Design Thinking, by André Convents, Procter & Gamble


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Design Thinking, by André Convents, Procter & Gamble

  1. 1. Dr. Andre Convents Section Head Connect & developFlanders DC Kenniscentrum Delighting Consumers Through Purpose Driven InnovationBillion-Dollar Brands
  2. 2. Innovation is center stage for growth q For large companies a portfolio is critical § Lead: Sustaining and commercial innovation § Discontinuous innovation • Change: Transformative innovation • Create: Disruptive innovation 30 Flanders DC Kenniscentrum Iteraction, integration and collaboration q If you had to develop a chair in a company q What chair would you develop as an entrepreneur? Source: Product Development31 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 |
  3. 3. Value S-curve: Maturity Tipping point innovation Tipping point: Sellers • Innovators create new products Kano: Basic must have • Mavens adapt them to a large market • Sellers maximize potential S-Curve S-curve: Growth Tipping point: Mavens Kano Model Kano: Linear Satisfiers S-curve: Birth Tipping point: Innovators Kano: Delighters Time 32 || 19-1-2010 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum Business Week 2008 In his new book, The Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with Innovation, P&G CEO A.G. Lafley explains the difference between the two methods: "Business schools tend to focus on inductive thinking (based on directly observable facts) and deductive thinking (logic and analysis, typically based on past evidence)," he writes. "Design schools emphasize abductive thinking—imagining what could be possible. This new thinking approach helps us challenge assumed constraints and add to ideas, versus discouraging them." 33 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum| 19-1-2010 |
  4. 4. Design thinking is not only for physical products q Products and services q Supply chain, new q Organizational design q Business strategy34 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum Kenniscen centrum | 19-1-2010 | 19- 2010 19-1-2010 The Innovator’s DNA q On personality traits and psychometric measures entrepreneurs and corporate executives are the same. q Their behaviors are different: Innovators Most senior executives Questioning Analyzing Observing Planning Networking Detail-oriented implementing Experimenting Disciplined executing35 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 |
  5. 5. 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine Live, Learn and ThriveThe Power ofP&G’s Purpose:Touch and improvelives, now and forgenerations to come
  6. 6. Consumer Insights Drive Product Innovation The sustainability challenge P&G’s approach is to drive meaningful improvements in sustainability by targeting mainstream consumers Landscaping and creating ideas39 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 |
  7. 7. Virtual design and concept development q Looks like prototypes40 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 | Model the commercialization and deductive business scenarios q Quantification and qualification41 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 |
  8. 8. Consumer communitiesfor co-development Leverage P&G internal Wikis and virtual consumer communities for idea generation Design thinking and iterative prototyping The Wasserette with 1000 consumer to help define the product proposition and launchProduct InnovationDramatic Changes in Formulation A Dramatic Reduction in Overall Environmental Footprint 20-50% Less energy by washing in low temperatures 40-50% 14-40% L Less water to manufacture Less packaging 30-40% 40-57% Less energy to Less trucks to transport manufacture
  9. 9. The entrepreneur and innopreneur tool box be truly effective: combine with an open innovation and crowdsourcing mindset q Combine design thinking and mult-functional input with open innovation and crowdsourcing44 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 | Innovation for the globe q After thousands of hours of research in the field, P&G learned that a single-blade razor was a cheaper and effective alternative to double-edged razors for many consumers in India45 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 |
  10. 10. Recent innovation examples46 | Flanders DC Kenniscentrum | 19-1-2010 |