Managed IT Services vs. Break-Fix [Infographic]


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This infographic explains the difference between managed IT services and a break-fix model. In fact, businesses that switch from break-fix to managed IT services can save money. Learn more about managed IT services and how it works in this infographic.

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Managed IT Services vs. Break-Fix [Infographic]

  1. 1. MANAGED IT SERVICES BREAK-FIX MODEL: Responding to problems once they arise; charging an hourly rate for the time taken to fix the issue. MANAGED IT SERVICES: Providing proactive maintenance at a flat-fee. The two are not created equal. As a business owner, you want to reduce expenses and keep things running smoothly. Managed IT Services can actually save you money, compared to a break/fix model. Often this refers to someone you call once something breaks (might be a business, or the kid down the street) BREAK/FIX: What it Looks Like MANAGED IT: What it Looks Like A team of professionals – trained, licensed & certified technicians – that manage your IT round-the-clock. 46% of firms cut annual IT costs by 25% or more 13% of those firms slashed IT spending by 50% or more 50% of firms trimmed annual IT costs between 1-24% BUSINESSES CAN ACTUALLY SAVE MONEY WHEN THEY SWITCH TO MANAGED IT SERVICES There are TWO TYPES of support: ON-SITE REMOTE ! $ $ $$ $$$ Break-Fix might be tempting, but Managed IT Services is better for solving IT problems MANAGED IT SERVICES Businesses often need help with IT, but aren’t ready to hire a dedicated IT person, or the IT person they have on staff needs some extra hands. So, they look to outsourcing. “Help!” MANAGED IT SERVICES CAN INCLUDE: • A team of IT experts dedicated to monitoring your technology • 24x7 management & support • Decreased downtime • Access to a round-the-clock Help Desk For 1 flat & predictable monthly fee Managed IT Services can take the hassle out of technology, while saving you money and allowing you to again put the focus back on running your business. If you find yourself in need of helping hands when it comes to business IT, the best thing you can do for your business is look to Managed IT Services, instead of throwing money out the window with the old break/fix model. CONTACT US: • Website: • Phone: (503) 640-5100 • Email: 2 This infographic is brought to you by: AS A RESULT OF SWITCHING FROM BREAK-FIX TO MANAGED SERVICES: