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Fashion Term 4

Fashion Term 4



My classroom instructional guideline when I was in Sekolah Ciputra 2007

My classroom instructional guideline when I was in Sekolah Ciputra 2007



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    Fashion Term 4 Fashion Term 4 Presentation Transcript

    • Fashion: Do We Need It? Or Want It? Humanities Term 4 2006-2007 Humanities Faculty Sekolah Ciputra
    • Pass The Ball
      • Everyone stands in circle. Teacher will pass a ball to someone to begin with and say “Say one thing that includes in fashion!”
      • The one with the ball has to answer it correctly . Teacher will confirm it by asking the whole class about it.
      • When the answer’s correct, that person must pass the ball to anyone he/she like by asking the same question. The appointed must do the same as below.
      • If the answer’s wrong, teacher will take the ball and pass it to anyone he chooses. The person with wrong answer will have to step back one foot. He must be silent and does not help anyone in turns.
      • The game will finish when everyone in the class have been covered.
    • The Alphabets
      • Invent what these alphabets stand for! Try to invent something meaningful in each characters related to the topic!
      • F A S H I O N
      • Fashion TV On stage Accommodation
      • Adidas Appearance Imaginative
      • Entertainment
      • Shopping centre Stylist
      • Appealing
      • Fabulous Nice to see
      • Important for everyone
      • Attractive Original
      • Sin Awesome
      Fashion 7B
      • Fashionable Style Interesting Impression Sexy Swiss Army
      • Fashion show Shopping hairstyle swimsuit
      • New arrival Hermes OP
      • Association Adorable
      • New Balance FCUK
      • Swatch Guess Hot Speedo
      • Necklace
      Fashion 7A
    • Bigger, Add, Replace (BAR)
      • Pick or choose any thing or aspect from fashion as you know (eq. t-shirt)
      • Draw it (plain drawing no need for colour)
      • Make it bigger (draw it bigger; how big it’s up to you – use your common sense)
      • Add with something (eq. accessories)
      • Replace parts of the thing to make it different and interesting
    • Topic Wheel
      • Fill the the questions within the topic wheel with thoughtful responses!
      • Those in the topic wheel will help you to build understanding about the topic, so please THINK carefully
      • You will revisit your wheel by the end of this topic to relate your before and after learning
    • Needs & Wants
      • List 10 items of things that you think are aspects of fashion
      • Do a short survey of those 10 items with these question:
      • 1. How Many Times You Change
      • Your…(in a Year, 3 months, 6
      • months)
      • 2. Why do you do it?
    • Needs & Wants
      • Survey your class mates!
      • Compile your data into a nice-looking graph in the A3 cartons provided. Put the data from your survey also.
      • When finished, put them on the soft board in the classroom!
    • Conclusion?
      • Do the people that you survey change their fashion thing because they need to do it or they want to do it?
    • Worksheet Activity: Needs & Wants
      • Write up your understanding of ”Needs”, “Wants”, “Goods”, “Services” in your book!
      • Take notes as comparison, the concepts of ”Needs”, “Wants”, “Goods”, “Services”.
      • Conclude from yours and the worksheet what does it mean by ”Needs”, “Wants”, “Goods”, “Services”
    • List 5 items that you purchased in the last 6 months! REASON WANT REASON NEED
    • Consumer Consumer Goods & Services Producer Needs or Wants Producer Goods & Services
      • Need
      • what we must have for our survival/very important for our life
      • Want
      • what we may have because we like it
      • Good
      • things – physical things/object
      • Service
      • something we do for others
      • Producer
      • the one who makes good or service
      • Consumer
      • the one who needs or wants good or service
      • Consumer Good
      • Good that consumer needs or wants
      • Consumer Service
      • Service that consumer needs or wants
      • Producer Good
      • Good that producer needs to produce consumer good or service
      • Producer Service
      • Service that producer needs to produce consumer good or service
    • Worksheet Activity: Who Makes Our Goods and Services?
      • Answer these questions by reading at your handout!
      • 1. What is business ?
      • 2. What is business’ goal ?
      • 3. What is profit ?
      • 4. What does business do to consumer?
      • 5. Can we be producer and consumer at the same time?
    • Worksheet Activity: Who Makes Our Goods and Services?
      • After answering the questions above, do the Communication part in your handout!
      • Let’s talk about it!
      • What to research:
      • a. What is…
      • b. How to set up the business
      • c. Plus
      • d. Minus
      • e. Interesting (what is the consequence by setting up this kind of business)
      • Divide yourselves into a group of pairs !
      • Research one of these business types:
      • a. Sole trader – Felisa, Diana
      • b. Cooperative – Shirley, Astrid, Jessica
      • c. Franchise – Calvin, Derian, Pranata/Ardy Kevin
      • d. Joint Venture – Elsa, Priscilla, Cindy
      • e. Private Limited – Michael Raxell
      • f. Public Limited – Brandon Jordy kelvin
      • Present the result of your research in:
      • a. Powerpoint
      • b. Movie maker
      • c. a Song
      • d. Speech
      • e. Poster
      • f. Newspaper headline
      • g. etc (if you have other means to do )
      • How to research:
      • Primary Resources:
      • a. Ask Economic teacher
      • b. Ask your parents if they are businesspeople
      • Secondary Resources:
      • a. Internet (two sessions)
      • b. Books (incl. ecyclopedia, dictionaries)
      • The activity will be done in two weeks starting the period after today
      • Any questions?
      • What to research?
      • a. What is…
      • b. How to do it? (through an example)
      • c. Plus, Minus, Interesting (Consequences)
    • Effect Wheel
      • On the paper, write “FASHION INDUSTRY”
      • Think & write THREE effects of fashion industry
      • The effect can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE
      • Think & write the EFFECTS of the point B, keep writing until you can’t think of it anymore
      • Work TIDY & NEAT