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Reply Web 2 0 Brochure Reply Web 2 0 Brochure Presentation Transcript

  • Reply - Living Network Based on a network of highly focused companies working on the hype of the technology, Reply translates complex business and technology requirements into state-of-the-art, world-class solutions. Services Focus On: Consulting – strategic, communication, _Telco & Media process and technology consultancy; _Banking & Insurance _Manufacturing System Integration – full exploitation of _Utilities the technology potential combining _Healthcare & Government business consultancy with innovative and high value-added technological solutions; Application Management – monitoring, management and on-going innovation of technological assets. Facts & Figures From 1997 (the first complete financial year after its constitution) Reply has achieved important economic-financial results, with constant and significant growth. The sustained increase in sales, which went from 5.9 million in 1997 to 230.1 million in 2006, has been accompanied by equally important growth in the dimensions of the company, which has gone from a staff of 83 employees in 1997 to over 1900 in December 2006. In particular, in 2006 Reply reached consolidated sales of 230.1 million (+59.1%), EBITDA was 31.3 million (+49.1%) and EBIT 27.7 million (+47.3%), while the result before taxes was 28.0 million (+48.8%). Reply [Rey.MI] is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. REPLY Francia, 110 10143 Turin - Italy tel. +39 011.7711594 fax +39 011.7495416
  • Gaia Discovery Mobile 2.0 Our playlist: MDU: _Heterogeneous Data Source Integration Discovery Reply ™ is a comprehensive suite a ready to use set of mobile 2.0 services. _Protocol Management based on open standards to manage, _IM & IM ROBOTS _Device Detection organize and distribute rich media _MOBILE BLOGGING MR Reply: _Device Management contents either on digital television _MEDIA SHARING your virtual assistant. or online tv channels. _WEB SITES ADAPTATION 01. Lightweight Browsing Edition Discovery Reply ™ is designed for _CONTENT CREATION GAIA: Reply Discovery Reply ™ Allows to develop and execute mobile digital broadcasters and is adopted GAIA IMAGE _MESSAGING a flexible, scalable and economic solution Reply is a European CAPTURE TRANSCODER synchronous services through WAP and by major European players. for contents and services distribution on network of highly focused The image transcoder XHTML browsers. Thanks to the Browsing _Content Selection, Adaptation and companies working on for mobile applications different mobile devices. the hype of the Sync Edition features a Mobile Web rich Protection. GIT is an open source Plus web-mobile cross services: technology. module. Please visit: experience can be developed and delivered, DISCOVERY: Reply is specialized 01. Discovery Video & Audio Galleries offering multimedia content and access _UPLOAD WITH A CLICK YOUR VIDEOS OR in building value added a comprehensive suite to manage large services for Telco and to corporate applications as the Web does. Build your own web 2.0 user generated PHOTOS TO YOUR PREFERRED MEDIA media catalogues and distribute media Media companies. Mobile services developed with GAIA can video & audio gallery. SHARING WEB SERVICE contents over the web or digital tv. “live” stand alone or can be integrated Rich in access methods. _SHARE YOUR MEDIA into mobile operator portals. Rich in publishing methods. _BUILD YOUR MOBILE CONTENTS 02. Advanced Edition 02. Capture The Advanced Edition has the same Based on two different modules and MR Reply MDU features as the Lightweight Browsing dedicated to digitize video and audio Edition plus specific functionalities to contents, Discovery Reply ™ Capture is Mobile Direct Upload Solution. MR Reply allows to easily build IM personal interact also with rich client applications designed for television and radio A new mobile service that allows users assistants, available 24 hours a day (i.e., Java MIDlets, Symbian applications, broadcasters, production environments and to publish, store and share media directly on users' devices, through easy to Windows Mobile applications). in general for any digital archiving need. MDU MR Reply Discovery Reply ™ contents directly from their mobile configure software robot functionalities. The system offers a wide range of format Publish, share and store MR Reply mixes Instant CATALOGUE 03. Messaging Edition devices. compatibility and configurations, together multimedia contents Messages advantages from your mobile device with typical robot MDU is made of connected applications MR Reply is completely based on The Messaging Edition offers all the with connectivity and control flexibility. directly into a full mobile features. with advanced sharing and uploading standards: necessary functionalities to implement album. 03. Catalogue functionalities completely based on open _J2SE mobile asynchronous services, through standards. _IMPS protocol SMS, MMS and WAP Push notifications. It extends and complements the content A new appending functionality allows _OMA standard for mobile IM Network operators, MVNOs and content documentation and browsing capability of users to easily build Audio and Video blogs providers can utilize the Messaging Edition Discovery Reply ™ Multimedia by means of using their mobile devices’ multimedia MR Reply is compatible with all mobile to supply users with premium messaging advanced tools for analytical documentation, capabilities. devices and IM platforms. services: GAIA can deliver both push and linking, aggregation, cataloguing and It allows users to receive personalized pull services with a high level throughput. navigation of very large media archives. Users can take photos or make informations directly over their 04. Full Features Edition 04. Media Asset Management movies with their mobile devices, tag mobile device or in the e-mail inbox. them and then easily upload their media The Full Features Edition includes all the An integrated tool that supports contents to their preferred web gallery, available functionalities (Lightweight the complex processes of ingest, through an http connection. Browsing Edition, Advanced Edition, documentation, cataloguing, editing, Messaging Edition), but its value is greater processing and management of digital Do you want to add mobile capabilities than the simple sum of the benefits of contents and media. to your web 2.0 service? each single edition: cross channel mobile MDU MR Reply Discovery Reply ™ MDU makes it easy. services developed and delivered, the user Media Asset Management A new innovative mobile MR Reply is always tool for audio & video connected, enabling can start the service interaction on a blogging. users to stay in touch channel and seamlessly continue the with him everywhere and session on another one. every time. For more information about mobile 2.0 services: