Research on Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Market in China, 2012-2016


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Research on Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Market in China, 2012-2016

  1. 1. Research on Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Market in China, 2012-2016Report Details:Published:August 2012No. of Pages: 65Price: Single User License – US$1800Wall mounted gas boiler can be used for home heating and to provide family used hot water.These gas boilers are the wall mounted household gas appliances.In 2011, the total sales volume of wall mounted gas boiler in China’s market was about 980,000units, of which, the domestic brands were 650,000 units. According to the statistics of ChinaCustoms, imported brands were 230,000 units, of which 70,000 units from Italy, 64,000 units fromGermany, 34,000 units from South Korea, 24,000 units from Turkey and 24,000 units from Poland.Deducted the inventory, the actual domestic sales volume was 210,000 units; the domestic salesvolume of domestic installed imported brands is 120,000 units.Huidian Research releases that the annual sales growth rates of China’s wall mounted gas boilerfrom 2008 to 2011 were all over 40%, with the growth of people’s consumption level, theimprovement of housing environment and the extension of the natural gas pipelines, natural gashas entered more and more cities and even counties; the potential of China’s wall mounted gasboiler market is huge and the market growth rate will not below 30% in the future. It is estimatedthat the supply volume of China’s wall mounted gas boiler market will reach 1.25 million units in2012, in 2013 this number will reach 1.65 million, and in 2016, the market supply volume will reachabout 3.3 million units.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report include1. Overview of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Products1.1 Definition and Property1.1.1 Definition1.1.2 Functions1.1.3 System Composition1.1.4 Classification
  2. 2. 1.2 Application2. Status Quo of Foreign Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Industry3. Environment of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Industry3.1 Economic Development Environment3.1.1 GDP3.1.2 CPI3.1.3 Income of Urban and Rural Residents3.1.4 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods3.1.5 Fixed Assets Investment of Whole Society3.2 Industrial Relevant Policies, Standards, Laws and Regulations3.2.1 License System3.2.2 National Standards4. Status Quo of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Industry4.1 Industrial Status Quo4.1.1 Product Marketing Structure4.1.2 Brands4.1.3 Existing Problems4.1.4 Restricted Elements for Market Development4.2 Competitive Landscape of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Industry4.2.1 Competitors4.2.2 Entrance of Potential New Competitors4.2.3 Threat of Substitutes4.2.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers4.2.5 Bargaining Power of Purchasers5. Analysis and Forecast of Supply and Demand Situation in China’s Wall Mounted Gas BoilerMarket5.1 Analysis and Forecast of Supply Situation5.1.1 Sales Situation from 2008 to 20115.1.2 Market Supply Forecast from 2012 to 20165.2 Supply Factors5.3 Analysis and Forecast of Demand Situation5.3.1 Demand Situation5.3.2 Consumer Behaviors5.3.3 Source of Consumer Information Channel5.3.4 Demand Forecast5.4 Demand Factors5.5 Analysis and Forecast of Prices5.5.1 Current Prices5.5.2 Factors Affecting the Prices
  3. 3. 5.5.3 Price Trend6. Marketing of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Industry6.1 Enterprises’ Competitive Factors6.1.1 Enterprises’ Competitive Factors6.1.2 Restricted Factors for Market Development6.2 Production Pattern6.3 Marketing Channel Pattern7. Import and Export of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Industry7.1 Import and Export Volume and Amount7.2 Imported Countries Sorted By Trade Volume7.3 Exported Countries Sorted By Trade Volume8. Technical Development of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Products8.1 Technical Process8.2 Technical Development Situation8.3 Strategies for Technical Development9. Key Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Enterprises9.1 Chant Group• Chant Heat Energy Science & Technology (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.9.1.1 Company Profile9.1.2 Business Performance9.1.3 Competitive Advantages9.2 Devotion Domestic Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd.9.2.1 Company Profile9.2.2 Business Performance9.2.3 Competitive Advantages9.3 Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co., Ltd9.3.1 Company Profile9.3.2 Business Performance9.3.3 Competitive Advantages9.4 Guangdong Macro Gas Products Co., Ltd.9.4.1 Company Profile9.4.2 Business Performance9.4.3 Competitive Advantages9.5 German Vaillant Group9.5.1 Company Profile9.5.2 Business Performance9.5.3 Competitive Advantages10. Future Development Trend of China’s Wall Mounted Gas Boiler Industry10.1 Macro-environment Forecast
  4. 4. 10.2 Market Development Forecast10.3 Technical Development Forecast11. Investment Suggestions from Industrial Experts11.1 Analysis of SWOT11.1.1 Advantages11.1.2 Weakness11.1.3 Opportunities11.1.4 Threats11.2 Conclusion and Suggestions11.2.1 Conclusion11.2.2 SuggestionsContact: for more information.