From social media to social enterprises


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Presentation for managers and thought leaders in public services about the growth from social media as a communication channel towards the social enterprise

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From social media to social enterprises

  1. 1. Social Media Dr René M. JansenA communication channel? A revolution? Redefinging “social”? @wijvanwinkwaves
  2. 2. homo loquendus... ciety?What does this mean for organisations and so 2
  3. 3. Meaning of social media? Just another channel, right? A revolution, changing our world!We simply don’t understand yet what social media actually does to us and society 3
  4. 4. Role of ICT for organising and society? ’90 ’00 ’10 ’20 Information Webbification Social Mediafication Organ-isation? Management Streamlining Ultimate transparancy Ultimate connectedness Ultimate dependcy- Bookkeeping - Self-service - The new broadcasting- Processes en logistics - Dis/re-intermediation - Demand-side Economies- Supply-side Economies - Globalisation of Scale of Scale - Life Hacking actio n”? What do we mean with “social mediafic Illustrations: Dachisgroup “the connected company” 4
  5. 5. The social media landscape Strength: Mass and DiversityExternal Sites (& Apps) Social Networking Communities g tin as dc n g tio g oa rm in in e sa br en rn ic fo er rv a t w In Lis Le nv Se ne Co e Th Sites (& Apps) Sociale Networking CommunitiesInternal Strenght: Own-ness and Communality 5
  6. 6. Examples around the social media landscape 6
  7. 7. Connect to appropriate role context Our research for “Doenersnet” Oxfam Novib: Online there’s no clear “we” and “social group norm” People feel less self censure based on “what might other people think” 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. What role do you take? Activity and commitment community low - highActivity and commitment community manager Travel guide Hostess low - high Editor Moderator 9
  10. 10. Meaning of social media? Just another channel, right? A revolution, changing our world!We simply don’t understand yet what social media actually does to us and society 10
  11. 11. Online offers (1) ultimate connections and (2) “nutzungsoffenheit” Always someone there for you (willing and/or able to help) ULtimate mouth-mouth (intended ánd un-intended) Self-organisation without traditional base of power Connectedness and attention
  12. 12. Online enables opportunity for you to be “awesome” Social media creates a stage and unlimited posibilllities use at your own will “I do participate if you make me awesome” 12
  13. 13. What happens if you just offer “openness” Messing Around Nutzungsoffenheit Democratising impact Ik geloof er heel erg in dat een middel zichzelf invult, Zet een middel neer en kijk wat mensen er mee gaan doen; Hier heb je een sociaal intranet en je moet je werk gaan doen, Kijk maar wat je ermee gaat doen. Het kan zijn dat mensen het anders gaan gebruiken dan het is. 13
  14. 14. How to design for Nutzungsoffenheit en Messing Around Social Media zijn “unfolding objects” Participatie wordt gedreven door “wat mist, wat er (nog) niet is, zelf kunnen aanvullen” “You don’t have the right to be wrong...” 14
  15. 15. Directing while offering space... Learn from volunteering Dream inside, dream outside? VG INTERACTIVE your daily source of inspiration VLISCO GROUP !"#"$%&((((()*+,-%,+((((()*).(((((#/*0)+(((((+/1%2 0$1%!2 !"#$%&&&&&()$*(+$&&&&),&-$./&&&&$#$+. 3$405& BASICS THIS WEEK IN BRAND BUZZ ON STAGE ANNOUNCEMENTS OUR MARKET INSPIRATION SPOTTED G($%&$$+&$/.J$&2($%&$$+&$/.J$ CEO BLOG THE TRUE ORIGINALFramed conversations 0(+!$&3456&7*(.!"&21.&8$$+&-$.(9+(+9& 1+-&:%"-;!(+9&!"*";%<;*&<1.2("+&<18%(!.& 21&<"%)&1+&$..$+(1*&:1%&"<&2$&*(#$*,& =$.&1+-&>$+%1*&?<%(!1+&!;*;%$@&7*(.!"& G($%&$$+&$/.J$&2($%&$$+&$/.J$ 21.&1+&(++1$&.$+.$&"<&2$&$A:%$.B .(#$&1+-&!%$1(#$&.%$+92&"<&?<%(!1+& !"+.;)$%.&1+-C&<"%&9$+$%1("+.C&21.& .;!!$$-$-&(+&.;%:%(.(+9&1+-&(+.:(%(+9& KOPJE 2$%&:1..("+1$&!*($+$*$&D(2&;+(E;$& 0(+!$&3456&7*(.!"&21.& “VLISCO HAS BEEN -$.(9+.@&?.&2$&."*$&1;2$+(!&-$.(9+$%& 1+-&)1+;<1!;%$%&"<&.;!2&<18%(!.&1.& 8$$+&-$.(9+(+9&1+-& DESIGNING AND PRODUCING :%"-;!(+9&!"*";%<;*& F=1A&G"**1+-1(.HC&7*(.!"&(.&;+:1%1**$*$-& <1.2("+&<18%(!.&21& COLOURFUL FASHION D2$+&(&!")$.&"&E;1*(,C&:%"<$..("+1*& <"%)&1+&$..$+(1*&:1%& FABRICS THAT FORM AN ./(**&1+-&(++"#1("+@ "<&2$&*(#$*,&=$.& 1+-&>$+%1*&?<%(!1+& ESSENTIAL PART OF THE I2(.C&1&+$D&!"**$!("+&(.&*1;+!2$-&$#$%,& !;*;%$@& LIVELY WEST AND CENTRAL !"#$%&$()&#%"$*+,(#(-.&/*0/(%1&2&(*+( D2(!2&(+$%+1("+1*&%$+-.&(+&1&#1%($,& AFRICAN CULTURE ” "<&1%$1.&1%$&%1+.*1$-&(+"&-(.(+!(#$& 7*(.!"&-$.(9+.@ 15
  16. 16. Winkwaves Law of participation: retention of energy It is important to receive feedback. It is nice to receive a comment, it is nice to know people are reading what has been posted, by me or by other people.Als je dan gaat zitten om een stuk tekst te schrijven, dan wil jeer natuurlijk ook wel zeker van zijn dat daar wat mee gedaanwordt, of in ieder geval dat mensen het lezen en anders dan ishet een beetje verspilde moeite, voor mijn gevoel. Het heeft te maken met zichtbaarheid en dat is in een bedrijf als dit wel heel erg belangrijk. Ja je wilt toch misschien laten weten aan andere mensen dat je iets weet ofzo Incentive for online participation is receiving confirmation that your contributions matter 16
  17. 17. Second law: need to feel part of the bigger whole Het geeft wat meer verbondenheid ofzo met de hele organisatie, omdat je nu dus ook gemakkelijk kan kijken “hey wie vindt dat interessant” en “wat doet die” en nou ja dan heb je een gezicht dus bij een naam… I really want to say something and to encourage the person who post it, or I also want to get to support them with that; well your posting is meaningful, and then to somebody at a corner of the world. And then off course, it is an encouragement to the one who post the information on the platform. Mutual signs of live and respect... Being conscious about each other and understanding what makes each other tick 17
  18. 18. Meaning of social media? Just another channel, right? A revolution, changing our world!We simply don’t understand yet what social media actually does to us and society 18
  19. 19. Assume an experiment Can you pass on this note? Can you whisper this message through? Here’s a start note, feel free to add, and pass it on...Sociomateriality: about the role objects play in our social life: As a piece ofdecor - as influencer - as participant“from channel to intermediair: input doesn’t determine output” 19
  20. 20. Is google “helping” or a social actor? Does Ingelogd als Rene Anoniem (?!) 20
  21. 21. What if technology advices about your social relationships? 21
  22. 22. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.Charles Darwin 3 strategic chances forEnterprise Social Software:1. Organise for “agility” (to survive...)2. Organise for power of ownness and identity (avoid that the elastic doesn’t break...)3. Organise for “engaged employees” (if people are your biggest assets...) 22
  23. 23. In 2006 we started Winkwaves. Because we believed we can make the world a better place. Because we wanted to improve the work environment.Winkwaves is supplier of “Winkwaves Kenniscafe”,Enterprise social software for intranets and (B2B) Communities(see advices (on C level) about the social enterprise @wijvanwinkwavesEnjoy the thought that things can change... 23
  24. 24. Enjoy the thought that things can be different...Thanks! Stay in touch @wijvanwinkwaves