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  • Welcome to this overview of EMC Consulting
  • Today’s challenges include how to protecting and securing against external and internal threats as bandwidth and access points grow. In parallel you must ensure the integrity , availability, and resiliency of information in a logical, dynamic information architecture. And there is growing demand to get the right information to the right people over a trusted infrastructure. Plus enterprises must establish governance, manage risk and demonstrate compliance.Our perspective is that information-centric approach to trust is essential and trust in the cloud hinges on control and visibility and that proving security and compliance fundamental rethinking of long-standing security beliefs and practicesEMC Consulting has proven methodologies for securing and protecting information from desktop to data center to cloud joined with an industry-based understanding of trust issues. We offer end-to-end solutions for risk, resiliency and security in partnership with industry -leading security solutions with RSA
  • Thank you.
  • What’s happening today that creates the need for consulting expertise in the first place?It’s not one thing, but a multitude of factors – external threats, insider threats, increasingly complex and ever changing compliance requirements, technology change, and new risks around every corner.But, it’s also how security is – or is not – aligned within the business. Security in many companies is an afterthought, or perceived as an inhibitor. Communicating the value of security is another challenge. How do we, for example, show the impact of successs? The best security, as we all know, is where no one experiences it. There’s minimal if any impact on customers and employees, necessary information is perceived to be freely accessible, and the otherwise complex nature of protecting a company from risk is transparent.These challenges of aligning information security with the business to recognize it’s value and contribution to company objectives can be as daunting as is the challenge of protecting the business from information risk.

Emc consulting overview 6282012 Emc consulting overview 6282012 Presentation Transcript

  • EMC²’s Evolving Business ModelSoftware and Services Are Now 53% of $20B 2011 Revenues Software 16% Services 10% Software 27% Systems 47%Systems74% Services 26%EMC² Then (2000) EMC² Now 2000 worldwide total capacity worldwide total capacity shipped – shipped – 250 PB* in excess of 1,250 PB** Source: IDC© Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 2
  • How EMC Global Services Can Help Plan/Design Deploy Support/Maintain Consulting Services Industry expertise blended with key information management Technology Deployment capabilities Services, Education Industry focus areas – Financial Services Assessment, design, implementat – Health Sciences ion, integration, data migration Customer Support – Communications, Media & Media security Services Entertainment Health check/performance – Public Sector Training and certification eServices and online support – Retail, Energy & Utilities Secure remote support Technology Expertise – Cloud Architectures Managed Services Onsite and remote technical support – Cloud & Big Data Applications Storage managed services Personalized support options – Application Infrastructure Remote managed services Solution support – Information Management & Residencies Analytics – Security & GRC EMC PARTNER ECOSYSTEM© Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 3 View slide
  • EMC Consulting: Information ConsultingRealizing Ambitions by Bringing Information to Life Industry Expertise TME Financial Life Public Business Services Science Sector Markets • Enterprise Architecture IT Strategy & • IT Transformation Architecture • IT Process Excellence Enterprise • Master Data Management Information Management • Data Warehousing & Analytics • Business Intelligence • Information Architecture Application • Collaboration & Content Management Architecture Design • Application Development & Integration & Development • Legacy Application Migration • Messaging & Unified Communications Application • Next Generation Desktop Infrastructure • Application and Desktop Virtualization • Directory Services and Systems Management Cloud & • Data Center Optimization/Consolidation Virtual Data Center • ITSM Infrastructure • Server Virtualization • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Security & Risk • Security Management • ComplianceEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 4 View slide
  • EMC Consulting • Leading Global Information Consultancy • 2011 Revenues ~ $600M • Achieving 50% compounded annual revenue growth from 2004 • 2000+ associates worldwide • Supported by ~12,000 EMC Global Services professionals Global presence with thousands of engagements delivered to global Fortune 1000 companiesEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 5
  • EMC Consulting Realizing Ambitions by Bringing Information to Life • Business and industry insight joined with deep technology expertise to guide clients on transformational journeys • Trusted relationships with businesses, IT, and service providers to help them gain competitive advantage, increase business agility, and maximize IT efficiency • Our strategic ability to execute helps us guides clients’ transformations to – Accelerate the journey to cloud computing – Unlock the business value in big data, and – Ensure confidence, manage risk, and build trust Technology Expertise Industry & Business Insight Cloud Architectures Financial Services Cloud & Big Data Applications Health Sciences Application Infrastructure Communication, Media & Entertainment Information Management & Analytics Public Sector Security & GRC Retail, Energy & UtilitiesEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 6
  • Leading Transformational Journeys Increase Business Agility Increase Revenue Decrease Time To Market Improve Customer • Denver Health: Automated • First Data: optimized the Experience • CNAMTS: Created and sales channel and IT’s information system for processes for determining • Tesco: created user tracking H1N1 vaccinations Medicaid eligibility and interaction with existing experience design to generated over $25M in people and processes overhaul the shopping in 5 months that supported new reimbursements resulting in a 50% decrease 1000 clinics and enabled the experience and increase vaccination of 5M people. in time to market for new basket size of Tesco’s 1 offerings million shoppers spending £ annually. Reduce Enterprise IT Costs Increase Business Manage Risk • ING: Annual cost to serve Productivity & • Brewin Dolphin: defined and reduced 33% with move from Operational Efficiency improved the resiliency of the physical to virtual servers • Hawaiian Telcom: optimized core portfolio management • Tamasek Holdings: save $3.5 their call center operations application environment and over three years with resulting in a 30% reduction Microsoft Exchange consolidation and in dropped calls, and the improving availability and virtualization bridge (to selling) rate is performance for • US Bank: saved $3M per running at 85% - having a shareholders. year with data center significant impact on sales. virtualizationEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 7
  • 28% IT Invest 72% BUDGET Maintain DILEMM A Source: Forrester Research, Inc., IT Budget Allocations: Planning For 2011, December 3, 2010© Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 8
  • N 2010 THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE WA1.2 ZETTABYTES 1,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 9
  • A DECADE THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE WILL B35 ZETTABYTES 35,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 10
  • In This Decade… 22M WORLDWIDE IT STAFFING 15M WILL INCREASE LESS THAN 50% 2010 2020 Source : 2011 IDC Digital Universe Study © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 11
  • Accelerate the Journey to Your Cloud • Today’s Business Challenges – IT needs to adapt: traditional IT is too slow, costly and rigid – Business needs agility to develop new business models and faster time to market • EMC Consulting Perspective – Organizations with agile IT have greater business agility – 20% of information will be "touched" by cloud computing service providers by 2015—strategies to leverage these new models must be scalable and application focused – Cloud computing—public, private and hybrid—provide enterprises with economies of scale, agility, and flexibility compared to traditional IT environments – Optimized cloud requires balancing economics, trust, and functionality with an industry lens • The Value EMC Consulting Delivers – Know-how to align IT operational processes and skill sets to cloud services model – Architecture, design, and execution expertise for secure and trusted cloud infrastructures and scalable next-generation cloud applications – Industry-informed understanding of applications that benefit from cloud environment – Business insight with technology understanding to arm service providers with customer-centric solutions and delivery capabilities to create new revenue streamsEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 12
  • Unlock the Business Value in Big Data • Challenges – Data volume, variety, complexity, and velocity is growing dramatically – Analytical techniques and decision-making processes are overwhelmed – Rigid systems and architectures don’t support changing data needs • EMC Consulting Perspective – Technology and methodology must create insights aligned to business initiatives – New approaches required for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data – Speed and latency of data access is directly correlated to business agility • The Value We Deliver – Advanced analytics to combine data sources in novel ways to discover new business insights – Data quality, classification, and governance techniques to transform complex data into meaningful, accessible, and trusted information – Data visualization, user experience, and collaboration for improved business decisions – Industry expertise to ensure business can capitalize on big dataEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 13
  • Ensure Confidence, Manage Risk andBuild Trust • Today’s Business Challenges – Protecting and securing against external and internal threats as bandwidth and access points grow – Ensuring integrity , availability, and resiliency of information in a logical, dynamic information architecture – Growing demand to get the right information to the right people over a trusted infrastructure – Enterprises must establish governance, manage risk and demonstrate compliance • EMC Consulting Perspective – Information-centric approach to trust is essential – Trust in the cloud hinges on control and visibility – Proving security and compliance requires a fundamental rethinking of long-standing security beliefs and practices • The Value We Deliver – Proven methodologies for securing and protecting information from desktop to data center to cloud – Industry-based understanding of trust issues – End-to-end solutions for risk, resiliency and security – Industry -leading security solutions with RSAEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 14
  • EMC ConsultingCapabilities to Guide Clients in their Journeys CLOUD BIG DATA TRUSTAccelerate the journey to Unlock the business value Ensure confidence,your cloud in big data manage risk, and build trust• Virtualization & Data • Data Center Consolidation quality, classification • Business continuity• Cloud Advisory and and governance and resiliency Strategy Services • Big Data Advisory and • Security operations• Self-Service Portals Strategy Services strategy• Application • Data Warehouse • Governance, Risk, and Replatforming & migration Compliance Virtualization • Data Analytics • Information• Organizational & Business Impact governance Process Analysis • eDiscovery Transformation • Business Intelligence PortalsEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 15
  • EMC Consulting Leading Transformational Journeys Plan/ Vision Strategy Execute Optimize Architect Business & Detailed Continuous Advisory Strategy Discovery Technology Design & Implement Transition Improveme Services Services & Analysis Requirement Pilot nt s • Transformation Vision and • Business / IT • Solution system • Continuous Requirements testing and Metrics Strategy certification • Strategic • Process Optimization Reporting • Infrastructure Architecture, Roadmaps / & Automation Deployment • On-going Transformation Plans • End-to-End • Transition Governance • Industry / Segment Architecture Design Organization and and • Solution Design & Operations to Management Analysis New Model • Business Case / ROI Development • Migrations • Processes & Analysis • Organization Design (Application, Data) Procedures for • User Experience • Risk/Mitigation maintaining • Migration Planning Best Practices Program & Change Management Delivery & Quality Management Account ManagementEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 16
  • EMC ConsultingRealizing Ambitions by Bringing Information to Life • EMC clients are looking to EMC to actively help them manage and seize information challenges and opportunities • EMC Consulting is a ~$600M consultancy working across these diverse information challenges to help rationalize and optimize use of information through innovative strategies for – Cloud – Trust – Big Data • Our deep knowledge of technology capabilities in – Cloud Architectures – Cloud & Big Data Applications – Application Infrastructures – Information Analytics – Security & GRC • …and specific expertise in business and industry challenges give EMC Consulting a unique capability to partner with you to unlock the value of your information and accelerate the journey to your cloudEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 17
  • EMC’s Capabilities for Every Stage of the Journey to Private Cloud Strategy Design Implement Operation s Business Analysis Detailed Pilot & Test Transition Continuous Discovery Design Implement Improvement Process Applications Rationalize Application Profile Migrate Program Portfolio; Determine Application Applications to Virtual Virtualize Tier 1 Management Platform Strategy Characteristics Environment Applications Infrastructure Develop Optimize virtual Deploy Strategic End-State Develop Develop Virtualinfrastructure and Architecture and Detailed Design Skills Infrastructure Roadmap service levels Governance Create Business Case; Create OperationalManage the virtual Transition Operations to Continuous Metric Determine Best New Virtual Model Reporting program, Requirements Practices, Processes processes and environment Services and Solutions to Accelerate the Transformation to the Private Cloud EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 19
  • Virtualization Drivers • Traditional IT, including manual operational processes and technology ‘Traditional IT’ is ‘specialists’, result in enormous inefficiencies inefficient, brittle, • >70% of IT budgets spent maintaining status quo costly • <30% of IT budgets spent on innovation and competitive advantage • Business demands fast IT support for new initiatives IT inflexibility • Rigid, purpose-built architecture hampers IT’s ability to support constrains business new business initiatives, application development approaches growth • Organization speed-to-market seriously slowed • Number of client environments is exploding (e.g. net books, smart Challenge to manage phones, etc client environments, • Managing client environments is costly, slow including desktop • Desktop environments pose security, compliance threats Cloud computing • Options like cloud-based applications set an overall expectation adoption demands for IT services, ‘raises the bar’ for internal IT • No serious CIO can ignore cloud as a strategic option considerationEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 20
  • How does virtualization help address these issues?At enterprise scale, Cloud… • Increases asset utilization, lowering capital and operational expenses • Speeds provisioning and adds flexibility via standardization and automation • Simplifies management of remote users, including security, through virtualized desktop • Encourages innovative thinking – Modularity, flexibility, third party integration possibilities • Revolutionizes the application support model, in functional and economic terms – Better alignment of infrastructure to application SOIEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 21
  • What are potential challenges to success? • Inflated expectations can de-rail programs – Business case must be realistic, with challenges identified. • Virtualize all production applications, with few exceptions • Senior management must extract support commitment from major application vendors • Data protection, security, IT operations must be ‘refreshed’ – ‘Virtualization changes everything’ • Virtual application mobility is a challenging goal – Dont underestimate what do you need to do to enable moving to external provider.EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 22
  • EMC’s Perspective • Virtualization for mission critical applications became mainstream during 2009. • Cloud-based model for application platforms is becoming mainstream; (e.g. recent Microsoft Cloud application announcement, etc.) • Start planning a Cloud GRC strategy as soon as possible • Automation for core IT functions is emerging; – Management and security component becoming available. • Consumption model changes with Cloud and virtualization; start thinking in computing pools, revolutionizes thinking of capacity planning • Virtual desktop requires stronger identity and authentication capabilitiesEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 23
  • Virtualization and the Private Cloud journey Private Increased Cloud update automation for Virtualization – Later Stages VDC Publi virtual c infrastructure Service aligned Infrastructure for dynamic application mgmt Automation Unified Infrastructure management Private Cloud VDC Accelerated server Virtualization – Early Stages virtualization Removal of dependencies between applications and infrastructure Virtualized Rapidly accelerate migration to virtual Data Center infrastructure (20%-60%) Service mapping (service oriented infrastructure) Standards based virtual infrastructure Secure access to VDC Physical Data Capex and Opex benefits definition. Business Center aligned.EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 24
  • Virtualization Offerings for Private Cloud Private Cloud Offerings; Value Proposition Target Client Profile Category & ActualPrivate Cloud Readiness / Maturity Understand client strengths and • Customers typically have someAssessment: challenges before beginning a Cloud level of virtualization but have• Private Cloud Readiness Assessment transformational initiative. stalled initiatives or the next step• Infrastructure Optimization Assessment is unclearPrivate Cloud Roadmap & Project Planning Leverage EMC expertise & •Customer is intending toStrategy Services: experience to improve agility, raise commence a virtualization• Virtualization Strategy Development service quality and lower initiative but requires business• Enhance Candidate Selection infrastructure TCO. case or detailed execution plan• Desktop Optimization Accelerate your virtualization ROI and • Customer typically either isPrivate Cloud Implementation Services: achieve operational readiness looking to reduce time to market• Rapid Transformation leveraging best practices. or drive up adaption• Operational Transformation Realize ongoing business benefits •Customer has implementedPrivate Cloud Management Services: from Cloud strategy with business some degree of virtualization• Virtualization Center of Excellence case tracking, infrastructure health and wants to measure and drive checks continuous improvementEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 25
  • Virtualization Planning Best PracticeStakeholders External Exec Exec Exec CIO Exec Exec Exec Business Liaison Monthly Steering Committee Client SponsorApplication Owners Program Leadership Auditors Weekly StatusEnterpriseArchitecture Infrastructure Transformation Program Operations EMC QA Managers Management Office Managers Systems Integrator Daily Communication Security Benefits Program Management Office Management & Reporting Client SMEsCompliance P2V Factory Team Operational Readiness Team IntegratedArchitecture Work P2V Program P2V Team ITSM Process Streams Manager Consultants Manager Lead ITIL Process Services VMware Sr. P2V Network Catalog DR Consultant Consultants Consultant Consultant Facilities P2V Supplemental Resource Pool Mainframe Discovery TeamEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 26
  • Virtualization and Private Cloud SecurityWorld Class Virtualization and Information Security Expertise, Best Practices, and Proven Methodologies Realm Strategy Design Implement Operate Incident Scope Policy Compliance Metrics Planning Roadmap Deployment SOC Service Desk Response Security Assessment for Virtualized Security VDI Environments Securely Managing Virtualization: Environments • Identify sensitive information on virtual Best Practices and Safeguards • Best practices for implementation of desktops and monitor use • Assessment of operating the organization’s virtualization • Define enforcement restrictions on the procedures and measurements of environment actions a user or role can perform on security across virtualization touch sensitive content points • Applies standards-based Solution methodologies and industry best • Define and validate policies to ensure only • Gap analysis based on current authorized users connect to virtual Components practices desktops state and best practices for security • Develops a security baseline, gap operations • Validate or establish standard virtual analysis and remediation desktop configurations and verify • Establish process for routine audit recommendations configurations comply with a secure • Build routine checks for automated expected configuration discovery of non-compliance • Monitor and report on access to desktops policy, then feed to GRC platform • Policy Awareness training Specialty Security Strategy Private Cloud Security Virtual Desktop Security Policy Development AreasEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 27
  • Why EMC Consulting for the Private Cloud? Sir Edmund Hilary and his • Business Strategy, Applications and Infrastructure expert guide, Tenzig. 1953 Expertise – 2700+ consultants to help you with Private Cloud – Private Cloud monetization, services and transformation • Extensive data center experience – Thousands of data center transformations – More than 13,000 Global Services professionals – More than 10 PB of customer data migrated per month • Strong cloud expertise – More than 1,500 trained resources – More than 350 registered VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) – Premier partner in VMware Partner Network – VMware Authorized Training Center (VATC) • Partnership with leading application providers – Alliances with Oracle, SAP, and MicrosoftImagine an expert guide on – Microsoft Gold Certified partner with 11 competenciesyour toughest journeys – Oracle-EMC Joint Solutions CenterEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY 28 28