Goan dances
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Goan dances



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Goan dances Goan dances Document Transcript

  • The traditional dances of Goa picturize the mindset and lifestyle of Goans. They reflect the rich historicaland cultural legacy of Goa. Goa has a unique amalgamation of different cultures and the Goan dancesportray this blend of different faiths very beautifully.Some of the well known traditional dances are:DekhniDekhni, a blend of Indian melody set to Western music is a very popular solo song cum dance. It is abouta request and the resulting dialogue between a girl and a boatman as the girl wants to go across a river.She persuades him to take her there so she can honor her commitment to sing at a wedding and alsooffers her ornaments in return as she is in a hurry. The dancer usually carries a small clay oil lamp andperforms to a folk drum.FugdiFugdi is performed by women on important social and religious occasions. It is an indoor dance thatderives its name from the Foo Foo sound made by the dancers by blowing air into a pot they hold asthey spring rhythmically. No musical instruments are used.DhaloDhalo is a dance loved by women dwelling in rural Goa. In this dance form, young girls and women forma semi circle by joining their hands behind each others waists. They then sway in coordinatedmovements to beats of rural musical instruments and music.Ghode ModniThis dance commemorates the victory over the Portuguese by the Ranes (Maratha rulers of ancienttimes). The dancer dressed in colorful attire, dances rhythmically.KunbiKunbi dance originated with the earliest settlers of Goa known as the Kunbis. The dance has more of asocial element in it rather than a religious feeling. The dance is performed by women who dance veryelegantly at a fast pace. Their traditional attire adds color to this dance form.MandoMando is a group song popular with Goan Catholics which has boys and girls standing in twosemicircular lines and singing in a chorus. The theme of the songs sung are mostly frustration anddeception in love. Mando songs are usually sung at wedding celebrations in honor of the bridal couple.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe author referred to various sources while compiling this piece and wants to thank the people whowrote the original stuff.
  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR:The author arranges for the <a href="http://holidaysinsouthgoa.blogspot.com/">best place tostay in goa</a>.