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Scientrix &  Integrative thinking

Scientrix & Integrative thinking



This presentation is about Scientrix as a model for integrative thinking.

This presentation is about Scientrix as a model for integrative thinking.



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    Scientrix &  Integrative thinking Scientrix & Integrative thinking Presentation Transcript

    • Integrative Thinking© 2005-2011 Scientrix All Rights Reserved
    • Confidentiality This document is the property of Scientrix Holdings Limited (“Scientrix”). It contains confidential and proprietary information and is not be disclosed outside your organization. Any use or reproduction of this document, in whole or in part, other than for evaluation purposes, is strictly prohibited without a written declaration of consent by Scientrix. The information contained in the document does not constitute a consulting service.2  
    • What  is  Integra-ve  Thinking?  Integra*ve  thinking  is  a  discipline  and  methodology   for   solving   complex   or  wicked  problems.       Resolu*on     • Search  for  crea-ve  The   theory   was   originated   by   Dr.   resolu-on  of  Roger   Mar*n,   Dean   of   the   Rotman   tension  Business  School  in  Toronto.                                                                             Architecture   • Whole  visualized   while  working  on   individual  part   Causality   • Mul--­‐direc-onal   and  non  –linear   causality  considered   Salience   • More  futures  of  the   problem  considered   salient  
    • Why  is  a  new  way  of  thinking  required?   “Crea*vity   is   the   most   important   leadership  quality  according  to  CEO’s”     “Today’s   complexity   is   only   expected   to   rise   and   more   than   half   of   CEO”s   doubt  their  ability  to  manage  it”     “ B e L e r   p e r f o r m e r s   m a n a g e   complexity   on   behalf   of     their   organiza*ons,   customers     and   partners”.                                                             Source:  IBM,  Global  CEO  Survey  2010  
    • Are  there  models  to  support  Integra-ve  Thinking?  In   the   conven*onal   methods   and  t e c h n o l o g i e s ,   p r o b l e m s   a r e   Complex  Problems  analyzed   and   simplis*c   ideas   and   Tomorrow  solu*on   are   “chucked”   into   project  plans  with  many  independent  parts  that  are  poorly  coordinated.    Tom  Debevoise,  author  of  Business  Process  Management”)  (   Single   Mul-ple       Discipline   Discipline    The  ques*on  is:  Are  there  methods  and   tools   available   to   help   people  master   integra*ve   thinking   and  reduce   the   ever   increasing   work   Yesterday  c o m p l e x i t y   c o m b i n e d   w i t h  compressing  of  *meframes?   Simple  Problems                                                (hEp.//issuu.com/humanIfic/docs/humanIficthinkingmadevisible.)                                                          
    • What  is  Scientrix?   Scientrix   is   an   XYZ   matrix   –   based   concept   conceived  by  Ren*a  Muell  in  2004.  This  concept   embeds  the  key  principles  of  integra*ve,  design   and  systems  thinking.     It  provides  a  way  to  master  the  mul*  –  faceted   and   mul*   –   direc*onal   rela*onships   between   key  variables  in  complex  problems.         It   helps   to   create   order   in   chaos,   thought   clarity,   coordina*on   and   perfect   alignment.   It   enhances   crea*vity   and   knowledge   crea*on,   while  s*ll  remaining  logical  and  sustainable.                                                                                                          6      ©  2005  –  2011  Scientrix  /  Stracienta    All  rights  reserved  
    • What  makes  Scientrix  a  powerful  integra-ve  approach  (1)?   Salience:  More  features  of  the  problem  are  standing  out.     Scientrix  is  about  iden*fying  the  dimensions  and  variables  relevant  for  the  problem   and   then   organizing   them   in   matrix   structure.   By   combining   these   dimensions   in   matrix   structure,   a   mul*tude   of   models   and   op*ons   are   generated   to   solve   the   problem.     Causality:  Mul*  –  dimensional  and  non  –  linear  causality  considered.       The   Scientrix   matrix   structure   embed   cause   –   effect   rela*onship   i.e.   the   XYZ   coordinates   in   the   nested   matrix   structures   (matrix   –   in   –   a   matrix).   The   matrix   framework   helps   us   to   deal   with   the   rela*onships   between   mul*ple   dimensions   without  having  to  struggle  with  the  complexity  of  it.                                                                                      7      ©  2005  –  2011  Scientrix  /  Stracienta    All  rights  reserved  
    • What  makes  Scientrix  a  powerful  integra-ve  approach  (2)?   Architecture:  Whole  visualized  whilst  working  on  the  parts.     Scientrix   is   a   powerful   way   to   keep   the   parts   of   the   solu*on   together   in   one   architecture.  Whilst  enabling  focus  on  the  individual  parts  of  the  problem,  Scientrix   allows   you   not   to   loose   sight   of   the   big   picture   and   consider   the   alignment   and   interrela*onships  between  the  parts.     Resolu-on:  Search  for  crea*ve  resolu*on  of  tensions.         Every   intersect   in   the   Scientrix   matrix   poten*ally   requires   a   crea*ve   resolu*on   of   the  tension  between  the  dimensions  of  the  matrix.  In  a  broader  sense,  we  can  see  a   matrix   structure   as   a   model.   A_er   analyzing   the   strengths   and   weaknesses   of   different   alterna*ve   matrix   models,   a   new   matrix   model   is   created   incorpora*ng   the   best  of  the  models.                                                                                      8      ©  2005  –  2011  Scientrix  /  Stracienta    All  rights  reserved  
    • What  problems  are  ideal  to  solve  with  Scientrix  ?   Scientrix  is  ideal  to  solve  any  problem  that  has  more  than  2  dimensions.     Some  of  the  applica*ons:     •  Design,  cascade  and  implement  a  strategy   •  Create  an  architectural  framework  for  IT   •  Integrate  the  different  spheres  of  government     From  a  small  SME  to  a  global  organiza-on  –  THE    FULL  SPECTRUM  of  organiza-onal   needs.                                                                                9      ©  2005  –  2011  Scientrix  /  Stracienta    All  rights  reserved  
    • Where  can  I  find  more     about  Scientrix     www.scientrix.com   Contact:  ren*a.muell@scientrix.com  10      ©  2005  –  2011  Scientrix  /  Stracienta    All  rights  reserved