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2ndHomes International Company Brochure - International Real Estate - Authorized 2ndHomes Dealer - Financial Services
2ndHomes is a sales organization of International Real Estate in varying beautiful & special parts of the world. Special because of certain characteristics, environments, projects and by interesting capital gains and high R.O.I. of these areas. Mainly targeting new, upcoming areas or emerging markets, specializing in Bali, Brazil, Thailand, Cyprus, Ibiza, Panama and USA (a.o. Trump projects).
With an extensive worldwide portfolio guiding and advising clients during the difficult process of buying international real estate, we're supported by our local rep offices, partners and an international increasing nr. of 2ndHomes authorized dealers.
Offering interesting 'Lifestyle investment opportunities' and holiday homes with great pre- and after sales services is part of the strategy that enables us to be the fastest growing sales organization in the industry. Being co-developer in some cases as well we are now also developing the astonishing luxury eco-friendly villa resort 'Bukit Manis' in Bali.
Our new Financial Services division offers an auxiliary range of alternative funding sources, bank instruments & mortgage services in 50 countries!

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2nd Homes International Company Brochure

  1. 1. 2ndHomes International Real Estate 2ndHomes International is a sales organization of international real estate in varying extraordinary and emerging countries or areas. Extraordinary because of certain characteristics, the environments, the projects and by interesting capital gains and high R.O.I. of these areas. To call most important: Bali, Brazil, Cyprus, Ibiza, Thailand, Panama and USA (a.o. Trump projects) Offering an extensive portfolio in these emerging and upcoming countries we’re supported by an increasing number of our own offices and the increasing number of global Authorized 2ndHomes Dealers. Initially being set up as independent sales organization to support customers during the sometimes difficult process buying international real estate have made us decide now also to develop some projects our selves. With the rich gathered prospect information over the past years, we believe to come up with a few ‘Close to Perfection’ projects in Bali and Brazil to be followed as well by Thailand, Malaysia and Panama. Currently we’re focusing most on increasing the global agent network, the new projects and the recently launched new Financial Services for project finance. Lots of people are still looking for a second home abroad. Sometimes as permanent staying, sometimes as a valuable ownership or asset, for holiday usage or as an investment. The offer of homes abroad has increased tremendously because of that reason. But often the quality of the offered objects are lacking or don’t meet the standards customers expectations. 2ndHomes International has specialized itself to the intermediary services of international real estate. Besides the projects that we represent for developers we develop, or co- develop, more and more projects ourselves. Through our global experience and expertise we know the criteria and demands of the market. And through our comprehensive services with our agent network, local partners, consultants and specialist we are able to explore activities focused on strong areas with a stable economical and political climate. With 2ndHomes International specializing in international real estate, a lot of attention is given to supply customers the right advice according to their budget and criteria. Through our network of offices and the collaboration with local specialists you will be thoroughly advised about circumstances of a local market, legal and fiscal legislation, finance possibilities and possible returns on investment. Advice which is indispensable before you decide to spend or invest your money. Through our inspection trips you will be well informed about local traditions, social- and health care and lots of other essential matters involved in buying international real estate. For most projects we offer complete management programs when you would like to benefit an extra return on your investment by renting out your home. That is only if you wish so. Good advice is half the job and protects you from sleepless nights. That’s also what we are there for. Make your dreams come true, start your 2nd life with 2ndHomes… I N T E R N A T I O N A L Real Estate - Project Development Rentals & Management - Fractionals Investment & Finance Consultants www.2ndhomes.nl AFRAID THAT YOUR MONEY, STOCKS AND HOUSE ARE DECREASING IN VALUE? Invest now in “Lifestyle products” and “Boutique hotel villas” in upcoming areas; the safe alternative to stocks and shares. Above all, safer than banks, tangible and more interesting because of higher returns. When it’s not about possible investment advantages then we of course have an extensive portfolio of holiday homes, retirement projects or a second home as your permanent home. Take a look at our website and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know. We will start a comprehensive search that fits your criteria, or we can develop a home with our new construction service Flex-Building with a variety of villas to built on a individual plot. Let 2ndHomes International, the independent sales organisation, guide and advice you. Supported by local partners, local offices and an increasing worldwide network of Authorized 2ndHomes Dealers, assures you of the best service. For this service you do not pay us any extra cost or commissions! Start your 2nd life with 2ndHomes... Bali - Bukit Manis Size: 500m2 - 180m2 32m2 Private Pool 3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms Indian Ocean Views Price: € 225.000,- (Free-Hold!) Brazil - St. Catarina Size: 92m2 Communal Pool 2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms Dubble units also possible Price: € 75.000,- Thailand - Hua Hin Laguna Size: 600m2 - 185m2 Private Pool 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms Price from € 119.950,- Miami - Trump Grande Ocean Resort Size: 56m2 - 200m2 Communal Pool 1-2 Bedrooms 1-2 Bathrooms Price from € 199.950,- Bali - Flex-Building-Bali On diverse plots we will design and construct the villa according to your criteria. Multiple choice type villas on Free-Hold basis! Also we will take care of full management, rentals & maintenance. Price from € 71.500,- (Free-Hold!) Call your local dealer or find them at www.2ndhomes.nl 2ndHomes International | Gentsestraat 13 | 2587 HK | Den Haag | T. +31 (0)70 306 04 30 | E. info@2ndhomes.nl | www.2ndhomes.nl www.2ndhomesnews.com & www.2ndhomesfinance.com BALI - BRAZIL - CYPRUS - IBIZA - MORROCO - PANAMA - TURKEY - THAILAND - USA
  2. 2. Authorized 2ndHomes dealer As one of the fastest growing sales organizations of international real estate, we proudly present to you the possibility to join our network of Authorized 2ndHomes Dealers. Initially we started to offer our service just nationally, but soon we received many request for other countries as well to join our organization. We offer appealing referral fees, a list of our commission fees will be supplied upon joining our team. In 2012 2ndHomes will also be available for franchise in several countries. Many of our sales are made through our agents, and we highly value our long term partnerships with them. As part of our agent-oriented strategy we continuously enhance our agent’s support facilities in order to anticipate your needs, and to serve you with the best marketing tools, support and service, which in turn will increase your sales rate. The dealers are working on a trafficable, separate and unbranded web system where they can register their clients. This information is updated by us here at 2ndHomes for them. Furthermore, they are supported by general brochures and a DVD presentation with your project information, and are mentioned in our advertisements. The number of dealer requests are increasing and we expect within the next few years to have gained an international, trustworthy, recognizable and respectable dealer chain network and company status, all of which benefit you as well. What do we offer you: • Extensive portfolio of international real estate in varying countries with excellent price-quality ratio • Good commissions varying from referral to complete handling & promptly paid! • Mainly new, upcoming & emerging markets with high R.O.I. • Link to unbranded internet system. Easily, comfortably & daily updated by 2ndHomes • Easy online trace & register system for your prospects • Supporting marketing tools (brochures/DVD pres./flags/banners/door-wall display) • International promotions by 2ndHomes including your company name 2ndHomes Financial Services 2ndHomes Financial Services is a full service commercial broker. We operate globally focused on medium to large scale commercial finance. With our Head Office located in The Netherlands we arrange project finance worldwide on one side. We have access to a number of international funders that we connect with for projects such as Real Estate, Hotel and Resort Developments, green/ renewable energy and conventional energy. With our huge network and global partners in the property industry, we are able to offer our unique services to many of them. Depending on the project type we will find the best matching Fund Partner. Our Project Funding ranges from a minimum of $5m to an unlimited amount for the right project. The project finance is in most cases a straight forward with no hidden surprises down the line. 2FS / 2ndHomes Financial Services With our ability and experience to look at project finance from both sides as one way being sales agent/ developer and on the other hand as financial service provider, we are one step ahead of many others. In the current climate a solid and strong financial plan is key and crucial for the success of any developer. Besides the range of conventional sources for project finance we do have some specific and new sources that will fit specific projects. Every project we look at individually and handle likewise to find the best fit or type of project finance. 2ndHomes Financial Services adds a variety of new elements to the term ‘financial services’. Not only does 2ndHomes bring a great breath of knowledge and experience to the table in project management and funding capabilities, but our composition of seasoned veterans and Financial Experts assures that your project is the hands of experts with proven results. www.2ndhomesfinance.comwww.2ndhomes.nl autorized dealer Financial Services INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL