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Life has dramatically changed in the last few years: while initially many had thought that only access and bits of information would be subject to digital transformation, we are now facing the fact that a growing part of our own life has become digital.

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Sysklopan Joca 2.0

  1. 1. _JOCA® YOUR DIGITAL LIfE Life has dramatically changed in the last few years: while initially many had thought that only access and bits of information would be subject to digital transformation, we are now facing the fact that a growing part of our own life has become digital. > The platform integrates content from different The digital share of our communication makes up sources and regroups it based on individual over 80 percent and keeps growing. It all started preference with the phone, then reached e-mail, and has now come to communities; and the truth is that our own The platform is driven by ideas and keeps WWW-presence has become a part of ourselves. enhancing. There are no answers to questions like “What is the best technology?”. There are only This social development has brought about a possibilities. change in paradigm. Today, information is no longer centrally generated. Instead millions and JOCA® is such a framework. There are fundamental millions of individuals supply information. building blocks to be used in almost all of our Thus content is no longer king, because these projects, but each new assignment requires new contents are not tradable. Never the less additional creativity. the unexpected fascination they bestow upon the users is something we cannot ignore. The business Our modules are usually reusable, which gives us a catch is to provide intelligent platforms to meet the decisive edge over our competition. Our customized following criteria: developments and their presentation do not take up > The platform is capable of managing user- as much time. oriented contents > The platform is being moderated Based on this vision, Interactiv – a Syskoplan > The platform adapts to methods of access company specializing in digital solutions - > The platform analyzes user behaviour and developed JOCA®, an innovative application creates user profiles accordingly platform that not only provides the features of > The platform marks emerging trends WEB2.0 but also integrates WEB and MOBILE > The platform provides users with personalized seamlessly. This client/server based platform is information the first complete solution to harness the power of > The platform allows users to communicate today’s WEB2.0 needs independently on how users among themselves access the services.
  2. 2. SOME fEATURES Of THE JOCA® PLATfORM fOR WEB AND MOBILE SOME SOLUTIONS WE BUILT > Standard shop > Music shop including pre-listening > Tipp24 – mobile lottery > Content mash-up > TV Digital – mobile program guide with recording > Personalized content feature > Profiling > Deutsche Post – mobile LBS, pinpointing the > Single log-in to all services nearest post office (map included) > Auto detection of mobile devices > NRK – music and video shop for searching and > Messenger downloading via WEB and Mobile (up to 5 million > Games and multiplayer games media files) > UGC (blog, photo, audio, video blog) > Qeep – mobile messenger with a strong community > Automatic content synchronization with focus (including games and photo blogging) broadcast media (TV / radio) > Neckermann – mobile shop with streaming > This allows for interactive advertizing, games, video integration votings,… > Wikipedia – mobile version of the Wikipedia > Wake up sleeping clients encyclopedia > Community > News2Go – mobile offline newsreader powered > Streaming audio and video by Allianz Insurance Reply [REY.MI] is specialized in design and implementation of solutions based on new digital media and communication channels. Structured in a European network of highly focused companies working on the hype of the technology, Reply translates complex business and technology requirements into state-of-the-art world-class solutions. Reply’s services include Consulting, System Integration, Application Management and Business Process Outsourcing. To know more, please visit: or contact Turin Milan Rome Corso Francia, 110 Via Castellanza, 11 Viale Regina Margherita, 8 10143 Turin - Italy 20151 Milan - Italy 00198 Rome - Italy Tel +39 011 7711594 Tel +39 02 535761 Tel +39 06 844341 Focusing on integral solutions for customer-oriented management, syskoplan, European software integrator and consulting partner, enables market leaders to provide qualitatively superior services. Its “Market Center Media & Commerce” -discovery sysko, interactiv, cm4 and excite sysko- covers the complete value chain of Media Production & Commerce. Since 2006 syskoplan is part of Reply. To know more, please visit: or contact München Gütersloh Klenzestr. 7 Bartholomäusweg 26 85737 Ismaning/München - Germany 33334 Gütersloh - Germany Tel + 49 (0) 89 9968710 Tel +49 (0) 5241 50090