Looking to hire an audience voting system? This is the next generation stuff!


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Where traditional audience voting systems allow a minimal form of interaction, BuzzMaster goes further. We are looking for real interaction between the audience and speakers, by using the smartphone of our visitors.

Within a few milliseconds you can see the input from the audience on the big screen. You can literally see the messages that are being typed. Through this continuous feedback loop people are much more inclined to participate in the event.

The audience is changing from passive listener,
to active co-creator of your event.

It is our goal to make interaction more fun. Therefore, there is a wide range of options. All options are custom customized with company logos and colors. Look at www.buzzmaster.nl for all possibilities.

Please contact us for hiring options
Kim Corstjens +31617138674

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Looking to hire an audience voting system? This is the next generation stuff!

  1. 1. Looking for a buzz during your event?
  2. 2. Sharing questions and knowledge during an event has never been so easy and fun!
  3. 3. • We use your smartphone • One click and you are connected!
  4. 4. The audience immediately sees the input on the screen RESULT: energizing interaction!
  5. 5. BUZZ-COMMENTS • Audience can ask questions • Questions can be monitored • Moderator sees comments on special Ipad • When speaker answers a question, the phone of that audience member will start flashing.
  6. 6. BUZZ-PROPOSITION • Audience responds to a statement by clicking on their smartphones • Results are shown immediatly on the big screen • Moderator can show how different stakeholders voted.
  7. 7. BUZZ-RANKING • You can do crowd-sourcing and let the audience decide the importance of the subjects: “On which subjects a CEO needs to share his time?” “Which trends are the most important for your business?” • Chart moves live on the screen. Audience can continue influencing the chart
  8. 8. BUZZ-RISK MAP Ideal for corporate strategy sessions. Audience is first shown possible event in the future Audience has to choose: - What is the negative impact on our company? - What is the probability of this event to occur? Moderator can analyse different sub-targetgroups.
  9. 9. BUZZ-MAPS • Visitors will choose their favorite spot on a map on their smartphone • The movement of all participants is live visible on the screen • Presenter picks visitor from audience, name participant will appear on the screen.
  10. 10. BUZZ-PITCH • Countdown clock visible • Photo pitcher visible • Audience can continuesly rate the pitch • During pitch the rating of the audience is visible on screen by moving graphic
  11. 11. BUZZ-QUIZ • Creates energy and excitement during quiz. • Quiz questions about the content of your congress • Under pressure your audience replies • Exciting battle guaranteed: winners do appear on screen.
  12. 12. BUZZ-MATCHING • Matches people with the same voting-profile. • Computer calculates biggest matches. • Audience gets individual matching advice. • Names of participants occur on screen.
  13. 13. Creates ‘playful’ moments during a seminar
  14. 14. Very versatile Commun ication works both ways. Adds interaction to your paneldiscussion
  15. 15. For small & LARGE events
  16. 16. Did you know?
  17. 17. Did you know? * Average only 15% of your visitors are an active Twitter user?
  18. 18. Did you know? * In buildings the coverage of your mobile internet often has a very bad reach ?
  19. 19. Did you know? * Visitors like to do more instead of only vote A or B? * And they regularly forget to hand in their voting device afterwards?
  20. 20. Advantages BuzzMaster
  21. 21. BuzzMaster Does not require mobile internet (3g/4g) ✗ ✗
  22. 22. With BuzzMaster NOBODY needs to download an app ✗ ✗ ✗
  23. 23. With BuzzMaster there is no need for the location of the event to provide any WiFi ✗ ✗
  24. 24. Our customers:
  25. 25. The BuzzMasters bv www.buzzmaster.nl For more information and bookings, Please contact Kim Corstjens: Kim@buzzmaster.nl +31617138674