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A large internet commucation company looking to expand and or sell a email marketing company.

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Viper Mailer Business Outline

  1. 1. Viper Logic Executive Summary MISSION STATEMENT Viper Mailer, is an Intelligent Email Marketing service using innovation resulting in a planed monthly client user base of 500,000. BUSINESS TIMELINE Starting out as PE Logic, a SCSI Controller Card and Software Manufacturer, in May 1993 the name was changed to show aggression and focus on Software Engineered products when it became Viper Logic Corp. VIPER LOGIC CORP. Founded in January 2000, the company is focused 100% on Software Engineering and the development of software products by applying our Advanced Technology Engineering methodology and skills to design and develop new intelligent ways to service clients via the Internet. VIPER LOGIC PRODUCT – VIPER MAILER In 2006 with 11 years of email deliverability experience, Viper Logic developed a web based product named Viper Mailer (, an Email-Marketing Service for Businesses, Nonprofit and Membership Organizations. The product is an electronic communications tool to help Viper Mailer clients grow their Internet exposure and sales through intelligent email message sending. In 2008 to the present, we started to promote Viper Mailer and became aggressive with its knowledge of Internet search engine optimization and today have near a thousand satisfied clients. VIPER MAILER DEFINED Viper Mailer is a month to month service that is automatically billed on a monthly basis. • Pricing From $24.00 to $1000.00 per month based on the total number of contacts. Viper Mailer is a fully supported, do it yourself email delivery service that provides many features. • Customer Service and Support Support services are provided via telephone during normal business hours Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm and via email 7 days a week. • Free Fully Functional Trial Account A 30 day fully functional trial which is limited to 20 total email contacts which allows the user to test all the features Viper Mailer has to offer. • An Education and Training Center Created to help teach new signups how to get started and expert e-marketers knowledgebase to obtain the best campaign results. • Email Contact List Management Including duplication removal and multiple group controls. • Professional Graphic Templates A client can customize or upload their own branded HTML template or utilize many generic templates that are offered at no charge as part of the Viper Mailer service. -1-
  2. 2. • Message Proofing Allow the client to add up to 5 coworkers, like a kind of error free insurance against sending a message with errors in the offer including outbound links. • Viper Mailer Service Plans Customers can send email messages from 100 to 300,000+ contacts and from 10 to 30 times per month based on the service plan they select. • Email Message Tracking Viper Mailer provides extensive statistical information for each mailer such as how many messages were opened, external link tracking, detailed reporting, data mining down to an individual email contacts actions. Graphical charts are also provided for customers to track their email campaign performance. • Image Hosting and PDF attachment file storage Including sent campaign storage and history VIPER MAILER – HOW IT WORKS • Client Uploads their List of Email Contacts Contacts can be easily imported into Viper Mailer from Outlook, Excel, MS Word and many other applications. The client can also enter new contacts manually into their account if desired. • Create an Email Message Client creates a message within our system editor (works simple like an MS Word Document). They can also upload an existing HTML template or use one of the many generic templates provided in Viper Mailer. • Message Scheduler - Client Selects the Day and Time The client can schedule a new message to be sent immediately or scheduled at any time and day in the future. • Viper Mailer Delivery System The Viper Mailer delivery system is an independent system that we also developed to ensure maximum reliable and performance in sending a large volume of email messages. This system handles the scheduling of new email messages which is also a 100% white listed email service through our internal secure email server farm. • Client Monitors their Mailer Campaign Performance After the new mailer is sent out, the client logs into their Viper Mailer account to monitor the performance and success of their mailer. They can view how many messages were delivered, how many were opened, how many internal links to the client’s web site they click through to and many other provided delivery details. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE We are confident that our advantage is in our Software Engineering strengths. This skill set has provided us with the ability to produce email marketing industry breakthroughs and greatly maintain our high retension level. The engineering advantage provides the client a simplified and more intelligent email marketing service, resulting in a higher ROI (Return on Investment). We also have discovered new technologies that we will develop and apply into Viper Mailer allowing it to standout as the most intelligent email marketing service in the industry. Our plan is to out smart the entire email marketing service sector with software engineering breakthroughs and simplicity for the ultimate client experience. Viper Logic is the host provider allowing all Viper Mailer systems to be run from within our secure facility. Almost all competitors if not all, utilize an outside hosting service that restricts the flexibility that Viper Mailer is afforded. Hosting such a complex software system internally provides a major advantage and it is very important to our customers and our email marketing business. It is deliverability of the client’s messages to their customers that is most important. -2-
  3. 3. COMPETITION The search engine keyword for finding this type of business and service is “Email Marketing” and is what most people are searching for when looking to sign up for this service. The email marketing industry currently has only one publicly traded company which is Constant Contact (Symbol CTCT) market Cap 500 million with annual sales of 90 million dollars and growing each quarter. This company is currently the industries client volume leader. There are plenty of me too email marketing services like iContact, Bronto, Campaigner, Vertical Response, Stream Send, Email Labs and many more that are chasing each other with the same game. Annually Viper Logic signs up for and tests each of the top 10 services to see how they are advancing as relating to their strengths and weaknesses for features and options offered. ORGANIZATION AND PERSONNEL Lance Conway and Patrick Lara are the co-founders of Viper Logic Corporation, a Software Engineering and Development Company. Viper Logic is a two person company with a strong relationship base of outside contractors. Lance S. Conway, President focused experience in Aerospace Manufacturing and Quality Assurance. His diverse experience includes Purchasing, Operations and General Management. Since 1982, he has also been involved in Human Resources activities and continues to be the focal point for all financial responsibilities. Mr. Conway is also certified in SEO/SEM. Patrick E. Lara, Chief Technology Officer, utilizing an extensive background in software and hardware engineering, is the driving force in the development of the latest technology products and services for Viper Logic. In addition to managing the software and hardware departments, he has also been active in the management of Quality Assurance, Technical Support and MIS departments. Mr. Lara has attended Orange Coast College, Associated Technical College and CDI Institute earning certificates in Programming and Electrical Design. Mr. Lara is a 20+ year MSDN member (Microsoft Developers Network) Herbert E. Conway, Director, provides the finances that have brought Viper Logic along since 1993. Mr. Conway has been successful in Aerospace Manufacturing, Oil Well Production including Advancements in Oil Well Products, Commercial Properties.. THE PURPOSE OF THIS SUMMARY Viper Logic is a great software engineering company and Viper Mailer is a great growing product that can achieve the technological advantage in email marketing, if exposure is provided. WE HAVE IDENTIFIED 2 WEAKNESSES • Weakness one is our lack of marketing penetration beyond the Internet to gain a greater market share and larger accounts then we currently have today. • Weakness two is we lack the ability to obtain a larger market share and to employ personnel to help achieve our goal of having the most intelligent and simplified email marketing service available. OUR REQUEST We are seeking a partner or buyer that will take Viper Mailer to a higher growth level. If you have thoughts, suggestions or an interest in helping us develop this product and our passion to accelerate Viper Mailer to the next level, please email or call us, we are flexible and eager to work with you. EXIT STRATEGY The Viper Mailer product has the best features and new technologies, Build the business & take Viper Mailer public and be the second publicly traded email marketing service provider. -3-