Literacy primary with ipads
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Literacy primary with ipads



Literacy primary with ipads

Literacy primary with ipads



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Literacy primary with ipads Literacy primary with ipads Presentation Transcript

  • Supporting Literacy with iPads PrimaryTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Workshop slides Download slides in PDF direct: Also available at Learning and Teaching with iPads blogpost: Supporting literacy with iPads in PrimaryTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Literacy rich environment The iPad is one of many tools that can be used in the literacy rich classroom to stimulate, engage and provide personalised activities to support learners.Tuesday, 26 March 13
  • Minimum of 100 minutes of literacy instruction per day See OSCAR for Focus 160 strategyTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Resources • Focus 160 strategy on OSCAR • Mindful Learning Mindful Teaching Ning • iPads for Literacy & Learning iBook • Learning and Teaching with iPadsTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Think alouds Screencasting apps • Educreations, • ShowMe, • ScreenChomp, • Explain Everything Mindmapping Apps • eg Popplet, • iCard sortTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Think alouds resource Using Screenchomp, Dropbox and the iPads for Think Alouds (Youtube video)Tuesday, 26 March 13
  • Visualising for comprehension Read and Respond using Show Me on the iPads In this example, students draw as teacher reads, and then record their voices telling about their visualisation (webpage).Tuesday, 26 March 13
  • Purposeful talk Use Apps like Safari, YouTube or specific Apps to engage students around the reading activity. Real life Wonky Donkey Youtube video Wonky Donkey ebook AppTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Read alouds Use the iPad as a visualiserTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Re-enact the story • Puppet Pals • Sock Puppets • Video by the Camera AppTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Re-enact the story Animation - Animation Creator HD - Doink Stop motion - iMotion HD - iStopMotion - My CreateTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Build letter awareness • rEd Writing • Mini Adventures - Lets Go and • iWW Lite Learn the AphabetTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Build vocabulary awareness Highly customisable free Apps - create own lists, insert own images and record audio. • Bits Board • Sight Words List • Phonics GeniusTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Reading on the iPad Personalise to reading levels using Google Advanced search and utilise accessibility ‘Speak Selection’ functionTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Reading on the iPad Ebook Apps that read aloud, highlight words e.g., : • Collins Big Cat Apps (free) • Dr Seuss Book AppsTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Reading on the iPad iBook store - Childrens and Young Adults category (samples for free)Tuesday, 26 March 13
  • Finding quality eBook Apps • Kirkus Review iPad Book Apps • See Mindful Learning Mindful Teaching Ning • Coming Term2/3 eBooks platform for our schoolsTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Pre-writing activities Create visual stories using • Play School Art Maker • Feltboard • Doodle Buddy, • Skitch • Strip DesignerTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Build on concepts and understandings Utilise Apps that can build on the topics or book being read e.g., for a Rainforest or Australian Animals topic - you could use Wilderquest, Taronga Zoo (Monkey Mayhem or Rainforest Heroes) AppsTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Build on concepts and understandings Utilise the Ebscohost databases to find relevant newspapers and magazine articles about topics that can be delivered to students via their iPad. • For students via Snet portal (https:// • For staff via Staffnet - Resources - Library eResourcesTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Find Australian Apps to support concept building Find Australian Apps • List of Australian Government Apps • List of NSW Government Apps • App store - ‘Made in Australia’ categoryTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Identify stages of the narrative • Story Spine • Toontastic • PoppletTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Construct their own version of the text • Scribble Press • Book creator • Creative Book BuilderTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Workshop Activity • Structure a literacy lesson utilising the iPad, Apps or a App that you have used today. • Share your lesson with your colleagues.Tuesday, 26 March 13
  • Additional resources • Jones, Matthew. "iPads and Kindergarten Students Literacy Development." SCAN: The Journal for Educators 31.4 (2012): 31-38. Print. • Dawson, Wendy. "Students create ebooks." SCAN: The Journal for Educators 31.4 (2012): 15-20. Print. Scan Journal available at Learning Exchange or at most school libraries.Tuesday, 26 March 13
  • Additional resources • iPad Apps for Guided Reading by Jane Farrall • iSpy a Story by TechChef4U - example of school using Spine Story • The iTraits of Character by TechChef4U - 6th graders using Sock Puppets to support character analysis/development • Writing and publishing with Creative Book Builder from Learning and Teaching with iPadsTuesday, 26 March 13
  • Additional resources • Hutchison, Amy. "Exploring the Use of the IPad for Literacy Learning." The Reading Teacher 66.1 (2012): 15-23. Web. 22 Mar. 2013. Wondering how iPads measure up as a tool for literacy learning? This fourth-grade teacher explored the use of iPads to help her teach print-based literacy skills while providing students with the opportunityto learn digital literacy skills. • Margareth, Sandvik, Smerdal Ole, and Osterud Svein. "Exploring iPads in Practitioners Repertoires for Language Learning And Literacy Practices in Kindergarten." Nordic Journal of Digial Literacy 7.3 (2012): 204-220. Web. 23 Mar. 2013. Explores the role of the iPad and a shared display as extensions of a practitioner’s repertoire for language learning and literacy practices in a multicultural kindergarten multicultural kindergarten .Tuesday, 26 March 13
  • Lisa Nash - Learning Exchange, Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta, 26 March 13