Ya Summer Workshop 2010


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A presentation by Renee McGrath of the Nassau Library System about Getting Teens Involvement at Your Library

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  • Your library site needs to be connected. WE need to be where the teens are. Not the other way around.As Karen Strauss said in December- they are thinking in FB status updates, living in flickr moments and Youtube videos, dreaming in tweets. They are seeing their entire world through a social media lens. And we need to be there.
  • 1 – working with small numbers of teens often times has the strongest impact for teens and younger children2- your tabs and teens will change each year – you need to change with them. What worked today may not nec. Work tomorrow3- Variety. Craft, technolgy, reading, art, tap into many different assets and types of personalitiesPLAN- Sit down and plan YOUR time. How much of it can you devote to a TAB, to training, to activities each day, month, over a year. Keep statistics.4 –Service Projects – teens want to be involved and feel they’ve made a difference5- keep your eyes and ears open to staff that are good with youth/ teachers too
  • Took a webinar with tutor.com for Teen Tech Week with the CTO of Do Something.org and their marketing Manager Erica Manney who offered these exmaples of library webistes and blogs that are using social media to their advantage.
  • Blog simplyBuild rapportIt’s not a billboard, but a conversation – Deeper level of engagementFlickr – photos of events are important, put a disclaimer on your publicity to cover yourselfTweet your meetings
  • Book trailers is a US registered trademark (so is book teasers) Use something else. Resources in Tuccillo book and onlineTeachingbooks.net – pw: nbsls
  • Read Across America Day March 2, Book Buddies, SRP, Friends eventsCheck Out Do Something. They have a Boot Camp coming up in NYC in the Fall. Your group may be interested in participating. Many resources there as well as grant money.
  • Many teens are uncomfortable with a big commitment b/c of scheduling. Keep a list of tasks that can be done by teens. Have a drop-in day/weeknd. Post list, sign up. Staff intensive, but can be held once or twice a year.Read1, Pick 1. read a book for the YA collectiond during the prog. Got to pick another title, which the library would order and add to collection. Librarian made a list of over 100 potential titles (color covers) wide appeal. When book was ordered, colorful logo added to front of book so by end of prog, the teens kenw which books had been chosen by their peers, not librarians. Very popular. Set guidelines (fit coll dev pol)/ Have funding, order frequently. Ending celebration?
  • Inklings, ScratchedLocal printing shops- photo shops. High school art teachers over the summer photography, drawing classes.Scrapbooking is huge. They are in your community. Put out a scrapbook and watch what happens.Do it Yourself Guide to Zines by Francesca lia Block 1998What’s a Zine by Esther Watson 2006Drama – all want their 15 min. of fame
  • Ya Summer Workshop 2010

    1. 1. Getting Teens Involved in Our Libraries<br />Let’s Talk About:<br />
    2. 2. First Things First<br />
    3. 3. Quality, not necessarily quantity in numbers <br />Know their talents & likes – change with their interests to keep it fresh<br />Variety of activities & options for involvement<br />Plan your time accordingly – HAVE a plan<br />Think about service projects<br />Foster community partnerships<br />Do you have staff that enjoy teens?<br />General Ideas About Teen Involvement<br />
    4. 4. http://www2.worthingtonlibraries.org/teen/blog/<br />http://teens.prattlibrary.org/<br />http://bookin.arlingtonlibrary.org/<br />http://www.imcpl.org/teenscene/<br />http://www.rapidcitylibrary.org/<br />http://www.facebook.com/pbclibrary<br />http://blog.tutor.com/<br />http://www.hcplonline.info/hcplmobile/<br />Cool Sites to Check Out<br />
    5. 5. Blog, Tweet, FB, Flickr, get connected!<br />Tell your story, start a conversation, have a POV<br />Take surveys, polls, ask their opinions<br />Update once a day<br />Most checked out book of the day<br />Quote of the day from a new book<br />Most overdue book<br />Library news – get SLJ newsletter, PW, shelf awareness<br />Unshelved?<br />Getting & Keeping Teens Involved<br />
    6. 6. Videos – widely popular<br />Library collections, services, facilities<br />Book Trailers® … Teen Trailers, Book Videos, That’s My Take, Libba Bray and Going Bovine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KloEAoKvBqA<br />Teachingbooks.net<br />Homework Help<br />Provide social bookmarking for popular assignments<br />Delicious.com, faves.com<br />Clouds / Encore for our Catalog (http://encore.alisweb.org/)<br />IM, Online Chat: http://www.textmarks.com/<br />The Technology Connection <br />
    7. 7. Teens actively participate in your technology<br />Websites<br />Polls and surveys<br />Constant communications<br />Blogs<br />Facebook pages<br />Tweet your meetings and programs<br />Video your programs / Youtube<br />Digital artwork / Flickr<br />Podcasts<br />Gaming<br />
    8. 8. Social Activism – Create services and programs that help youth fulfill personal quests and make a difference<br />Going Green<br />Natural Disaster Response<br />Habitat for Humanity<br />Food Banks and Shelters<br />Head Starts and Nursery Programs<br />Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities<br />Established Organizations- Religious, Lions, Elk, K of C, etc.<br />Do Something.org (www.dosomething.org)<br />Partner with your Children’s Room & Friends Groups<br />Community Outreach & Partnerships<br />
    9. 9. Think about temporary involvement opportunities<br />Cleaning books<br />Shelf readers<br />Displays<br />Weeding/checking circs<br />Cutting/ craft projects<br />Children’s programs<br />Read one, Pick One (Lake City PL, Iowa)<br />Collection Development & Maintanence<br />Book buying trips (tweet them! Check Alisweb too)<br />Reg. go thru YA collection & pull items <br />Bad condition/circulation/cover art<br />TABs browse catalogs/reading lists/budgeting<br />Reading Programs – Accelerated Reader, etc. find them, label, rate, etc.<br />Drop-in Service Opportunities<br />
    10. 10. Writing<br />Blogs<br />Zines / Literary Magazines<br />Poetry Slams<br />Writing Contests<br />Drawing<br />Teen Art Show<br />Collaborate with your middle or high school Art Dept.<br />Online Art Gallery<br />Photography – make a virtual tour of your library with Photosynth.net<br />Drama<br />Crafts<br />The Arts: Writing, Performing, Projects & Activities<br />