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Collaboration Tools for UUs
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Collaboration Tools for UUs


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Introduces Google Docs and Google Sites as tools for congregations - and small groups and committees within congregations - to accomplish goals and maintain momentum between meetings by working …

Introduces Google Docs and Google Sites as tools for congregations - and small groups and committees within congregations - to accomplish goals and maintain momentum between meetings by working together online. By maintaining momentum, we can be that much more effective in building the beloved community.

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Collaboration Tools for Building the Beloved Community
    By Wendy DeGroat
    District Annual Meeting, May 2010
    First UU Richmond
  • 2. This presentation contains photos from Flickr that have Creative Commons licenses.
    An attribution list appears on the last slide.
  • 3. Ideas are good
  • 4. Results are better
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7. Contribute on your schedule
  • 8. OnlineCollaborative Space
  • 9. Now’s a great time to Google
  • 10. What can you do with Docs?
    Work together online
    Back up and share documents
    Discuss ideas
    Make decisions
    Plan events
    Create documents
    Gather information
    Publish documents
  • 11. Maintain momentum
  • 12. What do you need?
    Shared commitment
    Clear goal/purpose
    Internet connection
    Google account
  • 13. Why try it?
    Has this every happened to you?
    Is this the newest version?
    Do you have a Mac or PC?
    I can’t open the attachment you emailed
    And what about these…
    Who has the flyer we made last year?
    Oh, those files were on Stan’s computer - did anyone get them before he moved?
  • 14. Can you imagine this?
    Share/create documents online
    See changes instantly
    Chat about the changes you’re making while you’re making them
    Keep the document in shared space
    If people move, the files are still there
    Publish finished documents from Docs or by posting the file to a web site
  • 15. Your files – view list or thumbnails
  • 16. Upload a file
  • 17. Create a spreadsheet or document
  • 18. Create a form (survey)
  • 19. Share - Let others view or edit
    • Folder
    • 20. Document
    • 21. One sheet of a spreadsheet
  • Publish
    • Email/IM a link
    • 22. Post link on web
    • 23. Insert document on page in Sites
  • And more…
    Create presentations and drawings
    Chat live inside any Google doc
    See revisions instantly
    Compare versions
    Revert to a previous version
    Download backup copies
    Insert document on a page in Sites
  • 24. Google
  • 25. What can you do with Sites?
    Promote your congregation
    Share your committee’s work
    Plan an event
    Market an event
    Create a calendar to which members can subscribe
    Celebrate your work through photos and videos
  • 26. Many templates available
  • 27. Convenient building blocks
  • 28. Flexible layout
  • 29. Site management tools
  • CREU’s Google Site
  • 35.
  • Show recent updates on main page
    Have separate page
    Subscribe to updates
  • 40.
  • Gather info with surveys
  • 45. Plan/market an event
  • 46. Public or Private?
    Event marketing
    Covenant circles
    Event planning
    Public site for committee
    Private site for workshop participants
  • 47. Celebrate your success
  • 48. Celebrate with videos
  • 49. Celebrate with images
    Middle Collegiate Church, New York
  • 50. +
  • 51. Integrate use
    Write a congregation history
    Develop collaboratively in Docs
    Move to Sites when Finished
    Develop an event budget
    Create sheet for each part (e.g. food)
    Person(s) responsible for sheet can edit it
    Entire committee can view every page (and chat online about them)
    Post to Sites and invite comments
  • 52. Integrate use
    Organize volunteers for an event
    Create survey form in Docs
    Post link to form on Sites
    Create schedule in Docs
    Post schedule on Sites
    Create an RE schedule
    Collaborate using Docs
    Post schedule on Sites
  • 53. Are your ideas gathering rust?
  • 54. Collaborate online between meetings
  • 55.
  • 56. Build the Beloved Community
  • 57. We are better than we think And not yet what we want to be
    - Nikki Giovanni, “We Are Virginia Tech”
  • 58. Attribution List for Photos
    “Bilvrak I Skogen” (VW bus) by Ernst Vikne
    “Congregation Holding Hands” from Middle Collegiate Church
    “Friendship In Morro Bay Parade” by Mike Baird
    “Discarded Ideas” by MortenSkogly
    “A Heated Discussion” (ducks) by KTylerConk
    “An Idea” (light bulb) by Alosh Bennett
    “Moments So Quietly Gone” (planner) by Sarah (brdwatchr1)
    “Post It” by Nina Matthews
    “Ribbon Cutting” by US Army Africa