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Building a Virtual  Professional  Learning Community
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Building a Virtual Professional Learning Community


Published on

Second Life Community Convention 2011 …

Second Life Community Convention 2011

Renne Brock-Richmond (SL: Zinnia Zauber) D. Cooper Patterson (SL: Cooper Macbeth) Valerie Hill (SL: Valibrarian Gregg) Anna Gadler Pratt (SL: Sicily Zapatero) Kathryn Green (SL:JILIAN Magic) Stylianos Mystakidis (SL: Stylianos Ling) Beverly Gay McCarter (SL: Bev Landar) Cyber Simsider

Graduates from the University of Washington Certificate in Virtual Worlds Classes of 2009, 2010, and 2011 work together to enhance diverse professions and collaborate through shared synchronous projects in a scholarly community. While fostering effective and cooperative projects, the UW VW graduates are also working on virtual world projects in a variety of disciplines: library and information science, cognitive engineering, museums, education, government, military, career counseling, healthcare, nonprofits, project management, computer programming, and the Arts.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Building a Virtual Professional
    Learning Community
    With the Graduates from the
    University of Washington
    Certificate in Virtual Worlds
  • 2. Welcome to UW Avalumni
    After graduating from University of Washington Certificate in Virtual Worlds,
    this is where Alumni + Avatars = Avalumni join forces to build a supportive community.
  • 3. University of Washington Virtual World Program Instructor:
    Randy Hinrichs / Ran Hienrichs
    University of Washington Virtual World Program Mentors & Hourly Lecturers:
    Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond / Zinnia Zauber and Michael Thome / Vex Streeter
  • 4.
  • 5. Class of 2009
    eggshell Burks
    Emerson Iwish
    Jackie Rexan
    JaromCooperstoneJoe Nirvana
    Joe Nirvana
    Joseph Trachtenberg
    Laurel Zenovka
    Yari Huckleberry
    Zinnia Zauber
  • 6. Class of 2010
    Barbara Collazo
    Cooper MacBeth
    Cyber Simsider
    Eliza Taurus
    Jag Mode
    Jillian Magic
    Steven3 Longfall
    TommyA Ghost
    Valibrarian Gregg
  • 7. Malik Treves
    Phoenix Gerhadsen
    Sicily Zapatero
    Skylar82 Shepherd
    Stylianos Ling
    TimK Kling XanthoMuhindra
    Class of 2011 Amythest Ghost
    Bev Landar
    Brenna Cardalines
    Irving Nandahar
    Loki Whitefalcon
  • 8. PLN Personal Learning Network PLC Professional Learning Community
  • 9. Communication Formats
  • Research & Librariesin Two Worlds
    Valibrarian Gregg / Valerie Hill, TWU SLIS
    Doctoral Candidate
  • 17. Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media.
  • 26. Virtual World Librarians
    Exhibits & Immersive Learning
    Virtual Reference,
    Book Discussions, &
    Information Delivery
  • 27.
  • 28.  “It may be that the great age of libraries is waning, but I am here to tell you that the great age of librarians is just beginning. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be a part of it.”
    ~ T. Scott Plutchak
    “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
    ~ Alvin Toffler
  • 29. Today…we need to be part of a PLC (professional learning community)because we cannot keep up with the incredible changes taking place in information technology alone!Thanks, UW Colleagues, for helping me learn. ~Val
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33.
  • 34.
  • 35.
  • 36.
  • 37.
  • 38.
  • 39.
  • 40.
  • 41.
  • 42. Green & Green Career Services
    Prepare for What Will Be - Not What Was!
  • 43.
  • 44. Green & Green Career ServicesCareer Counselor / Instructor / Program Facilitator / Virtual World Builder
    Dr. Kathryn Green
    JILIAN Magic SL
    Ed.D Computing & Information Technology, NOVA S.E. University
    M.A. Career Counseling, Chapman University
    Academy Resume Writing Certificate, Resume Writing Academy
    Certificate Virtual Worlds, University of WashingtonE-Mail Address
    Web Site Address
  • 45. I am Dr. Kathryn Green, a Career Counselor and Instructor.
    My professional experience as a tenured professor at a California Community College includes developing and instructing Career/Life Planning courses and workshops both on campus and on-line for the Community College and for a University Master’s Degree program.
    Also, I served as a Program Facilitator for the Community College's Assessment and Employment Center. 
  • 46. Career Life Planning Services
    As a Career/Life Planning Counselor/Instructor, I provide resume writing, career assessment, and success skills services, workshops, and classes.
    Clients include:
    Mature Workers
    Career Changers
    Long-termed Unemployed
    Students and Recent Graduates
  • 47. Value of the UW Virtual World Certificate Program
    I was introduced to the magic of virtual worlds as a graduate of the University of Washington Virtual World Certificate Program.
    I had the opportunity to learn with many uniquely talented people who all worked toward common goals and offered their special contributions in the completion of our project.
    I am particularly interested in identifying new and emerging career paths and helping people find satisfying work matching their interests, skills, personality, and values. The UW Virtual Worlds program revealed:
    the power of social media
    the growth of 3D web
    the use of virtual worlds in distance education.
  • 48. Cyber Simsider M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of WashingtonM.S. Optical Sciences, University of ArizonaB.S. Physics, University of WashingtonCertificate Game Development, University of WashingtonCertificate Virtual Worlds, University of Washington
  • 49. Cyber Simsider
  • 50. Cyber Simsider
    • Valley Fever Awareness: Valley Fever Survivor
    • 51.
    • 52. Book: Valley Fever Epidemic
  • Cyber Simsider
  • 53. Cyber Simsider
  • 54.
  • 55.
  • 56.
  • 57.
  • 58.
  • 59.
  • 60. Daniel Cooper Patterson / Cooper MacBeth
  • 61. Cyber Simsider
  • 62. Create - Educate - Encourage
    Active engagement and encouragement creates a cooperative community of responsibility, collaboration, and enthusiasm!
    Have the courage to encourage!
    - Education -
    Certificate in Virtual Worlds, University of WashingtonMasters of Fine Art in Visual Arts,
    Vermont College of Norwich University
    Bachelor of Science in Art, Lewis & Clark College
    Creative Services - unique as you
    Art and Apparel - hue are you?
    - Instruction -
    Arizona State University
    University of Washington
    TechSoup Global
    Peninsula College
    Monterey Peninsula College
    unique as you instruction
    smARTies – Smart Art Instruction
    - Arts Advocate – Community Event Producer – Nonprofit Fundraiser and Board Member – Creative Business Supporter – Art Exhibition Juror and Curator -
  • 63. What are your superpowers?
  • 64. Teaching and building communities in virtual worlds.
  • 65. Support Nonprofits and Promote Awareness
  • 66. Team Building, Networking and Fundraising
  • 67. Trailblazing Pioneers with Collaborative Spirits
  • 68. After graduation the Class of 2009 established the Avalumni, the UW Virtual World Alumni Group.
    Avalumni develop a proposal to build a community in Second Life to foster connections with the UW, incoming students, and to promote their new talents.
    A wiki is created to document our proposal ideas and build within the pages our new sim.
    The Class of 2010 arrives and we elect a council and build Avalumni Island Teams.
    UW Avalumni Island Arrives!
  • 69.
  • 70.
  • 71.
  • 72.
  • 73.
  • 74.
  • 75.
  • 76.
  • 77. Avalumni Career Center
    JILIAN MAGICEd.D Computing & Information Technology, NOVA S.E. UniversityM.A. Career Counseling, Chapman UniversityAcademy Resume Writing Certificate, Resume Writing Academy Certificate Virtual Worlds, University of WashingtonCYBER SIMSIDERM.S. Electrical Engineering, University of WashingtonM.S. Optical Sciences, University of ArizonaB.S. Physics, University of WashingtonCertificate Game Development, University of WashingtonCertificate Virtual Worlds, University of Washington
  • 78. Serving Students and Alumni in the Global Village
    Because of distance and time restraints, it is often difficult for students and alumni to visit the on-campus Career Center in person. Virtual media based career workshops may provide immediate information and assistance covering a variety of topics.
    Our virtual career center in Second Life offers a convenient and structured way to assess and/or confirm career direction and goals. This social media provides an immersive and personally interactive environment for delivering career services in an international setting.
  • 79. Career/Life Planning Services
    Step 1: PERSONAL ASSESSMENT – UNDERSTANDING YOU– examples: Interests, Skills, Personality and Values
    Identify the job tasks, tools/technology used, education required, wages and employment trends and related occupations.
    Education/Training Plan
    Job Search/Work Experience Plan – Businesses Partnerships, Internships
    Financial Plan – Prepare for Financial Independence (multiple sources of income).
    Plus SUCCESS SKILLS - examples:Decision Making & Goal Setting, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Time Management
  • 80. Career Center Component of Avalumni Island
    The career center is the hub of the educational experience that interconnects students, alumni, counselors, instructors, administrators, and corporate officials.
    Our virtual world career center creates a persistent immersive social networking communication path for students, alumni, corporations, and academia.
    These stakeholders support enrolled and new students by sharing their valuable talents and donations to the college foundation.
    The virtual world career center design is presented from a functional perspective of career life planning and programmatic services integral to student and alumni success.
  • 81. Avalumni Career Center Complex
    • Counseling Office 
    • 82. Alumni Meeting Area
    • 83. Employer Office and Conference Room (Interviewing)
    • 84. Seminars and Workshop Room
    • 85. Lecture Hall
    • 86. Outdoor Auditorium
    • 87. General PurposeMall (Job Fairs)
  • 88.
  • 89. Graduates from the
    University of Washington Certificate in Virtual Worlds and PLC Builders of UW Avalumni Island look toward and create the future while celebrating the pioneers who paved the path, develop and govern a space of unified equality, education, and expression, and continuously share the cutting edge of developments and research in Virtual World use through an ever changing evolutionary environment.
    You can build community with unity
  • 90. Thank you very much!