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EVERNOTE For Service Professionals
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EVERNOTE For Service Professionals


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Learn about Evernote and how you can use it for managing clients, projects and all your notes! …

Learn about Evernote and how you can use it for managing clients, projects and all your notes!

2015 Update:

You can find me here:

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  • 1. Capture Everything! How to Use EVERNOTE to Manage Clients, Projects and Your Business! Presented by: Renee Shupe of Redhead Business Solutions October 21, 2011
  • 2. What we’ll cover today • Who am I? • Quick Poll Question • What is EVERNOTE • Basics of EVERNOTE • Capture Everything • How I use EVERNOTE for my Business • Recommended Resources • Wrap Up (Hint there’s a prize involved) • Questions
  • 3. Some Extra’s ‘bout me…. VA since 2008 Specialize in WordPress Services & Training for Solo Professionals Developing a training program for VA’s who want to offer WP as a service Obsessed with Deep Fried Pickles Huge Saints Fan, though I live BC Kindred City: New Orleans
  • 4. Quick Poll Question
  • 5. Poll Question How familiar are you with Evernote? 1. Never heard of it 2. Heard of it, never used it before 3. Use it, but want to learn more about it's capabilities 4. Use it! Love it! Live it!
  • 6. What Is EVERNOTE And why I love it so much for my business
  • 7. What Is EVERNOTE
  • 8. What you can do with EVERNOTE
  • 9. Features of EN Notebooks (think Folders) Tags (to make it easier to find content) Linked Notes (to access stuff quickly) Lots of Integration available (check out The Trunk) Ability to collaborate and share with team members & clients Can use email to send notes & updates
  • 10. Capture EVERYTHING Clients, Projects & Notes OH MY!
  • 11. My favorite features of EN You can use it anywhere Desktop, On the Web, On Your Smartphone (apps for iPhone & Android Devices) You can find things fast Search by keyword, tag or even printed or handwritten notes inside images It syncs across all platforms No matter where you are, you have your information It’s incredibly flexible and can adapt to just about any way you want to work
  • 12. EVERNOTE can…. Save any idea or thought you have Things you like Your Christmas Wish List Any notes you make out loud Business Card Details Project Notes Blog Post Ideas Marketing Plans Launch Implementations
  • 13. Some Ways I use EN By email - Every account has it’s own special email On my phone - I have a thought or idea I use EN to capture As my task list - Anything & everything I need to get done goes in EN As my brainstorm place - Any new idea I have I write my thoughts As a journal – For both business & personal ideas My Client Manager
  • 14. How I Use EVERNOTE in my Business
  • 15. How it works
  • 16. Managing my Work Notebooks Each client has a Notebook, which I share with my client. I also have a general client notebook and a potential client notebook Tags Allow you to tag your content to make it easier to find I’ll tag a note with a client’s name if I want to share it with them Import Automatically Import folders from your desktop online (additional back up feature) I use this to import my client’s contents on my desktop to EN
  • 17. Managing My Work Linked Notes Link a note to another note in EN for easy and quick access Create Templates Easy to duplicate a process in EN Ability to Share Share with team members or clients via Notebooks, Facebook, Twitter & eMail
  • 18. Client Sample Client Details Notes & Updates Task List
  • 19. Sample Current Project List
  • 20. Sample Current Task List
  • 21. Recommended Resources
  • 22. Resources to Get You Started At Read the EN Blog Check out “The Trunk” Evernote Essentials – Great Book For Business – Access My Templates
  • 23. Wrap Up…. And the Winner Is….
  • 24. Congratulations! WordPress Mastery Guide & Videos WordPress Lockdown My Step by Step Checklists and Going Beyond with WordPress
  • 25. Questions?
  • 26. Questions & How to Get In Touch Websites Email: Socially @ReneeShupe