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Internet commoditises all knowledge. To stand out from (the wisdom of) the crowds, the next manager needs to learn how to organise and manage differently.
This is my presentation on #Next10 in Berlin and #commonline. Comments and suggestions are welcome via twitter @renejansen

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  • BEdankt voor de interessante presentatie @ de VU! Het begrip Crowd Sourcing was bekend, maar nu heb ik ook helemaal door wat 'standing out' is, niet onbelangrijk.
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  • Winkwaves Stand out from the wisdom of the crowd Next10

    1. 1. Stand out from (the wisdom of) the crowd How social media impacts organisations (and a perspective for change...) Dr. René M. Jansen -
    2. 2. Winkwaves?
    3. 3. The broad impact of social media ic Transformation of g te organisation ra St “boeien en binden” (Customer) Communities Communication l na Medium, a tool io at er l levels Social Media impa cts society and organisations on al Op
    4. 4. Our society: Weak Ties and Network Sociality Foto: Stephen J. Williams
    5. 5. Outline... Economic Perspective Brand Perspective Knowledge & Innovation Perspective The Perspective of Change Tip:
    6. 6. Democratising impact social media: Organise without organisations Kevin Sywert van Lienden Lower Barrier to entry ” Start and impact without m oney or other “base of power
    7. 7. Economic raison d’etre Bank if Economic view: The Firm has an economic raison d’etre gain from economies of scale they have lower transaction costs and to five years.... Expected live time Fort une 500 down from fifty De loitte Center of the Edge: Inspired by Coase, Williamson, Clay Shirky and
    8. 8. Reaching the limits of business process modelling and economies of scale?
    9. 9. Another perspective on organisations and their products ves innova tion platform to make themsel Delo itte employees used an internal sed”, so wev er, it “had to be Microsoft ba heard: we want an iPhone! Ho peria... the “m ost comparable” phone, the X their ICT department choose Deloitte quote from “open innovation” wokrshop Jaarbeurs Utrecht 2009
    10. 10. You might own the trademark, you don’t own the brand... ct, ur co mpetitors is not in the produ The difference between you and yo ng o usly changing negotiated meani but in the unique and continu by employees and customers ey work for? Q: How many employees love the company th Civic Integration and Princes Maxima from; 21% acc to Global Workforce Survey 2008 conducted by Towers Perrin, Value of the Rose inspired by Ard Huizing and mazzled by “De Maatschap”
    11. 11. Stories from inside and outside: Footprinting and Google’s terrorism only 4th!) Mind the date, this blog is still number one result on google (Vodafone itself
    12. 12. Conversations about you: Micro Mobilisation Mass Media g Social Media l istenin settin g The art of Agend a
    13. 13. Who’s talking?
    14. 14. The power of web care and joining the conversation?
    15. 15. Actively engaging in conversations: The Wisdom of crowds
    16. 16. Stand out from (the wisdom of) the crowd! The world is flat... Lays “maak de smaak” ko Op enmo Wij van WC eend... headrush.ty
    17. 17. Outline... Economic Perspective Brand Perspective Knowledge & Innovation Perspective The Perspective of Change Tip:
    18. 18. oach inkwaves Kenniscafe’s: Our change appr Based on learnings from 30 W you share knowledge and collaborate and software for changing the way
    19. 19. Who can help me with... ? Source: Winkwav es Kenniscafé for #daretoask: d” Internal “wisdom of the crow
    20. 20. #daretoask - the crowd - experts You don’t have to know who to ask Answers from unexpected sources Diversity enriches Questions and answers create a searchable footprint of “what we know” and “how we do things around here” Capture knowledge on the fly
    21. 21. W here are we heading? Tip: Winkwaves Kenniscafé as crow's nest 2.0
    22. 22. Observation of something happening “outside” Source: Sense making: “what does this mean for us” Decision making
    23. 23. W hat makes us us... ? Tip: t Winkwaves Kennis café as a discourse to reflec on your continuos state of becoming
    24. 24. V odafone Way Café: Speed, simplicity and Trust Ideas for innovation Test and enrich ideas Implement
    25. 25. Who is talking... ? Source: Octopus Paul 0” Winkwaves Kenniscafé as “smoelenboek 2.
    26. 26. 1. Trigger for conversation, alignment of activities “N ew Employees are sooner 2. Dynamic connected and integrated” personal Profilie” to show who you are Dynamic “Kenniskaarten” show where you stand in the crowd
    27. 27. Protecting know ledge versus navel gazing? p... t, o utside in, topdown, bottom u The act of balancing inside ou Source: Sweeney
    28. 28. (semi-) public enquiry (semi-) closed work group fine We will start a project to de our new marketing strategy. ider? What topics should we cons Who wants to help? Creating a first draft with a focussed work group Please see hereby our first draft. What topics do we ? m iss? What would you change Finalising the document Please find hereby the final doc. Thanks for your input!
    29. 29. Summary Economic Brand Knowledge & Innovation Perspective Perspective Perspective The Perspective of Change Tip:
    30. 30. Thanx! Fancy a pretty decent Cappuccino? Whitepapers or presentation downloaden? Jansen Dr. René M. winkwa rene@
    31. 31. Wat we feitelijk doen bij Winkwaves 3 fasen 3 succ esfact 3 diens oren ten Wi nkwave s Begrijpen van het spel en de spelers Ondersteunen van spel Ontwerpen voor het spel en de spelers en de spelers keuze Als kennisdeling een soc iaal proces is, is het afhankelijk van de individuele vrijwillige iedereen zijn rol pakt om me e te willen doen. Daarom zien we het als een “spel” waarin