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Profound Research and Investment Forecast of Solar Bracket in China, 2012-2015
Profound Research and Investment Forecast of Solar Bracket in China, 2012-2015
Profound Research and Investment Forecast of Solar Bracket in China, 2012-2015
Profound Research and Investment Forecast of Solar Bracket in China, 2012-2015
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Profound Research and Investment Forecast of Solar Bracket in China, 2012-2015


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  • 1. Profound Research and Investment Forecast of Solar Bracket inChina, 2012-2015Report Details:Published:August 2012No. of Pages: 66Price: Single User License – US$1800Solar bracket products can be divided into two categories—solar water heater bracket and solarPV power generation bracket.China’s solar water heater bracket industry is a sub-industry which was gradually independentfrom the solar industry in the process of solar industry’s rapid development. Its rapid developmentwas opened along with the policy of “go to the countryside”, and the explosive sales volumegrowth of solar water heaters also further promoted the rapid development of solar bracketindustry. Consistent with the development pace of solar water heater industry, solar bracketindustry stepped into its rapid development stage in 2009 and achieved its flying development in2010, but in 2011 started to enter the ice period; and now this industry enters into the marketstructure of restructuring and fittest survival period.In terms of solar PV power generation bracket, National Energy Administration announced thelatest “Twelfth Five-Year” Plan about a series of renewable energy. According to the plan, China’ssolar PV power generation installed capacity will reach 15 million kilowatts by 2015.Currently, with the deepening of the policies, China’s solar PV power generation industry willtransited to the choice of market from the pure subsidy. China’s overall PV power generationmarket is in the initial period, the market enter threshold for power generation bracket is high. Atpresent, there are fewer manufacturers which are able to produce the products with higher qualityin China. The medium and long-term prospects are bright and the supporting solar PV bracketindustry will have a broad prospect.Get your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report include1. Overview of Solar Bracket Industry1.1 Product Definition and Classification
  • 2. 1.2 Development History1.3 Industry Chain2. Development Environment of China’s Solar Bracket Industry, 2011-20152.1 Economic Environment of China in 20112.1.1 Macro Economy2.1.2 Industrial Situation2.1.3 Fixed Assets Investment2.1.4 Urban and Rural Residents Income2.1.5 Development Forecast of China’s Macro Economy2.2 Policy Environment of Industry Development in 20112.2.1 Solar Water Heater Industry2.2.2 Solar Photovoltaic Bracket Industry3. Development Status of Solar Bracket Industry3.1 Development of China’s Solar Bracket Industry3.1.1 Development Trend, 2009-20113.1.2 Development Process, 2009-20113.1.3 Market Supply and Demand, 2009-20113.1.4 Industry Characteristics and Importance3.1.4.1 Characteristics of Industry Development3.1.4.2 Importance of the Industry4. Market Supply and Demand of China’s Solar Bracket4.1 Output and Forecast of Solar Bracket Product4.1.1 Solar Bracket of China, 2009-20154.1.2 Solar Photovoltaic Bracket of China, 2009-20154.2 Market Demand and Forecast of Solar Bracket4.2.1 Solar Water Heater Bracket of China, 2009-20154.2.2 Solar Photovoltaic Bracket of China, 2009-20154.3 Import and Export Data of Solar Bracket4.3.1 Import Data of China’s Solar Bracket4.3.2 Export Situation of Solar Bracket5. Market Scale of China’s Solar Bracket5.1 Market Scale in 20115.2 Regional Market Scale in 20115.2.1 Northeast Region5.2.2 North China5.2.3 East China5.2.4 Central China5.2.5 South China5.2.6 Western Region
  • 3. 5.3 Forecast of Market Scale6. Price Trend and Affecting Factors of Domestic Solar Bracket Product6.1 Current Price and Comments of Domestic Product6.1.2 Affecting Factors of Domestic Product Price6.1.3 Future Price Trend of Domestic Product, 2012-20167. Upstream and Downstream Products of Solar Bracket7.1 Analysis of Upstream and Downstream Solar Bracket7.1.1 Relationship between Upstream and Downstream Industries7.1.2 Supply Situation of Upstream Raw Material7.1.3 Downstream Product7.2 Industry Chain of Solar Bracket7.2.1 Impact and Risk of Upstream Industry7.2.2 Risk and Warnings of Downstream Industry7.2.3 Risk and Warnings of Related Industries8. Market Competitive Strategy of Solar Bracket Industry8.1 Competitive Structure of Industry8.1.1 Competitions among Existing Enterprises8.1.2 Potential Entrants8.1.3 Threat of Substitute8.1.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers8.1.5 Bargaining Power of Customers8.2 Enterprises Competitive Strategies of Solar Bracket8.2.1 Factors of Affecting the Enterprises Core Competitiveness8.2.2 Strategies of Improving the Enterprises Core Competitiveness9. Key Enterprises Competition of Solar Bracket Industry9.1 Shandong Kaiming Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd9.2 Linyi Jinsheng Taiyangnengzhijia Co., Ltd9.3 Suzhou Radiant Solar Technology Co., Ltd9.4 Jiangsu Akcome Solar Science & Technology Co.,Ltd9.5 Powerway Renewable Energy Co., Ltd10. Users of Solar Bracket Industry10.1 Cognition of Users10.2 Concerned Factors of Users10.2.1 Function10.2.2 Quality10.2.3 Price10.2.4 Appearance10.2.5 Service
  • 4. 11. Development Trend and Investment Risk of Solar Bracket Industry, 2011-201511.1 Existing Problems at Present11.2 Development Trend of Domestic and Overseas Photovoltaic Industry11.2.1 Short-term Deterioration and Decline Trend of Domestic Market11.2.2 Domestic Market starts to be Mature11.2.3 Roof Power and Off-Grid Power Generation System will be the Main Development Direction11.3 Future Development Forecast11.3.1 Development Direction in China11.3.2 Forecast of Development Scale, 2011-201511.3.3 Forecast of Development Trend, 2011-201511.4 Investment Opportunity11.5 Investment Risk in China, 2011-201511.5.1 Export Risk11.5.2 Market Risk11.5.3 Investment Risk of Product12. Opinions and Conclusions of Industry Experts12.1 Marketing Strategy and Suggestion of Solar Bracket Industry12.1.1 Marketing Model of Solar Water Heater Bracket Industry12.1.2 Marketing Model of Solar Photovoltaic Bracket Industry12.1.3 Development and Suggestion of Enterprise Operation on Solar Bracket Industry12.1.3.1 Solar Water Heater Bracket Industry12.1.3.2 Solar Photovoltaic Bracket Industry12.1.3.3 Coping Strategy of the Industry12. To Grasp the State Investment Opportunity12. To Implement the Competitive Strategic Alliance12. Coping Strategy of Enterprise Itself12.4 Implementation of Key Account Strategy12.4.1 Necessity12.4.2 Reasonable Establishment of Key Account12.4.3 Marketing Strategy to the Key Account12.4.4 To Strengthen the Management of the Key Account12.4.5 Key Problems to be Resolved for Implementing the Key Account StrategyContact: for more information.