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Old powerpoint of AMSA-Philippines

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  • Note: Anna Salazar also was elected as President of AMSA – International in 2002
  • Asian Medical Students' Association-Philippines

    1. 1. As ian M e d ical S tu d e nts As s ociation - P h ilip p ine s
    2. 2. History of AMSA The Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is an international organization of medical students from Asian countries and Australia. At present there are nine member countries including the Philippines, namely Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. It primarily seeks to promote the understanding of medical and health problems as well as to share experiences in solving them among member countries. It also aims to foster unity and profound interpersonal relationships among its members.
    3. 3.  AMSA has been in existence for 19 years and the members meet annually through the ASIAN MEDICAL STUDENTS CONFERENCE (AMSC) and conducts various activities within Asia. The first AMSC was held in Thailand after a group of Japanese medical students and doctors found the need to provide assistance to Cambodian refugees.
    4. 4.  The Philippines joined AMSA back in 1983 under the organization, Philippine Alliance of Medical Students (PAMS). In 1985, PAMS-AMSA Philippines hosted the 6th AMSC. It was in this conference that AMSA was formally organized with the ratification of the AMSA International Constitution and the formation of the 1st Executive Committee to further strengthen and intensify the organization’s structure.  The Philippine chapter hosted the 18th AMSC last August 1997. This was held in Manila and in Subic, Olongapo. Despite this being only the second time the Philippines hosted the conference, it proved to be one of the largest and most successful conferences.
    5. 5. East Asian Medical Students Conference (EAMSC) In addition to this, the Philippines also hosted the East Asian Medical Students Conference last March 30 – April 2, 2003. It was held in various locations in Manila and its final day was a farewell outing to Tagaytay City. The delegates consisted of medical students from, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. Some European delegates also joined the said event. During the East AMSC, issues like family health, geriatrics and reproductive health were tackled and discussed, thus forming an increased awareness of how such problems can be addressed.
    6. 6. AMSA - PHILIPPINES AMSA-Philippines boasts of a growing membership from different medical schools throughout the archipelago. Member schools include the following:  Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation College of Medicine University of Perpetual Help System Laguna - College of Medicine University of the Philippines-College of Medicine University of Santo Tomas-Faculty of Medicine and Surgery West Visayas State University-College of Medicine 
    7. 7. New Members include: Emilio Aguinaldo College – College of Medicine (Which is now the Headquarters for AMSA – Philippines for the year 2004) University of Perpetual Help Rizal – Jonelta School of Medicine Fatima College of Medicine
    8. 8. OBJECTIVES 1. To promote understanding in medical and health problems as well as to share experiences in solving them. 2. To promote the interest and welfare of medical students in Asia. 3. To foster unity and to promote profound interpersonal relationship among its members. 4. To uphold humanitarian ideals and medical ethics. 5. To encourage cooperation among future doctors in Asia.
    9. 9. BENEFITS 1. Membership into an international organization composed of countries from Asia and Australia.. 2. Membership into AMSA-Philippines. 3. Chance to become one of the Filipino delegates to the annual Asian Medical Students’ Conference (1998 – Malaysia, 1999 – Thailand, 2000 – Taiwan, 2001 – Australia, 2002 – Japan, 2003 – Indonesia, 2004 - Thailand) 4. Chance to participate in the annual AMSA-Philippines National Convention and other activities geared for learning and fun. 5. Interaction with medical students from the different medical schools in the Philippines. 6. Interaction with medical students from different medical schools in Asia. 7. Participation in the various activities of both the Philippines and various AMSA chapters.
    10. 10.  AMSA – International is a member of the InternationalFederation of Medical Students’Association (IFMSA) recognized by WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO.
    11. 11. BRIEF OVERVIEW Each chapter of AMSA – Philippines has its own organization and set of officers. These officers are the crucial key to the functioning of AMSA – Philippines as a whole. They are the ones who coordinate with the officers of other chapters, both local and foreign, with regards to various programs and activities. AMSA – Philippines also has a set of National Officers which coordinate the over-all operations of this organization.
    12. 12. AMSA – Philippines Organizational Chart Philippine Regional Coordinator And President (RC) Vice Regional Coordinator And Vice – President (VRC) AMSA – International Arm IFMSA Arm
    13. 13. Regional Coordinators/Presidents of AMSA – Philippines (1999 - 2004) 1999: Eugene T. Macalinga (UST) 2000: Andrea S. Valle (UP Manila) 2001: Anna Sophia Victoria T. Salazar (UPHSL) <Left Picture> Anna Salazar also was elected as President of AMSA – International in 2002 2002: Joel H. Buenaventura (UST) Joel Buenaventura also became the IFMSA Regional Coordinator for Asia and Oceana 2003: Angela Monique L. Barandino (WVSU) 2004: Francis Paul V. Jagolino (EAC) <Right Picture>
    14. 14. AMSA – International ArmSecretary for FinanceSecretary for Promotions and PublicationsSecretary for Membership and Records
    15. 15. AMSA – International Arm Regional Coordinator AMSA International Arm Secretary for Secretary forSecretary for Promotions Membership Finance and Publications And Records
    16. 16. IFMSA Arm AMSA – Philippines adopts its organizational set-up from the IFMSA. Under this set-up, besides from having executive officers, directors are also elected/appointed to head the following committees: Standing Committee for Medical Education (SCOME) Standing Committee for Professional Exchange (SCOPE) Standing Committee for Public Health (SCOPH) Standing Committee for Reproduction and AIDS (SCORA) Standing Committee for Research Exchange (SCORE) Standing Committee for Refugees and Peace (SCORP)
    17. 17. IFMSA Arm National Officer for Reproduction and Aids (NORA) National Officer for Public Health (NOPH) National Officer for Research Exchange (NORE) National Exchange Officer (NEO) National Officer for Refugees and Peace (NORP) National Officer for Medical Education (NOME)
    19. 19. AMSA Activities AMSA – Philippines is involved in many activities like medical missions, research exchange programs, seminars etc. These activities help unify all the member schools and ensures good interpersonal relationships between the various AMSA chapters. It is a chance to interact and cultivate friendships with medical students from the Philippines and other countries in the World.
    20. 20. AMSA - Philippines 2004 Activity Calendar AMSA Fellowship Day and Workshop: The RC and other national officers will pay a visit to each member school and spend an afternoon of acquaintance and activities with members of the local AMSA Chapter. Filipino – Japanese Exchange (FIL-JAP) (March 22 – April 4, 2004) AMSA Leadership Training Seminar (March 29, 2004 at Tagaytay City) Grand Release of “AMSAPHIL.Net” Newsletter (April 15, 2004) AMSA Research Presentation (May 15, 2004) AMSA National Convention and 2nd Philippine Medical Student’s Forum (PHIMSF) (November 13, 2004 at EAC)
    21. 21. AMSA International and IFMSA Activities IFMSA ASEAN Regional Meeting in Malaysia (March 26 – 30, 2004) 25th Asian Medical Students Conference in Thailand (July 26 – 31, 2004) IFMSA Conference in Macedonia (No dates received. Please email if you are interested)
    22. 22. Proposed Activities and Happenings A “Mock” Clerkship for incoming 2nd and 3rd Year medical students. The Launching of an Extensive Nationwide School Recruitment Campaign called “AMSA: The Window to the World”. A “Palitang Yaman” program where students are allowed to sit in and observe other schools and hospitals. Medical Missions in various barangays and municipalities within the country. An interschool group study session for difficult medical school subjects and topics. A Christmas Street party to take place at Eastwood or Malate. Launching of the AMSA – Philippines website by the end of the 1st semester. We will have a celebration of its launch. AMSA Special Edition Nokia 6600 camera phone to be raffled off within this year, so stay tuned! Many more activities are on their way, so we encourage you to be a part of it.
    23. 23. What does AMSA have to offer? A whole world of knowledge, learning and fun awaits you as AMSA-Philippines plans to add more new and creative activities to its already successful list of activities. It is our vision to create unity and goodwill among all the medical schools throughout the country. AMSA has produced quality physicians and will continue doing so for years to come. AMSA is an organization of ordinary medical students doing extraordinary tasks all for the good of their fellow man. By doing good, we also benefit ourselves by learning the virtues of compassion and perseverance. These virtues will even lead us to become extraordinary doctors.
    24. 24.  We encourage you to consider membership into AMSA Together we can all work together to make our years in medical school productive and memorable.
    25. 25. AMSA Moments: Soon you, too, will have memories like these to cherish.
    26. 26. We hope that you will be a part of us soon. THANK YOU AND GOOD DAY  For More Information please visit:    For any questions or inquiries please email  Or contact the RC at: (0917) 822-8539  You may sign up from any AMSA representative of your school.  This is the official Power-point presentation of AMSA – Philippines.  For school presentation purposes only.  AMSA Philippines 2004  all rights reserved