What is public relations to my opinion?


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For the Segbroek College in The Hague, The Netherlands I'll show students the benefits of public relations. Just because I'd love to tell it...

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What is public relations to my opinion?

  1. 1. Who wants to go with me to the magical land of make believe?
  2. 2. This is what you have to deal with first…
  3. 3. Public relations = A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. With in- and external communications you can inform and influence any audience with text, adverts, publicity, promotion or special events. Public relations is also about signalizing trends and cases in the outside world and live by actions and reactions.
  4. 4. PR targets? The main target is about maintaining or creating a good image. PR is not about sales. PR is based upon image and reputation research. The main tools you work with are: to influence opinion leaders in your key target audience and to contact your target audiences by using their own kinds of media.
  5. 5. A good story! PR is about good stories to attract people, to engage them, to gain credibility or to gain trust and empowerment. A nice and long lasting way of building relationships with your clients in order to sell your products and services.
  6. 6. Be good and let others tell it! You don’t have to tell how good your client is, let others tell it. It’s about ordinary opinions by the common man. They’re really priceless and sincere. The big question remains: who’s able to convince you in the fastest, the best and most efficient way? Do we have to pitch our voice on emotions, on our senses, our sensibility or on our doubtful reasons? “Discussing goodness is the best a man can do…” - Plato -
  7. 7. In case… Introduction Lotus Speculoospasta • Recipes Marocforum • Mega swap Dutch border Hazeldonk • Innovative product award •Viral: JetztGeht’sSpeculoos! • Collectable art cards Dutch and Belgian art galleries
  8. 8. Nice working! What’s fun about PR? • You get to know people and understand their drives. Influencing people is about psychology. Communication is about organization management. • You end up different places and you’ll learn the cause of things. • You learn the art of argueing, of motivating and of engaging. • You keep on learning and developing. • You can easily work at home.
  9. 9. Misconducts • PR is about press relations. • PR is just a quick promotion tool. • PR is the best search engine tool. • PR is the poor people’s advertising business. • PR is about lousy wages. • PR is a science.
  10. 10. Who am I? Ik am René van Stekelenborg, I’ve been studying the Dutch language and got myself degrees in internal and external communications at the School of Journalism, Social Academy and the Tilburg University. Throughout the years I’ve been working as a journalist, a communications advisor, a spokesperson, a marketeer and a (chief-)editor on account levels and at several offices. www.prvanstekelenborg.com www.facebook.com/prvanstekel enborg
  11. 11. Please vote! Thank you for your attention and good luck in choosing the right opportunities! I’m nominated as freelancer/interim manager of the year, I’d appreciate it if you could vote for me. So, please do. Any questions? Please ask! www.prvanstekelenborg.com www.facebook.com/prvanstekel enborg