Social Media Presence of Vodafone vis-à-vis competitor Network


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Social Presence of Vodafone compare with other leading Networks

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Social Media Presence of Vodafone vis-à-vis competitor Network

  1. 1. Socializing with Network Social Media Presence of Vodafone vis-à-vis competitor Network -Renzil D’cruz -Rishabh Mehta
  2. 2. Objective of the project • Social Presence of Vodafone compare with other leading Networks
  3. 3. Customer Tone • Tonality :The overall tonality was negative as customers posted complaints and issues they faced. • There were a few customers who posted queries. • The number of positive mentions was very less. 76 15 9 Vodafone Negative Neutral positive 75 12 9 Airtel Negative Neutral positive
  4. 4. Vodafone at Glance • The highest number of posts were related to the customer service meted out by vodafone. • The second highest posts were related to mobile internet issues. customerservice mobileinternet network query/response tariffs number activation/deactivation general bbplans service DND service activation/deactivation billingissues balanceissues newcustomer others offers service competitorcomparison feedback
  5. 5. Airtel at Glance • A difference seen here- highest posts were recorded for mobile internet related issues . • The number of posts for customer service related issues was lesser than that of Vodafone mobileinternet customerservice network newproduct number activation/deactivation service general query/response tariff others advertising balanceissues billingissues bbplans DND service activation/deactivation
  6. 6. Comparison Vodafone and Airtel Network Network • Neutral and positive posts were tracked for Vodafone. However, for Airtel there was no neutral or positive mention about its network. negative neutral positive 100% Vodafone Airtel
  7. 7. Customer service • Out of the 18 posts tracked for customer service for Vodafone, there was 1 positive post. • Airtel did not have anything other than negative posts for its customer service related posts. 94% 6% negative positive 100% Vodafone Airtel
  8. 8. Mobile internet • Posts recorded regarding mobile internet were higher for Airtel. • Mobile internet included posts related to 3g issues, download and upload speeds, internet not working on devices. negative neutral negative neutral positive Vodafone Airtel
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Vodafone Online
  11. 11. Airtel Online
  12. 12. Community Building (Facebook)
  13. 13. Twitter Review
  14. 14. Social Engagement
  15. 15. Networks Tweet
  16. 16. Networks on FB
  17. 17. Few points at a sight • Overall it is seen that Airtel is the most hated brand out of the two. • There were posts recorded where customers switched to Vodafone after issues with their previous service provider. However, no such posts were recorded for Airtel. • However, a few posts were recorded where Vodafone customers asked why the iPhone 5 was not being launched by Vodafone. • Vodafone also had posts where customers complained about the activation of their number/SIM after purchase. It is seen that services are not activated on the numbers for which the customers have to visit the store or call customer care a number of times. • Posts related to plans and tariffs was higher in Vodafone customers. These posts included comments on cost, previous rates, increasing cost of plans, etc.
  18. 18. Few More... • Airtel customers did not complain much about tariffs and hence tariffs was not a major contributor to posts. • Surprisingly, very few posts were recorded about the advertising campaigns for both Airtel and Vodafone. • As far as network is concerned, both the brands fared equal in the posts. Not many positive posts about network for both Airtel and Vodafone.
  19. 19. Some Input from us  • if Vodafone could have used even fraction of their ad spend on these call centres and training their employees • Since most of the posts recorded on Social media platforms are complaints and customer related issues, out of which maximum complaints are negative, it is important that these posts get noticed and replied to as and when they are posted. • there were posts mentioning the lack of visibility of information on Vodafone’s website. The website needs to be updated regularly and information needs to be posted in a way that customers do not find it difficult to search and understand what they are looking for. • From all the social media channels under consideration it is observed that Vodafone does not engage in customer communication readily, it’s presence on these channels is more about addressing customer complaints. • Also focus more on YouTube as well.
  20. 20. Reference • customer-care-on-twitter/ • survey-by-inmobi-reveals-high-mobile-ad-engagement- among-youth/ • strategy-review-the-telecom-industry/
  21. 21. Thank You. • Questions ??? • Comments #@$% • Concerns !!!