My entrepreneurial story by Bart van Coppenolle
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My entrepreneurial story by Bart van Coppenolle






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My entrepreneurial story by Bart van Coppenolle Presentation Transcript

  • 1. My entrepreneurial story Bart Van Coppenolle
  • 2. 800 people Profitable€100 million Sales 25+ countries 15 acquisitionsIPO NYSE Brussels Nikon trade sale EV@IPO+33%
  • 3. “Entrepreneurs are egoists”(Entrepreneurs only seek self-interest) “Our society needs entrepreneurs, badly” (Without entrepreneurs we can’t do anything)
  • 4. “Entrepreneurs are egoists” (Entrepreneurs only seek self-interest) Left: Right:Reduced TranscendentExclusive Inclusive Ego Alter (Self) (God) Everyone seeks self-interest Everyone is empathic
  • 5. “Our society needs entrepreneurs, badly” (Without entrepreneurs we can’t do anything)“Enterprising” means “taking initiative” or “doing something” (= acting)
  • 6. Every brain takes initiative to act In its (pre)motor cortexThere is an Entrepreneur in everyone of us!
  • 7. Creativity = (innovative) enterprisingPeople are creative,by nature,Entrepreneursby definition!
  • 8. Creating = changing the world for the betterEntrepreneurs change the world for the better, by helping people (= customers)
  • 9. We are living in a material world Dominated by Left Brain Fear
  • 10. Neuropsychology of Stress & Relaxation Positive & negative Emotions
  • 11. Brain specializationLeft: Right:Language Image A new TV experience can relax Not interfacing with the left brain
  • 12. Failed
  • 13. AppliedNeuropsychologySmart TV ExperienceRelax Fearful Society$billion+ potentialComing Soon!
  • 14. “Overly ambitious! ” (Doomed greedy risk-taker) “Respect for starting all over again” (Entrepreneurship requires mental strength)
  • 15. Every brain takes risk, successful ones minimize it Every brain dreams, successful ones inspire The secret of success LB(E-(C(o))) & RB(E+(S))
  • 16. Lateralized brain specializationLeft PF Right PFCortex: Cortex:Object SubjectLimbic: Limbic:Negative PositiveEmotion EmotionEvolutionary success = “Don’t transgress”
  • 17. Failure = RB(E-)//E-(S) or LB(E+)//C(S) Subject OBJECT FEAR - + Desire Anger & Force Failure
  • 18. The secretof SuccessEvolutionaryneuro-ethics
  • 19. Brain specializationLeft: Right:Money Value Design a new monetary system Based on neuropsychology
  • 20. Ever recurring financial crisesGreat Depression Hyperinflation
  • 21. Integrated economic science Milton Friedman: John Maynard Keynes: Control Money Supply Inject Money in the economy Murray Rothbard:Ludwig von Mises: Full reserve banking Value & Money Friedrich Hayek: free market money Carl Menger: Karl Popper: Objective Experimental & tautological subjective
  • 22. Innovative monetary technologyComplementary Colored Value Currency
  • 23. “Inappropriate” (You are not a political scientific authority) “I want to join” (You inspire me)
  • 24. Failing political economic science & action Achieving the opposite of24 socially desirable
  • 25. Politicized democracyCombines Anger with Force & therefore always fails 25
  • 26. Political stimulationof free action or entreprize (= the economy) Can never work successfullyThe only feasible stimulation is inspiration, Entrepreneurs inspire their companies!
  • 27. Building a society based on empathic & scientific understanding of our spiritLeft: Right:(infra-) InspirationStructurethrough IntelligenceInstitutionsPolitical Force Free (market) Today’s topic!
  • 28. Want prosperity? Get Inspired & Join!Don’t Force & Complain.
  • 29. すみません Su-Mi-Ma-Se-nThank you & Sorry!