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Creativity First - Amsterdam Fashion Institute
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Creativity First - Amsterdam Fashion Institute


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  • 1. AMFI - AMSTERDAM FASHION INSTITUTE creativity first
  • 2. ability accomplishment art boldness brilliance conception creation craftsmanship fabrication feel idea image imagery ingenuity insight inspiration intelligence invention creativity first inventiveness finesse flair genius mastery originality perceptibility proficiency realization resourcefulness spirit style talent taste touch vision wit workmanship
  • 3. integrated learning AMFI-AMSTERDAM FASHION INSTITUTE
  • 4. integrated learning AMFI-AMSTERDAM FASHION INSTITUTE 1 80 Subsidized by the government bachelor’s teachers In Holland the only FIT -Fashion Institute of Technology- course Part of the Hogeschool van 3 Amsterdam departments 1250 students 85% girls 20 staff 15% 20% boys internationals
  • 5. interdisciplinairy education based on creativity THE FASHION CHAIN right&left brain creative&technical thinking
  • 6. every department an english version INTERNATIONAL
  • 7. production room | auditorium | lab THE HOUSE AND ITS ROOMS
  • 8. fashion&design | fashion&management | fashion&branding ABILITIES creativity personal vision & passion international perspective COMMERCIAL ATTITUDE spotting the future/trends feeling for material, shape & colour leadership & communication skills team player
  • 9. integrated learning THE FASHION PROFESSIONAL designer industry art director creative manager production manager brand manager corporate identity manager buyer/product manager purchasing agent/manager sourcing manager product development specialist Supply chain management independent designer fashion editor brand engineer visual strategist knitwear, jersey/cut&sew designer sizepec & fitting expert production manager concept design management forecaster independent designer international salesmanager textile technologist retailconcept manager quality coordinator concept developer marketing coordinator
  • 10. profile FASHION&DESIGN independent designer industrial designer Fashion Forecaster “A conceptual thinker with “She is a contextual thinker “A visionary thinker who a personal vision and a and a clever creator.” connects a good intuition great talent as a creator.” with common sense.” » Makes a statement visual- » Brings personal ideas into » Analyses social, political ises this into an exceptional the industry. and economical move- fashion collection. ments in he world. » Makes design concepts for » Loves and is very good in brands. » Developed a great intui- working with materials, tion for future lifestyles colour and shape. » Thinks in a visionary way about fashion for the » Is able to translate this » Uses patterns and tech- masses. into trends, materials, nique as inspirational shapes and colour. tools. » Calculates the costs of her products. » Visualises this alone or » Does costings for with a team. projects. » Can work in a team. » Creates the inspirational » Leads a small team. sources for designers and companies.
  • 11. profile FASHION&BRANDING brand engineer concept developer creative manager “A conceptual thinker, a “He is an inspiring conceptual “He is a practical and creative visionair and a strategist.” designer and communicator.” doer and communicator.” » Makes strategies about » Shapes the future » Organises the execution and consumer behavior and communication of design. lifestyles » Uses his intuition and good brains to spot future » Creates and manages a » Analyses social, cultural and lifestyles and trends. team. economical developments and makes connections to » Creates new brand identities » Guards the process from the fashion industry. and develops strategies to strategy to execution of a promote them. product. » Creates and visualises con- cepts around the identity of » Using all kind of media to com- » Handles the budget as a existing clothing brands. municate his products. creative part of the process » Brings concepts to realiza- » The inspiring leader of a » The spider in the web tion. team. between commissioner, customer, designer and » Gives direction to a team. producers.
  • 12. profile FASHION&MANAGEMENT buyer/ productmanager productionmanager creative retailmanager “She is a cosmopolitan businesswoman “She is fascinated by the fashion indus- “He is a concept developer and a com- and communicator. An analytic decision- try and always in search to find the best municator who is fascinated by the maker with a great feeling for fashion and ways to make things happen. She is a fashion market. He is visionary, strategic a strong vision on future trends.” superplanner and a quality freak.” and analytic at the same time.” » Buyer and the productmanager » Translates developments in the » Makes creative business strate- both make products; the buyer fashion industry into demand gies and works them out into buys for a company and the pro- and/or supply chain strategies. sales analyses and plans. ductmanager sells to a company. » Monitors products from » A global manager, monitoring » Translate branding concepts start to finish. the fashion world, analysing and into strategic planning. creating. » Uses her knowledge of the » Make a collection plan as part fashion chain to translate the de- » Making the sales strategy for a of the whole strategy. mands of the product manager. retail chain like H&M. » Work with targets to keep a » Gives a creative input to the » Responsible for strategic con- balance between quality and production process with her cepts of visual merchandising quantity. knowledge of different cultures, for the company worldwide. economical changes, technique » Work together with a stylist or and communication technology. » Functioning as a top manager lead a team of stylists through- in the company. out the whole process. » Works with product manag- ers and buyers.
  • 14. year one first ‘general’ semester theoretical backbone | workshops | toolshops THE FASHION WORLD AND ME prototype style book inspiration book
  • 15. year one second ‘specialisation’ semester theoretical backbone | workshops | toolshops ME AND THE FASHION WORLD basic garment
  • 16. year two theme based learning QUALITY + QUANTITY
  • 18. HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL production designer creative retailconcept manager brand industry manager manager independent engineer forecaster designer buyer/product manager graduatio n u concept developer i ntern s h ip u u international make, buy brands, identity production & sell & communication design specialisation & fashion minors individuals research exchange magazine textile & future
  • 19. year three integrated learning MINOR INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION
  • 20. reality school INDIVIDUALS
  • 21. year four the fashion professional INTEGRATED LEARNING
  • 22. year four debate | show | exhibition FASHION TRANSIT
  • 23. integrated learning AMFI AND THE FASHION BUSINESS educational : programmes connected to the industry participation - amsterdam international fashion week | show + backstage internships | with highly classified companies worldwide exchange programmes | with schools worldwide advisory board: modint | mr.h.bekke bijenkorf | mr.j.berger unit | ms.n.van’tveer. cool-cat | mr.r.kahn kessels-kramer | mr.e.kessels zenngi | ms.m.wigger trade industry: smel blend magazine cultuurfabriek htnk g-star suit supply elsevier magazine glamour elle sissy boy they vlisco youngurbans mexx la colors kuyichi la vie en rose platform 21 10 feet
  • 24. excursions | internship | projects AMFI AND THE FASHION BUSINESS
  • 25. debate about the fashion world and fashion education EVENINGS AT THE AMSTEL
  • 26. sharing value AMSTERDAM Modint AIFW- Amsterdam International Fashion Week DFF-Dutch Fashion Foundation The Modefabriek World Fashion Centre HTNK
  • 27. industry & education sharing value IAF & IFFTI IAF FIT | NY RMIT university
  • 28. integrated learning THE CREATIVE COMMUNITY AMFI The teachers and the students Working together Showing their talent
  • 29. THE FUTURE OF FASHION creativity first