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Ecommerce Project: web portal analysis of four companies under four different industry

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Webportal presentation final

  1. 1. 212010 DIVYA KAPOOR CIT & E-Commerece 212027 RESHMI RAVEENDRAN 212017 KUNAL NAGPAL 212038 VAGEESH KUMAR
  2. 2. What is a web portal ? It provides a starting point for web consumers to explore and access information on the world wide web. It is a specially designed web page at a website which brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way.
  3. 3. Types of Web Portals Personal Portals News Portals Government Portals Cultural Portals Stock Portals Search Portals Domain specific Portals Hosted web portals
  4. 4. Features of Web Portal
  5. 5. KPMG (internal web portal)
  6. 6. KPMG – internal portal KPMG is one of the largest professional services provider in the world. KPMG was established in India in September 1993 and it operates from various locations in India KPMG India has an internal web portal for their employees. Prime benefit of the portal: integrate dispersed applications, information and knowledge to facilitate decision making and improve efficiency
  7. 7. Features of KPMG internal portal Simple user interface helps for efficient usage Single sign-on for different applications Connectivity : access back-end mainframe applications, packaged applications and relational databases. User based personalization gives users flexibility to layout their own pages; social networking within the organization. Knowledge Management: means to disseminate knowledge and tools to employees Social Networking: internal networking is possible through an application “My Site”, no link to social networking sites through the portal. Search Option: to browse the content and events happening in KPMG.
  8. 8. Analysis The internal KPMG portal provides useful links and information relevant for the employees. KPMG internal portal doesn’t allow the end users to edit the content of the portal. The portal is managed by a team “ Knowledge Management” team. The internal portal shares the relevant information with the employees and integrate various applications. Department wise portals available in KPMG specifically for collaboration of work.
  9. 9. KPMG – internal portal Insight Web portals are designed keeping the end user in mind. Further development of a portal is a critical decision ensuring better effectiveness of the portal by offering the maximum without cluttering the user interface.
  10. 10. Dialogic Exchange Network (a client centric web portal)
  11. 11. About Dialogic An Intel spin-off company Deals in telecom network hardware and software solutions covering: Any to Any Networking Contact Centre Transformation Unified Communications Application Enablement Network Congestion Control
  12. 12. Dialogic Exchange Network Client Centric Knowledge Sharing online courses documentation interactive webinars discussion forums Objectives: Customer intimacy Fan Following
  13. 13. Users of DEN External Users Internal Users Corporate Users Presales and Marketing Teams Development Teams of Clients Product Development Team Other Developers Engineering Team
  14. 14. Impact of DEN Increased Customer Intimacy Increased number of Followers Increased Value of Products Exposure of Product’s Weaknesses Competitive Advantage
  15. 15. Challenges Organizing the data available Smart Phone Applications (like XDA Developers Forum)
  16. 16. Insight • Web Portals can provide semi formal/informal means of communication which make customers more intimate with the organizations. • Customer Web Portals can help in gathering large amounts of data for predicting market trends. • Customer centric Web Portals can expose the weaknesses of a product without hampering the brand image, if used wisely.
  17. 17. FORE School of Management (Web Portal)
  18. 18. Introduction FORE is an educational institution Online Campus Portal Users - Student, Faculty, Staff, Visitors Service Type – Non Profit Analysis based on Students – Existing and Prospects
  19. 19. Features of FORE’s Web Portal Zimbra (mail) Claroline Fee Collection System Keywords in the Footers – SEO Slide shows, News, Announcements Alumni Portal Social Media Admissions Portal ERP Disclosures
  20. 20. Insight It is very important to analyze who is the end user and based on this the most relevant information has to be displayed on the portal to attract users. A user friendly web portal makes it very convenient for the end user to gather information.
  21. 21. Conclusion FORE’s portal is congested due to which the latest information is not highlighted. User does not need to scroll down much. Uniform theme and fonts good. Mail Server not user friendly. No option for search ERP will facilitate all system under one dashboard No option for personalization
  22. 22. eBay(External Web Portal)
  23. 23. About eBay eBay access : Any device (having Internet ), Mobile App eBay provides a C2C service. eBay has external portal for Buyers and Sellers Sellers and Buyers cannot communicate directly thus eBay acts as a channel between the two.
  24. 24. Seller Tools • New Turbo Lister FREE desktop software tool that makes listing items faster and easier. • Selling Manager Online after sales management tool that makes the after listing process simpler. • Selling Manager Pro All-in-one seller tool to assist you with the entire sales cycle. It combines inventory management, bulk listing and after sales management.
  25. 25. Insight Web Portal can provide formal and semi formal means of communication which make buyers and sellers more intimate with the companies. Ecommerce portals should be user friendly as they are completely consumer driven (buyer and seller).
  26. 26. Conclusion eBay’s vertical scrolling is too large which is indented to be used with high-speed Internet connection and since the Internet bandwidth in India is not good eBay should work towards making their Web page more bandwidth efficient.
  27. 27. FORE KPMG eBay Dialogic Education Non Profit Informative but congested. Easy as everything is available at one place Consultancy B2E Simple E-Commerce C2C Too much vertical scrolling Easy Easy Software B2B/B2C Divided into sections but congested with links Easy Uncluttered Congested Categorized as per user types Links and labels Order of Relevant information not appropriate Easy to understand Useful links available Easy to understand Home page is flooded with links but it is in sync with this category of portals Search and search results Readability No search option available Readable & acceptable Easy Easy Easy Readable Readable Performance Efficient but graphics should be reduced Efficient Efficient Content Too much content on home page Easy as everything is available at one place. Relevant Too much content on the home page User friendly Headings Easily readable, but details look a bit cluttered Meant for use with high speed internet connections Vast but organized Possible Relevant to student Possible Relevant to the employees Industry Service Type Home Page Navigation Site organization User Friendly Remote Access Targeted Content Easy Indented for Internet User Relevant for buyers and seller Friendly assuming the end users will be tech savvy Possible through internet Knowledge hub for clients and enthusiasts.
  28. 28. Thank You