The most prominent events


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The most prominent events

  1. 1. SIGNIFICANT EVENTS OF THE HISTORY OF SLOVAKIAPrimary school of Viliam ZáborskýVráble Comenius Wanderings through History and Culture ofEurope.
  2. 2. lovakia lies in the central Europa. Neighbors ofSlovakia are Czech republic, Austria, Hungary,Ukraine and Poland.n the past, territory of present Slovakia was thepart of historical Roman Empire, Sam Empire,Great Moravia, Uhorsko, Habsburg Empire andAustria – Uhorsko.
  3. 3. First tribesh e fir st settlem en ts of S lovak ia is con n ectedwith I r yls an d C eltic tr ib es. A n oth er h isto r ywas m ak in g b y R om an s an d G er m an s tr ib es.h e F ir st S lavon ian tr ib es was fo u n d in 6 thcen tu r y A C – for m ation of S am E m p ir ecr aeted b y F r an k ish b u yer called S am o, wh ob ecam e th e K in g of S lavs.
  4. 4. Great Mor avia - 8th – 10thcenturyignificant moment in our history was the formation of Nitra principality and also Great MoravianEmpire.Nitra Principality was lyining on the teritorry ofcontemporary Slovakia. Pribina was the firstPrince of this Empire.ere we are speaking aboutSlovak nationality for the first time.
  5. 5. Cyril a Metod n 863 Konstantin (Cyril) and Metod were cinvited into the teritory of Great Morava , to which Slovakia belongs too. They created Slavonian letters known as the Hlaholika .
  6. 6. Uhorsko n 1018 Slovakia belongs to Uhorsko. In this time less known Arpad clan ruled. atúš Čák Trenčiansky was a relatively powerful ruler in Slovakia in 13th and 14th century. People called him the Lord of Vah and Tatras. We have many legends about him.
  7. 7. Habsburgs Empire – Austria - Uhorsko n 16 th – 18 th century Habsburgs clan ruled in our teritory. In this time some people weren´t satisfied. uraj Jánošík was one of them. He was significant person in 17th century. e was Slovak highwayman and folk hero, who robbed
  8. 8. Famous Rulers in 18. century aria – Terezia and her son Jozef 2 . contributed for development of country. Maria Terezia put basements of advanced educational system.
  9. 9. Slovak national revival It started in 18th century. he formation of Slovak nation was very hard process. n 19th century Ľudovit Štúr was the most significant person who created the literary Slovak language.
  10. 10. Czechoslovakialovakia started to write a new chapter in1918, when it became the part of new statecalled Czechoslovakia till 1992.
  11. 11. 2 nd World War nd World War was hard period for each country in Europe. uring 2nd World War each nation wanted to be free . So Slovak National Uprising broke out in August 1944 in Banská Bystrica, the town of central Slovakia.
  12. 12. ndependent Slovakiaeparate independent Slovak republic came into existence in1993.The Capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava.Bratislava is the seat of the Parliament andthe President.Now our President isIvan Gašparovič.
  13. 13. Thank you for interest. Pupils of Comenius ClubZákladná škola Viliama Záborského
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