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Social media-strategy woolworths
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Social media-strategy woolworths


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Much needed SM plan for Woolworth in Kenya!

Much needed SM plan for Woolworth in Kenya!

Published in: Lifestyle, Technology, Business

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  • Beyond reach and engagement, the primary reason marketers find the platform to be so effective and a key benefit to working with Facebook is the opportunity for people to share your content and message organically. A typical impression on the internet has a beginning, middle and end. A user clicks through to your site and and that action ends there. There is no opportunity for them to share with their friends. On Facebook there is a unique opportunity for that impression to live on and the message to be shared organically through user connections. If a user engages with your ad or content on Facebook, they might comment or even become a fan. When they do that, their friends see it via their home page and can then interact as well. We find that advertising with social context, meaning my friends have engaged with it and I can see that, garners 2X the engagement as the original ad or piece of content. Sharing that happens beyond that original impressions is free.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Strategy Woolworth 2011
    • 2. What are Social Media ?
    • 3. Blogs Forums and Online Communities
    • 4. Social Networks
    • 5. Multimedia sharing
    • 6. Social Bookmaking RSS Reader
    • 7. What are new Web usages ?
    • 8. Consumers behave differentlyFollow them !• They meet in different placesSocial networks, blogs, forums• They share content and spread thevoiceViral videos, blogs, Twitter• They influence• They comment• They advertise themselves
    • 9. Consumers communicate moreGo where they are !• People regroup on communities• Word-of-mouth is stronger• People read blogs and consume more usergenerated content• People tend to take part in onlineconversations and are happy tocommunicate with brands
    • 10. Why set up a Social Media Strategy ?
    • 11. With or without you……the conversations will happen !• For a better control of your brand, you must participate in theconversations• Once you trigger a conversation, you should not leave it
    • 12. The ultimate effectBrand community !• Build a non-marketing community outreach to deliver a voicefor your organization• Use the buzz power• Reach people where they regroup
    • 13. The other effectsReach the right people !• Long tail effectReach the small communities on the web• Connect with peopleReach the people where they are• Keep brand positioningKeep brand awareness to relay offline marketing campaigns• Generate more traffic
    • 14. What are the expected results ?Much more than before !• Leverage current marketing results• Get better brand awareness• Get better brand management• Get better user stickiness• Get better quality products• Get more sales
    • 15. Woolworths SA on Facebook Content is King!
    • 16. Application Development Real timeengagement Value ads
    • 17. Digital innovationsaround the brand
    • 18. They have a plan/strategy ? What I like to refer to as a digital blue print….
    • 19. Each timeSocial branding: of their friends will see users interact, 5 - 7% Distribution the action BRAND Bought Media Earned Media Owned Media
    • 20. Risks of not having a defined strategyYou might lose control !Results : You lost the opportunity to express yourself easily from the first time and you lost alot of time and credibility in one shot.
    • 21. Some actions to undertake……to start with• Go and meet users on the InternetAnswer comments left by users on multiple blogs. Read what they say about yourbrand.• Set up collaborative toolsMake sure you offer tools to your customers to share with you about yourproducts (blogs, forums, online surveys).• Connect with your customersBe present on online social networks and create a profile for your brand.• Replay offline campaigns on the Internet
    • 22. Some actions to undertake……to start with• Engage users in product testingCreate restricted communities who will be able to test the product and help in itsdevelopment. Create user communities.• Engage users to buzzShare and present your products to bloggers in order to engage a viral wave.• Trigger the conversationEngage the conversation on your blog and over chat rooms. Post on otherblogs.• Develop an honest and viral state of mindBe open, do not be afraid, be honest and share as much as you can.
    • 23. Nacie Mwai’s Fashion Blog
    • 24. Combine the toolsUse multiple tools and spread yourpresence !• Leverage the effect by using multiple tools• One media or one profile is not enough to see the effects• It is the combination of multiple tools that will make yousuccessfull• Share quality content
    • 25. How to measure success?
    • 26. What actions to measure ?Buzz !• Responsiveness of a communication that should be lower than24h• Number of quality blog posts• Number of meaningful comments• Quality of content shared
    • 27. For more conversations… +2547248335454