Cast away (2000)movie review


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Cast away (2000)movie review

  1. 1. Cast Away The Review of the Movie Tom hanks and Helen hunt has played leading role inthis movie. Tom hanks were in the long relationship withKelly i.e. Helen Hunt. As a employee of fed ex tom hanks hadto travel around the world. Due to load of work In theChristmas of 1995 chuck i.e. tom hanks had supposed to goto Moscow. After having dinner with family chuck packed his bagsand reached on the air port with Kelly. They both gave theChristmas gifts to each other but Kelly gave the one of thespecial gift to chuck i.e. a pocket watch which was used byKelly’s grandfather on south pacific and in it had a smallphotograph of her was fixed. Chuck loved that and promisedher that he would always keep this watch with him. He setthat watch on Memphis time and moved to the flight. Flight was take-off but on Pacific Ocean due to storm,the flight was getting out of control and fell in the SouthPacific Ocean. Chuck escaped from flight and he saved by liferaft. Because of storm and generic waves in the ocean hereached on the small unknown island.
  2. 2. After reaching on the island he looked around andgot some box of fed ex. But to keep alive himself he neededof food, shelter and water. He opened these packages onwhich he got useful things such as scatting shoes, a femaledress with net etc. and make best use of these things. Onthe island he continuously was taking hard work to get waterand food. He had been trying to light the fire by wood but hecouldn’t light it, but one day by continuously trying to lightthe fire he had lighten the fire. These efforts indicate that hewas a hard working person. He never gives up the things. After spending 4 years on the island he had learnedefficiently lighting fire and spearing fish. The packages whichhe had unclosed, out of them one volley ball of Wilsoncompany which he got, he made that ball as his friend andhe used to talk with him on that island. There was one thingkept him alive on that island that was Kelly’s love, herphotograph, because every day he used to watch hetphotograph and thought that some day he would reached atMemphis and got married with her. One day morning hefound the part of portable toilet of the plane on the shore ofthe island and then he decided to use it on his raft. He hadstarted to create the raft. In between 4 years he had alsodone the study of high tide and low tide, how the windblows? In which direction the wind blows? Etc. and after few
  3. 3. hours the wind blows in a correct direction at that time hepulled his raft in the sea and start sailing. He had spend fewdays in the ocean and lost his friend Wilson i.e. volleyball.One day a ship appeared from near his raft and the peopleon the ship, they got him. Four weeks later he returned to his house and triedto meet Kelly but his dentist met him and told him that hehad married Kelly, apologies and turned back to go. He wasstunt after listening that because of Kelly he came back,because of her he was alive on that island, he had to getmarried with her and she got married with someone else. One rainy night chuck went to Kelly’s place to meether. They met each other. They clarified there thought. Eventhough Kelly married with other she still love chuck. Kellyhad taken care of his car. She gave him his car back, becausethat car was favourite of chuck. When Kelly gave him car hewas very happy because his many memories were attachedwith that car. He took the car and drives it, went to hisfriend’s house, shared his experience of island with hisfriend and was sad also because at that time Kelly was notwith him. On next day morning he went some preparationjust like he bought water, the volleyball with him. He returnclosed package to the sender address and write a note withthat, “Your package had kept me alive” and put it in front of
  4. 4. the door. After that he had driven few miles, he stopped hiscar and starts to read map. One lady came to him and toldhim which road goes in which direction and where. Shiwished him best luck and she went. Then chuck think aboutit where hi want to go and movie ends.
  5. 5. The best thing in the movie The best thing in the movie which I felt .i.e. thecharacter which Tom Hanks played in the movie i.e. chuck.He was very hard working person. He never gives up hisefforts. So we should also do things which we feltimpossible, we should not give up our efforts.
  6. 6. Script Hi guys. I am Akshay Virkar and now you are going towatch the movie, “Cast Away”. Tom Hanks has playedleading in this movie. In this movie Tom Hanks stranded onunknown island, after his plane crashed in the ocean andhow he had survived on that island for 4 years as well ashow he returned to the society, that has been showed. Thismovie convey us the best message, that due to uncertainsituation, if you found yourself on some unknown place onwhich there is no sign of human being, so at that time howwill you survive there and which factors make you survive. Ihope that you will definitely like this movie. So watch it andenjoy this movie. Thank you.