BMKT 9703 Integrated E-MarketingPerformance Assessment Task *Term Project<br />Information<br />Developer(s)Vince BourqueE...
Website comparison assessment   bmkt9703 - f10
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Website comparison assessment bmkt9703 - f10


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Website comparison assessment bmkt9703 - f10

  1. 1. BMKT 9703 Integrated E-MarketingPerformance Assessment Task *Term Project<br />Information<br />Developer(s)Vince BourqueEnvironmentClassroomStrategyPerformanceEvaluatorsDue datesInstructor, Peer, SelfSubmission of Groups and Topic: October 19th, 2010Rough draft for peer review (-10%): November 23rd, 2010Final Draft to professor: December 7th, 2010<br />Directions<br />The assessment will require all students to participate as a team of 3 to prepare an analytical report on your chosen topics. At the beginning of the term, you will pick your own group of 3 and choose 2 hospitality related websites to compare.The Word Document MUST be created in Google Documents i) go to ii) go to documents (top left) iii) if you have a Google account sign in, if you do not, you do not need one, just click on get started and sign up with your existing email iv) One group member will sign in and create a “new presentation” (top left corner) v) That person will then “share” (top right corner) the file with all group members (add as collaborators) and the professor ( vi) Now only the people you have given access to can view and edit your file and you can create your report…enjoy!The Report assessment will be valued at 25% of your total grade for this course. Example Topics TopicMarriott vs. HiltonFour Seasons vs. FairmontAccor vs. WyndhamStarwood vs. IHGSir Corp vs. Cara OperationsKeg (Canadian) vs. Outback (USA)United Airlines vs. Continental AirlinesLas Vegas vs. OrlandoTravelocity vs. ExpediaThe ReportFor this performance assessment you will prepare with your team members a report on your topic. Research and prepare and in-depth analysis of your topic. Your analysis should include but not limited to:Executive SummaryIntroductionHomepage structure and layoutUse of content pagesWebsite quality analysis (appearance, functionality etc)Load timeUsabilityMarketingSearchability (ie. by city, resort destination, airport etc)Customer interaction/Use of social mediaCurrent trendsWhat does the future look like?Conclusion and Recommendation (what makes a good website, why are these good or not?)Research your topic. You must find at least three types of supporting material. Consider the following sources of supporting materials: books, magazines, the Internet, newspapers, journals, and interviews with experts. (Wikipedia is not a source!) Use charts and graphs to illustrate numbers, statistics and financials. (properly sourced) Submit to the professor a fully referenced research report. The report will follow the APA format. The report will include an Executive Summary, Introduction, Conclusions, Works Cited etc... Please include charts and graphs to illustrate your points where appropriate. Submission (Professionally Presented & Bound):ReportSubmission of Groups and Topic (October 19th)Plagiarism Coversheet15 – 20 pages double spaced, APA format <br />