World Batteries to 2016


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World Batteries to 2016

  1. 1. World Batteries to 2016Report Details:Published:October 2012No. of Pages: 560Price: Single User License – US$6500This study analyzes the world battery industry. It presents historical demand data for the years2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., alkaline, zinc-carbon/zinc-chloride, lithium, lead-acid), market (e.g., consumer, automotive, industrial), worldregion and major country. The study also considers market environment factors, details industrystructure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry participants.Global demand to rise 8.5% annually through 2016World demand for primary and secondary batteries is forecast to rise 8.5 percent per year to$144 billion in 2016. China will remain the largest national market for batteries and will also bethe fastest growing market, bolstered by a large electronics manufacturing segment as well asexpanding output and use of motor vehicles. Sales of batteries in India will expand only slightlyslower than those in China, as the nation’s manufacturing base continues to grow and personalincomes rise.Reduced pressure on battery prices to slow value gainsFrom 2006 to 2011, the cost of batteries increased very rapidly. A combination of high rawmaterial costs and the shutdown of most of China’s lead-acid battery capacity at the end of 2011pushed prices upward. As a result, the value of the battery market in most nations increasedrapidly over the 2006-2011 period, and gains through 2016 are generally expected to be slowedby reduced pricing pressure within the battery industry.Secondary batteries to outpace primary typesDemand for secondary battery types is expected to rise at a faster rate than sales of primarybatteries. The popularity of portable electronics has grown rapidly, expanding the share of themarket held by secondary battery suppliers. The use of grid storage systems to regulateelectrical output of various generation systems, as well as world output of motor vehicles(especially electric and hybrid electric automobiles) is expected to increase quickly. Manyproducts require lithium or nickel-metal hydride battery types; and it is expected that lithium-based secondary batteries will post the fastest gains of any type of battery.Consumer uses to post fastest battery market gainsIt is expected that battery sales to consumer markets will post the fastest gains through 2016.Rising incomes in developing nations will drive greater use of basic battery powered devices,while expanding use of portable, high-drain electronics will fuel demand from the consumermarket worldwide. Sales of batteries for use in industrial and other applications will be driven by
  2. 2. increasing levels of gross fixed investment, global manufacturing output, and efforts towardindustrialization in developing nations. The automotive battery market suppliers will benefit fromincreased output of hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as from rising production and use ofstandard automobiles.COMPANY PROFILESProfiles competitors such as Energizer, EnerSys, Exide Technologies, GS Yuasa, Hitachi,Johnson Controls, LG Chem, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, and SonyGet your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable Of ContentsPreliminary Table of Contents/ List of Tables & ChartsIntroductionExec utive Summary1 Summary TableMARKET ENVIRONMENTWorld Economic OverviewRecent Economic PerformanceWorld Economic OutlookPersonal Income & Expenditure TrendsWorld Demographic TrendsWorld Gross Fixed Investment OutlookWorld Manufacturing OutlookWorld Motor Vehicle OutlookMotor Vehicles in UseMotor Vehicle Production TrendsHybrid & Electric Vehicle OutlookElectric VehiclesHybrid VehiclesMarket OutlookWorld Electrical/Electronics Sector OutlookPricing PatternsLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region2 World Per Capita GDP by Region3 World Population by Region4 World Gross Fixed Investment by Region5 World Manufacturing Value Added by Region6 World Motor Vehicles in Use by Region7 World Motor Vehicle Production by Type & Region8 World Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Sales by Type & Region
  3. 3. 9 World Battery PricingCht World Battery Deflators, 2001-2021TECHNOLOGYBattery Construction & OperationConventional Battery ChemistriesAlkalineZinc-Carbon/Zinc-ChlorideLead-AcidNickel-CadmiumOtherAdvanced Battery ChemistriesLithiumNickel-Metal HydrideZinc-AirSodium-Metal HalideOtherFuel Cells & Other Alternative Power SourcesFuel CellsOther Alternative Power SourcesEnvironmental & Regulatory IssuesLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:Cht Basic Battery Construction1 World Commercial Fuel Cell DemandSUPPLY & DEMANDRegional OverviewDemandProductionInternational TradeDemand by ProductPrimaryAlkalineZinc-Carbon/Zinc-ChlorideLithiumOtherSecondaryLead-AcidLithium-BasedNickel-BasedOtherDemand by MarketConsumerAutomotive
  4. 4. Industrial & OtherLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:1 World Battery Demand by RegionCht World Battery Demand by Region, 2001-2021Cht World Battery Demand -- Projected2011-2016 Annual Rate of GrowthCht Increase in Annual Battery Demand from 2011 to 2016 by Region2 World Battery Shipments by RegionCht World Battery Shipments by Region, 20113 World Battery Net Exports by Region4 World Battery Demand by Product5 World Primary Battery Demand by ChemistryCht World Primary Battery Demand by Chemistry, 20116 World Primary Alkaline Battery Demand by Region7 World Zinc-Carbon/Zinc-Chloride Demand by Region8 World Primary Lithium Battery Demand by Region9 World Other Primary Battery Demand by Region10 World Secondary Battery Demand by ChemistryCht World Secondary Battery Demand by Chemistry, 201111 World Lead-Acid Battery Demand by Region12 World Lithium-Based Secondary Battery Demand by Region13 World Nickel-Based Secondary Battery Demand by Region14 World Other Secondary Battery Demand by Region15 World Battery Demand by MarketCht World Battery Demand by Market, 201116 World Consumer Battery Demand by Region17 World Automotive Battery Demand by Market, Vehicle Type, & Region18 World Industrial & Other Battery Demand by RegionNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesCanadaMexicoLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:1 North America: Battery Supply & Demand2 North America: Primary Battery Demand3 North America: Secondary Battery DemandCht North America: Battery Demand by Country, 20114 United States: Battery Supply & Demand5 United States: Primary Battery Demand6 United States: Secondary Battery Demand7 Canada: Battery Supply & Demand8 Canada: Primary Battery Demand
  5. 5. 9 Canada: Secondary Battery Demand10 Mexico: Battery Supply & Demand11 Mexico: Primary Battery Demand12 Mexico: Secondary Battery DemandWESTERN EUROPEGermanyFranceUnited KingdomItalySpainOther Western EuropeNetherlandsBelgiumSwedenAustriaSwitzerlandAll OtherLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:1 Western Europe: Battery Supply & Demand2 Western Europe: Primary Battery Demand3 Western Europe: Secondary Battery DemandCht Western Europe: Battery Demand by Country, 20114 Germany: Battery Supply & Demand5 Germany: Primary Battery Demand6 Germany: Secondary Battery Demand7 France: Battery Supply & Demand8 France: Primary Battery Demand9 France: Secondary Battery Demand10 United Kingdom: Battery Supply & Demand11 United Kingdom: Primary Battery Demand12 United Kingdom: Secondary Battery Demand13 Italy: Battery Supply & Demand14 Italy: Primary Battery Demand15 Italy: Secondary Battery Demand16 Spain: Battery Supply & Demand17 Spain: Primary Battery Demand18 Spain: Secondary Battery Demand19 Other Western Europe: Battery Supply & Demand20 Other Western Europe: Primary Battery Demand21 Other Western Europe: Secondary Battery Demand22 Other Western Europe: Battery Supply & Demand by Country23 Other Western Europe: Primary & Secondary
  6. 6. Battery Demand by CountryASIA / PACIFICChinaJapanSouth KoreaIndiaTaiwanIndonesiaOther Asia/PacificAustraliaHong KongSingaporeAll OtherLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:1 Asia/Pacific: Battery Supply & Demand2 Asia/Pacific: Primary Battery Demand3 Asia/Pacific: Secondary Battery DemandCht Asia/Pacific: Battery Demand by Country, 20114 China: Battery Supply & Demand5 China: Primary Battery Demand6 China: Secondary Battery Demand7 Japan: Battery Supply & Demand8 Japan: Primary Battery Demand9 Japan: Secondary Battery Demand10 South Korea: Battery Supply & Demand11 South Korea: Primary Battery Demand12 South Korea: Secondary Battery Demand13 India: Battery Supply & Demand14 India: Primary Battery Demand15 India: Secondary Battery Demand16 Taiwan: Battery Supply & Demand17 Taiwan: Primary Battery Demand18 Taiwan: Secondary Battery Demand19 Indonesia: Battery Supply & Demand20 Indonesia: Primary Battery Demand21 Indonesia: Secondary Battery Demand22 Other Asia/Pacific: Battery Supply & Demand23 Other Asia/Pacific: Primary Battery Demand24 Other Asia/Pacific: Secondary Battery Demand25 Other Asia/Pacific: Battery Supply & Demand by CountryOTHER REGIONSCentral & South America
  7. 7. BrazilOther Central & South AmericaEastern EuropeRussiaPolandOther Eastern EuropeCzech RepublicUkraineAll OtherAfrica/MideastSouth AfricaOther Africa/MideastTurkeyIranAll OtherLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:1 Central & South America: Battery Supply & Demand2 Central & South America: Primary Battery Demand3 Central & South America: Secondary Battery DemandCht Central & South America: Battery Demand by Country, 20114 Brazil: Battery Supply & Demand5 Brazil: Primary Battery Demand6 Brazil: Secondary Battery Demand7 Other Central & South America: Battery Supply & Demand8 Other Central & South America: Primary Battery Demand9 Other Central & South America: Secondary Battery Demand10 Other Central & South America: Battery Supply & Demand by Country11 Eastern Europe: Battery Supply & Demand12 Eastern Europe: Primary Battery Demand13 Eastern Europe: Secondary Battery DemandCht Eastern Europe: Battery Demand by Country, 201114 Russia: Battery Supply & Demand15 Russia: Primary Battery Demand16 Russia: Secondary Battery Demand17 Other Eastern Europe: Battery Supply & Demand18 Other Eastern Europe: Primary Battery Demand19 Other Eastern Europe: Secondary Battery Demand20 Other Eastern Europe: Battery Supply & Demand by Country21 Africa/Mideast: Battery Supply & Demand22 Africa/Mideast: Primary Battery Demand23 Africa/Mideast: Secondary Battery Demand24 Africa/Mideast: Battery Supply & Demand by Country
  8. 8. Cht Africa Mideast: Battery Demand by Country, 2011INDUSTRY STRUCTUREIndustry CompositionMarket SharePrimary BatteriesLead-Acid Secondary BatteriesOther Secondary BatteriesResearch & Product DevelopmentManufacturingMarketing & DistributionCooperative AgreementsFinancial RequirementsMergers & AcquisitionsLIST OF TABLES & CHARTS:1 Battery Sales for Selected Manufacturers, 2011Cht World Battery Market Share by Company, 2011Cht World Primary Battery Market Share by Company, 2011Cht World Lead-Acid Battery Market Share by Company, 2011Cht World Non-Lead-Acid Secondary BatteryMarket Share by Company, 20112 Selected Cooperative Agreements3 Selected Acquisitions & DivestituresCompany ProfilesContact: for more information.