Haut panel sur la paix unesco nov 2012


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Meeting about Culture of Peace and knowledge on Peace.

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Haut panel sur la paix unesco nov 2012

  1. 1. Haut panel sur la Paix UNESCO 19 novembre ParisMme Irina Bokova, directrice de lUNESCO.Mr Homi K.Bhabha,Mr Nasser David Khalili,Pr Luc Montagnier,Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud,Mr Amin Maalouf,Ms Attiya Inayatullah,Opening by Mme Irina Bokova.Issues of Cultural dialogue, Peace and Sustainable development. Our societies are fragmentedeven if more interconnected. There is still a lot of people who have not access to decent work.Work on the content and create valuable content for internet. The concept of new humanism,organising more international exchange are among the action to be implemented. Peace andSustainable development is the same work for society; dialogue among civilizations and cultures.Pr Homi Bhabha.He is happy to participate in UNESCOs programme.First: youth is a crucial a transitional state, and the world is also in the same transition state.There is a continual evolution of values, this is a moving world, emotionally charged. The panel issupposed to communicate with the audience after a brief presentation.HRH Prince Turki.The world is growing thanks to internet communication, much faster than the last 30 years.Children are sometimes communicating each others by electronic devices inside the same room.A big challenge is among youth for education, jobs. Sustainability is a key point for younggeneration. We may not forget to take care of seniors and to garanty communication also.Mr Amin Maalouf.There is a paradoxe because the world is becoming closer but we are also far away from eachother. Globalization is a kind of pressure on your identity. The weak identities seem to bethreatened, but also the strongest can feel the same. We have a technical booklet of the world,but still no morality booklet for acting. Local communities and communication with strangers isnot always easy. UNESCO have the role to create into human minds that Peace Culture have tobe build day after day. There are no contries where development is exemple. It is not enough tospeak about how to live in Peace, but finding solutions for doing it.Dr Nasser David Khalili.Thinking about these question during the last 15 years. The new generation will live in a differentworld than today. The faith is a symbol of unity not of division. There is an on going projectabout communication with the youth and interfaith aspects. It is called Interfaith explorers."Education is the key". www.interfaithexplorers.com
  2. 2. Pr Luc Montagnier.Contribution scientifique à la problématique, le Pr commence par expliquer les origines delHomme qui ne remonte quà 10.000 ans. Les Cultures se sont développées au fil du temps etnotre espèce à parfaitement réussi par rapport aux autres. Le problème de notre supériorité entant quespèce humaine est que nous pouvons également nous auto détruire. Lespèce humainene sait pas se réguler et dans certains pays qui vivent une forte croissance, lavenir est dénué desens. Les nouvelles générations peuvent apprendre par les grandes religions mais il semble quele domaine scientifique soit également capable de montrer le chemin.Ms Attiya Inayatullah.Coming to UNESCO is an opportunity to learn and share. War can always be prevented byeducation, culture and that is linked to Human Right to Education. A valley in Afghanistan hasseen its schools destroyed by talibans, and then, thousands of children are out of school.Comment: the identity concept is sometimes manipulated depending to circonstences.We should all consider and respect differences first, because the emphasis on identity is notenough.As we are moving toward knowledge society people should succeed in living with more freedom.Mr Vincente Fox.Rabih Arthur SchneierAkhtar A Badshar.Mr Jean Ping.Ms Laetitia Yamon Sagno.Mr Vincente Fox.It is important to participate into world harmony by education. Peace is a crucial point forhumanity. The different Religions, the different leaders like Mandella, Luther King havesucceeded in their efforts to promote Peace. Understanding, Solidarity, Love and others similarvalues.Talk less and do more.Mr Jean Ping.Globalisation will continue and new financial and social difficulties to come. Scientific andtechnologies are evoluting quickly. But, even if everything could be solved, still people die fromhunger or overweight. Security will be an issue in several contries, because of borders. War startinside human mind, that is why Peace must be built inside human mind. By his own experince,Jean Ping expresses the importance to prevent troubles, to rebuild peace after conflicts andamong populations. It is important to create basis of Peace culture. If diversity is something usedby leadership, then it becomes a factor for division of the society. Also Religion is used forpolitical goals and it is sometimes difficult to make the difference from Religion and other socialsystems. Public violence used by centralised power should be reduced.
  3. 3. Rabbi Arthur Schneier.Nothing like life experience. House of wishdown, Budda statues and other religious symbolsdestroyed are creating great pain. Intereligious actions helped to make statement that usingreligion for crime is a act against religion. Mutual acceptance and mutual respect are key aspectsof building better world.Mme Irina Bokova.The destruction of religious places in Mali was creating great pain.Mr Akhtar A Badshah.Explaining that his familly is built with catholic, jewish and muslim. Acceptance and tolerance arenot the key points, but deep respect to each other. Inside Microsoft he was managing 300millions young participants. Creating job opportunities for young people around the world. Still alot of young people never have access in formal education system.Ms Laetitia Yamon Sagno.The young people in Africa are an important key for future on this continent. The africancontinent need specific education for local use of their knowledge. Violence can be anopportunity for many young people. It can also be manipulated by some adults. The need forstructures is a reliable project for using african skills for the local development. Partnership mightbe reconsidered for better use of finance through projects. This would avoid government tomanage this funds.