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  1. 1. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Coca-Cola A Brand Case Study 2008
  2. 2. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Contents The Coca-Cola Brand: control functions: World’s Top Brand play movie Corporate History Brand Values TV - media Campaign Evolution radio - media Current Global ‘Big Idea’ The Coke Side Of Life press Integrated Global Campaign poster / billboard Local Market Activation The Key Campaign www Happiness Factory Spaces & Sponsorships online ad Sport Non-traditional-media Music Key Coca-Cola Trends further documents Consumer-led Connected Please click on all images with a CSR & Ethics control function icon (above) to play creative or hyperlink to Entertainer website. Appendix: This reports is best viewed online Sources, Credits & Contacts
  3. 3. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The World’s Number One Brand Coca-Cola Remains At The Pinnacle Of Global Brand Recognition: Achieved via product innovation and advertising/marketing leadership Unrivalled Contemporary Consumer Understanding: Being in step with consumer trends, changing lifestyles and the ability to anticipate what lies ahead – this is the hallmark of Coca-Cola’s success Enduring Brand Values: A unique and engaging world view that revolves around ‘optimism’, ‘togetherness’ and ‘authenticity’ – the brand stands for a lifestyle that brings all people together with an uplifting promise of better times and endless possibilities Stands The Test Of Time: These values ensure Coke is as relevant and appealing to today’s generation as it has always been and underpins fierce consumer loyalty, affection & love Iconic Status, Cultural Power & Unifying Global Appeal: “A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking…Liz Taylor knows it, The President knows it, the bum knows it and you know it.” Andy Warhol
  4. 4. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Brand > History 1886 - 1892: Debuts in Atlanta at Jacob’s Pharmacy Soda Fountain (5c per glass) 1893 - 1904: Transforms from invention into a business - taster coupons, branded clocks, urns, calendars - music hall star Hilda Clark is first celebrity spokesperson 1905 - 1918: Coca-Cola goes overseas and, as rivals appear, focuses on ‘authenticity’ (“demand the genuine/accept no substitutes”) and develops iconic ‘real coke’ bottle 1919 - 1940: Marketing genius Robert Woodruff led global brand expansion: Coke begins association with Olympics in 1928 and easy-to-drink innovations arrive (eg six- pack & open top cooler) to put Coke at centre of people's lives 1941 – 1959: Expands to 120 markets, partly driven by links with US army in WWII. Put within “arms reach of desire” and becomes part of optimistic/fun/prosperous US lifestyle 1960 – 1981: Flavour expansion (Fanta, Sprite, TAB, Fresca) and acquisition of Minute Maid in 1960. Advertising came into its own in 1970s (brand connected to “fun, friends & good times” – intl. appeal embodied by1971 TVC “I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke.“) 1982 – 1989: Intelligent risk taking phase: bottling combined & split into new business, Diet Coke introduced, followed by controversial New Coke formula (taste tests were positive, but real world emotional bonds made it worst marketing initiative ever) 1990 – 1999: More global expansion. Tighter sports connections (eg Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup & NBA) & Powerade. ‘Always Coca-Cola’ debuts in 1993 2000 – Now: More than 1.4 billion drinks sold each day and when people choose a Coca-Cola brand the Company wants that choice to be exciting and satisfying, every single time – so introduces the present global ‘The Coke side of life’ platform
  5. 5. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Brand > Values Authentic Optimistic Lifestyle The Original Fun Part Of Life The Real Thing Friendship US Lifestyle Genuine Good Time Everyday No Substitutes Prosperous Always There Satisfying Exciting In Arms Reach Global Nationality / Ethnicity / Sex / Age
  6. 6. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Brand > Global Umbrella Campaign Evolution Buy The World Always Coca- The Coke Side A Coke Cola Of Life 1971 1993 2000 - Now
  7. 7. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Umbrella Global Initiative: The Coke Side Of Life
  8. 8. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Umbrella Concept > Current Global ‘Big Idea’ > The Coke Side of Life Launched In 2006, This Remains Current Global Umbrella Initiative: Revolves around Coke’s classic brand values, yet presented in a different way
  9. 9. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Coke Side Of Life Why Change? Remains world’s most valuable brand at $67bn Pre 2006 marcoms too based around sub brands Lost focus on core brand role and values Roster agency work was creatively patchy The Brief: Conceived by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam Focus on and reinvigorate main Coke brand Simple strategy getting back to Coke's roots Refocus on values that made Coke world's No1 brand Focus on ‘creative excellence’ Nick Liddell - Interbrand, Brand Valuation Director: "For a long time global work was disappointing. The ‘polar bears’ and 'holidays are coming' ads are only really memorable cos of this. This is an incredibly positive move, and Coke's fearlessness in pushing for highly creative work is commendable. Focusing on the variants made the company look a little less self-confident. Refocusing on the main brand makes it appear fresh, exciting and confident.”
  10. 10. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Coke Side Of Life The Campaign: The creative has a 70s feel Positions the brand as "happiness” Broke in 199 countries 360 degree integrated Media & Targeting: TV – primarily targeted adults Digital – primarily targeting teens Experiential – primarily promoting energy drinks Reach: Rolled out coherently and consistently globally Launched with same international creative globally Subsequently tools and brand book adapted for local market activity sponsorship Mary Minnick, Coke’s Head of Global Marketing: “The company is creating an integrated campaign that would focus on selling both the value of Coke, the product, as well as Coke, the brand.”
  11. 11. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Coke Side Of Life – Flagship Global Campaign “The Happiness Factory”
  12. 12. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Coke Side of Life > Global > Happiness Factory USA Turkey Russia Mexico Taiwan China Coke Side Of Life Spearheaded & Expressed Via ‘Happiness Factory’ Initiative: Global Cinema, TV & Viral Release (+ Making Of Ad) – consistent & coherent Localised only via language and ethnicity of initial male actor
  13. 13. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Coke Side of Life > Global > Happiness Factory > Press & Online Italy Italy Malaysia France Happiness Factory: Supported by a range of online and press work
  14. 14. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study The Coke Side of Life > Global > Happiness Factory > Viral & Microsite New World Of Coke - Documentary: Happiness factory was accompanied by a documentary-style viral & microsite
  15. 15. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Sponsorships and Spaces
  16. 16. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Spaces & Sponsorships > Macro Spaces Sport Music Olympics In all its MyCoke Music sponsorships and FIFA & UEFA & co-branded tie-ins iTunes Domestic CC demonstrate: Rock N Coke Football American Idol • Active brand Rugby World participation Jazz Festival Cup •Genuine investment B-Estival NBA & NCAA •Address consumer interests Superbowl Nascar
  17. 17. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Spaces & Sponsorships > Sport
  18. 18. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Spaces & Sponsorships > Sport Coca-Cola Beijing 2008 sponsorship - Campaign Summary: 60 second animated TV spot created by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam Part of the wider global “Live Olympic on the Coke Side of Life” campaign to support the brand’s sponsorship of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games The execution was aired in the USA to celebrate the opening of the ‘Birds Nest’ Olympic Stadium By focusing on the spectacular arena, which a globally recognised ‘icon’ of the entire Games and of China’s dedication to the event, this allowed consumers to make clear links with the Games The spot follows animated creatures (in black, yellow, blue, red and green to represent the five Olympic rings, ensuring the event remains subtly in viewers’ conscious) on a quest to collect drinking straws (a nice Coke relevant symbol) from various parts of the world, emphasising the Olympics’ ability to unite athletes and sports fans from around the world Their paths converge in Beijing, where they construct a red and white birds nest of their own while watching the opening ceremony over the city The spot adopts Coca-Cola’s strong optimistic tone and was relevant to a both genders and all age groups It allowed the brand to make a clear association with the Olympics in a fun, entertaining way
  19. 19. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Spaces & Sponsorships > Music
  20. 20. Coca-Cola > Brand Case Study Spaces & Sponsorships > Music Apple iTunes Partnership - Campaign Summary: Coca-Cola partnered with Apple’s iTunes to launch Europe’s biggest music promotion ever, a four-month on- pack promotion spanning across 17 European countries Songs from the iTunes Store ( were given away for free in over 2 billion promotional packs of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero The promotion also gave customers the chance to win iPods and attend some of the 100-plus Coke and iTunes sponsored summer concerts across Europe A special live performance from Faithless, who also recorded an exclusive track for Coke and iTunes and collaborated with designers Paranoid on a limited-edition, aluminium Coke bottle, launched the promotion at Cannes Film Festival Chris R. Burggraeve, group marketing director for the European Union Group said: "Coke+iTunes aims to reinvent the ways young people create, listen to, and experience music every day. Thanks to Coke+iTunes, European youth will enjoy this Summer 2007 the biggest pan European music experience ever. And what better way to build bridges among European cultures than through music?" The Coke and iTunes summer concerts saw big name headline acts playing with newer acts from Coca-Cola's grassroots programme that allows undiscovered artists to upload their music on Coke's website ( ). All of the concerts were recorded and made available as downloads and podcasts exclusively on iTunes
  21. 21. Coca-Cola > Brand CaseAnalyst – Lucy Wright / Director - Jeremy Edwards Credits: Lead Study Contact details: Xtreme Insight, Xtreme Information, 45 Foubert’s Place, London W1F 7QH. Telephone +44 (0)20 7575 1905. Fax +44 (0)20 7575 1809. Email Website