Reputation Advocate Announces Authentic Reviews for Online Reputation Defense


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Reputation Advocate Announces Authentic Reviews for Online Reputation Defense. is an online reputation management company providing services to individuals

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Reputation Advocate Announces Authentic Reviews for Online Reputation Defense

  1. 1. Reputation Advocate ( Launches Global Online AuthenticReviews Reputation Advocate ( announces an expanded service geared to small business clients. Until now, company owners have had few solutions to address the false reviews damaging their business in local search results. A solution had to be provided and Reputation Advocate has stepped into the gap for clients with its offering AuthenticReviews. Nashville, TN – (March 4, 2010) Nashville, Tennessee-based Reputation Advocate ( continues to expand its online reputation management services as it addresses the ever-changing needs for small business on the Internet. Reputation Advocate, which provides online reputation management, defense and consulting throughout North America, has identified issues that were not pervasive as recently as twelve months ago. “As online complaint sites began to develop it was pretty easy to define a site that was involved in blatant slander,” said Steven Wyer, Managing Director for Reputation Advocate. Wyer added that the landscape of online attacks has expanded so quickly that many companies have been caught off guard. The negative content found on web portals that are perceived as legitimate review sites by most users of the Internet has multiplied. Such sites are generally perceived with a high level of trust, and when false information appears on these sites it can seriously damage local business. Reputation Advocate has also noted that, according to Google, 80% of consumers who are looking for a local service or product go through the Google search engine. Secondly, 7 out of 10 consumers who are shopping for a local service or product read reviews. Reputation Advocate reports that some business owners have countered the negative review sites by submitting fictitious reviews created by someone other than an actual customer. Prior to Reputation Advocate’s AuthenticReviews, reviews by actual customers have been historically hard to obtain. “It is one thing for a customer to fill out a three by five index card about their experience and hand it to you, it is another process altogether to have a customer log in to a review site, set up an account and then type in their honest impressions of their experience,” asserts Wyer. Online reputation management firms like Reputation Advocate that utilize best practices will always avoid these workarounds as they can ultimately damage a client. Reputation Advocate brainstormed about this issue last year and the result has been the launch of a new service to harness real customer sentiment without the challenges associated with a valued customer being repeatedly bothered. “AuthenticReviews works on the top search engines and review directories; everything that Reputation Advocate does is specific to each industry area so that results are achieved as effectively as possible,” said Wyer. “Reviews on sites such as,, yellowbot, judysbook and others can be addressed honestly and transparently. Any Reputation Advocate client utilizing this new solution will be able to represent that the reviews found on these sites are real and true. We believe that this raises the bar and adds further depth to the integrity of our processes.”
  2. 2. While online reputation repair companies have offered online reviews to businesses for some time, the content is sometimes biased and does not ring true to the reader. Reputation Advocate clients are not only focused on getting negative reviews addressed but also providing authentic customer reviews. When done correctly, Reputation Advocate clients report seeing higher page rankings, improved conversion and solid retention of customers. In addition to AuthenticReviews, Reputation Advocate facilitates comprehensive online defense projects for individuals, professionals, companies and organizations. The exponential growth over the last twelve months from a few core complaint sites to literally hundreds is concerning. While virtually all third party host sites stand on free speech and the constitution, the vicious nature of anonymous online slander has grown faster than traditional legal and public relations strategies can address. According to Reputation Advocate, former employees, competitors and voices from the past can destroy a business before they are even detected. Traditional mediation channels such as the Better Business Bureau are not equipped to deal with faceless, nameless attacks. Aggressive online reputation management is the only pragmatic solution available today. Steven Wyer pointed out that Reputation Advocate is one of only a handful of firms that provides structured payment processing to be remitted by true credit cards or debit cards. While many firms request payment by bank draft, check or PayPal, Reputation Advocate believes that client recourse is an integrated component of trust. Wyer says that Reputation Advocate approaches a project as a partnership. The hope is that the combination of trust and validation will build strong, long term relationships. For further information about Reputation Advocate’s online reputation management services and AuthenticReviews contact Reputation Advocate domestically at 888-229-0746, internationally at 011-615-818-4957 or visit them online at: