Legislative Calendar Weekending 101609


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Legislative Calendar weekending 101609

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Legislative Calendar Weekending 101609

  1. 1.  Monda Octobe 12, 2009 ay, er 9Commi ittee: No Committee M C Meeting Scheduled HOLID DAY_______ ___________ __________ ___________ ___________ __________ ___________ __________ ______Tuesda Octobe 13, 2009 ay, er 9Time: 5:00 PMCommi ittee: Educ cation, Yout and Cultur th reLocatio on: Frits E. Lawaetz Conference Room, St. Croix s z e Agend daThe Com mmittee on Education, Y E Youth and Cu ulture has sch heduled a he earing to receive testimo on onythe Statu of Educati (from the perspective of Students, teachers, p us ion e e parents, para aprofessiona and als,support s staff)Wednesday, Octo ober 14, 2009Time: 5:00 PMCommi ittee: Educ cation, Youth and Cultur h reLocatio on: Earle B. Ottley L e Legislative H St. Tho Hall, omas Ag gendaThe Com mmittee on Education, Youth and Cu E ulture has sch heduled a he earing to rece testimony on eivethe Statu of Education (from the perspective of Students teachers, p us e e s, parents, paraaprofessionals,and supp staff) port_______ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ __________ _______1
  2. 2. Thursday, October 15, 2009Time: 5:00 PMCommittee: Education, Youth and CultureLocation: Legislative Conference Room, St. John AgendaThe Committee on Education, Youth and Culture has scheduled a hearing to receive testimony onthe Status of Education (from the perspective of students, teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, andsupport staff)_______________________________________________________________________________Friday, October 16, 2009Time: 10:00 AMCommittee: Public Safety, Homeland Security and JusticeLocation: Frits E. Lawaetz Conference Room, St. Croix AgendaThe Committee on Public Safety, Homeland Security and Justice has scheduled ahearing to receive testimony on the Virgin Islands Drug Enforcement Bureau.Honorable Novelle E. Francis, Jr., Attorney Vincent FrazerCommissioner Virgin Island Attorney GeneralVirgin Islands Police Department Department of JusticeHonorable Lynn Millin-Maduro Mr. Frederick JosephCommissioner Sub District DirectorDepartment of Property and Procurement United Steel WorkersMr. Darrel Weaver Mr. Kenneth HermonDirector DirectorOklahoma State Bureau Division of PersonnelNarcotics & Dangerous Drug ControlJay Watson Mr. Joseph AngolNarcotics Agent SupervisorVirgin Islands Drug Enforcement Bureau Virgin Islands Drug Bureau2
  3. 3. Mr. Louis Penn Mr. Meridith NielsenChief of Staff for the Governor Drug Policy Advisor to the GovernorOffice of the Governor Law Enforcement Planning CommissionMr. Walter Freeman Mr. Rosanna Jn. BatisteOfficer OfficerDepartment of Property and Procurement Department of Property and ProcurementMr. Luis Tito Morales Attorney Frederick HandlemanPresident Legal CounselUnited Steel Workers Virgin Islands Police DepartmentDetective Dwight GriffinVirgin Islands Police Department__________________________________________________________________Monday, October 19, 2009Time: 10:00 AMCommittee: Labor and AgricultureLocation: Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall, St. Thomas AgendaThe Committee on Labor and Agriculture will receive testimony on bill No. 28-0142 (AnAct amending 3 V.I.C., Section 530 (a) as it relates to wrongfully discharged Governmentemployees).Invited Testifiers:Mr. Kenneth Hermon Jr. Valdemar Hill Jr., Ph.D.Director Chief NegotiatorDivision of Personnel Office of Collective BargainingMonday, October 19, 2009Time: 6:00 PMCommittee: Labor and Agriculture (Town Hall Meeting)Location: Charlotte Amalie High School Auditorium (St. Thomas)3
  4. 4. AgendaThe topic of discussion is “The Effects of the GERS Reform Legislation on theGovernment of the Virgin Islands Labor Force”The Town Hall Meeting is in response to the volume of calls Fielded by my office as itrelates to Act No. 6794, “The Retirement System Reform Act of 2005”Invited to Participate:Mr. Austin Nibbs, CPAGERS Administratorand key members of his Senior Staff including:The Benefits AdministratorLegal CounselDirector of Loans _________________________________________________________________Tuesday, October 20, 2009Time: 10:00 AMCommittee: Financial Services, Infrastructure and Consumer AffairsLocation: Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall, St. Thomas AgendaThe Committee on Financial Services, Infrastructure & Consumer Affairs will receivetestimony “regarding the repairs, renovations and improvements using public fundsat the private residence of Governor John P. DeJongh Jr.” and all related documentsto such.Invited Testifiers:Honorable Lunn Millin-Maduro Honorable Darryl A. SmallsCommissioner CommissionerDepartment Property & Procurement Department of Public WorksHonorable Julito Francis Mr. Louis PennExecutive Director Chief of Staff to GovernorPublic Finance Authority John P. DeJongh Jr.Mr. Henry Thomas Adam ChristianChief of Security office Legal Counsel to Government Houseof the Governor4
  5. 5. Vincent Frazer, Esq Elliot DavisAttorney General of the Virgin Islands Solicitor GeneralAdam G. Christian Esq., Mr. James WebberLegal Counsel, Office of the GovernorNeil Carty Mr. Liston DavisBetter Roads Asphalt CorpMr. Ronald Russell Mr. Juan FigueroaServilleWilliam Koenig Kevin CoganPresident of WMK Mechanical President Alert 1 InternationalBill No. 28-0137 – An Act amending title 31 Virgin Islands Code 23, Section 236a toprohibit the requirement of surety on bids that are $150,000 or less and for other purposes__________________________________________________________________Wednesday, October 21, 2009Time: 10:00 AMCommittee: HealthLocation: Frits E. Lawaetz Conference Room, St. Croix AgendaThe Committee on Health has scheduled a meet to hear the Status update on theFrederiksted Health Care, Inc. /Ingeborg Nesbitt Clinic and the Herbert Grigg Home for theAged inclusive of: 1. Frederiksted Health Care, Inc., clinic services at the Herbert Grigg Provisional site 2. Future expansion of the Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged 3. Update on site repair, mold remediation and the re-opening of the Ingeborg Nesbitt Clinic 4. Bill No. 28-0096, An act to rename the Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged to the Herbert Grigg Skilled Nursing Care FacilityInvited Testifiers:Masserae Sprauve Webster Daryl Smalls, PEExecutive Director CommissionerFrederiksted Health Center, Inc. Department of Public Works5
  6. 6. Lena Schulterbrandt Christopher FinchChairperson CommissionerBoard of Directors Department of Human ServicesFrederiksted Health Care Inc.Vera Falu Dr. Raymond CintronDirector PresidentHerbert Grigg Home of the Aged Virgin Islands Medical SocietyLynn Millin-Maduro, Esq. Denyce E. SingletonCommissioner DirectorDepartment of Property and Procurement AARP of the Virgin Islands Daisy Rodriquez Dr. Robert F. CentenoMedical Social Services Representative Acting MedicalJuan F. Luis Hospital Juan F. Luis Hospital_______________________________________________________Thursday, October 22, 2009Time: 9:00 AMCommittee: RulesLocation: Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall, St. Thomas TO BE ANNOUNCED_________________________________________________________________Friday, October 23, 2009Committee: No Committee Meeting Scheduled RESERVED FOR CONSTITUENT MEETINGS AND OFFICE WORK6