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Brochure from our Luxury Villa Resort Bukit Manis (will also be copied in Brazil, Ibiza, Thailand, Malaysia, & Mexico)
This wonderful new luxury project is a jewel in one of the most beautiful areas in the Bukit-often called the Beverly Hills of Bali-(South Bali), very close to National Park GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), Bvlgari and the Four Seasons Hotel. Situated in a quiet coastal area and is surrounded by expatriate community. It's a development of 2ndHomes in cooperation with Exposure Project Development, thus in Dutch hands.
We build 2 type of Balinese villas (total 24: 12 one storey and 12 two storey villas) with a big central 'open living', Infinity Pools and unobstructed Indian Ocean views to taste the unique Balinese way of life. Only 13km from the international airport and 1km from Dreamland beach & Golf. The closest beach (Greenball) is just a min. from the resort which is a true paradise to real Bali lovers.
Also close to the Jimbaran famous beach fish restaurants, Nusa Dua & Tanjung Benoa harbor.
Situated in a area where tourism is hardly present yet to be able to enjoy the quietness of the beautiful surroundings. And yet close enough to reach all other facilities with a 15 min. drive, which is very convenient for rentals. The project will be delivered with Free-Hold title to secure your ownership rights. A true Balinese beauty in its kind...!
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Brochure Luxury Villa Resort Bukit Manis - Bali

  2. 2. CONTENTBali in General 2Population and country map 3Southern Bali - The Bukit 4Why investing in Bali is interesting 5Description of involved parties 6 The project developer Strategy The project 7Location and masterplan 8Property rights & regulations 9Villa type BALI LOTUS 1 10-13Floorplan villas + animationsVilla type BALI LOTUS 2Tourist Information 14Owning a Villa in BaliReturn on InvestmentRental projectionProperty Overview 15Fact Sheet 15 BUKIT MANIS I LUXURY VILLA RESORT I BALI
  3. 3. BALI GENERALBali - Indonesia - is no longer a third world country. It is an emerging country where theeconomy booms and bloom. This is the perfect time to own a piece of paradise for your fu-ture investment. With 20% to 30% average annual property value increase steady for thesepast 15 years, there are no other place compatible in the world for property investment.It’s situated on a short distance on the East coast from Java, separated by a narrow seastreet. There are theories that the two were one before with supporting proof of it. Howeverrather small, the total surface is about 5810km, with a population of around 2,5 million inha-bitants. In contrary of the rest of Indonesia major religion is Hinduism, even in the specificmeaning of the Agama Hinduism. Nowadays perhaps it is still a ‘little secret’ for some. Butnow you know and we can help. With a local and Western team we assure your investmentwill be safe and successful. Our local team will ensure you to get the best pricing and ourWestern team will make sure the legal aspect is internationally approved.Stretching itself from East to West over the island there’s a volcanic chain with the highestpoint Gunung Agung (holey mountain), with its highest level of more than 3142 meter.Other mountains are the Batakau in the West and the Batur area with fruitful acres that areproducing vegetables and copra. The part where the rice is being grown is mostly in thecentral part of the island. The touristic areas are in the South.ECONOMYRice is the nr.1 product in Bali.Besides rice copra oil (coconut) is being won and are the slopes full of coffee and fruit plan-tations. The North-East corner of the Island is famous for its tasteful ‘salak, a to sour appletasting fruit with brown skin. In the dryer North area a lot of livestock-farming is being done.A lot of the hurdles finds its way to other parts of the island and being exported from thereas well. In the area of Benoa and Negara there are as well some shrimp farms.Around Nusa Lembongan many seaweed is being grown. However the sea around Bali isfull of fish, there is no serious fishing. The Balinese is a farmer who avoids the sea as the evilspirits stay in there. Besides farming there is a lot of house-industrious-driven activities as animportant source of income. Every Balinese is good with his hands, and being creative is hissecond nature. Paintings, hand cut wood, woven cloth are being sold all over the world! Ofcourse tourism is an increasing and important role in Bali. 2.
  4. 4. POPULATION Bali is a Hinduism island. Balinese are very friendly and al- ways welcome you with a smile and speak reasonable English. In Bali you should always receive things in your right hand and never with the left as this is being conside- red as unclean. The head is for the Balinese the holiest part of the body, so never pet the head of a child as this is not done! When you visit a temple you have to cover your shoulders and knees, like in many other countries. You can buy cheap Sarongs all over Bali. BALI MAP3. BUKIT MANIS I LUXURY VILLA RESORT I BALI
  5. 5. SOUThERN PART Of BALIThe ‘Bukit’- as well being named ‘Beverly Hills’ of Bali – is the Southern part of Bali in which isalso situated the National Park GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana). With the famous surf beachof Uluwatu and the hills of Jimbaran as part of the Bukit. Bukit is the Indonesian word Hill. Thearea is a little higher and surrounded by majestic cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. Besidesthe many surfers the Bukit is still saved from mass tourism. It is a quiet and nice area of whichmany people say like Bali used to be 10 years ago. There are still a few traditional and au-thentic villages, with beautiful and famous temples and old habits. It’s hard to believe thatthis is just 15 minutes away from the busy Kuta and from the international airport. On theway from Kuta to the Bukit you’ll see the busy streets changing into a country road area withbeautiful and peaceful surroundings. And also hard to believe how the Bukit has changed!It has always been sparsely inhabited and was only the preserve of royal hunting partiesand a place for banishment for undesirables. Now resorts such as Bvlgari, Ritz-Carlton, FourSeason, C151 Cliff Villas and T17 Golf Resort are being developed and decorating the areavalue is increasing immensely day by day.The Bukit is surrounded by the beautiful white Sandy beaches of Nusa Dua and Dreamland,and crystal clear blue water as part of the Bukit. On the hills before Dreamland is now beingdeveloped a luxurious 18-holes Golf course, which will make the area even more attractive.In the South you’ll find besides the surf beaches of Uluwatu, the famous cliff temple and theunwrapped, alternative and primitive beaches for which you would have to follow the longstairs downhill. It’s more than worth the decent: the beaches are from Paradise and thereare no tourists. As well the fish restaurants from Jimbaran are part of the Bukit. Fish is beingserved freshly on the beach, to select by yourself and eat during the spectacular sunset.The Bukit offers people the possibility to live in busy Bali in a modern, comfortable villa withocean view. It’s far away from town to enjoy the peace and yet close enough to all facilitieslike restaurants, nightlife and shops.GOLf fANSBali has a couple of beautiful golf courses, of which without any doubt can be said thatthey belong to the most beautiful in the World! Besides the 9-holes Golf course, there arethree 18-holes courts. Golf club Handara in the centre of Bali, Nirwana Bali Golf club on thewest coast, the Bali Golf & Country Club in Nusa Dua, and the new now being developedT17. A must for every golf fan. Especially during along stay, in which you have all the time, isplaying golf the perfect activity next to excursions or another day at the beach. 4.
  6. 6. WhY IS INVESTING IN BALI INTERESTING Bali - Indonesia is certainly no third world country anymore. On the contrary! The deve- lopments in Bali are that much rising that we can speak of a `booming’ economy. That’s exactly why it is particularly interesting to invest in Bali now. Aside from its pure beauty, particularly atmosphere, the well-known Balinese hospitality and peace on `the Island of the Gods, there is a growing economic development which at- tracts worldwide visitors to this magical island. This results in a faster increase of capital gains and prices than in many other equivalent areas. Which of course has a positive influence on the increase of your property or investment. 20 up to 30% capital appreciations per year are no exception in the previous years. And it looks like this will continue in the next year’s. Interesting plots are becoming harder to get hold of as with that the prices will increase. In short, there is probably no better spot in the world for your property investment. Therefore we would say that it’s now the right time to invest in Bali, develop or have your own little paradise on earth as an investment for the future. For full guiding and accompaniment we stand by your side in cooperation with our local partners. Either if you want to enjoy life after your retirement or if you’re in search of a good return on investment, bases enough for both reasons to choose for Bali. A lot of facilities and attractions, a good infrastructure and more and more flight connections make this superb island extremely popular as a tourist destination or a safe home from people of several na- tionalities. (see as well page 17 the graphics of the tourist figures) Kept for some under us still possibly as a `well secret’. But now you know it also and we as an intermediary company of internationally property will ensure you that your investment will be safe and successful. Nusa Dua Beach Uluwatu Sunset Garuda Wisnu Kencana Git Git Waterfall (National Park)5. BUKIT MANIS I LUXURY VILLA RESORT I BALI
  7. 7. DESCRIPTION ACTIVITIES PARTIES INVOLVEDThE PROjECT DEVELOPERThis project will be developed by a Dutch developer in cooperation with a Balinese construc-tion venture and an investment fund. For this project a Balinese Ltd (PT-PMA) has been set up:PT Exposure Bali that will operate under Dutch flag. Both 2ndHomes and Exposure project Deve-lopment are part of Exposure Enterprises, established in 1992.EXPOSURE PROjECT DEVELOPMENTThis operating company has the ambition to develop (international) developments of small-scale properties which characterize themselves by an excellent proportion in price and quality.And particularly in areas where above average capital appreciations and increases of pro-perty prices are to be expected. Exposure Project Development will generally not operate fullyindependently and for own account and risk, but basically in combination with an investor(s)and a local party which results into that potential risk is brought back to acceptable proportions.Exposure Project Development looks back at 6 years of experience with several developments,nationally and internationally.2ND hOMES INTERNATIONALThis operating company aims at sales to individual clients and business investors of internationalreal estate. Beside projects in which the sister organization Exposure Project Development takespart, 2ndHomes represents also on exclusive basis projects of third parties. The head office inThe Hague (capitol of politics from Holland) coordinates the activities and is responsible for theorganization, structure and the maintenance of the database, (international) marketing andpromotion campaigns and the support for office network.As holding Exposure Enterprises acts among others as a financier of the operating companies.The holding develops activities since 2004. In the past 2 years especially much time and moneyhas been spent on several researches, formalising the collaborations with international partners,setting up 2ndHomes as a special international real estate organisation, starting up its own nati-onal dealer network, designing and building the new office and the production of house style,brochures, the Internet site and other promotional activities and tools. Moreover an externalconsultant has been attracted for evaluating and forming the business plans.STRATEGYBecause it concerns two main activities we speak of varying strategies.Exposure Project Development positions itself as (co-) developer of smaller, more luxurious pro-perties outside the Netherlands. Thereby it concerns projects of approximately 10 up to 50 unitswhich can be realised in a relatively short period (maximum 3 years) and to be sold out in thesame time. Exposure Project Development claims a specific role in these cooperation’s. Throughan extensive and large database and continuously ongoing research can be stipulated whichtype of houses can expect a warm receive and which level enjoys the preference in finishingand material choice. Besides developing the marketing- and sale policy is also participatedactively in financial management (including start financing and cost control). As partner in theproject control is required at the appointment of external consultants (among which lawyers,accountants, construction management and architects). Projects will not be set up generallyindependently but in association with local partners. Particularly knowledge brought in by alocal partner is importantly introduced for limiting risks. Sometimes it is in addition required ofpartners that they also participate effectively in the financing of the projects, for example by theinput of land or working capital. At the selection of partners it is especially looked at agreementsin objectives, quality notion and service orientation. 6.
  8. 8. ThE PROjECT This from 24 luxurious villas existing beautiful project is situated in the Southern part near at Ungasan Village and Uluwatu on Bali’s Southern peninsula Bukit, also known now as the `Be- verly Hills of Bali’. As Bukit means hill, Bukit Manis means ‘Sweet Hill’. The area is at present considered as most luxuriously and strongly upcoming area of Bali. Si- tuated on only 13 km of the international airport, 4 km of the Nusa Dua range (`Dreamland) and 2 km of the Dreamland Beach & Golf course. The nearest beach (`Greenball) lies only on 5 minutes distance of the project and is a splendid piece of paradise on earth which is highly recommended by true Bali experts. There will be developed 12 one storey villas and 12 two storey villas. Because the project lies on a hill (Bukit as said means hill) on a light slope, some plots will have better (sea) views than others. This means moreover that there’s always a nice little refreshing breeze present and you can enjoy the superb sunsets from your villa. The project is situated in an area where tourism is still hardly present and because of that you can still enjoy the peace and quiet- ness there. And yet near enough to be in the middle of where everything happens with all facilities within 10 minutes. Also for rental possibilities this offers interesting perspectives for both investors, owners and possible rental clients. ‘The best or Both Worlds’ within hand range is a facility which is not available for every project. Moreover the project is being delivered with Free-Hold title deeds to take away doubts and risks concerning the property and ownership rights. Further down you will read more about this. fACILITIES: • Health Spa • Fitness • Internetroom • Clubhouse + bar & lounge • Management • Parking area • Reception • 24h Security7. BUKIT MANIS I LUXURY VILLA RESORT I BALI
  10. 10. INDONESIAN PROPERTY RIGhTS & LAW Land matters except for mining and forestry are under the jurisdiction of the National Land Agency (Badan Pertanahan Nasional) formed to administer all matters relating to the Basic Agrarian Law of 1960 such as the registration of land rights and the granting of rights and various permits to use the land. There are currently only two categories of land rights: a) Adat land (customary land) where the land is not registered with the relevant land office. There are 2 individual rights and 6 community rights in this category. All rights held under this category will eventually be converted to certified titles. b) Certified land, the title to which is governed by the Basic Agrarian Law of 1960 and is registered at the local land office. There are five principle types of land rights held under the Agrarian Law. These are: RIGhT Of OWNERShIP (hAK MILIK) This refers to absolute ownership of land and corresponds to a fee simple or freehold title in common law jurisdictions. An Indonesian citizen, not a corporate entity, can only hold this right whether local or foreign. Certain legal entities designated by the government, such as State Banks, agricultural cooperatives, religious bodies, and social foundations may hold this right subject to certain restrictions. This right of ownership is held in perpetuity. It can be sold, transferred, bequeathed, and hypothecated (mortgaged). RIGhT TO BUILD (hAK GUNA BANGUNAN - hGB) This is the right to construct a building on land for a period of 20 or 30 years (renewable for another term of 20-30 years). This right can be sold, exchanged, transferred, and mortga- ged, and can be held directly by any corporate entity whether it is a local company or a government approved PMA company. RIGhT TO RENT (hAK SEWA BANGUNAN) This is the right to use land owned by another private party (the Lessor) for building purposes. The right cannot be registered at the land office and therefore does not exist in certificate form. The law does not stipulate a period for such lease agreements and whether this can be transferred or not depends on the original agreement between the parties. A foreigner permanently domiciled in Indonesia or a foreign legal entity having a representative office in Indonesia may hold this right. It cannot be mortgaged. RIGhT Of USE (hAK PAKAI) This is the right to use State-owned or other land by public or private persons or entities for a specific purpose for a definite period or occasionally for an indefinite period. This land right cannot be sold, exchanged or transferred unless explicitly provided in its grant or agree- ment and Normally for a period not exceeding 10 years. An Indonesian individual or entity or foreigner permanently domiciled may hold this right in Indonesia, or a foreign legal entity with a representative office in Indonesia such as foreign banks, embassies, etc. RIGhT Of EXPLOITATION (hAK GUNA USAhA) This is the right to exploit State-owned land for agriculture, fishery or husbandry purposes for a period of up to 35 years with a possible 25 years extension. This right can be held by Indo- nesian individuals/entities as well as government approved PMA companies. It may be clear can be that Free-hold enjoys the preference. The villas which we offer in the Bukit Manis project are all delivered with a Free-hold title. A reliable nominee will be of- fered by us to fix this process safely and authenticated. This nominee (an Indonesian citizen) will act from name of the owner. However he is never able never to sell or let the property without your authorization. However the other way around, you are able. This structure and process will be registered by a notary in which is clearly stated that you are the effective owner and the name holders can act only out of your name. We make sure that a reliable party/nominee will be offered to you for a 100% safe agreement and construction.9. Currently also many lawyer and notary firms offer these services. But if you have a personal relation, then this is also possible. BUKIT MANIS I LUXURY VILLA RESORT I BALI
  11. 11. BALINESE VILLA`SThere are 2 type of Balinese Villas to choose from. Villa Bali Lotus 1 is a 1 storey 3 bedroomvilla and Villa Bali Lotus 2 exists out of a 4 bedroom 2 storey villa. The villas will be developedon plots of +/- 500m2 . Prices are depending the location, view and size of the plots.Prices mentioned below are release prices and will increase during the development of theproject. Expectations are 3 times with 10%. Because of that ‘Early Birds’ will enjoy higher ca-pital gains in the first year, way higher than normal increases of capital gains. Villa BALI LOTUS 1 Villa BALI LOTUS 2 (3 bed- / 3 bathrooms / 180m2) (4 bed- / 3 bathrooms / 220m2) € 225.000,- € 249.950,- Entrance Bedroom 10.
  13. 13. 12.
  15. 15. IMPORTANT INfORMATION:OWNING A VILLA IN BALIOwnership laws in Indonesia finally allow foreigners to own land directly in their names byregistering their land titles as a Hak Pakai atas Tanah Hak Milik (“Right of Use over Freehold”)which title may be granted by the Hak Milik owner to the foreigner for an Initial 25 year term.Owner may also prepay to the Hak Milik owner a number of agreed 25 year renewals up to the100 years total. The Hak Pakai owner obtains a certificate of title in his name and with the agree-ment of the Hak Milik owner is entitled to keep the original Hak Milik title in its possession untilexpiration of the term. For foreign investor who are using an Indonesian nominee may acquireland title for lifetime purpose as Hak Milik (Freehold). The developer offers investors full ownershipoption to legally own the Villa with a Freehold land title. Villa owners will receive land ownershiptitle to villa plots with access via the property’s common areas. Owners may resell or subleasetheir villas to 3rd parties at whatever price without any fee to the management.RETURN ON INVESTMENTBukit Manis Villa management and Aston International will offer investors a flexible return ofinvestment based on owners interest of their villas. Villa owners will receive net profit (net oftax) investment based on percentage of ownership and villa owner personal use. Villa ownersreceive cash return on investment paid annually or per 6 months. Net income net of servicecharge (10%) and government tax (10%) Management receives 25% of owners net income asmanagement fee. It’s important to know the rental facility is an option and no obligation! 14.
  16. 16. PROPERTY OVERVIEW: PROjECT fACILITIES: Bar & Lounge I Health Spa I Fitness - Gymnasium I Reception lobby & department offices I Outdoor lounge I Secured gated entrance I Parking area PROjECT SERVICES: Onsite management I Wireless broadband internet access I Satellite TV I 24hour security I 24hour full hotel services I 24hours emergency generator backup I Rental programmed VILLA AMENITIES: Fully self contained villas I All bedrooms with en suite bathrooms I Fully fitted kitchens I Private pools I Air conditioning in all bedrooms I Ceiling fan in bedrooms and living/dining room I Pool deck and sun deck I Gazebo area I Landscaped pathways and gardens VILLA SPECIfICATION: PAYMENT STRUCTURE: Roof – Alang Alang I Wall - Concrete block, wood and clear glass 1. Down payment € 10.000,- Floor – Marble, Natural stone and wood 2. 40% - Down payment at contract with notary Options: Jacuzzi i.s.o. regular bath Plus € 3. 30% - Structure (30% ready) Triangle bath i.s.o. regular bath - 4. 20% Finishing (60% ready) Outside Jacuzzi connected to pool - 5. 10% Handover (100% ready) ‘Smart WC’s’ - Audio system through the villa - ANNUAL MAINTENANCE fEE: Remote control centre 35% of net rental income (airco/light/curtains/etc.) - Climate control system - LANDTITLE: Wooden ceiling - Freehold Electric window gate shutters - Solar electricity system - PRICES: 3 bedroom villa from Euro 225.000,- (180m2) 4 bedroom villa from Euro 249.950,- (220m2) fACT ShEET: LOCATION: Bukit – Ungasan, Bali LANDSIzE: 18.000m2 LANDTITLE: Freehold (Vrij op naam) EXISTING: Farmer land SURROUNDINGS: Sea views - near Dreamland Beach & Golf & Bvlgari Hotel PROjECT TYPE: Fully managed Luxury Boutique Hotel Villas with pool TOTAL VILLAS: 24 units 12 units three bedroom villas 12 units four bedroom villas BUILDING TYPE: 12 - 1 storey villas & 12 - 2 storey villas 4 perimeter wall Private, luxury & spacious DEVELOPER: PT. Exposure Project Development Bali ARChITECT: PT Jeghier Architect Indonesia INTERIOR: Yanu & Partner Bali LANDSCAPE: Cozy Garden CONTRACTOR: PT. Triadi Bali OPERATOR-MANAGEMENT: 2ndHomes Rentals & Management SALES & MARKETING: 2ndHomes The Netherlands & Bali Jones Lang - Jakarta LEGAL: Austrindo Law Office & Notaris Evi Susanti Panjaitan, SH, Bali15. ALL INFORMATION AND PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. BUKIT MANIS I LUXURY VILLA RESORT I BALI
  17. 17. 2ndhomes International I Gentsestraat 13 I 2587 HK I The HagueT. +31 (0)70 306 04 30 I T. Bali: +62 (0) 81 - 353 00 66 96 I E: I W: www.2ndhomes.nlChamber of Commerce The Hague I Bank: ABN-AMRO