The future of shopping with your mobile phone


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This is a presentation from a research programme looking at the future role of mobile phones in retail prepared for the Direct Marketing Association and Empirix

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The future of shopping with your mobile phone

  1. 1. Mobile & Shopping – whats going on? Shopping with your mobile
  2. 2. Agenda • Methodology • Executive Summary • Understanding the Gap• Consumers – v – Business • Q&A
  3. 3. Methodology• There are always challenges when asking about the future so we created a couple of scenarios based on a series of interviews with members of the DMA Mobile Council and other leading experts.• We created an on-line survey where you saw a 2/3 minute film and then answered questions about it.• 85% watched both films and completed the survey• UK Survey – around 5500 responses – 3900 Consumers – 1600 Professionals
  4. 4. Exec Summary There is a major gap between what Business can deliver and what consumers wantConsumers want to shop now Businesses are not ready and are dragging their feet Its going to be a more complex world to workin, where many things break down and service will suffer
  5. 5. Executive Summary Consumers –v – Business Understanding the GapConsumers Business Want it now Dragging their feet Focus on Mobile Sites for Customer Acquisition Service Quality Issues Want it free Where is the business case Save me money Save me money Security concerns Unsure of the right strategy Permission based Relevance Single Experience Channel by channel related activity
  6. 6. Consumers Business
  7. 7. Consumers Want it now 31% of audience are currently accessing the internet by phone and this is expected to increase. 69% of them saying they used the mobile internet regularly. Growth in mobile usage of social networks is increasing with “I use Facebook 35% saying that they often access Facebook from their mobile to make mobiles arrangements and get updates 3 or 4 Smartphone sales increased in 2010 and expected to grow 23% times a day. I don’t over this year** use email” 23 million people shopped via mobile last year*** Female - 35 82% of shoppers say they want new services answered 6 separate positive indicators Even the current experience breaks down often 60% UK smartphone users reported having issues with smartphone features *Harris interactive Survey March 2011 Smartphones **IDC ***Glamoo,
  8. 8. Business Dragging their feet Focus on Mobile Sites for Customer Acquisition Service Quality Issues“Things are getting more complicated every day with consumers wantingthings that we are struggling to deliver and I hope I have found a new jobbefore this stuff really takes over” - Call Centre Manager – Motor (350 seats)42% say they have a mobile strategy today 82% are working on mobile sites & apps driven by marketing for customer acquisition for delivery over the next 36 months 94% have no end to end service assurance strategy57% of organisations stated that they did not have a strategy for mobile today 14% say they have no plans to put a strategy in place100% think that mobile services will change the way they dobusiness
  9. 9. Business
  10. 10. Consumers Want it free Consumers expect new services but are reluctant to pay for them. 87% not even from existing suppliers YES Skype posted a $7m operating loss in 2010 but still sold for $8.5b Facebook 0 (free application) growing (230m users) and with zero NO data charge from 3UK and other operators
  11. 11. Business Where is the business case“Currently we are driven by Marketing 47% of consumers whonot Customer Service. I expect that responded to mobilemobiles will completely change how advertising went on to makecontact centres work -we are just not some kind of purchasethinking about it properly and have no The MMA and Lightspeed Researchbaseline”…. Director Call Centres MajorInsurer (1700 Seats) All Contact Centre Managers expect call volumes & call lengths to change but have no81% have not yet delivered a full mobile basis yet for resourcesstrategy business case management75% not sure how to deal with the crosschannel impacts in writing a business case
  12. 12. BusinessSave me money
  13. 13. Consumers Save me money Consumers are very positive about the new services
  14. 14. Consumers What we want • Increasing appetite for mobile shopping services but on our own terms “My biggest concern is that all this stuff won’t – Relevant actually work properly – Secure like the self service – Personal Data Protection checkouts at the supermarket and that – Well thought out my data will end up – Working properly being stolen” – Saving time – More convenient Male - 25 – Free
  15. 15. Consumers QR
  16. 16. Business What we can do• New services are 18 -24 months away – Need to reengineer the customer contact strategy – Focus on Customer acquisition more than service – Drive to mobile marketing underway & linked to social media – Mobile will have a significant impact on consumer behaviour over next 24 months but we have to understand how – Save money – Upsell more – Increase First Time Resolution – Increase Customer Satisfaction• Monitoring quality is poor at the moment – No view of end to end monitoring quality – Major challenge to deliver services that meet consumer expectation
  17. 17. Consumers Business NFC Near Field Communication – Consumers have an – Not enough appetite handsets to deliver – Concerns about critical mass security – Concerns about – Want it now Compliance – Downloading – Have not defined location based apps services or budgets – Think that is coming – Studying what is now going on in Japan
  18. 18. Consumers Business Customer Experience “A single experience “Bringing all of these so called where companies multi-channel services together remember all my in the way that they have in transactions and it other markets around the doesn’t matter if I used world seems like a big the website or found mountain to climb. Currently I them on Facebook or am still trying to work out how phoned them they would to deal with Social Media and treat me the same. I that’s tough enough” want to be spoken to with respect not talked Contact Centre Manager Central down to like a child!” Government (3500 seats) Male 60
  19. 19. Consumers The future of shopping over the next 3 years Based on Consumer behaviour over the last 12 months and the responses in the survey Mobile phones have become a significant Mobile Facebook & Google will play an part of shopping over the last 2 years and increasing role in shopping as will play an important role in shopping organisations drive more and more over the next 36 months promotions onto the mobile web Free services with increasing number of There will be an increased adoption of appropriate incentives will become QR Code Marketing linked to mobile common sites and to the display of product information Mobile shopping will include a blend of new experiences including easy to use, NFC Chipped telephones & services will remote ordering, self service, automated be ubiquitous secure payment and personalised services Faster chips and larger storage capacity will continue the increasing trend for Mobile will deliver shoppers an mobile to replace static PC’s extended relationship that they demand with suppliers that will save time and be Tablets like the i-pad will also become a more convenient standard communication tool in common use
  20. 20. Business The future of shopping over the next 3 yearsBased on Business behaviour over the last 12 months and the responses in the survey The mobile shopper expected to be a key Flash technology based websites will demographic over the next 36 months challenged be by next generation mobile friendly web technologies such as HTML5 Focused activity lags behind consumer demand but the pace of investment in this channel is increasing as dramatically Almost all B2B & B2C organisations will successful results from the early have mobile web as standard within 36 adaptors such as Facebook, Amazon, months M&S Tesco etc. continue to wow the market New end to end assurance solutions will need to be developed quickly as Although not common place yet the use assurance of service will become a key of automated self service & payment commercial advantage as consumer together with QR / Bar codes will have an expectation continues to change increased role in lowering the cost of customer service and marketing Faster chips and larger storage capacity promotion will continue the increasing trend for mobile to replace static PC’s
  21. 21. Consumers Business Conclusions There is significant momentum towards a revolution in shopping through the mobile and tablet underway and its impacted both business and consumers over the last 12 months but there is a gap between consumer expectation and business planning Some of the services that are being designed really do have the wow factor The opportunities for the delivery of more focused and personalised service is there but there are barriers on both sides in relation to the appropriate use of data, security & cost savings Making this new world work, integrating it into the contact centre and other channels, producing the next generation of business cases and customer experience design, will inhibit the speed of innovation Most consumers will be shopping with their mobile in some form regularly in 36 months
  22. 22. Contact InfoFor more information about the Customer Experience Foundationcontact:Morris PentelCustomer Experience FoundationTel: +44 (0) 7947 259818Skype: mopentelEmail: Morris.Pentel@cefstudies.orgVisit our website: - www.customerexperiencefoundation.orgFollow me on twitter -