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Co Summit ARTEMIS ITEA, CNIT Paris la Défense.
Advanced Research & Technologies for Embedded Intelligence and Systems.

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Co summit artemis cnit

  1. 1. Co Summit ARTEMIS CNIT Paris la Défense.First day. Tuesday 30th October.Advanced Research & Technologies for Embedded Intelligence and Systems.Opening byMr Klaus Grimm Pdt of ARTEMIS and Mr Rudolf Haggenmüller, chairman ITEA.(also during Press event Mr Joan Lohstroh Secretary General, Mr Eric Schutz Executive Director,ITEA Mr Philippe Letellier)Make the summary of events and projects for the creation of the Summit and its goals. Climatechange and development of population justify the work on better technologies for better resourcemanagement. Research on ICT also include food cluster. A lot of reasons for research to becontinued.Fifth meeting Co-Summit. The common vision is 2030 in term of strategy and state of the Art intechnology. Potential business and changing society are the aim of joint work.In the past year the achieved project was summarized in the document "High level vision ITEA-ARTEMIS 2030". How to mobilize all the countries to participate into the joint work. Threesuccess stories in a specific document. 2009 BARCO was the leader and business came fromDigital cinema. High performance medical imaging came to be leader project. The ambition is tobe able to compete with the leader on the market.To overcome fragmentation there is a need to strengthen cooperation within EU community anduse financial tools.Roadmap was published on paper but it is old at the moment to spread it within participants.Now, the document is s description of focus and targets. It is now very important to know fromwhere you start, and to have a clear vision on the beginning. The society is moving so fast that itis important to stick to reality. The aim of "do it yourself" project is to facilitate individualinitiative through an easy interface that make it possible to anybody.ITEA 3 = !7632Ms Cecile Dubarry, Ministry for production growth.Want to highlight the participation of France inside the global work of ARTEMIS strategicresearch. It is important that ITEA and ARTEMIS continue to collaborate.Mr Thierry Breton, chairman of ATOS. European IT services.A fantastic evolution on IT Industry on hardware, software, services... A fascinating developmentand re creation of Europe.Second IT revolution:Mobility and interaction with mobile devices. Role of individuals, knowledge management andmore computing power. IT service Industry has started in France thirty years ago. Three ITtargets: Communities, Clients , Operations.Around 2 billion smartphones and tablets connected by 2014.More than 1 billion of social network users. Internet of things is very developed as well as Clouduse.
  2. 2. Projects on connected cars, smart meter, Olympic games IT. Universities are encouraged topropose projects through student participation. Mr Thierry Breton thinks that everything will bevirtualized in the Cloud and we will need more and more power for computing. Europe is inadvance but we need 200 billions of investment in processing network power. The network willbe crucial because network power is the base of generating and managing data for applications.Electromobility will be involved in climate Change fight because it will make evolution in car use.Fully connected Autolib and Renault cars is on the way. Smartphones, tablets and sensors mustlower the energy consumption to reach several days and months.Email is a personal tool for productivity but is not very efficient for Mass collaboration. 16 hoursper week are used to check emails. 12 to 15% of emails are important. Last coming is first read.Many hours are spent to read emails at home because workers have to work at the office. Everyemployee is spending free time to read ALL emails received during the week. It is important thatcompanies make strategies to establish good communication tool for coordinating internalcollaboration. For creating social network collaboration the organization need to focus on thepurpose, because without purpose there is not reason for people to use social network. Changeof attitude is due to centralized rôle of any individual inside his environment.The zero email company is possible and implemented through Bluekiwi. Checking email bycommunities and activities within those five maximum communities.New generation, new habits and new customers.Panel session.Mr Emile Aarts, Eindhoven University of Technology.Phones are used by the youth to stay connected and tell their love to relatives. Seven areas ofchange. Leadership counts in evolution and project implementation success. Parallel initiativesare wasting efforts and European platforms aim to join efforts. Among the team leaders in theaudience, less than 10% know to whom they will transfer their project results.Mr Heinrich Daembkes, CASSIDIAN.Focus on PDA use, but did not see social network developments. He is in no social network. He isskeptical in personal data security in these networks. There is a need to find a very efficient teamwhen some countries or Universities want to increase number of participant instead of looking forefficient team.Mr Francis Jutand, Scientific Director of Institut Mines Telecom.How to put value into networks, like internet of things, cyberphysics and others. Informationprocessing, content communication and management are businesses for creating value inside thenetwork. Every year one hundred of start-up are created inside the Institute. The problem is thegrowth. The concern in France is because there is not enough entrepreneurship will to create bigcompanies like Google. If the idea is ready there is not enough leadership attitude to start theBusiness. ICT technologies, usage and peoples abilities are participating to market evolution.Some users want to jump into the market while others are blinds or go forward because they arescared of development. There is a need of Grants focusing on results, but not creatingcomplicated systems. Smaller projects would be easier to manage, to stop or to swap with otherteams.
  3. 3. Ms Zeynep Sarilar, MOBILERA.Before starting her own company she needed a lot of experience inside other businesses. Then,thanks to finance crisis she made her own project and started the company. She thinks ideasfrom joint work is useful for her own business but she see that small voices are not influent in bigbusinesses, as speakers will disappear from big leaders daily life.Mr Okan Kara, EUREKA network.Turkey is starting to change its regulations to improve competitiveness into the business society.The young generation in Turkey is expecting to have more opportunities, and this not the caseactually. They expect the business society to enable their dreams to be possible. People want tobe heard because they have projects and strategies they want to experiment. The success ofsocial media is a fact, even if you like it or not, the story is about how to benefit from it.Mr Khalil Rouhana, DG Connect at European Commission.Working at European commission for around 29 years at Brussels. Launch of work with memberstates and research projects. Knowledge attract business investment. US Department of Energyand Department of Defense have started. IT companies have created they activity 30 years ago.Sophisticated companies have developed specific software and does not appear. Germancompanies are exporting but are sized for German market. There are competing projects andsome are stopped. Some will work one year and results included inside another running project.There is no specific time schedule for stopping projects.Second day. Wednesday 31th October.Mr Eric Schutz, executive director ARTEMIS.44 projects from calls 2008-2011- call 2008, projects have completed- Excellent coverage of ASPCall 2012- Evaluation done.- Selection on-going.- 24 projects evaluated, funding decision by November 7th.AIPPs Application Innovation Pilot Projects.- two proposal on the run...- phase 3 = the pilot phase.Call 2013 is the last call of the present ARTEMIS-Joint Undertaking.- all projects must finish by 2017.Scenarios for the future being evaluated.There will be "ARTEMIS II"ARTEMIS community session.Project presentations.
  4. 4. - Less "project", more discussion.Debate with 4 projects, moderated by Ms Irene Lopez de Vallejo.- eSONIA, Mr Andrei Lobov.Use open standard with devices. "Think big" means "Think Open", the task is to provideinterface.Technology is applied in construction domain. It enables to localize the product while it is movingaround. Communication devices will use IPV6. There is a huge potential for factory automation.Following standards is not something fixed because standards are evoluting. It is about HTTP,FTP and web based standards. Auto reconfiguration systems are the goal of this research.Organizing the work for use of the project by other people.- R3-COP, Mr Mladen Beregovic.Robotics, to facilitate database for robotics, vision of image segmentation, positioning,verification and validation. Manufacture example with forklift use. "Think Big" means to put a lotof tools and solutions into the database. Small companies will have much interest in consultingthe database.- CHIRON, Mr Silvio Bonfiglio.Health care services are a huge demand for leaving well.- to move the Health for Clinic to mobile care.- to move from treatment to prevention.- to promote a personalized health care."Think Big" is high impact in society with critical mass. The emphasis on personalized health careis a key to make evolution towards leading role of Europe on that matter.- High profile, Mr Frank van der Linden.To get more information about the brain, how it works and analysis of images. Apply it insoftware with cost effective software available to people who have problems with brain.Realtime image data capture is a main effort in the project.Industry is applying technologies into projects.Ms Irene Lopez de Vallejo.One side of the question is the design of tools by society participation and another is how toinfluence the general public for new behavior.Next topic: cooperation with other projects.Cooperation is done with similar projects, some in advance or at same step of research.Collaboration within ARTEMIS community. New communication tools might be used by thecommunity itself.Eric Schutz, executive director.
  5. 5. Completed projects are considered are stars because they are putting light on the ARTEMIS JointUndertaking. Call 2008.- CAMMI about safety and raising operational level.- CESAR about reduction of development time.- CHARTER about JAVA language project.- CHESS about embedded software.- eDIANA about energy management in buildings.- EMMON about embedded monitoring.- iLAND about Network embedded systems.- INDEXSYS about Genes YS.- pSHIELD about "built in" rather than "add on".- SMART about sensor network infrastructure.- SOFIA about Smart object for intelligent applications.- SYSMODEL about inputs for SMEs.Familly session ITEA 2Mr Philippe Letellier vice chairman ITEA.ITEA 3 -> 8 more years for research.ITEA 3 will remain project oriented. Innovation business orientation and fast exploitation are keyvalues.The roadmap:- Vision 2030.- Challenges.- State of the Art database.Contents:- Scientific contents.- Didactic contents.- Industrial visionary contents.- Engineering contents.Structure:- Project leader contact.- Challenges.- List of participant companies.- Documentation.Project of the year: JEDI, Edafmis, HiPiP, Care4Me, ROLE-ID, DiYSmartExperiences, uService,Evolve, MODELISAR, PRISMA, TIMMO-2-USE.Last call 7- Smart energy- Big DataIt is a potential for seizing the high ground.ITEA 3: our near future.
  6. 6. Key strategies for development:- Multi sided collaboration work.Awards:Gold for JEDI Just Explore Dimensions (3D TV).Silver for DiYSE and MODELISAR.Afternoon session, Innovative Engineering.Mr Gérard Roucairol, TERATEC. Académie Nationale des Technologies.How to manage process and give advantage to developers.Mr Karl-Heinz Topp , AMALTHEAMr Joseph Affenezeller AVL, CESAR.Mr Silvio Bonfiglio, CHIRON.Mr Olivier Devienne AIRBUS, OPEES.Discussion:The open source is clearly new in Business. To be a leader of open-source is strange for businessmanagers, they are skeptical and will require demonstration of advantages compared to in-source system.How to transfer knowledge from one to project to the next one. Sharing and collaborative work isnot yet accepted within Business and engineering. Transferring Technologies is not always highstrategy but simply tactics.Closing session.Dr Charlotte Brogen DG of VINNOVA Swedish Government.Agency active into Innovation and growth. 40 projects. Elderly care, City planning are part of theplan. University support in term of innovation and private sector involved. Testing in realcondition for technologies going out of the Labs.Co Summit 4th 5ft December 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.Exhibition awards goes to Diamonds, testing technology for quality insurance the ICT solutions.That is to say software testing.R3COP, the robot. Developing safe robotic and autonomous systems in various domains.Integrating software automatically to solve real world problems.Conclusion for encouraging participation into next Co-Summit.