Establishing a Common Ground for IA Practice and Education


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ASIS&T EuroIA 2008 panel, Amsterdam.

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Establishing a Common Ground for IA Practice and Education

  1. 1. D. Madsen, K. Byström, N. Pharo, A. Resmini, L. Rosati, & S. Skorka Panel Establishing a Common Ground for IA Practice and Theory Fourth European IA Summit Amsterdam 26-27 Sept 2008
  2. 2. or
  3. 3. D. Madsen K. Byström N. Pharo A. Resmini L. Rosati S. Skorka Lady Scarlet Countess Green Doctor Brown The Host Colonel Gray Lord Blue The Case of the Stolen Identity Fourth European IA Summit Amsterdam 26-27 Sept 2008
  4. 4. Chapter I On the Circumstances Concerning the Spectacular Robbery in the Old I. A. Mansion
  5. 5. In the Kitchen Reverend Green With a Gun
  6. 6. On the Blog? Joshua Porter With a Post
  7. 7. In the Mail? Christina Wodtke With a Twit
  8. 8. Well, Let's See
  9. 9. Chapter II Where Anyone in the Room Has Their Saying
  10. 10. Doctor Brown, aka Nils Pharo, Oslo University College (NO) Old School Information Architecture BA & MA Degree in Library and Information Science Goals and Challenges Integrate traditional knowledge organization techniques with high digital competencies Make students more conscious of ”untraditional” areas of applicability Collaborate with practitoners in the information architecture field
  11. 11. information architect curriculum bachelor Metadata WebMetadata technologies Web site construction Classification, Html, xml, php, etc Content management cataloguing, automatic systems, graphical indexing, information design retrieval, information needs
  12. 12. information architect curriculum master Specialization in web technologies and information retrieval Digital Web Information The digital documents technologies retrieval library Advanced KO Xslt, advanced Automatic Laboratory on of web php, protocols indexing selected issues documents, ontologies, topic maps and the semantic web
  13. 13. Lord Blue, aka Stanislaw Skorka, Pedagogical University Krakow (PL) The Quiet (IA) Librarian BA, MA & PhD Degree in Library and Information Science Why an IA curriculum in LISI PU? To facilitate access to relevant information To learn how to structure information in all domains To help create a new profession: the librarian-information architect To help develop the IA community in Poland To improve presentation skills To give an opportunity to find an attractive job
  14. 14. topics User experience and user behavior research Organization and Classification and management of a Web page design categorization work team Application of IA strategies and Design of navigation IA presentation and methods in the systems deliverables design process of information systems
  15. 15. methods Lectures Collaboration Cooperation Workshops Demonstrations Courses E-learning?
  16. 16. Countess Green, aka Katriina Byström, University of Borås (SE) Intertwining Theory and Practice Information Architect Programme Methodology Set of concepts, theories and methods adapted from contemporary Information Science Basical professional ideas IA focus: to facilitate usefulness of digital information and communication milieus for people in different situations IA-design/re-design: often a continuous process to combine pieces of existing information Basic educational ideas Specialized curriculum planned together with potential employers Students work with projects addressing IA-issues related to real- life context in partner organization Continuous feedback from partners on the content of the program
  17. 17. information architect, year 1 180 ECTS Understanding problems and possibilities in digital information and communication milieus Applied system analysis Information Introduction IT mediated Project architecture to higher communication Content management I management in practice I education and Basics of for the and information knowledge organisation information Information, information systematic IA behaviour architects resources and actors in inquiry organisations Informatics + LIS
  18. 18. information architect, year 2 180 ECTS Developing of IA solutions Database Management Basic Programming in System Architecture Systems C# Information architecture Dynamic web in practice II applications Design Verification, validation Content management II Project Web design techniques and usability Web applications Informatics + LIS
  19. 19. information architect, year 3 180 ECTS Implementing IA in a Dynamic Organizational Development Digital communication milieus Implementation and consequences Scientific Thesis for methods for Contemporary Free Choice Free choice Bachelor's information IA research Degree architects Knowledge management Informatics + LIS
  20. 20. Colonel Gray, aka Luca Rosati, University for Foreigners of Perugia (IT) Pervasive IA BA in International Communication & MA in Strategic Design Goals and Challenges Building on a strong tradition in linguistics + communication A faceted approach to IA Cross-cultural and multidisciplinary Cross-contextual: from digital to physical and viceversa
  21. 21. faceted (as ias like cheese) A Pecorino cheese to go with a glass of Barolo A low-fat cheese, please I'm on a diet A cheese to eat with some chestnut honey
  22. 22. cross-cultural, multidisciplinary Social sciences methodologies Cognitive Linguistics psychology IA Visual Marketing communication
  23. 23. cross-contextual
  24. 24. So, What Next?
  25. 25. Chapter III Where a Disconcerting Thread Comes to Light
  26. 26. “Dress formally, roll up the sleeves and perform” “Do not wash your hands” “We face a new danger for the country's morals and for public safety” (Monsieur Malgaigne, Hopital Saint Louis)
  27. 27. Gaspare Traversi, Die Operation. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
  28. 28. Surgery. Was an Art, not a Science.
  29. 29. “This is the end of the art of surgery.” (Monsieur Mailgagne again)
  30. 30. Monsieur Mailgagne was talking about anesthesia and the first antiseptics
  31. 31. Art. Science. Discipline. Hmm.
  32. 32. Lady Scarlet, aka Dorte Madsen, Copenhagen Business School (DK) Defining a Discipline Information Management Programme We ascribe identity to disciplines based on the problems that their members seek to solve. To the extent these problems are not pursued elsewhere in other discliplines, the discipline's self-identity is likely to be strong. Similarly, to the extent these problems simply mirror problems studied in other disciplines, the discipline's self- identity is weakened. R. Weber, 2003
  33. 33. what constitutes a discipline basic concepts modes of inquiry what counts as a problem representation techniques standards of proof types of explanation
  34. 34. building a body of knowledge assumptions and worldviews leading theories leading thinkers leading practitioners seminal texts and books leading academic journals official professional and academic associations
  35. 35. division of labor Professional Academic community of community of practice practice
  36. 36. Chapter IV Where in the Pursue of Truth We Ask Some Tricky Questions and Get Troublesome Answers
  37. 37. “What is the Understanding of Information Architecture on Which These Higher IA Education Programmes are Established?”
  38. 38. Does the IA Community at Large Really Need a Scientific Discipline?
  39. 39. How to Ensure that the Rapid Development in the Professional Field is Reflected in Education? And How Do you Intend to Have Research Fuel the Profession?
  40. 40. Epilogue Where We Unveil the Evil Masterplan of the Higher Education Working Group
  41. 41. roadmap December 2008 Survey March 2009 Journal of Information Architecture June 2009 IA Curriculum Framework