China Leather Shoes Industry Report, 2012


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China Leather Shoes Industry Report, 2012

  1. 1. China Leather Shoes Industry Report, 2012Report Details:Published:September 2012No. of Pages: 86Price: Single User License – US$1900As world’s largest footwear production base, China produced 4.271 billion pairs of leather shoes in2011. In the past decade, China’s output of leather shoes grew at a CAGR of 12.14%, however,the YoY increase in 2011 was merely 2%, then 10% in the first half of 2012.There are three important leather shoe industry clusters in China, respectively, Guangdong,Zhejiang, Fujian, of which, Guangdong Province gives priority to the production of women’s leathershoes, mainly gathered in Dongguan, Huizhou and other places; in Zhejiang Province,manufacturing of men’s leather shoes occupies a dominant position, chiefly concentrated inWenzhou, Wenling, Taizhou, etc.; as for Fujian Province with sports shoes as the traditionalproduct, the leather shoe industry has witnessed rapid development in recent years, and relatedcompanies are primarily gathered in Jinjiang, Shishi, etc..Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces are mostly doing contract manufacturing for foreign brands,oriented by export sales. Influenced by the rising RMB exchange rate, combined with the rise inlabor costs, some small- and medium-sized footwear enterprises in the two provinces havecollapsed or turned to Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Henan and other inland provinces, showing adownward tendency. By contrast, products of Fujian Province, dominated by domestic sales, areless exposed to the impact. In the first half of 2012, Fujian Province has accounted for 39% ofChina’s total output of leather shoes, ranking first nationwide, followed by Guangdong andZhejiang provinces.Currently, the vast majority of China’s well-known brand owners adopt the multi-brand strategy,involving seriation of flagship brands, acquisition or acting for other brands, represented by BelleInternational Holdings Limited, C.banner International Holdings Limited, Foshan Saturday ShoesCo.,Ltd, Le Saunda Holdings Limited and other listed companies; while Fuguiniao, Red Dragonfly,Yearcon, etc. are still dominated by single brand, due to the limitation of corporate scale andfunds.As the largest footwear manufacturer in China, Belle International occupies over 40% share inMainland Chinese women’s shoes market. It owns ten proprietary brands and 15,112 retail stores,towering over other counterparts. In 2012, against the background of decelerated store expansion,it will be committed to extending product lines for women’s shoes, increasing investment in men’sshoes and children’s shoes, and developing e-commerce platform.Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co Ltd, the largest men’s leather shoe manufacturer in China, its Aokangbrand accounted for a market share of 6.49% in the men’s leather shoe market in 2011. With five
  2. 2. proprietary brands, it chiefly renders differentiation in brand strategy, i.e. Aokang, Kanglong,Meiries and VALLEVERDE are positioned at the high- and medium-end, while Redess at the low-and medium-end. In April 2012, Aokang Shoes was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange; with thesupport of raised funds, it will enhance the construction of sales network by opening 2,490 newstores in 2012-2014 according to its plan.Marketing channel acts as the core business of the leather shoe industry, all leather shoecompanies including Belle and Aokang are under the expansion of marketing channel. In additionto the increase and layout of sales outlets, some companies have tapped into emerging channelssuch as online marketing platform, and competition in future leather shoe industry will extend fromoffline to online.China Leather Shoe Industry Report, 2012 by ResearchInChina mainly covers thefollowings:•Industrial pattern, brand pattern and regional pattern of global and China footwear industries;•Number, gross margin, output, consumption, export volume, etc. of Chinese leather shoe manufacturers;•Main characteristics, major brands, product prices, etc. of Chinese markets for men’s and women’s leather shoes•Development of main leather shoe producing areas in China;•Major sales channels, leather availability, etc. of leather shoes in China;•Product brand, revenue, gross margin, sales outlets, development strategies, etc. of major Chinese leather shoe manufacturersGet your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable of Contents1. Leather Shoes Industry1.1 Overview of Leather Shoes1.1.1 Definition1.1.2 Dermal Mark1.1.3 Gross Margin1.2 Global Pattern1.2.1 Industrial Pattern1.2.2 Brand Pattern1.3 China Pattern1.3.1 Industrial Pattern1.3.2 Brand Pattern2. China Leather Shoes Market2.1 Output2.2 Consumption2.2.1 Consumption
  3. 3. 2.2.2 Per Capita Consumption2.3 Exports2.4 Market Segment2.4.1 Women’s Shoe Market2.4.2 Men’s Shoe Market3. Regional Market3.1 Regional Pattern3.2 Development in Fujian3.3 Development in Guangdong3.4 Development in Zhejiang4. Marketing Channel4.1 Product Price4.2 Brand Strategy4.3 Marketing Channel4.4 Online Shopping5. Leather Market5.1 Classification of Leather5.2 Market Profile5.3 Competitive Landscape5.4 Development Tendency6. Key Enterprises6.1 Belle International Holdings Limited6.1.1 Profile6.1.2 Revenue and Gross Margin6.1.3 Distribution Network6.1.4 New Business Development Layout6.2 C.banner International Holdings Limited6.2.1 Profile6.2.2 Revenue and Gross Margin6.2.3 Distribution Network6.3 Foshan Saturday Shoes Co.,Ltd6.3.1 Profile6.3.2 Revenue and Gross Margin6.3.3 Distribution Network6.3.4 New Brand6.4 Le Saunda Holdings Limited6.4.1 Profile6.4.2 Revenue and Gross Margin6.4.3 Distribution Network6.5 ZheJiang AoKang Shoes Co., Ltd.6.5.1 Profile6.5.2 Revenue
  4. 4. 6.5.3 Product Line6.5.4 Dealer Situation6.5.5 Sales Network6.6 Daphne International Holdings Limited6.6.1 Profile6.6.2 Revenue and Gross Margin6.6.3 Marketing Channel6.7 Walker Group Holdings Limited6.7.1 Profile6.7.2 Revenue and Gross Margin6.7.3 Distribution Network6.7.4 Business Development Layout6.8 HengDa Co., Ltd.6.8.1 Profile6.8.2 Revenue6.8.3 Sales Network6.9 YEARCON CO., LTD6.10 Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Footwear Co., Ltd.6.11 Kangnai Group Co. Ltd6.12 Fuguiniao Co., Ltd.6.13 JINHO GROUP6.14 Harson Trading (China) Co., Ltd.6.15 Spider King Group Shoes Co., LtdList of ChartsConsumption Structure of Footwear in China, 2011Leather Shoes Brands Being Selected as the “Chinese Leading Dermis Shoes King”, 2012The Number of Large Leather Shoes Manufactuers in China, 2002-2012Revenue and Gross Margin of Leather Shoes Manufacturers (with Annual Sales of RMB20 mln) inChina, 2002-2012Distribution of the World’s Leading Footwear Producing CountriesComparison among the World’s Major Footwear Producing CountriesMigration Process of Global Footwear Production ClustersFamous Footwear Brands WorldwideThree Major Footwear Clusters in ChinaMarket Positioning and Price of Chinese Footwear ProductsOutput of Leather Shoes in China, 2002-2012Consumption of Leather Shoes in China, 2002-2011Proportion of Domestic Sales of Leather Shoes in China, 2002-2011Per Capita Consumption of Leather Shoes in China, 2002-2012Per Capita Consumption of Footwear between China and Developed Countries or Regions, 2011Export Volume of Leather Shoes in China, 2002-2012% of Exports in Total Leather Shoes Output in China, 2002-2012
  5. 5. Average Unit Price of Chinese Leather Shoes Exports, 2002-2012Retail Sales Structure of Footwear in China, 2011Chinese Womens Shoe Brand Awareness –No.1 Brand Awareness without HintMarket Share of Women’s Shoes in China, 2011Style and Positioning of Major Women’s Leather Shoe Brands in ChinaMarket Share of Men’s Shoes in China, 2011Introduction to Major Men’s Shoe Brands in ChinaOutput Breakdown of Leather Shoes in China by Province, 2011Output Breakdown of Leather Shoes in China by Province, H1 2012Output of Leather Shoes in Fujian Province, 2002-2012Output of Leather Shoes in Guangdong Province, 2002-2012Output of Leather Shoes in Zhejiang Province, 2002-2012Average Price of Shoes by Consumers’ Income LevelMulti-brand Situation of Well-known Footwear Enterprises in ChinaRetail Channel Distribution of Footwear in China, 2000, 2006 and 2011Shop Capacity of Sporting Goods and Footwear in ChinaTurnover of All Kinds of Shoes on Taobao (Including Taobao Marketplace and Taobao Mall), 2010Top 10 Women’s Shoes Brands on Taobao Marketplace by Trading Volume, 2010Top 10 Women’s Shoes Brands on Taobao Mall by Trading Volume, 2010Top 10 Men’s Shoes Brands on Taobao Marketplace by Trading Volume, 2010Top 10 Men’s Shoes Brands on Taobao Mall by Trading Volume, 2010Classification of LeatherRaw Hide Output in China, 2002-2012Import Volume of Raw Hide and Wet Blue Leather in China, 2009-2012Average Import Price of Raw Hide and Wet Blue Leather in China, 2009-2012Purchase Price of Raw Bovine Hide and Bovine Blue of Industrial Science and Technology, 2009-2011Major Leather Making Companies in ChinaRevenue and Gross Margin of Belle International, 2007-2012Revenue Breakdown of Belle International by Region, 2008-2012Revenue Breakdown of Belle International by Product, 2008-2012Gross Margin of Footwear and Sportswear Products of Belle International, 2008-2012Self-operated Retail Chains of Belle International in Mainland China, 2011Retail Chains of Footwear and Sportswear Products of Belle International in Mainland China, 2011Revenue and Gross Margin of C.banner International, 2008-2012Store Distribution of C.banner International by Brand Products, 2011Revenue and Gross Margin of Saturday, 2007-2012Revenue and Gross Margin of Saturday by Brand Products, 2010-2012Revenue Growth Rate of Saturday’s Three Major Brands, 2008-2012Revenue Breakdown of Saturday by Region, 2009-2011Export Revenue of Saturday, 2008-2012Number of Stores of Saturday, 2007-2012
  6. 6. Revenue and Gross Margin of Le Saunda, FY2008- FY2012Revenue Breakdown of Le Saunda by Region, FY2009-FY2012Revenue Breakdown of Le Saunda by Product, FY2009-FY2012Number of Stores of Le Saunda, FY2008-FY2012Shop Distribution of Le Saunda, FY2011-FY2012Revenue and Profit of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes, 2009-2012Revenue Breakdown of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes by Products, 2009-2012Revenue Breakdown of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes by Region, 2009-2012Five Major Brands of ZheJiang AoKang ShoesNumber of Regular Chain Stores and Franchised Outlets of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes, 2008-2012Gross Margin of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes by ProductsSales Outlets of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes by Region, 2011Planning of Regular Chain Construction of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes, 2012-2013Regular Chain Planning of ZheJiang AoKang Shoes by Province, 2012-2013Revenue and Gross Margin of Daphne International, 2007-2012Revenue Breakdown of Daphne International by Business, 2008-2012Number of Stores of Daphne International, 2008-2012Store Distribution of Core Brands of Daphne International, 2008-2012Revenue and Gross Margin of Walker Group, FY2008-FY2012Average Daily Sales Volume of Footwear Products of Walker Group, FY2007-FY2012Average Sales Price of Footwear Products of Walker Group, FY2007-FY2012Revenue Breakdown of Walker Group by Region, FY2008-FY2012Sales Outlet Number of Walker Group by Region, FY2007-FY2012Product Positioning of HengDa by BrandsRevenue and Net Income of HengDa, 2008-2011Revenue Breakdown of HengDa by Business, 2008-2011Revenue Breakdown of HengDa by Region, 2008-2011Store Distribution of HengDa, H1 2011Self-operated Store Quantity of HengDa by Brands, H1 2011Self-operated Store Distribution of HengDa by Brands, H1 2011Production Base and R&D Center of FuguiniaoContact: for more information.