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Southampton Graphic & Web design course 'Pitching & Qualification' presentation
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Southampton Graphic & Web design course 'Pitching & Qualification' presentation


Published on

13th November 2012: Slides to accompany a presentation to university students in Southampton. The presentation focuses on the 'Pitching & Qualification' process. By @renemorency

13th November 2012: Slides to accompany a presentation to university students in Southampton. The presentation focuses on the 'Pitching & Qualification' process. By @renemorency

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Hello.
  • 2. Firstly…Apologies for the silly pictures!(…they tend to be memorable)Some of the principles I’ll chat aboutcan be applied when looking for a jobDoes everyone know what a ‘pitch’ is?
  • 3. WHO am I ?@renemorency  
  • 4. A student. . .1999 - 2002
  • 5. Graphic Designer2003 - 2007
  • 6. Founded Browser2008 - onwards
  • 7. Here to talk about…The business side of designBehind  the  heart  of  every  great  design  agency,  lies  a  great  business  mind  
  • 8. WHOARE  
  • 9. 4 years oldLots of long hard work (… on ironing boards)
  • 10. Quite a fewCrazy but excellent office parties
  • 11. Along the wayWe met lots of new friends(business & social)
  • 12. We’re a digital agencyStrategyInnovationDesign/build UX UITechnical development
  • 13. 12 person team, and growingBusinessdevelopmentCreativeTechnicalFinance
  • 14. WHydigital
  • 15. Why digitalIt’s fast paced, exciting, freshand always moving forward
  • 16. Why digitalCreation and innovation arealways at the forefrontProjection mapping Shoreditch
  • 17. Why digitalIt’s a buoyant market atthe moment, and it’scontinuing to grow
  • 18. Pitching &Qualification
  • 19. Pitch process (in a nut shell)1. Receive brief and qualify 2. Internal meeting, research & concept creation 3. Craft the pitch and proposal document Does everyone know what pitching is? 4. Choose team to present presentDoes everyone know what pitching is?pitch 5. Present
  • 20. First, ask yourself…Does  it  fit  with  our  Strategic  objec3ves?  Will  it  help  us  get  to  where  we  want  to  be?  Remember  your  mountain  
  • 21. The Pitchingrules
  • 22. When not pitchIf the brief doesn’t fitwith your specialtyEg.  Will  pitching  for  an  ad  campaign  benefit  you  or  the  client?  
  • 23. When not pitchWhen the client won’tmeet you face to faceBusiness  is  built  on  rela>onships,  get  a  feeling  for  their  needs  
  • 24. When not pitchIf  you’re  too  busy  and  don’t  have  the  resource  available    (always  aim  to  put  in  100%)  
  • 25. When not pitchIf  you  don’t  fit  into  their  criteria      (eg.  An  integrated  agency  required)    
  • 26. When not pitchIf  the  budget  is  undisclosed  It  could  be  £1  or  £100,000  
  • 27. When not pitchIf  you  don’t  understand  the  Need  behind  the  project  If  it  ain’t  broke  .  .  .  
  • 28. When not pitchIf  you  don’t  know  the  basis  for  selec3on,  is  it  cost,  quality,  technology?  
  • 29. When not pitchIf  their  expecta3ons  are  unaDainable/unrealis3c  Example:  re-­‐build  ebay  
  • 30. When not pitchHow  much  will  it  cost  us  to  pitch    (ie:  does  the  risk  jus3fy  the  reward?)    Average  cost  per  pitch?  
  • 31. When not pitchAnd  lastly.  .  .  Only  go  for  projects  you  know  you  stand  a  very  good  chance  of  winning  
  • 32. BeforeA pitch
  • 33. Before a pitchResearch!  Research!  Research!  
  • 34. Before a pitchWhat’s  the  company  background,  are  they  who  they  say  they  are  Check  background  info    
  • 35. Before a pitchFind out who you’re pitching to(ie: Finance director or marketing director)It’s best to prepare yourselffor specific questions
  • 36. Before a pitchHow  long  have  they  been  with  the  company/who  have  they  worked  with  before?  Each and every personhave their own objectives
  • 37. Before a pitchWho  else  is  pitching?    What  are  their  strengths  and  weaknesses?  
  • 38. Before a pitchWhat  does  the  pitch  criteria  consist  of?    why  were  we  asked  to  pitch?  
  • 39. Before a pitchMost  importantly  keep  in  touch  with  everyone  .  .  .  Become  friends!    You  never  know  where  their  next  job  will  be  -­‐  and  what  doors  could  open  
  • 40. Fine tuningthe pitch
  • 41. Who do they want to see?Creative / technical team
  • 42. What’s important to them?Visuals, team structure,financial stability
  • 43. The proposal, who’sbest to present it?
  • 44. The value ofYour knowledge
  • 45. Listen to what they want -But explain what they need
  • 46. We’re the experts, let themknow our insider infoThe  next  big  thing  is…              Example:  hSp://>  
  • 47. We’re the experts, let themknow our insider infoExample:  Flash  is  on  it’s  way  out  Example:  hSp://>  
  • 48. Don’t just present,Put on A show!
  • 49. Presenting a pitchPeople buy into people(get the right people involved on the pitch)Example:  hSp://>  
  • 50. Presenting a pitchShow your credibility andexamples of similar projects
  • 51. Presenting a pitchTry to proactively deal withobjection and weaknesses(ie: responsive Vs web app)See:  
  • 52. Presenting a pitchExplain how to maximise ROI,scalability and supportConfidence  is  assurance!
  • 53. Presenting a pitchInvolve everyone in the roomRemember – we’re designingfor humans!Capture  the  imagina>on!
  • 54. FollowingUp the pitch
  • 55. Following up the pitchCall   hem!Call tthem!Keep in touch, it’s alwaysgood to talk
  • 56. Following up the pitchTie up any loose endsUnanswered questions,clarification points,any additional info
  • 57. about 2 weeksAfter the pitch…
  • 58. We get a call telling uswe’ve won :)All of the qualificationand hard work paid off!
  • 59. Or we’ve lost :(If so, we ask why welost, and we learn fromour mistakes
  • 60. If that’s the case,then quite often . . .It’s budget relatedIt’s a very competitive market
  • 61. Or. . .We didn’t qualify theproject correctly and madea mistake in the pitch direction
  • 62. Or. . .It’s something else…(e.g. our dress sense!)
  • 63. Suggestedresources
  • 64. Books‘Design is a job’ISBN 10: 0-13-285836-3‘Pitching to win’ISBN 10: 190573624X‘Paul Arden series’ISBN 10: 0714843377
  • 65. Links and
  • 66. Twitter@browserlondon @netmag @elliotjaystocks @dbushell @SmashingMag @verge
  • 67. Keep intouch @renemorencyin   Search ‘rene morency’ /browserlondon