Spring traditions in Slovakia

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  • 1. Spring tradition in Slovakia Made by Primary school of Viliam Zaborsky Vrable Slovakia Comenius – The Heritage of Europe – Traditions are alive.
  • 2. Spring traditions
    • Spring is a beautiful season .
    • Nature wakes up.
    • Trees and flowers are blooming.
    • In Slovakia we have beautiful spring traditions and customs.
  • 3. Morena
    • Tradition called Morena is a very old custom .
    • Morena is the Queen of winter.
    • In March people were carrying Morena to the river . They were sing ing folk songs.
  • 4. Morena
    • Then they burnt it and threw into the water.
    • This way they chased diseases away and said goodbye to winter.
    • At the same time they welcome spring.
  • 5. Easter – Veľká Noc
    • Easter is a very important Christian holiday.
    • Homes and schools are decorated.
  • 6. Easter
    • We had very beautiful traditions.
    • Before Easter boys were weaving whips.
  • 7. Easter
    • Girls were painting eggs.
  • 8. Easter
    • The egg is symbol of Easter.
    • It symbolizes the life .
  • 9. Palm Sunday
    • Palm Sunday is celebrated on Sunday one week before Easter.
    • Girls go with twings decorated with ribbons from house to house and wish health and happiness.
  • 10. Easter Monday
    • On this day boys and young men water and whip girls to be healthy.
  • 11. EasterTraditional Meal
    • Typical Easter menu consists of gammon ( smoked ham ) .
    • Typical sweet cakes are honey cakes .
  • 12. Mays – Stavanie mája - Maywork
    • Young boys built „ Mays“ to girls as the symbol of love in May.
    • Boys were showing their interest to girls.
    • In this way they said : I like you !
  • 13. Svätojánske ohne - St. Jan flames
    • This is a very old custom.
    • It was celebrated at night from 23 to 24 June.
    • This tradition was connected with protection against evil powers .
    • Young people burnt fires over the village, danced and sang at night.
    • We know this custom
    • only from literature.
  • 14. Our spring traditions are our big national heritage.
    • Thanks for your interest
    • Základná škola Viliama ZáborskéhoVráble
    • Slovakia