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Taking The Red Pill
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Taking The Red Pill


Published on

Iraq war veteran and experienced demolitions expert blows the cover on 9/11 inside job.

Iraq war veteran and experienced demolitions expert blows the cover on 9/11 inside job.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Taking the Red Pill: The Official Story of 9/11 is a LIE! © 2007 By Torin Wolf
  • 2. NOTICE DO NOT simply believe any statement made in this presentation. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to do your own research to rebut anything and everything stated. This presentation may be copied and distributed in the FULL and COMPLETE form only . ASK QUESTIONS! DEMAND ANSWERS!
  • 3. WARNING! Persons found to be in possession of this information are subject to arrest as Domestic Terrorists under section 802 of the American Patriot Act. Such persons are subject to indefinite imprisonment without charges , legal representation, or any of the other protections guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • 4. So who is Torin Wolf and what makes him think that he has any sort of knowledge in this area?
    • 12 years as a hazardous materials and asbestos consultant licensed by the Texas Department of Health.
    • 12 years as a demolition contractor and consultant.
    • Designed and implemented well over 100 commercial demolition projects and hazardous materials management and abatement programs.
  • 5.
    • Certified structural welder with 5 years of experience in heavy construction.
    • Served “with honor and distinction” with 21 st Combat Support Hospital (CSH) in Mosul, Iraq during OIF 1.
    • Earned the Bronze Star with V device for valor in combat.
    • Earned the Combat Medical Badge by providing medical care to US, allied, and enemy soldiers/civilians under combat conditions saving over 120 lives.
  • 6.
    • Stage 1 – Denial
    • Stage 2 – Anger
    • Stage 3 – Bargaining
    • Stage 4 – Depression
    • Stage 5 - Acceptance
    5 Stages of Grief as defined by Elsabeth Kubler-Ross In her book "On Death and Dying", Macmillan Publishing Company, 1969
  • 7. 9/11 Pre-Presentation Quiz
    • How many buildings were in the WTC complex?
    • How many WTC buildings collapsed on 9/11?
    • How many buildings were destroyed or rendered completely unusable on 9/11?
    • How many of the “intended hijackers” didn’t die on 9/11?
    • At the peak, how many planes were reported by NORAD to have been hijacked?
  • 8. 9/11 Pre-Presentation Quiz
    • How many buildings were in the WTC complex? 7
    • How many WTC buildings collapsed on 9/11? 3
    • How many buildings were destroyed or rendered completely unusable on 9/11? 8
    • How many of the “intended hijackers” didn’t die on 9/11? 11
    • At the peak, how many planes were reported by NORAD to have been hijacked? 29
  • 9. The Official Story - Review
    • 19 hijackers from al Qaeda, at the direction of Osama bin Laden, used weapons to take over control of 4 civilian aircraft.
    • Although the hijackers were mediocre pilots, they hit 75% of their targets.
    • WTC 1 and 2 were structurally damaged so severely that they suffered complete loss of structurally integrity and collapsed in “pancake” fashion.
  • 10. The Official Story - Review
    • When WTC 1&2 collapsed, they damaged WTC 3,4,5,6,7 so badly that they were also destroyed.
    • The fires from burning jet fuel and office furniture became so hot that it caused the structural steel of WTC 1 & 2 to weaken and fail.
  • 11. What was the death toll of 9/11?
  • 12. What was the death toll of 9/11?
    • The answer lies somewhere between 2,948 and 3,213 (a difference of 240 lives) depending upon the source.
    • According to the “exhaustive” 9/11 Commission Report, “More than 2,600 people died at the World Trade Center; 125 died at the Pentagon; 256 died on the four planes.”
      • So officially, “more than” 2,981
  • 13. Conspiracy Theories conspiracy theory noun - a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators. Source:
  • 14. The Least Likely Conspiracy Theories Could have some validity under some (usually extremely unlikely) circumstances.
  • 15. The Least Likely
    • Particle beams from Space-based weapons.
      • a.k.a. the “Death Star” theory
    • Why not?
      • Atmospheric distortion
        • Too much even with assist from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
      • Visible wavelengths approximating solar-surface intensity
      • Localized and top-down destruction
      • Insufficient energy
        • 5x total world production required
  • 16. The Least Likely
    • Missile Strike
    • Ground-to-Ground
      • Firefighters reported possible launch from roof of Woolworth Bldg.
      • Cops responded but found no evidence of any such launcher
      • Video evidence of both strikes
  • 17. The Least Likely
    • Missile Strike
    • Air-to-Ground
      • Video of both WTC strikes.
        • No known air-to-ground missile has the size and appearance of a Boeing 757 or 767
  • 18. The Lunatic Fringe Conspiracy Theories Not provable scientifically but still have fans due to their belief in the phenomena.
  • 19. The Lunatic Fringe
    • The “No-Planers”
      • Holograms were used to simulate planes while bombs planted inside did the damage.
    • The “Ghost Planers”
      • When video footage is watched frame-by-frame, the planes disappeared completely inside the buildings before exploding, therefore they weren’t really planes.
    • The “Plane-In-Missile-Outers”
      • A plane went in and a missile blew out of the other side.
        • Significant evidence suggests that these are psy-op disinformation plants.
          • > $28 Billion in conformed Whitehouse press manipulation since 9/11 against Federal law.
  • 20. The Lunatic Fringe
    • Orbs
      • No scientific proof of damage to any building before, on, or since 9/11 due to orbs.
  • 21. The Lunatic Fringe
    • Pterodactyls
      • No scientific or 1 st person eyewitness evidence of pterodactyls being present in lower Manhattan on 9/11.
      • No scientific evidence of live pterodactyls present in lower Manhattan within the last 65 million years.
      • Images shown are often based upon video images compressed for internet distribution.
  • 22. The Truly Unhinged Conspiracy Theories Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, sworn testimony from highly credible sources, video and photographic evidence, these are the TRULY bizarre theories/explanations about 9/11.
  • 23. The Truly Unhinged
    • Fire
      • No multistory steel-framed structure in the world has ever collapsed due to fire prior to nor since 9/11.
        • WTC 6 burned for over 6 hours on 9/11 and didn’t collapse
      • On February 13 th 1975 WTC 1 had a fire which started on the 11 th floor and burned for over 3 hours.
        • That the 1975 fire was more intense than the 9/11 fires is evident from the fact that it caused the 11th floor east side windows to break and flames could be seen pouring from these broken windows. This indicates a temperature greater than 700°C . In the 9/11 fires the windows were not broken by the heat (only by the aircraft impact) indicating a temperature below 700°C.
  • 24.  
  • 25. The Truly Unhinged
    • The Official Story
      • Cannot be scientifically recreated by ANY experiment – not even by their own scientists.
      • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created 16 separate physics programs to simulate the WTC 1 & 2 collapses and only got 1 to collapse partially .
        • The NIST was unable to reproduce the collapse of the cores in any of their experiments.
      • No experiment which has used the official story as its basis has ever been successful in recreating the observed events of 9/11.
  • 26. The Truly Unhinged
      • The “exhaustive” 10,000 page 9/11 Commission Report (9/11 CR) spends less than 1 paragraph on the collapse of the WTC Towers.
      • The 9/11 CR doesn’t even mention WTC 7.
      • 9/11 CR fails to mention any of the over 50 sworn statements by police and fire officials that they witnessed multiple explosions other than the plane strikes.
      • 9/11CR fails to mention the statements of William Rodriguez, Key Master of Tower 1, who reported explosions in the basement before the plane impacted the tower.
  • 27. The NIST
    • NIST was charged to look only at the events up to the collapses but not the collapses themselves.
      • NIST has yet to release its report on WTC 7
      • Has changed its position 5 times so far on WTC 7
      • Most recent NIST explanation: “the use of explosives”
  • 28. Tower Construction
    • 47 structural steel box columns (36” x 16”) at the core of each tower down to bedrock.
    • Above the seventh floor there were 59 perimeter columns along each face of the building. (236 total)
    • The perimeter columns had a square cross section, 14 inches on a side, and were constructed of welded steel plate.
    • Aluminum covering on each exterior column for appearance.
  • 29. Rare Truss Design
    • Trusses also ran the length of the floors as well as the width to provide additional support.
    • This is a highly unusual and costly design to help spread load stresses efficiently.
  • 30. Why did they make is so strong?
    • On July 28, 1945 a B-25 bomber struck the 79 th floor of the Empire State Building.
    • Damage statistics:
      • 14 dead
      • 26 injuries
      • 4 floors burned with high-octane aviation fuel
      • $1 million in damage
      • No collapse
  • 31. Structural Design
    • The towers were designed and built to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707 which is similar and comparable to a 767 within about 25%.
    • Many engineers stated before 9/11 that the towers could withstand multiple impacts from comparable planes.
  • 32. What is wrong with the official story?
  • 33. Pancake Theory
    • Pancake Collapses
      • Occur usually in geologically unstable areas of the world.
      • Caused by failure of primary vertical support while auxiliary support often remains intact.
  • 34.  
  • 35. Pancake Collapse
    • No definition listed at:
      • (American Institute of Architects)
      • (Merriam Webster Online)
      • (Cambridge University’s online dictionary)
  • 36. Pancake Collapse
    • Actually referred to by architects and structural engineers as a “progressive collapse”.
    • Definition found at
      • “FEMA developed an early explanation… On this view, when the connections between the floor trusses and the columns broke, the floors fell down, one on top of the other, quickly exceeding the load that any one floor was designed to carry …” (emphasis added)
  • 37. So what’s wrong with the “pancake theory”?
  • 38. The Biggest Problem: Time
    • Speed of Freefall in a Vacuum
      • Time ² = Distance²/Acceleration
      • A billiard ball dropped from the top of one of the WTC towers in a vacuum would take 9.2 seconds to hit the street
  • 39. How long did the collapses take?
    • The longest recorded collapse time of either tower is 14.2 seconds.
    • Most observers time the collapse of tower 1 at about 10.4 and tower 2 at 8.6 seconds respectively.
    • This is very near free-fall speed!
  • 40. So why is that a problem?
    • Economy of Momentum
      • The “pancake theory” requires that each floor fail individually due to increased mass from the floors above failing.
      • Worst-case scenario would require 0.5 seconds per floor for collapse.
      • 86 th floor x 0.5 seconds = 43 seconds for WTC 2 to have fallen – not 8.6 as observed
  • 41.
    • For the towers to fall at so close to freefall speed, over 110,000 separate and independent structural support points had to fail simultaneously .
    • “Pancake theory” does NOT explain the failure of the cores.
    • NIST / NOVA animation shows cores NOT failing.
  • 42. NONE of the laterally ejected debris counts as mass falling onto lower floors.
  • 43. The Other Big Problem: Powdered Concrete
    • Conservatively, more than 28,500 cubic yards of concrete was pulverized to 100 microns or smaller in size in less than 15 seconds.
  • 44. How does the NIST or the 9/11 Commission Report explain this? They don’t even try.
  • 45. How is a building demolished?
  • 46. The 3 Steps of Building Demolition.
    • Start where you want the building to end up.
    • Remove auxiliary support.
    • Remove primary vertical support.
  • 47. Tower 1
  • 48. Tower 1
  • 49. Tower 1
  • 50. Building 7
  • 51. Building 7
    • Was not hit by a plane.
    • Was the primary emergency command center for NYC (reinforced).
    • Had its own power, air cleaning and ventilation, and provisions.
  • 52. Building 7 Tenants (Short List)
    • Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
    • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    • Department of Defense (DOD)
    • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    • Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
    • US Secret Service
    • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
      • Including documents regarding WorldCom and Enron investigations.
  • 53. Building 7
    • Was reported thru multiple media outlets to have collapsed as much as an hour prior to the event.
    • Fell perfectly within its own footprint less than 7 seconds.
  • 54. Building 7
    • Had been evacuated of all personnel (including fire and EMS) by 10:30AM despite fires on only 2 floors.
      • Why? Because “someone warned (them) to get out”.
    • 30 second countdown was given over EMS radios prior to 7’s collapse.
    • No casualties are confirmed at WTC 7 because police and EMS cleared the area warning people that the building was “about to blow up” and “about to come down”.
  • 55. Building 7
    • Federal investigators (FBI, etc.) were barred from the WTC 7 site by FEMA.
    • NIST has stated that it has had to do its study of the collapse of WTC 7 using video and photo analysis.
    • No samples of the WTC 7 debris are known to have been collected for forensic testing.
  • 56. WTC Debris A HazMat Nightmare
  • 57. WTC Debris
    • Contains dangerously high levels of:
      • Asbestos
      • Lead
      • PCB’s
      • Mercury
      • Radioactive materials
      • Powdered concrete (caustic)
      • Human remains
    • All of the 9/11 rescue and recovery dogs are dead.
    • Hundreds of NYC employees have serious physical ailments and disabilities. All requests for aid have been denied.
  • 58. WTC Debris
    • To date, over 1,000 individual bones and body parts have been found and identified outside of Ground Zero.
      • Some remains have been found on rooftops as far as 2 blocks away
    • The families of 9/11 victims have filed suit against the State of New York to stop the use of WTC debris to fill potholes .
  • 59. WTC Debris
    • The State of New York continues to use the WTC debris as fill and refuses to cease the procedure without a court order.
    • One family member is quoted saying that she hopes that the state doesn’t throw the suit out as “frivolous”.
  • 60. WTC Debris
    • Emissions from the WTC piles were recorded to be hundreds of times above the legal Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) as established by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for more than 2 weeks after 9/11.
    • Airborne dust samples had a pH of >12
      • about the same as drain cleaner
  • 61. The EPA Lied
  • 62. The EPA Lied
    • On 9/13 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christie Todd Whitman, under orders from the Whitehouse, told the public that the air was safe to breathe and that people should return to work although at the time they refused to release the data from their testing to substantiate their declaration.
  • 63. The EPA Lied
    • According to the USEPA Asbestos in Air Dataset available at the EPA didn’t begin monitoring for airborne asbestos levels until 8:00pm September 14 , 2001 – a day and a half after they told everyone that it was safe to return.
      • Violation of Federal law punishable by up to 10 years in prison per incident .
  • 64. The EPA Lied
    • Coincidental independent analysis samples were occluded (too full of material to read).
    • EPA checked for benzene once, September 29 th . Not surprisingly, none was detected.
  • 65. The EPA Lied
    • “Sampling of bulk materials and dust found generally low levels of asbestos .” (emphasis added)
      • There is no such thing as a “low level of asbestos”.
      • Bulk samples, by Federal law, either are (>1%) or are not (<1%) asbestos containing materials (ACM).
      • If one (1) sample of bulk material is found to be ACM then all of that material must be treated as ACM unless and until it can be proven NOT to be ACM.
  • 66. The EPA Lied
    • “Additional sampling… and results… were uniformly acceptable .” (emphasis added)
      • Term not recognized by any Federal, State, or local regulatory agency in regard to any hazardous material and especially not asbestos.
  • 67. The EPA Lied
    • “The levels of lead, asbestos and volatile organic compounds… were not detectable or not of concern .” (emphasis added)
      • Not of concern to whom? People living in Idaho?
  • 68. The EPA Lied
    • In regard to 9/11, the EPA:
      • Knowingly and willingly lied to the American people.
      • Failed to perform its regulatory duties as mandated by Federal law.
      • Encouraged people to enter an area containing hazardous materials.
      • Failed to respond in a timely manner.
      • Failed to report its results of testing.
      • Failed to make changes in its recommendations based upon collected data.
      • Although the area around Ground Zero clearly requires cleanup by trained, equipped, and monitored hazardous materials professionals under Federal regulation, the training for the inhabitants of Manhattan was: “Use a damp cloth for cleanup.”
  • 69. Was 9/11 a crime?
  • 70. Was 9/11 a crime?
    • FBI
      • “ The attack and crash sites also represented the largest crime scenes in FBI history.” (emphasis added)
      • (source: )
  • 71. Rudolph W. Giuliani
    • In 1983 he was appointed U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.
      • Knew about criminal investigation procedures.
      • Sent more than 99% of the steel from the WTC to China and Korea in violation of proper chain of evidence.
  • 72. Forensic Evidence
  • 73. Molten Metal
    • In an open-air burn with a continuous fuel supply, a hydrocarbon will reach a sustained temperature of about 1,200 °C which appears red-orange.
  • 74. Molten Metal
    • The WTC structural steel was specified and tested to withstand sustained temperatures of greater than 2,000 °C.
    • UL put samples in a special oven and sustained 2,000°C for over 2 hours with “ no loss of integrity” .
  • 75. NIST Responses to 9/11 Questions.
  • 76. The NIST Responses:
    • “ What molten metal?”
      • DUH! The yellow-orange stuff in the pictures!
    • It’s melting aluminum.
      • Sorry, experiments show that molten aluminum remains silvery.
    • It’s melted aluminum with organics mixed in.
      • Experiments show that organics don’t mix well and still silvery.
    • We’ll get back to you.
      • Click!
  • 77. The Government vs. The Physics Professor How a mild-mannered teacher from BYU brought the official story of 9/11 crashing down.
  • 78. The Govt. vs. The Physics Professor
    • Dr. Steven Jones, formerly of BYU Dept. of Physics.
    • Found thousands of “microspheres” of metal which can only be formed by melting and vaporization.
  • 79.
    • The “microspheres” ranged in size from a few micrometers to about 1mm in size.
    • Tested samples of steel, steel cut with acetylene torch (makes spheres), steel cut using Thermate (used in demolition and makes spheres) and WTC samples with state of the art electron microscope.
    • The WTC “microsphere” samples showed the presence of aluminum (Al), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), potassium (K), copper (Cu), and sulphur (S).
  • 80.
    • The presence of sulphur in steel makes it brittle and lowers its melting point. Sulphur is NOT used in structural steel because of this.
    • Powdered iron oxide (Fe 2 O 4 ) and aluminum in equal parts make a compound called thermite.
    • Add sulphur to thermite and you have a compound called thermate which is used in heavy demolition.
  • 81.
    • Add potassium permanganate (KMnO 4 ) and cupric sulphide (CuSO 4 ) to thermate and you have something called “Super Thermite” which is explosive and used in mega-demolition, such as WTC 1 & 2.
    • The NIST refuses to comment on the presence of Al, Mg, S, K, or Cu in the samples.
    • The government continues to insist that jet fuel (a hydrocarbon) became hot enough to turn structural steel into a “Play-Doh-like consistency” and refuses to discuss any evidence that the buildings might have been demolished using incendiaries (i.e. controlled demolition).
  • 82. What evidence is there of a controlled demolition?
  • 83. Anything else?
  • 84. Wouldn’t there be some reports of explosions other than the planes? Question:
  • 85.
    • NBC's Pat Dawson spoke to Chief of Safety for the FDNYC Albert Turrey who stated that, “secondary devices exploded”.
    • Video footage of firefighters being evacuated from WTC area due to “a secondary device”.
    • Multiple reports of explosions including in the subway tunnel .
    • More than 50 sworn statements from police and EMS stating that they heard secondary explosions.
  • 86.
    • Fire Marshall told a Fox TV crew to leave because “if there was a 3 rd explosion, the building might not last.”
    • Fox News reported at 10:38am (EST) “4 th explosion rocks remains of WTC”.
    • An eyewitness on Church Street saw “a number of brief light sources being emitted from inside the building between floors 10 and 15 (accompanied by) a crackling sound” before the tower collapsed.
    • Members of FDNY Engine 7 describe “sequential explosions”.
  • 87. Do you have any solid statements from anyone who was there actually describing a controlled demolition process? Question:
  • 88.
    • Capt. Karin deShore, NYFD Btn 45:
      • “Somewhere around the middle of the World Trade Center (tower 1) there was this orange and red flash. Initially it was just one, then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode… These popping sounds and the explosions were getting bigger going both up and down and then all around the building.”
      • Pg. 15 of her statement taken November 7, 2001. (File No. 9110192)
  • 89.
    • Oh.
  • 90. But Bin Laden had a hand in it, right?
    • The FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist listing states:
      • “ Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.”
      • Not a single word about 9/11.
  • 91. FBI Director Robert Mueller
    • Stated on CNN September 20 th and September 27 th , 2001:
    • “ There is no legal proof to prove the identities of the hijackers.”
  • 92. The “Hijackers”
  • 93. The “Hijackers”
    • Waleed al Shari – was alive in Casa Blanca on September 23, 2001.
    • Abdul Aziz Alamari - was quoted in the English newspaper The Telegraph on September 23, 2001.
    • Wail M. Shehri – Spoke to the Saudi embassy (reported by LA Times September 21, 2001)
    • Mohand AlSheheri – Orlando Sentinel - Saudi embassy confirmed that he was alive and had nothing to do with 9/11.
  • 94. The “Hijackers”
    • Khaled Amidar - was reported alive by the Chicago Tribune October 4, 2001.
    • Salem Al-Hazmi - was reported alive by the Guardian September 21, 2001.
    • Salid Algandi - was reported alive by the Telegraph September 23, 2001.
    • Ahmed Alnami - was reported alive by the Telegraph September 23, 2001.
  • 95. The “Hijackers”
    • Mohammed Atta: ( The Cairo Times Vol. 5, Issue 29)
    • Spoke with his father on September 12, 2001.
  • 96. Other problems with the “hijackers”.
    • There are no listings of any of the “hijackers” in any of the official autopsies.
    • None of their names are listed on any of the passenger manifests although ID was required to board a plane prior to 9/11.
    • The released voice transmission of a hijacker “accidentally” transmitting a bomb threat over the radio has been officially attributed to two separate flights and hijackers but never retracted from either.
  • 97. The Pentagon
  • 98. The Pentagon
    • There are at least 15 cameras with a clear view of the impact site including:
      • Gas station across the street
      • Virginia DOT traffic cameras
      • Sheraton Hotel security
      • Perimeter cameras on the Pentagon itself
    • All were seized by the FBI and declared secret within minutes of impact.
  • 99.
    • Although the Federal Government admits that it has the video of the Pentagon impact, it has released a total of 5 frames of footage which do not show WHAT hit the Pentagon.
    • Commercial aircraft do not leave vapor trails at ground level.
  • 100. The Aftermath of 9/11
  • 101. “American Patriot Act”
    • Congress was not allowed time to read the law before voting on it.
      • Given a 40 page “Executive Summary” and 24 hours to review that.
      • Was complete prior to 9/11.
    • Courts have ruled that although the legislation defines “enemy combatants” as “non-American citizens”, the law can be used against anyone, regardless of their citizenship. (Hamdi v. Rumsfeld)
  • 102. “American Patriot Act”
    • “(T)he term ‘engage in terrorist activity’ means, in an individual capacity or as a member of an organization
      • (I) to commit or incite to commit, under circumstances indicating an intention to cause death or serious injury…” (sec 411).
        • “Serious injury” is not legally defined.
        • Incite - to encourage someone to do or feel something unpleasant or violent (
        • If you have ever thought of spanking your child, running a red light, or made someone angry then, by this definition, you are a terrorist!
  • 103. “American Patriot Act”
    • A “terrorist organization” is any organization that the Secretary of State determines which “threatens the security of United States nationals or the national security of the United States.” (US Code Title 22, Chapter 38, § 2656f)
      • This makes ANY organization a possible “terrorist organization”. (Guilt by association.)
  • 104. “ American Patriot Act” Seizure of land and assets.
    • “(T)he terms “terrorist sanctuary” and “sanctuary” mean an area …
      • (A) that is used by a terrorist or terrorist organization
        • (I) to carry out terrorist activities, including training, fundraising, financing, and recruitment…” (US Code Title 22, Chapter 38, § 2656f)
      • If anyone in an organization were declared by Secretary of State to be a “terrorist”, then the govt. can move to take the assets of any organization with which he is associated.
  • 105. “American Patriot Act”
    • Domestic Terrorism Defined (18 U.S.C., PART I, CHAPTER 113B, § 2331)
    • (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that
      • (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
        • By this definition, not wearing your seatbelt, jaywalking, speeding, or spitting on the sidewalk is a terrorist act.
  • 106. “ American Patriot Act” Habeas Corpus (right to face your accuser)
    • Anyone who is arrested for a “terrorist act” is automatically stripped of Habeas Corpus (sec. 412 “Mandatory Detention of Suspected Terrorists”) in direct violation of the Constitution.
      • Article 1, Section 9, clause 2 reads:
        • “The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”
  • 107. “American Patriot Act”
    • Suspected Terrorists do not have to be charged with a crime unless they are “Terrorist Aliens” (sec 236A).
    • Suspected Terrorists if charged , must be tried by a military court. (Military Commissions Act of 2006)
    • If a Suspected Terrorist is found not guilty by a military court, he does not have to be released. (Hamdi v. Rumsfeld)
    • Anyone may be sent a “national security letter” which makes it a Federal crime to make any comment about a “terrorist investigation” which he has, or may have, knowledge.
      • FBI acknowledges over 3,000 sent out so far.
  • 108. Results of 9/11
    • Invasion and occupation of Afghanistan
      • Final plan for invasion was on G.W. Bush’s desk on September 9, 2001.
      • Marines were already in place in a stand-by readiness posture off the coast of Afghanistan on 9/11.
      • After the Taliban took control, all opium poppy fields were burned and replanted with food crops. Since the invasion, ALL of the opium poppies are growing and production is higher now than ever (cheap heroine).
  • 109. Results of 9/11
    • Invasion and occupation of Iraq.
      • Controlled Iraqi govt. admits over 200,000 civilians dead.
      • The 1995 census in Iraq had over 28 million people. In 2005 the number was about 25 million.
      • DOD puts number of US troops at around 135,000 soldiers in Iraq. This number does not include contractors such as Blackwater (literally mercenaries) or Halliburton (est. 150,000).
  • 110. More on Iraq.
    • US military soldiers who die outside of Iraq more that 24 hours after they are wounded are not counted in the Iraq death-toll.
    • US death-toll does not include contractor employees.
    • Mercenary forces are under US law. Total number of cases prosecuted against mercenaries in Iraq: 1
    • US recently changed the combat uniform to a version which is not in compliance with the Geneva conventions (i.e. identifiers which are not affixed to the uniform itself). All identification patches (including country of origin) are now held in place with Velcro ©.
  • 111. So who are “terrorists” now?
    • This is part of a Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) flyer distributed to state, county, and local police departments nationwide in early 2002. After copies of the flyer were published on the internet, publication was ceased and its release was denied in classic “doublethink” fashion.
  • 112. Another FBI “terrorist” flyer which was denied by doublethink.
  • 113. The other side of the flyer that was “never” released by the Phoenix FBI.
  • 114. Thank you for your time.
  • 115. Ask Questions! Demand Answers!
    • “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.”
      • Thomas Jefferson
    • “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”
      • - Elmer Davis