RGA 2009 Chairman's Report


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The 2009 Republican Governors Association Chairman's Report.

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  • The elections in November are going to be critical for this country. Change in Washington is a must. A President that opposes security of our borders, a Secretary of State that seeks litigation against a state protecting our borders is not a government for its citizenry. These people are traders and should be prosecuted for treason.
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  • Dump the traitor PELOSI
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RGA 2009 Chairman's Report

  1. 1. RGA R EPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION CHAIRMAN’S REPORT I 2009 RGA ANNUAL CONFERENCE - NOVEMBER 17-20 AUSTIN, TEXAS 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 250 | Washington, DC 20006 | (202) 662-4140 | www.RGA.org
  2. 2. 2009 REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS OF THE UNITED STATES M. Jodi Rell, CT Butch Otter, ID Dave Heineman, NE Mark Sanford, SC Bob Riley, AL Charlie Crist, FL Mitch Daniels, IN Jim Gibbons, NV Mike Rounds, SD Sean Parnell, AK Sonny Perdue, GA Bobby Jindal, LA John Hoeven, ND Rick Perry, TX Jan Brewer, AZ Felix Camacho, GU Tim Pawlenty, MN Luis Fortuño, PR Gary Herbert, UT Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Lingle, HI Haley Barbour, MS Don Carcieri, RI Jim Douglas, VT CA 1
  3. 3. 2009 GOVERNORS-ELECT REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS OF THE UNITED STATES ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP Governor Haley Barbour (MS), Chairman GOVERNOR-ELECT CHRIS CHRISTIE OF NEW JERSEY Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN), Vice Chairman Nick Ayers, Executive Director EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Governor Haley Barbour (MS), Chairman Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN), Vice Chairman Governor Charlie Crist (FL), Gala Chairman GOVERNOR-ELECT BOB MCDONNELL OF VIRGINIA Governor Rick Perry (TX), Finance Chairman Governor Sonny Perdue (GA), Recruitment Chairman Governor Linda Lingle (HI), At-Large Governor Jim Douglas (VT), At-Large 2 RGA R EPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION 3
  4. 4. “If there was one big winner…it was [the] Republican Governors Association. In what turned out to be a brilliant move, the RGA ran TV ads attacking independent Chris Daggett. What happened? Daggett got just CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE 6% of the vote, which was down considerably from the double digits he was receiving in polls just a week or two ago. As one very smart Democratic pollster told First Read, Corzine’s best path to victory was having HALEY BARBOUR, MISSISSIPPI Daggett get 12% of the vote, enabling Corzine to win with 45%. As it turns out, Corzine got his 45%. But with Daggett getting only 6%, that’s how Christie was able to win, 49%-45%.” - MSNBC First Read, 11/4/09 The Republican Governors Association had one These victories will serve as a springboard Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, and the RGA message and vision for their states while overarching goal this year: win at least one of into 2010, when we have 37 races and proved this year that by focusing on the the RGA made game changing investments the governors’ races taking place in New Jersey an opportunity to reclaim a majority of issues voters care about and by running the and ran tough, on-target independent ad and Virginia. We knew victory in one race would governorships for the GOP. right type of campaigns, Republicans can win campaigns that focused on their opponents’ reverse a troubling trend line for Republicans anywhere in the country. records and liberal ties. and winning both would give our Party serious Many people share the credit for our momentum heading into 2010. successes. First, I want to thank my In Virginia, Bob McDonnell won an impressive Last, I want to thank everyone who helped colleagues for their assistance and support victory against an opponent he defeated the RGA succeed this year: the people We faced tremendous obstacles in New Jersey this year, especially Vice Chairman Tim by just 323 votes four years ago and in a who came to forums and exchanged and Virginia, but thanks to a pair of great Pawlenty of Minnesota, the Executive state that hadn’t elected a Republican to the ideas so my colleagues and I could help candidates and unprecedented investments Committee, and recent former chairmen governorship in 12 years. our constituents; RGA Executive Director by the RGA, we picked up two states that for Governor Mark Sanford, Governor Rick Perry Nick Ayers and the talented staff; the over a decade had been moving more and and Governor Sonny Perdue. Bob also led a GOP ticket that became only RGA finance committee; and the many more Democratic. the second in history to sweep all three contributors who believe in our cause. Our victories this year were set in motion statewide offices. in January 2007 when all the governors I look forward to a BIG year for the committed to a four-year plan to win back the Chris Christie’s winning margin over Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine was the largest for a RGA in 2010. majority of governorships for the GOP. Republican since 1985. Chris proved that Sincerely, Thanks to strategic targeting and disciplined even in a state where registered Democrats budgeting, the RGA carried forward more than overwhelmingly outnumber registered $14 million into 2009 and had the resources Republicans, we can still win by focusing on to invest $13 million in New Jersey and Virginia. pocketbook issues like taxes and jobs. Governor Haley Barbour RGA Chairman Barely more than one year ago, President Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, and the RGA Obama carried both states by wide margins created a successful model for how we will and there was talk that the Republican Party win many of our targeted states next year. was hopelessly lost. The candidates focused on their positive Governor Barbour speaking at the 2009 RGA Annual Gala. RGA R EPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION 4 5
  5. 5. THE RGA IN 2009: SHIFTING THE PENDULUM OF PARTY MOMENTUM NEW JERSEY AND VIRGINIA “The RGA came in and changed The RGA knew that winning either the New Jersey the framework of the election.” race or the Virginia race would be a formidable - Creigh Deeds’ media consultant, Politico, 11/4/09 challenge. Democrats in Virginia had won the last two governors’ races and the last two U.S. Senate Chris Christie working the rope line at a rally with supporters. Christie’s victory margin was the largest by a GOP candidate for governor since 1985. races, and taken control of the state senate. In New Jersey, Chris Christie was facing a deep- pocketed incumbent who would spend more The Democrats’ gains in Virginia culminated than $30 million on the campaign. Christie and define the race on his terms. The issues the state’s public financing system, the RGA aired in President Obama becoming the first was limited to spending less than $12 million he introduced in those ads remained central $5 million of broadcast TV ads in the New York Democratic presidential candidate since because he had opted into the state’s public throughout the campaign and they would not City and Philadelphia media markets. We kept the 1964 to carry the state. financing system. have aired if not for the RGA. focus on Jon Corzine’s failed record as governor and carried Christie through Labor Day with an On top of all that, Governor Tim Kaine was Democrats also outnumbered Republicans by In the fall, RGA launched an independent 8-point lead. Real Clear Politics published an also serving as chairman of the Democratic 700,000 and have long benefited from the expenditure campaign that decimated Creigh analysis of our summer efforts in New Jersey titled National Committee. political infrastructure put in place through Deeds. We started by running ads in every ”With Christie Spending Limited, RGA to the Rescue.” decades of dominating the state. Virginia media market outside Washington, D.C. detailing Deeds’ record as Richmond’s biggest We continued running ads throughout the fall We invested a total of $5.5 million in the Virginia spender and his plan to hike taxes. After four and were the first to recognize the threat posed governor’s race, which despite McDonnell’s wide weeks, the ads had flipped Deeds’ image by by Independent candidate Chris Daggett. We victory margin, was still a two-point race in the twenty points and he had a negative favorability executed a campaign on television and radio middle of September. rating downstate. and through the mail that made a vote for Daggett unacceptable for most New Jerseyans. We knew governors’ races develop earlier than In October, we began a $1.8 million advertising After peaking at 20 percent in the public polls, most other campaigns, so we contributed $2 campaign in the Washington, D.C. media market Daggett finished with less than 6 percent of the million to McDonnell’s campaign in the spring, using footage of Deeds struggling to answer vote on Election Day. allowing him to go up on TV during May sweeps reporters’ questions in a post-debate press Bob McDonnell on the campaign trail. conference. The Washington Post called our ads We closed in New Jersey by doubling our ad buy “devastating” and “decisive” to the final outcome. in the final week, making sure that Republicans “There is no bigger strategic winner last night than Haley Barbour and the would be on TV at the same level as Jon Corzine. The RGA’s impact in New Jersey was the difference Republican Governors [Association]...It ought to make a lot of Democratic maker. We spent more than $7 million waging an candidates for governor nervous that...Haley Barbour knows what he is doing, “There’s no other way to say it: The aggressive independent expenditure campaign and they’re not messing around at that Republican Governors Association.” that began in April. With Christie unable to spend RGA knocked it out of the park.” - MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, 11/4/09 money during the summer because he opted into - Politico, 11/4/09 6 7
  6. 6. RGA R EPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION “The strategic smarts demonstrated by the RGA bodes well for Republicans as the focus moves to the 37 governors races on the ballot next November.” THE RGA IN 2010: - The Washington Post, 11/4/09 LOOKING AHEAD THE IMPACT OF 2010 Victories in New Jersey and Virginia mean that Electing more Republican governors has RGA will head into 2010 with 24 governors. The never been more important. The RGA believes RGA is the only Republican committee to post a Republicans won’t win back the U.S. Senate, net gain since the end of 2006 and we have a House or Presidency until first reclaiming a plan to reclaim a majority of governorships for the majority of governorships for the GOP. GOP by the end of next year. The four-year plan instituted by governors in January 2007 will result Governors and candidates for governor are in the RGA carrying forward a record amount of the leading political figures in their states cash-on-hand at the end of the year. With 37 races and can have tremendous impact on down Governor Jim Douglas, First Lady Dorothy Douglas, and Lt. Governor of set to take place, the 2010 electoral playing field Hawai’i and gubernatorial candidate James ”Duke” Aiona. -ballot races. Moreover, they are able to will be the most expansive in history. Our strong build and organize the critical state Party financial position will ensure we will not miss any infrastructure needed to win close elections. TAKING CONTROL opportunities. The results of the 2010 elections will also The RGA will be on offense in a record have an even bigger than usual political HOLDING OUR GROUND number of states currently controlled by impact because governors and state Democrats. The Democrats will be forced to In 2010, the RGA will defend 7 states held by legislatures will be redrawing legislative defend incumbents in 9 states, nearly all of governors who are eligible to run for reelection. In districts in 2011. In many states, the whom are vulnerable. many of these states our incumbents are popular governor has tremendous influence in with the voters and have bright reelection prospects. And with 10 open Democratic seats, we redistricting. The RGA expects the Democrats to target some of have a tremendous opportunity to redraw these states but we are confident that with the right the political map. We can compete in every strategy we can win every race. open Democratic state: Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, The RGA will also have 11 open seat races in states Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and where our governors are not running again. Wyoming. There will be high profile races in California, Florida, Georgia, and Minnesota along with elections in The Washington Post called RGA’s Virginia Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Rhode Island, South ads “devastating” and “decisive.” Carolina, South Dakota, and Vermont. - 10/27/09 & 11/4/09 Governors Mark Sanford, Donald Carcieri, and Dave Heineman. 8
  7. 7. “With Christie spending limited, RGA to the rescue.” EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE - Real Clear Politics, 10/8/09 NICK AYERS RGA BY THE NUMBERS The RGA had 5 goals we wanted to achieve in Our efforts in the 2010 elections began in earnest Money Raised vs. Money Spent by Year 2009: win at least one governors’ race, raise and this year. We recruited an incredible field of carry forward a record amount of money, put the candidates to run for governor. We then spent an RGA on the national stage with the media, recruit intense few days in Idaho this summer equipping 40,000,000 and develop top-tier candidates in all our 2010 our candidates with all the resources they need to 35,000,000 MONEY RAISED targeted states, and become a first-rate policy run a strong campaign. They heard from some of 30,000,000 Political Dollars Spent resource for our governors and candidates. the brightest minds in our Party and learned what it 25,000,000 Overhead/Fundraising Costs takes to succeed as a candidate and a governor. 20,000,000 As you see outlined in this report, we have 15,000,000 Money Put In Reserve succeeded in meeting these goals. We also produced a Republican Governors Best 10,000,000 *2009 Estimate for money raised. Practices Book that provides our governors and 5,000,000 We also welcomed three new governors: Alaska candidates with more than 350 pages of tested 0 Governor Sean Parnell, Arizona Governor Jan policy ideas that could work in their states. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009* Brewer and Utah Governor Gary Herbert. This year has been one of the toughest in history to be a We could not have done any of this without the governor and all three are meeting the challenge. support of our governors and our donors. I want to especially thank Governor Barbour – he works Review of Cash on Hand at Beginning of the Year The 22 current Republican governors will soon be joined by Governor-elect Chris Christie in New tirelessly for our cause and I can think of no better Record Investments 25,000,000 chairman to be leading the RGA through this 20,000,000 Jersey and Governor-elect Bob McDonnell in election cycle. 15,000,000 Virginia. The RGA made an unprecedented impact Virginia 10,000,000 in both races, which we detail throughout this book. As a result of the wins in New Jersey and Virginia $5.5 million 5,000,000 this year and the early preparation for the 37 races Despite an extremely challenging fundraising taking place next year, I am confident that we will 4,000,000 climate in the first two quarters of 2009 driven reclaim a majority of governorships for the GOP by New Jersey 3,000,000 by a weak economy and seemingly shifting the end of 2010. $7.3 million 2,000,000 0 political winds, the RGA is positioned to break our 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010* fundraising record. The Executive Roundtable (ER), Sincerely, Previous 4 year cycle without 4 year plan Current 4 year cycle with 4 year plan enacted our new personal donor program, is a major reason *2010 Estimate. we will meet our goal. We began this year with just 22 ER members who contributed $25,000 or more Republican Political Strategist Karl Rove wrote in The Wall Street Journal that the RGA played “a decisive Nick Ayers to the RGA but expect to end the year with more Executive Director, RGA role in both states, spending $13 million on early and extensive TV blitzes. In Virginia, the association than 300 members. tattooed Mr. Deeds as a tax raiser and slippery liberal. In New Jersey, they cut Mr. Daggett's support in half by arguing a vote for him is a vote for Mr. Corzine.” - 10/28/09 10 11
  8. 8. 2009: A YEAR IN REVIEW Governor Haley Barbour and Governor Tim Pawlenty Governor Rick Perry accepts a shotgun in appreciation for his exchange microphones and handshakes in Aspen. service as RGA Chairman at the 2008 Annual Conference. The Republican Governors hold a governors-only Chris Christie, joined by his family, accepts the meeting at the 2008 Annual Conference in Miami. Republican Party’s nomination after winning the primary. The Republican Governors meet to discuss election goals and strategy at the 2008 Annual Conference. Governor Haley Barbour campaigns with Bob McDonnell on the Saturday before Election Day. 12 Governors John Hoeven, Haley Barbour, and Sonny Perdue host a forum in Sun Valley, Idaho. 13
  9. 9. THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION 2010 GOVERNORS: PARTY CONTROL PAST CHAIRMEN Gregoire (WA) Baldacci Schweitzer Hoeven Douglas (VT) (ME) 1963-66 Gov. Robert Smylie, Idaho 2001-01 Gov. Tom Ridge, Pennsylvania (MT) (ND) Kulongoski Pawlenty Lynch (NH) 1966-67 Gov. John A. Love, Colorado 2001-02 Gov. John Rowland, Connecticut (OR) (MN) Otter Rounds Doyle Patrick (MA) 1967-68 Gov. John H. Chafee, Rhode Island 2002-03 Gov. Bill Owens, Colorado (ID) Freudenthal (SD) (WI) Granholm Paterson (NY) Carcieri (RI) (WY) (MI) Rell (CT) 1968-70 Gov. Ronald W. Reagan, California 2003-04 Gov. Bob Taft, Ohio Heineman Culver Rendell Christie (NJ) Gibbons (IA) (PA) Strickland 1970-71 Gov. Louise B. Nunn, Kentucky 2004-05 Gov. Kenny Guinn, Nevada (NV) Herbert (NE) Quinn Daniels (OH) Markell(DE) Schwarzenegger (IL) (IN) Manchin (UT) Ritter (WV) 1971-72 Gov. William G. Milliken, Michigan 2005-06 Gov. Mitt Romney, Massachusetts (CA) (CO) Parkinson Nixon McDonnell (VA) O’Malley (MD) (KS) (MO) Beshear (KY) 1972-73 Gov. Linwood Holton, Virginia 2006-07 Gov. Sonny Perdue, Georgia Perdue (NC) Bredesen (TN) 1973-74 Gov. Winfield Dunn, Tennessee 2007-08 Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Brewer Richardson Henry Beebe Sanford (AZ) (OK) (NM) (AR) (SC) 1974-75 Gov. Christopher S. Bond, Missouri 2008-09 Gov. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Barbour Riley Perdue PARTY 1975-76 Gov. Arch A. Moore, West Virginia (GA) 2009-Present Gov. Haley Barbour, Mississippi Jindal (MS) (AL) Republican (24) Perry (LA) 1976-77 Gov. Robert F. Bennett, Kansas (TX) Democrat (26) Crist 1977-78 Gov. Robert D. Ray, Iowa 1978-79 Gov. Otis R. Bowen, Indiana PAST EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS Parnell Lingle (HI) (FL) (AK) 1979-80 Gov. Richard A. Snelling, Vermont 1963-64 Robert B McCall 1980-81 Gov. John Dalton, Virginia 1966 Carl A. McMurray 1981-82 Gov. James R. Thompson, Illinois 1967-69 Richard T. Fleming GOVERNORS: 2010 SEATS UP 1982-83 Gov. Richard D. Orr, Indiana 1971-75 Buehl Berentson 1983-84 Gov. Victor G. Atiyeh, Oregon 1976-1980 Ralph E. Griffith 1984-85 Gov. Dick Thornburgh, Pennsylvania 1980-81 Ronald Rietdorf 1985-86 Gov. John Sununu, New Hampshire 1981 John L. Stevens Baldacci Douglas (VT) (ME) 1986-87 Gov. Thomas H. Kean, New Jersey 1982-85 Carol A. Whitney Kulongoski Pawlenty 1987-88 Gov. Michael N. Castle, Delaware 1985-91 Michele M. Davis (OR) (MN) Lynch (NH) Otter Rounds Doyle Patrick (MA) 1988-89 Gov. Mike Hayden, Kansas 1991-95 Chris Henick (ID) Freudenthal (SD) (WI) Granholm Paterson (NY) Carcieri (RI) (WY) (MI) Rell (CT) 1989-90 Gov. John Ashcroft, Missouri 1995-96 Paul D. Hatch Culver Rendell Gibbons Heineman (IA) (PA) 1990-91 Gov. Carroll Campbell, South Carolina 1996 LeAnne Wilson (NV) Herbert (NE) Quinn Strickland (OH) Schwarzenegger (UT) Ritter (IL) 1991-92 Gov. Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin 1997 Brian Kennedy (CA) (CO) Parkinson O’Malley (MD) 1992-93 Gov. George V. Voinovich, Ohio 1997-00 Clinton Key (KS) 1993-94 Gov. John R. McKernan, Maine Bredesen (TN) 2000-01 Michael McSherry Brewer Henry Sanford (AZ) Richardson (OK) Beebe 1994-95 Gov. Michael O. Leavitt, Utah 2001 Duncan Campbell (NM) (AR) (SC) Riley Perdue 1995-96 Gov. John Engler, Michigan 2001-02 Clinton Key (AL) (GA) PARTY/RACE STATUS Perry GOP Incumbent (7) 1996-97 Gov. Terry E. Branstad, Iowa 2002-2004 Edward T. Tobin III (TX) DEM Incumbent (9) 1997-98 Gov. David Beasley, South Carolina 2004-05 Mike Pieper Crist GOP Open Seat (11) Lingle (FL) 1998-99 Gov. Frank Keating, Oklahoma 2005-2006 Phillip A. Musser Parnell (HI) DEM Open Seat (10) (AK) RGA 1999-00 Gov. Ed Schafer, North Dakota 2006-Present Nick Ayers 2000-01 Gov. Jim Gilmore, Virginia R EPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION 14 15
  10. 10. RGA R EPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION RGA staff with Chairman Haley Barbour. Election Night, 2009. REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION STAFF Mike Adams—General Counsel Maggie Rauck—Finance Assistant Nick Ayers—Executive Director Mike Schrimpf—Communications Director Paul Bennecke—Deputy Executive Director and Millicent Segura—Compliance Assistant Political Director Alex Skatell—Director of New Media Catherine Campbell—Political Assistant Alyssa Smith—Membership Coordinator Campbell Engle—Governors Board Director Anne Thompson—Director of Scheduling Molly Flanagan—Governors Liaison Kyle Vitasek—Video Production Coordinator DiAnne Graham—Executive Roundtable Director Tim Whiting—Compliance Director Katherine Haltiwanger—Governors Council Director Kaylee Heathcott—Events Assistant Adam Kincaid—Director of Policy and Research Lauren Lofstrom—Governors Roundtable and Governors Club Membership Director Sarah Lynch—Governors Statesmen and Governors Cabinet Director Angela Meyers—Finance Director Tricia Moffatt—Events Director RGA Staff with Governor Rick Perry in Aspen. 16 17
  11. 11. “We subscribe to the theory that we will not get the U.S. Senate, House, or Presidency back until first reclaiming a majority of Republican Governorships. The RGA has a plan between now and November 2010 to do just that. We are the only national committee that can accept unlimited corporate and personal dollars.” Join our cause at www.RGA.org RGA R EPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION