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cyberbulllying presentation

cyberbulllying presentation



Freedom comes with reponsibility. So before we introduce our children to the world of internet and mobile phones, we must make them aware of how to be safe, and most importantly why to be safe.

Freedom comes with reponsibility. So before we introduce our children to the world of internet and mobile phones, we must make them aware of how to be safe, and most importantly why to be safe.



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    cyberbulllying presentation cyberbulllying presentation Presentation Transcript

    • A Presentation by Renu Mann
    • What is cyber bullying?
      It is bullying by using the Internet or a cell phone to embarrass, humiliate an individual or a group.
    • how is it different from other forms of bullying?
      The bully hides behind the anonymity of Internet.
      It is the most cowardly form of bullying.
    • chat rooms e-mails websites sms/mms social network
    • how do you recognize a victim of cyber bullying?
    • Long hours on computer.
      Is secretive about Internet activities.
      Lack of appetite; throwing up.
      Lack of interest of social events.
      Stories don’t seem to make sense.
      Acting aggressive at home.
      Missing or incomplete school work;
      decreased success in class
    • Stop Cyber bullying
      • Use Netiquette – always be polite
      • Never send a message to others when you are angry
      • Don’t forward messages that may hurt others
      • Read your messages carefully; carelessness can hurt
      • Don’t spread rumours
    • Prevention is Better…
      • Don’t’ give out your personal information.
      • Don’t believe everything you read.
      • Never open a message from someone you don’t know; seek advice from an adult.
      • You don’t have to be “always on”, turn off, disconnect, unplug.
      • You can chat with your friends on phone rather than online.
      • Don’t chat with strangers.
    • Help is at Your Fingertips
      A kid-friendly site stopcyberbullying.org which answers all the important questions for them about what it is, why kids cyber-bully each other, prevention, what actions to take and what the law it.
      You may call to talk to a counsellor on 1 800 668 6868 at KidsHelpPhone.ca
      Please tell an adult at home or school.
      Websites like eMailTrackerPro.com can help in tracking the sender
    • Helpful Resources for Parents
      It is imperative to protect your PCs and Laptops with softwareslike McAfee Parental Control and Predator Guard to keep your children safe.
      The website ncpc.org/cyberbullying or National Crime Prevention Councilanswers the FAQs and provides helpful links for more information you may need.
      Another fabulous resource for parents is Media Awareness Network which provides valuable information and awareness of all media forms.
      Educate yourself to the language (acronyms) your children use while messaging from websites like cyberbullying.caand transl8it.com
    • AllemHalkic
      Chanelle Rae
      Phoebe Prince
      Hope Witsell
      Megan Gillan
      Ryan Halligan
      Tyler Clementi
      Megan Meier
      They lost their life to Cyber Bullying
    • Thank you for your time and support
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