 such items listed on the site. The order of an office building." We didnt have a front is forwarded to Assam, from where the product is entry and even today, we dont even have a sent by train. It takes about 15 days to be delivered name-board. You just need to put the money to the client but some products can take up to 40 into things that help the customer.” days. For Hotchandani, this is a low margin and Empowering customers: Books used to be sold low volume game. The monthly sales are around from behind counters when Landmark opened 1 lakh, but the overheads and procurement costs in 1987. “If you wanted to see a coffee table are very high, leaving only 10-15% on the table for book, the fellow will not even show it to you, Hotchandani. Going forward, he expects sales to hell say: Want to buy? Otherwise: No, dont putHotchandani pick up if bamboo products and cane furniture your fingerprints on my book! Hemu wanted toexpects the becomes a middle-class rage. Still, Hotchandani change this, encourage browsing, and empowerbamboo is satisfied with the progress that his fledgling the customer. Landmark signed a joint ventureproducts and venture has made in the past one and a half years. It is important in Kolkata for an 18,000 sq ft store in 1999 andcane furniture He has seen the gloomy days when the economic then, the Spencers Plaza store came up across that the brandto become a slowdown took jobs away and put life out of gear 40,000 sq ft in 2001. From day one, it was amiddle-class for thousands of call centre employees like him. is remembered. phenomenal success and then they gotrage soon. All that seems history now. It must live on. Bangalore, which is the flagship store today. ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 37
  • 32. The first correct answer will fetch a prize. Submit your answer at J-2 Help Desk, Kota SC. An aeroplane is flying from a point A whose coordinates are (5 km, 2 km, 5 km). Consider two points B and C in the space whose coordinates are (- 2 km, 4 km, 0 km) and (5 km, 1 km, 2 km). Assume that plane starts flying at t=0, in the plane of given three positions with speed 200 m/sec and acceleration 4 m/sec2 in a direction perpendicular to line BC till it becomes collinear with line BC at time t. Find t. J.K. Pandey Sr. Reso Faculty, Physics S.K.Sinha Sr. Reso Faculty, ChemistryMath:Reso Q.1Reso Q.2 Safdar Seraj HOD Math, Patna Centre Please use this opportunity to guide the students in the pursuit of excellence with your scholarly tips!! Xkq:czZák] xq:foZ".kq% xq:nsZoks egsoj%A xq: lk{kkr ijaczáAA rLeSa Jh xq:oS ue%AA Guru is an incarnation of God and Guru alone can inculcate values and take his pupil to heights of perfection and excellence. A write up or tips on exams like NTSE, boards or any other competitive exam or some brainy questions on Physics, Chemistry and Maths by Principals / Teachers are invited for being published in the next edition of ANUNAAD as they will certainly ignite a spark of passion in the students and motivate them to sharpen their mental faculties. Send you articles on - ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 38
  • 33. Career Link ArchitectureAA rchitecture is the art and science of designing and constructing buildings andother physical structures. A wider definitionoften includes the design of the total built based on written tests. To be in the field of architecture a person has to be good in Physics and Mathematics along with a sense of design and aesthetics. Besides, an architecture aspirant should be creative examination for admission to B.Arch Degree Course at all COA approved architectural institutions in the country (including NITs, IITs, Government institutions, Government aided Institutions, Universalities, Deemedenvironment , from the macro level of how a and should have keen observation power, universities and Private Universitiesbuilding mixes together with its creativity, planning and organizational established by a Central or State legislaturesurrounding landscape (town planning, skills. Along with that, good and other private institutions), sinceurban design, and landscape architecture) communication skills, hard work, passion, academic session 2006-2007. NATA runsto the micro level of architectural or accountability and team skills are some of continuously from 1st January till 30construction details. Architecture is a highly the personal traits required for this field. September, usually on working days.competitive and multi-disciplinary Eligibility Criteria: The basic eligibility NATA score is valid for a period of twoprofession involving a variety of tasks at criteria for B. Arch are 10+2(senior years throughout the Country for thework. The stream of architecture has created secondary Class XII) or equivalent from a purpose of admission to any Architecturalan enormous space for itself in this world of recognized Board/University with a institution.complex engineering streams. Historically, minimum of 50% marks in Science subjects 2. Architecture and Design Aptitude Testarchitecture was part of Mathematics, and in (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). in IIT-JEE: Candidates desirous of joiningmany periods of the past, the two disciplines Besides this, the candidate must qualify an the B.Des. and B.Arch. courses at IITs will bewere indistinguishable. In the ancient entrance examination. required to qualify in Architecture/Designworld, mathematicians were architects, Admission Process: Admission to B.Arch Aptitude Test after qualifying IIT-JEE. Thewhose constructions - the pyramids, course in various colleges of India has been test will be of three hours duration, fromTop Architecture Colleges in India S.No Name of College Estd. Eligibility Admission Through 10.00 am to 1 Indian Institute of Technology - Science background in class XII with 60% minimum. IIT- JEE 1.00 pm. The 2 National Institute of Technology - Science background in class XII AIEEE cut-off for 3 School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New 1941 50% minimum with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, & AIEEE Delhi Mathematics) this test will 4 Sir J. J. College of Architecture, Mumbai 1857 50% minimum in class XII MHCET be decided 5 Center of Environmental Planning and Technology - 50% in XII with Science background having Maths Admission through Entrance Test based on the (CEPT), Ahemdabad compulsory subject 6 Chandigarh College of Architecture (CCA), 1961 Pass in XII with Science background AIEEE average Chandigarh marks and 7 BITS, Mesra 1955 Science background in class XII AIEEE the standard 8 Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka - - Admission is based on Entrance Test 9 Jadavpur University,Kolkata 1964 Science in XII Admission through WBJEE with deviation. Aptitude Test for Architecture S u c hziggurats, temples, stadiums, and irrigation through National and State Level entrance candidates must have their JEE admit Cardprojects - we marvel at today. Architecture is examinations. But now, the Council of with them to appear in the Aptitude interesting stream for those who have Architecture (COA) has made it Candidates who fail to qualify in thisbeen dreaming of pursuing their career in mandatory for B.Arch. aspirants to obtain Aptitude Test will not be eligible forsuch a way that will help them create an valid NATA Score for Admission to 1st admission to B. Des. or B.Arch. courses.environment that will be ever known. year of 5-year B.Arch Degree Course at all 3. Architecture Aptitude Test in AIEEE:Architecture, in general, is a vital force for COA- approved architectural institutions, Entrance examination would consist of twomodernization. including the IITs. papers i.e. 1st paper consists of three partsAny aspirant undertaking the course of 1. National Aptitude Test in Architecture of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics ofArchitecture has a huge potential for job (NATA): The National Aptitude Test in equal weightage with objective typeprospects in some of the most reputed firms Architecture (NATA) is a mandatory test questions for B.E/B.Tech courses.of the world. A student belonging to science for the study of Architecture in India. The 2nd paper consists of Mathematics,background can apply to architecture test measures aesthetic sensitivity, critical Aptitude Test and Drawing for B.colleges in India for admission. The most thinking, in other words, aptitude of an Architecture and B.Planning.popular course in the field of architecture is aspirant required for being architecture. The Aptitude Test is designed to evaluateBachelors in Architecture which requires COA through its academic unit-National candidates perception, imagination,PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Institute of Advanced Studies in observation, creativity and architecturalMathematics) background. There are Architecture (NIASA) at Pune has been awareness.various good institutes of architecture conducting National Aptitude Test inthroughout India and entrance to them is Architecture (NATA). NATA is an online Antariksh Dasot (Sr. Reso Faculty - Physics) Isha Sharma, Reso Watch ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 39
  • 34. The Great No Matter Where You Are New HR Policy! In The World...Dress Code: An old man lived alone in Minnesota. He wanted to spade his1) You are advised to come to work, dressed, according to your potato garden, but it was very hard for him. His only son, who salary. would have helped him, was in prison. The old man wrote a2) If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we letter to his son and mentioned his situation: will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not Dear Son, need a raise. I am feeling pretty bad because it looks like I wont be able to plant3) If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money my potato garden this year. I hate to miss doing the garden, better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do because your mother always loved planting time. Im just not need a raise. getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. If you were here,4) If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and all my troubles would be over. therefore you do not need a raise. I know you would dig the plot for me, if you werent in prison.Sick Days: We will no longer accept a doctors statement as a proof Love, Dadof sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come Shortly, the old man received this telegram: "For Heavens sake,to work. Dad, dont dig up the garden!! Thats where I buried thePersonal Days: Each employee will receive 104 personal days a GUNS!!"year. They are called Saturdays & Sundays. At 4 a.m. the next morning, a dozen FBI agents and local policeBereavement Leave: This is no excuse for missing work. There is officers showed up and dug up the entire garden withoutnothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every finding any guns. Confused, the old man wrote another note toeffort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral his son telling him what happened, and asked him what to doarrangements in your place. In rare cases where employee next. His sons reply was: "Go ahead and plant your potatoes,involvement is necessary, the funeral should be scheduled in the Dad... Its the best I could do for you from here."late afternoon. We will be glad to allow you to work through your Moral: No matter where you are in the world, if you have decidedlunch hour and subsequently leave one hour early. to do something deep from your heart you can do it. It is theBathroom Breaks: Too much time is being spent in the toilet. There thought that matters not where you are or where the person now a strict three-minute time limit in the stalls. At the end ofthree minutes, an alarm will sound, the toilet paper roll will retract,the stall door will open, and a picture will be taken. After yoursecond offense, your picture will be posted on the companybulletin board under the “Chronic Offenders” category. Anyonecaught smiling in the picture will be sectioned under the companysmental health policy.Lunch Break: (Love this one)* Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch, as they need to eat more,so that they can look healthy.* Normal size people get 15 minutes for lunch to get a balancedmeal to maintain their average figure.* Chubby people get 5 minutes for lunch, because thats all the timeneeded to drink a Slim-Fast.Thank you for your loyalty to our company. We are here to providea positive employment experience. Therefore, all questions,comments, concerns, complaints, frustrations, irritations,aggravations, insinuations, allegations, accusations,contemplations, consternation and input should be directedelsewhere.The Management Reeta Verma Deepti Agarwal Reso- PCCP Faculty - Biology Reso PCCP Faculty (English) Lucknow ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 40
  • 35. APPRECIATION Hear Readers Say... Hear Readers Say... I read new ANUNAAD and liked it. FOR Anunaad is a motivational magazine. I have no words for expression of thanks. Whenever I feel nervous during study hours, ANUNAAD acts as sanjivni booty. ANUNAAD Thank you very much for giving us this motivational magazine ANUNNAD. Chakshu Kumar Rajput Roll No.: 1037973, Batch KTRHHS-6 Dont see others as doing better than you. Beat your own records everyday and you will surely find success. Remember success is a fight between you and yourself. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were never to live forever. Resonances guidelines are better for today and tomorrow. ANUNAAD is the powerful source of energy for students of IIT-JEE coaching programmes at Resonance. Aaditya Raj Roll No. 1008390 Batch: PB 4 One cant stand quiet after reading this most valuable, inspirational and encouraging magazine. The success stories of our seniors motivate and give courage to fight even in our despondent condition. Thanks ANUNAAD. Chandragupta Sarkar Roll No: 1037351 Batch: KTRRS 2 ANUNAAD is a heaven for motivation. It gives lot of confidence in improving your performance not even in exams but at any moment in life. It is a best source of information about different exams & about IITians who had done some thing different in their lives. Thanks ANUNAAD is really an excellent magazine to fulfill all the needs of RESOnites. It inspires us to live healthy and to attain our dream. I thank the editorial team for their creativity. Hitesh Kumar Meena Roll No.: 918643 Batch: KTPPH -2 ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 41
  • 36. Mania PEC, DCE RGIPTP EC: The Punjab Engineering College technical manpower with practical School Certificate Examination, New University of Technology, experience and sound theoretical Delhi. Chandigarh comprises engineering knowledge. In 1952 the college was iii. Bachelor of Science (General) or Bachelordepartments of Civil, Electrical and affiliated with University of Delhi and of Science (Hons.) examination of aMechanical Engineering. Thereafter the started formal Degree level Programmes. recognized university with combinationcollege expanded & gradually five new The department of Architecture later of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics withdepartments in the fields of Aeronautical became the School of Planning and minimum aggregate of 60% marks.Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Architecture, now a Deemed University iv. Any other examination recognized asCommunication Engineering, Metallurgical and Institution of National importance. equivalent to the Senior School CertificateEngineering, Production Engineering and The department of Arts and Sculpture Examination of the C.B.S.E.Computer Science Engineering were added. became College of Arts and the The counseling for the B.Tech. ProgrammeRecently a new department of Information departments of Chemical Technology and starts for the candidates on the basis of the& Technology has been added. Textile Technology were shifted out en- Rank obtained in AIEEE usually in the firstThe admission process for the various BE block to mark beginning of the IIT Delhi at week of June. The candidates are requiredcourses at PEC University of Technology its new campus at Hauz Khas. to submit the precribed counseling fee andgenerally starts from the month of June, The total seats marked for the B.Tech. register themselves and fill choices inimmediately after the declaration of AIEEE Courses shall be allocated region-wise as order of preference.result. The admissions are based on the R follows: ajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleummerit of AIEEE of the current year but the (i) Delhi Region: For students passing from Technology (RGIPT): Thecandidates desirous of taking admission in the recognized Schools/ Ministry of Petroleum & NaturalPEC will have to register separately on the Colleges/Institutions located within the Gas (MOP&NG), Government of India setwebsite: National Capital Territory of Delhi: 85% up The Rajiv Gandhi Institute of PetroleumThe participating institutes under JAC (ii) Outside Delhi Region: For students Technology (RGIPT) at Jais, Dist. Rai Bareli,2011 are: PEC University of Technology passing from the recognized and Uttar Pradesh through an Act of(formerly Punjab Engineering College), Schools/Colleges/Institutions located Parliament (“Rajiv Gandhi Institute ofChandigarh, University Institute of outside the National Capital Territory of Petroleum Technology Act 2007"). RGIPTEngineering & Technology, Punjab Delhi: 15% has been accorded the eminence of being anUniversity, Chandigarh, University For Delhi and outside Delhi Region (except “Institute of National Importance” along theInstitute of Chemical Engineering & the nominees of Govt. of India) the lines of the Indian Institutes of TechnologyTechnology, Punjab University, candidate should have appeared in AIEEE- (IITs). RGIPT is co-promoted as an energyChandigarh, Chandigarh College of 2011 and have been declared eligible for domain specific institute by six leading OilEngineering and Technology, Chandigarh, Central Counseling by the CBSE. Public Sector Units (ONGC, IOCL, OIL,Swami Sarvanand Giri Punjab University GAIL, BPCL and HPCL) in association with Educational Qualifications: For DelhiRegional Centre, Hoshiarpur and the Oil Industry Development Board Region Candidates (85% of seats): AChandigarh College of Architecture, (OIDB). candidate passing any of the followingChandigarh. The institute offer admission in 4-year examinations from a recognizedEligibility: Qualified in the AIEEE, School/College/Institute located within B.Tech. Programme in the followingconducted by the C.B.S.E. | Passed 10+2 or the National Capital Territory of Delhi only branches:its equivalent examination with at least 60% and securing 60 % or more marks in the 1. Petroleum Engineering: 40 seats (Earliermarks in aggregate (55% marks in case of aggregate of Physics, Chemistry and called: Petroleum Reservoir & ProductionS.C./S.T./Physically Challenged), Mathematics, shall be eligible for Engineering)conducted by a recognized admission to the first semester of Bachelor 2. Chemical Engineering: 35 seats (EarlierBoard/University/Council | Candidate of Technology Course provided he/she called: Petroleum Refining Engineering)must secure 15% marks in AIEEE to qualify has passed in each subject separately: Eligibility: Admission is granted on IIT JEEfor admission and 10 % for S.C./S.T./P.H. i. Senior School Certificate Examination results including the extended merit list (12-year course) of the Central Board of issued by IIT. The candidate should have aD CE (DTU): Delhi College of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New minimum of 60% marks in aggregate (55% Engineering, (initially established Delhi. in case of SC/ST) in class 12 or equivalent. with the name Delhi Polytechnic) ii. Indian School Certificate Examinationcame into existence in the year 1941 to cater Manoj Sharma (12-year course) of the Council for Indian Vice-Presidentthe needs of Indian industries for trained (Operations & Business Development) ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 42
  • 37. EUREKA! Solutionsof Physics-RESO-Q.22Chandra Shekher Sharma Head of Dept. (HOD) Department of Physics Winner Nitin Jain Roll No.: 812095 Batch: RG-4 ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 43
  • 38. EUREKA!SolutionsofChemistry-RESO-Q.22 S.K.Sinha Sr. Reso Faculty Chemistry Winner Durgesh Deep Roll No.: 1033539 Batch: PA-1 EUREKA! SolutionsofMath-RESO-Q.22 Safdar Seraj HOD - Math (Patna Centre) ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 44
  • 39. PHYSICS FORCE: Khul Ja Sim Sim Physics Force: Math Exponent: 1 (C) 2 (A) 3 (B) 4 (D) 5 (C) 6 (C) 7. (C) 8 (B) ANUNAAD - XXIV (JULY-SEPTEMBER 2011) 45
  • 41. Reso Repertoire Winners Page Nitin Jain, Roll No.: 812095, Batch: RG-4, winner of Physics Reso Q. 22 Durgesh Deep, Roll NO.: 1033539, Batch: PA-1, winner of Chemistry Reso Q. 22Dear students! Wear your thinking caps! Your question can win you a prize!!All the students are invited to contribute brainy questions in Physics, Chemistry & Maths pertaining to 10+2 syllabus ofNCERT. Questions should be original. The best question will be selected by the faculty members of Resonance and will bepublished in the next edition of ANUNAAD. The contributor will also fetch a prize for the best question.It will be a contribution by the students for the students and will surely infuse an oomph in the students across the country tocultivate their mental faculties.Criteria for selecting the best question:• Question should not be copied from any where.• Question should not be similar to any existing question.• Question should be along with complete solution.• Question should be conceptual, may not be tough.Submit your question at J2, Help Desk or e-mail at or Fax at 0744-2427144