Velvica - Billing and Management Platform for Cloud Service Providers


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Velvica develops Billing and Management Platform for Cloud Service Providers.

Cloud Service Providers (Telco, MSP, IaaS, SaaS) use Velvica billing and management platform to automate cloud services sales and maintenance processes.

Velvica platform features
- Recurring, metered/usage and one-off billing
- Product catalogue, multiple currencies
- Promotions and bundles
- Services automation (creation, suspension, upgrades ...)
- Client area
- Payment processing
- Event notifications
- Support tools
- Reporting & statistics
- Affiliate program
- Extremely easy integration

Success of our customers is our primary objective. Velvica platform helps more than 180 service providers to automate cloud services sales and maintenance processes.

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Velvica - Billing and Management Platform for Cloud Service Providers

  1. 1. Billing and Management Platform for Cloud Service Providers Velvica, 2014
  2. 2. Velvica Platform 2 Sell public cloud services Work with consumers and businesses Provide services, which are paid depending on amount of services consumed, or by subscription Cloud Service Providers: Who are our customers?
  3. 3. Why Does Cloud Service Providers Need Velvica Platform? 3 To calculate service price for the clients Automatic price calculation of ordered and consumed services tailored marketing campaigns. Automatic payment acceptance To provide the customer with the comfortable dashboard Registration, top up, detailed account statement, user notification system, dunning To automate paperwork Signing of accord, enterprise forms automation, integration with ERP/CRM/OSS-systems To launch the affiliate program Accounting of resellers and their sales, resellers’ personal account, enterprise forms automation Automatizes relationships with clients and resellers
  4. 4. Velvica and Cloud Service Provider Responsibility 4 Billing and Management platform Cloud Service Provider Velvica provides billing and management platform Cloud Service Provider provides HW and SW cloud platform Velvica IaaS SaaS
  5. 5. 5 Core Features
  6. 6. Service Price Calculation 6 An ability to create service plans tailored to the needs of marketing without needs of software development One-time payment plans One-time payment for fixed cost goods or services Periodic fees Periodic payment plans: once a day, once a month, once a year etc. Promotions Discounts, coupons, trial periods, bundles etc. to stimulate sales Usage rates Tariff rates depending on the volume of consumed services
  7. 7. Customer’s Personal Area (Self-Service) 7 Customer’s personal area is a key to user satisfaction and cost reduction on the cloud service provider support User notification system Payment reminders, notifications about blocked services etc. Personal account Account top up with a simple bank transfer or PayPal. Automatic charges for the services Billing documents Automatically generated orders and invoices for recurring, one-time, and usage-based fees. Detailed purchase history Payment and usage history in one report
  8. 8. Tools for Cloud Service Provider 8 Velvica platform integration with the cloud service provider business processes Online statistics Online payment and usage statistics for cloud service provider Data for accounting Creating data about sales, customers and others for cloud service provider’s accounting Services automation Creation, suspension, deletion services base on user’s requests and billing process results Integration with other systems Automated data transfer to ERP/CRM/OSS-systems
  9. 9. Affiliate Program for Resellers 9 Increase sales through affiliate network Reports and statistics Detailed sales statistics and accounting reports Partner dashboard Fast fully automated partner registration to start selling in minutes White-label product showcase Partner will be selling your product under its own brand name Flexible discounts for partners Individual approach to forming partner discounts
  10. 10. Velvica Platform and Cloud Service Provider Platform Interaction 10 The interaction is carried out by a simple set of API methods Usage Replication API Provisioning API Billing and Management Platform Cloud Service Provider Platform Single Sign-on API Usage Price Estimation API API
  11. 11. 11 About Velvica
  12. 12. Velvica 12 We develop billing and management platform for cloud service providers since 2009 50 ISVs integrated as subscription billing clients 180 integrations with clients who need subscription & usage billing 42 000 paid accounts every month
  13. 13. Business Model 13 Revenue sharing Customization and integration fees
  14. 14. Thank you! Ivan Volchenskov CEO, Velvica +1 925-891-7869 14