AEI 2009 Rene Jansen day2


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Designing for sociality

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AEI 2009 Rene Jansen day2

  1. 1. The perspective of “enterprise social networking” Dr. René M. Jansen Winkwaves Réal agency for social media
  2. 2. Yesterday afternoon Understand literature on social software The Realm of Sociality: Notes on the Design of Social Software Understand dynamics of social networking What are differences and similarities between 5 social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, choose 2 yourself) NB: Both mandatory for today... Winkwaves 2
  3. 3. 3 main approaches Listen Participate DIY
  4. 4. smartest-brands/
  5. 5. Case: “Bind employees” via radio 2.0 pt ce on C Winkwaves 5
  6. 6. Case: Plein66 Enterprise social networking and knowledge sharing
  7. 7. Social Networking Who is who: Search on name, expertise or relevance (who should I drink coffee with today...)
  8. 8. Extensive and dynamic user profiles Factual information Knowledge Card CV Expert Profiling Dynamic Tag Cloud describing areas of activity Visit as well this users...
  9. 9. All kind of subjects for conversations... Group Blog Social Bookmarking Q&A Smart Forum Document Management
  10. 10. Form and engage in groups Department groups Communities of interest Open, closed or even secret places to meetup and share knowledge Social Groups
  11. 11. Is it about functionality or sociality? 20 technically equal platforms... Winkwaves 11
  12. 12. ... trigger completely different behaviour... Profileerder Storyteller Tipper Bookmarker Blogger Eendagsvlieg Responder Geregistreerde Lurker Observation: Expectation of actors directs role behaviour Winkwaves 12
  13. 13. Cast of characters Registered Lurker Bookmarker “I’m here for inspiration” “Efficiënt for myself” One day fly Tipper “Nice. But just checking out...” “Bumped into this. Interesting 4u?” Responder Story teller “Conversation with interesting people” “I like to share my vision” Blogger Profiler “Increase my Google page rank” “Profiling as a subject matter expert” Design for roles by understanding objectives, attitude and behavior Persona’s Winkwaves 13
  14. 14. Tip: Focus on people instead of technology Most frequently used scenario Enterprise 2.0 scenario Spending time with people Spending time and money on ICT who matter NB: What happens when an employee leaves the company?
  15. 15. How should I design my own 2.0 site? What triggers people to participate?
  16. 16. Change of thinking for organisations Foto: Lennart Woltering Sociality = 1. Seeking companionship 2. Forming or extending social groups Winkwaves 16
  17. 17. Example: What does it mean for “Bank 2.0”? Design question: What is the social object where sociality evolves around? Winkwaves 17
  18. 18. Theoretical foundation Winkwaves 18
  19. 19. Theoretical foundation (simplified) Support useful activities Support building groups Support Support Building Identify Practice Sociality Support Mimick Stimulating Self Reality Use recognisable language Support personal growth and a well suited metaphor and challenges for each individual Bron: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Bouman et al, 2007 Winkwaves 19
  20. 20. A process of enquiry... (or, a first step towards the asignment...)
  21. 21. Designing social media is / is not Designing an information system
  22. 22. SSM - Soft Systems Methodology
  23. 23. There it is, finally... the assignment... ;)
  24. 24. Make a “rich picture” of situation that potentially benefits from social networking Think a.o. about: knowledge management, CRM, innovation, HRM Define the “relevant (social) systems” Think a.o: manage knowledge sharing, bound with alumni, recruiting young professional Make sane reasoning based on “understanding of real people” about potential dynamics of adding a social networking solution Think a.o. about: alumnus is still proud, so wants to advocate if his status is supported
  25. 25. Optional: help with defining “relevant (social) systems” Think a.o: manage knowledge sharing, bound with alumni, recruiting young professional What-How-Why
  26. 26. The perspective of the socialized enterprise Download whitepapers on Dr. René M. Jansen Treating humans as humans in the digital environment... Winkwaves - Concept agency for social networking and knowledge sharing